Myths about Training

The following tweets are based on a #lrnchat February 4, 2010. The first time each person is quoted, their twitter ID links to their homepage.


This summary simply highlighting similar ideas posted by multiple #lrnchat participants for a given question. It is not meant to be all-inclusive. It was assembled by @chambo_online and we thank her for it.

The most often mentioned myth considered the idea that because training is offered, trainees will learn and all performance problems will be solved.

Another key myth stemmed from how “interactivity” was being defined (i.e. clicking a link, answering T/F or MC questions, viewing a podcast, etc.).

A third trending myth related to the vocabulary being used and the interchangeability of the terms like: training, presentation, learning, and education.

The last major trend in training myths revolved around traditional assessment tools (like T/F tests) being used to accurately measure performance.

Finally, smaller trends in training myths to note included SME’s automatically being good trainers; course/design elements like icebreakers and bullet points improve engagement; and SCORM is a solution to XYZ problem.

Myths about Training
Actual tweets sorted by time posted)

lrnchat: What’s your favorite training myth? Why do you consider it a myth? #lrnchat

minutebio: It’s SCORM compliant #lrnchat

kelly_smith01: An SME is always the most experienced, senior, highest profile person #lrnchat

spotlearning: All the content is there. You don’t need to talk to any SMEs. #lrnchat

chambo_online: Myth: passive audiences retain what they hear. #lrnchat

jenisecook: #elearning myth: You can dev 1 hour of online training in a week, right? #lrnchat

odguru: Myth: training will solve my performance problem. #lrnchat

Mary_a_Myers: the myth that the main role of an ID is to pretty things up apparently that is my superpower. #lrnchat

MariaOD: Training myth- Build it, we will make them come Mandatory training! #lrnchat

billcush: My favorite training myth is that training is the solution to fix people performance problems. #lrnchat

britz: favorite myth – Training = Learning. I fight it constantly! #lrnchat

KoreenOlbrish: fav training myth: excellent assessment scores = excellent performance #lrnchat

jwillensky: We have to design & develop to accommodate all learning styles. #lrnchat

kkapp: #lrnchat training myth. we teach anyone anything…no they learn from what we provide…people can learn but we can’t learn them

spotlearning: all content there always means the requester thinks learning just requires a content dump…and performance will ensue. #lrnchat

Dave_Ferguson: Prework is a myth. It tries to extend the not really at work’ experience of structured training. #lrnchat

MikeAbrams: Myth: Powerpoint slides with narration are our training future #lrnchat

niccinh: Favorite training myth is that happy smile sheets = lots learned. It’s great when learning is fun but fun doesn’t mean learning #lrnchat

hjarche: 1 myth – people outside training dept actually think about it #lrnchat

moehlert: @lrnchat – that learning is something you can do to people or sell or package see also LMS #lrnchat

JaneBozarth: Myth: Presentation = Training #lrnchat

Mary_a_Myers: @Dave_Ferguson: Prework is a myth. It tries to extend the not really at work experience of structured training. #lrnchat

billcush: Give a driver a car with no wheels and then train them on how to drive it better. Why can’t they drive the car? #lrnchat

kelly_smith01: Training cannot be in chunks of 10 to 15 minutes. #lrnchat

ChristyATucker: Training myth: Bloom’s taxonomy is based in research. Maslow’s Hierarchy & Dale’s Cone too. #lrnchat

kelly_smith01: Multiple choice can measure anything related to performance #lrnchat

roninchef: Ice breakers make everyone feel more comfortable. I reflexively wince when I hear Let’s do a little Ice Breaker. #lrnchat

jenisecook: Myth = compliance WBT must be locked navigation. Wrong. #lrnchat

StephanieDaul: Role playing reflect real life #lrnchat

ChristyATucker: Training myth: It’s best to cram all your training into a long day or two rather than spacing it out #lrnchat

minutebio: Myth: eLearning is more cost effective than classroom training #lrnchat

Dave_Ferguson: Myth: exec learning requires onsite golf. #lrnchat

jadekaz: @roninchef agreed. icebreakers are right up there with role playing #lrnchat

SueSchnorr: Training myth: Participants won’t do pre-work assignment. #lrnchat

TerrenceWing: Myth: The more bullet points the better, 12 font works well on ppt #lrnchat

tonya_simmons: Myth: click on a mult. choice answer = interactivity in elearning #lrnchat

jadekaz: #1 myth for me is that good training can be done quickly with little resources #lrnchat

KOPasley: That’s why it’s so easy to transfer existing training to online RT @JaneBozarth: Myth: Presentation = Training #lrnchat

ChristyATucker: Training myth: Learners can’t be trusted to make decisions. #lrnchat

jadekaz: Other huge myth – manuals are training #lrnchat

gminks: @ronindotca corollary myth to that: If I put a ppt online, that is elearning! #lrnchat

espnguyen: @KoreenOlbrish To that end…(Myth) SCORM/AICC mean courses are plug n play. #lrnchat

billcush: training myth: You must be an expert in the subject to develop training on the subject. #lrnchat

kelly_smith01: Learning materials make nice job aids #lrnchat

nickfloro: you build it they will come. You don’t to spread the word, inform or make it easy for learners to find the content. #lrnchat

rmyardley: Myth: eLearning is drill & kill shouldn’t be doesn’t have to be #lrnchat

mglazer: the myth that the training dept is responsible for the learning that goes on at the company #lrnchat

kkapp: Myth Classroom instrcion is standard of good instruction, ie. is elearning good as classrm are virtual worlds as good as classrm #lrnchat

KoreenOlbrish: Myth: Learners don’t want training (Truth is, they just want relevant training) #lrnchat

spotlearning: Myth: Clicking = interaction #lrnchat

kellygarber: Training myth – trainers are extroverted, lamp-shade-wearing party animals with no fears! #lrnchat

Dr_KG: @KoreenOlbrish To that end…(Myth) SCORM/AICC mean courses are plug n play. #lrnchat (via @espnguyen)

Mary_a_Myers: myth or #funnyjoke if i record a talking head spewing out the corp koolaid…then all will listen and comply. #lrnchat

marciamarcia: My (least)favorite myth? That training & learning are the same thing. Instead think outside in vs inside out. #lrnchat

roninchef: Myth- Honestly, you only need a week to create hours of rich media content for a topic you have never heard about. #lrnchat

busynessgirl: Myth: Students are really tech saavy. #lrnchat (not mine … they have potential, but no skills beyond FB and texting)

jadekaz: Elearning myth – adding audio makes it better #lrnchat

cellodav: training and educating are the same thing #lrnchat

MikeAbrams: Myth: IT dept does system training, Training dept does softskills #lrnchat

KoreenOlbrish: Myth: Training is just a cost-center (this one’s for the non-training folks) #lrnchat

nickfloro: if it’s scorm compliant we’re all set, just pop it into the lms and it will work. Why – does anyone actually understand or check #lrnchat

StephanieDaul: Myth: if you are good at what you do you’ll know how to teach someone #lrnchat

Quinnovator: knowledge dump and quiz = training #lrnchat

minutebio: Myth: We need not worry about 508 compliance (accessibility) #lrnchat

reward75: Myth: an LMS will solve all our training woes #lrnchat

chambo_online: Myth: People don’t need to interact; solo CBT is just as effective #lrnchat

Mary_a_Myers: all IDs can write; and all writers can be good IDs #lrnchat

espnguyen: Myth: If I have Articulate, I’m an instructional designer. #lrnchat

kelly_smith01: RT @Mary_a_Myers: All IDs can write; and all writers can be good IDs #lrnchat

minutebio: Myth: The SMEs will thoroughly proof courses… and they always care about learning #lrnchat

spotlearning: RT @KoreenOlbrish: Myth: Training is just a cost-center … #lrnchat -> can you say slash and burn?

kkapp: Myth–Technology is the answer, now what was the question? #lrnchat

minutebio: RT @espnguyen: Myth: If I have Articulate, Im an instructional designer. #lrnchat

billcush: Training myth: An LMS is different from any other web site. Don’t you wish your LMS was as easy to use as google #lrnchat

michelle300: Yes it is a myth. RT @MariaOD: RT @StephanieDaul: Myth: if you are good at what you do youll know how to teach someone #lrnchat

ajeanne: Myth: If I can put stuff on the web, I’m an elearning designer. #lrnchat

RyanReilly: Myth: SMEs make good instructors #lrnchat

AllisonAnderson: Myth SME=ISD #lrnchat

rmyardley: Myth training is only instruction #lrnchat

ShaSha16: myth: icebreakers are so much fun and get me engaged right away #lrnchat

kellygarber: Myth – you need an LMS#lrnchat

Quinnovator: SME + tool = training #lrnchat

chambo_online: RT @espnguyen: Myth: If I have Articulate, Im an instructional designer. –>flipside, an ID must know every software invented #lrnchat

dwilkinsnh: RT @busynessgirl: Myth: Students are really tech saavy. #lrnchat (not mine … they have potential, but no skills beyond FB and texting)

leavittm: RT @nickfloro: If it’s scorm compliant we’re all set, just pop it into the lms and it will work. #lrnchat

odguru: Anyone can facilitate #lrnchat

hjarche: myth – you don’t need a consultant <joke> #lrnchat

britz: myth or misconception? elearning must = course #lrnchat

Quinnovator: myth: we need to deliver training differently to accommodate different learning styles #lrnchat

marciamarcia: Myth: you can’t measure training. (Easy to measure training. It’s learning that’s the challenge). #lrnchat

Quinnovator: myth: we need to adjust training to different generations #lrnchat

chambo_online: All courses can/should also be taught online #lrnchat

kelly_smith01: You can measure performance (from learning event) with traditional assessment (Multiple choice, short answer, etc) #lrnchat

MikeAbrams: Myth: There is a generation gap. Mid-Age folks won’t do elearning. #lrnchat

TerrenceWing: Myth: We don’t need no stinkin games #lrnchat

KoreenOlbrish: The solution to performance problems is training. #lrnchat

RyanReilly: Myth: Training is the solution to every performance’ problem, #lrnchat

valdiskrebs: training myth: mentoring and apprenticeship are out-moded teaching methods — IMHO they are some of the best methods for learning #lrnchat

mglazer: Myth: Yes, we can teach you everything you need to learn on that topic…in 1 hour. Why? Cause it just ain’t true. #lrnchat

valdiskrebs: RT @rdclark: Oh, and the übermyth: Those who cannot do, teach. #lrnchat

ChristyATucker: One of my favorite myths: I can’t do authentic assessment for my subject b/c I like showing how it can be done #lrnchat

jonhusband: RT @JaneBozarth RT @Dave_Ferguson Prework is the tooth fairy of corporate learning. #lrnchat < hahahaha

kelly_smith01: Myth: Limit the number of practices or part-practices to save time #lrnchat

z_rose: Myth – teachers/trainers don’t need to customise learning materials #lrnchat

busynessgirl: Myth: If it’s fun, it’s not learning. (aka Games are evil, but simulations and inquiry-based learning is not) #lrnchat

Quinnovator: myth: that learning is something you develop’ #lrnchat

Quinnovator: myth: that learning and training and education are all the same #lrnchat (and, yes, I think it’s been said before
spotlearning: Myth: if it’s e-Learning, it must be boring. #lrnchat

KOPasley: @AllisonAnderson: @MikeAbrams: Myth: There is a generation gap. Mid-Age folks wont do elearning. – I resemble that remark! #lrnchat

cellodav: Practice (repetition) embeds regardless of perfection RT @Mary_a_Myers: doesn’t it? maybe not perfect…but closer? no? #lrnchat

espnguyen: Myth: Posting your PPT for people to download after is always a good idea. #lrnchat

stevechurchill: Articulate & Adobe Presenter are DIY tools. A good ID has the skills to use these tools well & get the most value from them #lrnchat

sahana2802: Myth: e-learning does not/cannot have the depth of a classroom training and is more superficial. #lrnchat

BertBates: Myth: “Well I’ve experienced X (e.g. brain surgery), therefore I’m qualified to teach X. #lrnchat

D_Chan: RT @RyanReilly: Myth: Training is the solution to every performance problem, #lrnchat (@jadekaz) Corollary: All perf issues R training ones.

bacigalupe: Myth: e-learning does not/cannot have the depth of a classroom training and is more superficial. #lrnchat via @sahana2802

z_rose: .@BertBates I raise you: ‘I’ve studied X, therefore I can teach X’ (i.e. how all academics are hired) #lrnchat

valdiskrebs: @AllisonAnderson re: posting PPT — yes! Engage the presenter in convo, not read her/his slides days later, when context is gone. #lrnchat

J_Schulz: Myth: The SME is always right. #lrnchat

J_Schulz: How about … Myth: Job Aids are outdated. #lrnchat

gregkrauska: Myth: ADDIE is the holy grail of learning design. #lrnchat

Quinnovator: @Dave_Ferguson right, it’s the amount of hours that matters, not the actual performance! (myth) #lrnchat
jadekaz: Myth: we know how the brain works #lrnchat

PearlFlipper: #lrnchat Myth: Answering 10 T/F questions demonstrates competence. (Please tell today’s certification trainer at #IFA!)

rmyardley: Myth soft skills can be taught (maybe only acquired???) #lrnchat

TerrenceWing: Horrible myth: If I changed one learners behavior I did my job. What about ROI. Had a mgr who always quoted that. #lrnchat

StephanieDaul: Myth: Because it’s F2F it’s interactive #lrnchat

jadekaz: Elearning myth: you can guess all the things someone will type in a text box. I’ve tried. You can’t. #lrnchat

minutebio: Myth: If U put staff on a list they will complete that 100 page compliance course #lrnchat

Mary_a_Myers: Myth: just b/c you have used an exclamation mark doesn’t mean it’s fun or exciting. #lrnchat

PearlFlipper: #lrnchat SME MYTH: they trust you because you’ve done it longer and have more experience.

J_Schulz: Myth(?): 70,00% is good enough on an assessment. #lrnchat

rjpanetti: You need to join ASTD, ISPI, or any other big association to network and stay abreast of the latest trends…Myth! #lrnchat

kelly_smith01: Myth: Thise icebreakers from 1979 are really starting this session great. i.e. I will tell you my fav food – Wow I am engaged. #lrnchat

Quinnovator: myth: that 80,00% performance on test is meaningful (thanks @J_Schulz) #lrnchat

nickfloro: @Mary_a_Myers Myth:just b/c you have used an exclamation mark doesn’t mean it’s fun/exciting #lrnchat From a design perspective it could : )

bacigalupe: Myth: education and learning are in a crisis. Truth: Education has always been in crisis … #lrnchat

Myths about TrainingMyths about Learning
Truths about Training
Truths about Learning

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