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Here is a short list of previous topics. Over time, we’ll go through the archives to capture (and link to) more topics and questions.

June 10 2010: The Intersection of eLearning & Social Media How would the training profession be different if all elearning had social media features? What would be biggest change? What can we do to include social media in training without it being a feature?
June 17: Professional Development for Workplace Learning Professionals What are the required competencies for workplace learning pros inside organizations? What additional competencies are required for workplace learning freeagents? What books *must* you read to have a strong grasp of this field? What other resources are your favorites?
June 24: Professional Development for Workplace Learning Professionals What’s hot in learning & training technology? What is the most promising technology you’ve seen recently for helping people learn? What makes it so interesting? What sort of technologies in other fields do you wish you saw in the training field? What technology have you dreamed about you haven’t seen yet but wish someone would invent?
July 1: Conference Pros and Cons What works for you at conferences (as a speaker or presenter)? What’s your favorite format and why (60 minute-sessions, Machu Picchu, Plenaries)? What do you hate at conferences? If online and virtual can be really great, what are you getting different/better from big need-to-travel events?
July 8: Reflective Practitioners What sorts of reflective practices do you include in your education programs? What do you do, personally, to reflect on what you’re learning? What practices do you use to share what you’ve learned? What are your favorite resources to learn more about the topic of reflection?
July 15: Summer Learning Where are you traveling this summer, and what are you learning from it? What are you reading that others should learn about and from? What personal projects are you working on, and what are you discovering?
July 22: Changing Face of Instructional Design How has the role of instructional designers changed in the social-business era? What departments could benefit from instructional design and why? How has rapid elearning changed the instructional field?
July 29: Crazy Making What makes you crazy to hear from people inside the learning field? What makes you crazy from people outside the field, about learning? What do you to address (or be less crazed) by these words and actions? If you could right one misconception about the learning field, what would it be?
August 5: Creative SparksWhat are some specific things you’ve learned in a #lrnchat session? What have you done differently as a result of learning that from #lrnchat? Does the nature of #lrnchat lead to different sorts of sparks than you find in other venues? What do you do after attending a lively #lrnchat session? What other venues provide emotional and cognitive sparks for your learning?
December 2, 2010: “Black Friday”: Is your org looking at buying purchasing new training materials for the next year? What areas are they investing in? Is your org upgrading or bringing in new learning technologies? Is there content that is being discontinued, and not replaced? What kinds of topics? Why? Are there technologies or capabilities that your org is turning off in the next year? What are they? Why? Do you notice trends within your org (or even your industry): purchase, adoption & retirement of content or technologies?

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