Lrnchat June 27: Show Your Work

“”When you ask, “What does learning look like?”, no one says, “People sitting in chairs watching someone else talk.” Sharing what we’re doing and have done, talking through our decisions and the obstacles we encountered, is a large part of how we learn and how we can help others learn.”” ~Jane Bozarth, “Show Your Work”, T+D Magazine, May 2013

Join us June 27 for a conversation about showing our work (also known as narrating work and working out loud). We’ll be talking about ways to do it, the benefits to individuals and organizations, and how those in workplace training endeavors can support and surface it.

#lrnchat happens at 8:30 pm ET, 5:30 pm PT. (Australia? That’s 11:30 am AEST Friday.)

More resources on showing your work can be found HERE.