About #lrnchat

#lrnchat is a place for people interested in the topic of learning who use the social messaging service Twitter to learn from one another and discuss how to help other people learn.

The online chat happens every Thursday night 8:30-9:30pm EST / 5:30-6:30pm PST.

The “#” sign, known as a hashtag enables you to search for #lrnchat and participate during the discussion held once a week on Thursday nights. You can also use live-chat services such as TweetChat and TweetGrid or even seek out #lrnchat in Twitter search.

Learn who participates and submit a question for the next chat.

#lrnchat is hosted by @LnDDave, @brtiz, @tracy_parish, @kelly_smith01, @ryantracey, and @janebozarth. The official twitter account is @lrnchat.


By way of background, #lrnchat began on April 10, 2009 before we  knew how to gather transcripts. Clark Quinn announced it on his blog.  Here’s why we thought a twitter chat for learning was a good idea.

22 Responses to “About #lrnchat”

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    […] and development-focused Tweet Chats I’ve found are #chat2lrn (every other Thursday morning), #lrnchat (every Thursday evening) and #GuildChat (every Friday morning). These particular Tweet Chats bring […]

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    […] of learning (#etmooc, using the #etmchat hashtag and a Google+ community for online exchanges, and #lrnchat) provided experiential learning opportunities among those trainer-teacher-learners: participating […]

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    […] in a weekly chat session (TweetChat) on Thursday nights at 7:30 PM CST via the Twitter hashtag, #lrnchat.  Last week’s discussion was how to use SoMe for customer or employee feedback.  Needless […]

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    […] learning through social media. See here. […]

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    […] also: https://lrnchat.wordpress.com/about/ who explains you in detail what and how, a MUST […]

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    […] official Twitter account is @aechat. Learn more here. Instruction on how to #aechat are always available in the sidebar […]

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    […] The official Twitter account is @lrnchat. Learn more here. […]

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    […] official Twitter account is @lrnchat. Learn more here. Instruction on how to #lrnchat are always available in the sidebar […]

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    […] | Workplace Learning | Weekly – Thursday 8:30-10 […]

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    […] discussion held each Thursday from 8:30 pm – 10:00 pm Eastern time.  (Here’s how #lrnchat works.)  You participate by including #lrnchat (a Twitter hashtag) in any Tweet you send.  Following […]

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    […] way to connect with other wisdom professionals to discuss experiences and quota best practices, #lrnchat may be your new finest friend. #lrnchat is an online the rag that happens every Thursday vespers […]

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    […] way to connect with other learning professionals to discuss experiences and share best practices, #lrnchat may be your new best friend. #lrnchat is an online chat that happens every Thursday night 8:30-10pm […]

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    […] consider using FriendFeed as an alternative in the future) because in addition to the attack, the #lrnchat moderators are largely enthused about this tweetchat process because of the opportunity to widen the […]

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    […] Learn more here. […]

  20. Craig Says:

    I would be interested in attending a lrnchat, but as I am over the water in the UK, your timings are just tooooo late.

    How about setting something up earlier in the day for us Brits ???

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