Track #lrnchat

Because “we’re always up for experimenting,” I’ve created an account on a new Twitter tool called TwapperKeeper that will put all tweets that include #lrnchat in one place. That alone is no biggy because that’s also available in other places including — but it also can organize tweets by category IF tweeple who include the #lrnchat hashtag also add in category indicators:

!s = SocialMedia related
!t = Tools related
!i = Instructional design related
!d = Design related
!e = eLearning related
(there’s a max of 5 categories, and these seem to be the ones we tweet about most).

For example, a tweet that said…

“I’m seeking stories from anyone who has used social media tools in their elearning design. @ me #lrnchat !s !t !i !d !e”

… would now find their tweet in each of the designated categories on TwapperKeeper

“I love #lrnchat !s”

… would find their tweet in the Social Media category.

There’s a good chance this tool will be a total bust, or something better will come along in a few days, but in the meantime, consider giving it a whirl. I like the idea of being able to see which tweets address the different categories and this seems like a simple enough (although poorly described) system.

– Marcia

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