Truths about Learning

[The following tweets are based on a #lrnchat February 4, 2010. The first time each person is quoted, their twitter ID links to their homepage.]


Disclaimer: A Trending Summary is not all-inclusive but simply highlighting similar ideas posted by multiple #lrnchat participants for a given question.

Truths in learning were quite varied but a few trends did emerge.

One truth spoke to the ability of learners to be self-directed.

Another truth trend revolved around the usefulness of “testing out” of concepts the learner already knows.

A third area of multiple postings included the positive outcome of collaboration – for learning what to do (and what not to do) from each other.

A final trend to note included the concept that anyone can learn anything but not all learners are motivated to succeed at the same level.

Truths about Learning
– Actual tweets – sorted by time posted

valdiskrebs: IMHO key to learning is not good content, but shared context #lrnchat

PearlFlipper: #lrnchat Truth: Social Learning has been going on since the beginning of people. Myth: Lecture is the best way for experts to teach.

Quinnovator: RT @simbeckhampson: True: memorise! make smart selection of things to learn. #lrnchat < don’t memorize what can be automated or referenced

spotlearning: RT @simbeckhampson: Truth: Do memorise! Just make a smart selection of things to learn. #lrnchat –> and thing 2 forget. Forgetting ROCKS!

valdiskrebs: Social learning –> u r as smart as the network u r embedded in! #lrnchat

britz: Learning Truth: people can learn independent of formal instruction – take tonight for example #lrnchat

StephanieDaul: Myth: There is only one way to learning something #lrnchat

ChristyATucker: Learning truth that deserves more attention: learners can be trusted & can learn to direct their own learning #lrnchat

shapah: RT @simbeckhampson: Truth: avoid short term gratification at the cost of long-term learning #lrnchat #superb

MariaOD: What is your training program back channel? It’s not the smile sheet! #lrnchat #fb

cellodav: Truth: Anyone can learn to play the violin (just not all at the same level or motivation) #lrnchat

AllisonAnderson: @TerrenceWing Truth: there are an infinite number of ways to learn something. #lrnchat

jerridkruse: #lrnchat truth: there is no such thing as learning styles.

J_Schulz: Truth: Orgs must do more than just TELL learners that they are responsible for their own development. #lrnchat
KoreenOlbrish: Myth: People need training to learn. *Giggle* #lrnchat

jadekaz: Truth: Most people have the capacity. Most people can work hard enough to be great…all hinges on if they want to. Passion. #lrnchat

PearlFlipper: Myth: 300 students in a class listening to a lecture constitutes ‘education’. Will someone tell our college professors & admin? #lrnchat

rjpanetti: Truth: learning is like breathing. It’s happening whether you train or not. #lrnchat

odguru: Social learning—> fortunately networks are not only as strong as weakest links; best lrng networks have spectrum of understanding #lrnchat

PearlFlipper: #lrnchat Myth: Learning is linear.

espnguyen: Truth: When people laugh, they learn. Like many of you are making me do 2nite #lrnchat

hjarche: @ThomasStone and what is telling us that we know how the brain works? check that source #lrnchat

danleavitt: Truth: Real learning isn’t always going to make management happy; it may reveal some ugly truths. #lrnchat

rmyardley: Truth: Collaboration is important because we can learn something from everyone #lrnchat

marciamarcia: Truism: learning doesn’t require fear, but sometimes it does channel emotions. #lrnchat

billcush: Even if you learn what not to do. RT @rmyardley: Truth: Collaboration is impt bcuz we can learn something from everyone #lrnchat

kellygarber: Learning Truth – if you don’t use it, you lose it. (except riding a bike which I’ve been told you never forget…) #lrnchat

rmyardley: Truth learning communities provide great learning opportunities Myth They are easy to create #lrnchat

chambo_online: Corollary to @quinnovator’s engagement: Engaged students will go beyond the minimum requirements–>truth. #lrnchat

barryshieldsnc: Truth: what ya lrn today & in the future, you will frget quickly if it’s not consistently put into practice. Use your time wisely #lrnchat

kellygarber: @spotlearning scar on my knee is proof that even how to ride a bike can be forgotten …front brake is on the left, use sparingly #lrnchat

mmneder: @SueSchnorr #lrnchat Exams are a good indicator of learning. There is no absolute proof. We can only try to get close as we can.

marciamarcia: Truth: learning doesn’t need to be social. There. I’ve said it. & I will do so, possibly alone, again. #lrnchat
chambo_online: Truth: online learning *can* surpass f2f. #lrnchat

ChristyATucker: @minutebio @MariaOD I’ve used “testing out” to help learners identify what they need to learn themselves #lrnchat
reward75: Not having to sit thru stuff you already know RT @MariaOD: Whats the value of “testing out”? #lrnchat

odguru: Truth: We increasingly live with an ingenuity gap need to get this learning thing right right. #lrnchat
Mary_a_Myers: Testing out saves the learner time; that is if the test matches the crime. #lrnchat

valdiskrebs: @marciamarcia re: soc learning – depends on what you’re learning, some things can be learned from book, alone, complex skills not. #lrnchat

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Truths about Training
Truths about Learning

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