Myths About Learning

[The following tweets are based on a #lrnchat February 4, 2010. The first time each person is quoted, their twitter ID links to their homepage.]


This summary simply highlighting similar ideas posted by multiple #lrnchat participants for a given question. It is not meant to be all-inclusive. It was assembled by @chambo_online and we thank her for it.

Trends for learning myths tended to be fairly equally split among the top six or so ideas. One often discussed myth revolved around the myth of the engaged/motivated learner.

This also included the myth that passive students learn and if they pass the training assessment, they must’ve learned the concepts.

Another often mentioned myth argued that all learning styles must be accommodated.

A third myth area discussed frequently involved the learning environments and the suitability for one mode over the other in absolutes (traditional classroom vs online).

Myths about “gaps” included age and gender with the use of elearning, social media, and technology. Finally, several participants remarked on the myth that learning should be or is “easy”.

Myths about Learning
(Actual tweets sorted by time posted)

ajeanne: That learning styles have something to contribute to design. #lrnchat

Quinnovator: that content has to be taken seriously’ and that fun has no part in learning #lrnchat

espnguyen: Lurkers don’t get or add value to the learning experience. I sometimes lurk, but still get value. #lrnchat

jadekaz: As a student my learning myths are: role playing is fun, group projects are great, and I’ll keep the handouts you give me #lrnchat

AllisonAnderson: Social media is the answer to everything. All other forms of learning will fall away. #lrnchat

moehlert: @lrnchat That learning is something you can do to people or sell or package see also LMS #lrnchat

MariaOD: RT @ajeanne: RT @jwillensky: We have to design & develop to accommodate all learning styles. #lrnchat

kzenovka: #lrnchat Myth? Multiple Intelligences and learning styles – do we believe?

Quinnovator: myth: that learning is an event’ #lrnchat

KoreenOlbrish: SCORM measures learning #lrnchat

dwilkinsnh: RT @busynessgirl: Myth: Students are really tech saavy. #lrnchat (not mine … they have potential, but no skills beyond FB and texting)

kelly_smith01: RT @kellygarber: Myth – you need an LMS #lrnchat

jadekaz: someone has to have already said you remember 10,00% of what you learn…90% of what you do. c’mon Cone! #lrnchat

rdclark: Myth: Listening (&/or watching) without doing Err:520 learning #lrnchat

ajeanne: Give learners lots of control and they will learn more & better. #lrnchat

kkapp: classroom instruction is effective & other instruction must match it.Where is the research about effective classrm instruction #lrnchat

jadekaz: I hate that this has to be said, but I’ve seen it in person. Myth: students are stupid babies. #lrnchat

billcush: Learning myth: learning is easy. Learning something worthwhile is darn hard work no matter the approach. #lrnchat

simbeckhampson: Myth: Do not memorise! – rather commit knowledge to memory #lrnchat

kelly_smith01: You can measure performance (from learning event) with traditional assessment (Multiple choice, short answer, etc) #lrnchat

MikeAbrams: Myth: There is a generation gap. Mid-Age folks won’t do elearning. #lrnchat

cellodav: you can’t learn by distance/online as well as you can in a classroom #lrnchat

z_rose: Myth – digital natives a) exist and b) are better at utilising Info tech. #lrnchat

Quinnovator: myth: that exploratory learning doesn’t work #lrnchat

minutebio: Myth: Social learning with for younger employees. And if they have smartphones #lrnchat

kellygarber: Learning Myth – old dogs cannot learn new tricks. #lrnchat

cellodav: Myth – practice makes perfect #lrnchat

JaneBozarth: Myth: People remember 10% of what they read, 20% of what they hear…#lrnchat

marciamarcia: Myth: Unimportant (or impossible) for learners to understand a little about how they learn, styles or otherwise. #lrnchat

MariaOD: Digital natives just take naturally to learning online. They too need guidance! #lrnchat

valdiskrebs: training myth: mentoring and apprenticeship are out-moded teaching methods — IMHO they are some of the best methods for learning #lrnchat

busynessgirl: Myth: If it’s fun, it’s not learning. (aka Games are evil, but simulations and inquiry-based learning is not) #lrnchat

rmyardley: Myth despite 40 years of conditioning the next generation will learning differently #lrnchat

KoreenOlbrish: Less common than the generational myth, but more annoying: Women and men learn the same way. #lrnchat

niccinh: Myth: you can teach someone who doesn’t want to learn. Doesn’t matter how great your ID is if your participant is closed off #lrnchat

stevechurchill: You can have Articulate and be an Instructional Designer, but having it doesn’t make you an ID #lrnchat

Quinnovator: myth: that ignoring engagement in learning is ok #lrnchat

jadekaz: myth – it’s best for others to decide what the learner needs to learn #lrnchat

chambo_online: – Myth: you can’t use web/SoMe with a) really young students, b) remedial students, c)elderly, d)younamethegroup #lrnchat

BertBates: Myth: It’s important to *cover* all the material. #lrnchat

odguru: Myth: the day long workshop is the optimal format… #lrnchat

roninchef: Myth- The learner benefits the most when training is 3 months before roll out. You know, give it time to soak in. #lrnchat

kkapp: Myth..learning has to be non-painful or non-stress inducing..we don’t want to trick learners but real life tricks them all the time #lrnchat

ChristyATucker: RT @jadekaz: Myth – its best for others to decide what the learner needs to learn #lrnchat

billcush: Myth: Learning requires a good..teacher, instructor, lecture, activity etc. Learning requires a motivated learner. #lrnchat

rmyardley: Myth GBS has a lot to answer for! #lrnchat

britz: Myth – the participants really liked it (level 1), they must have learned! #lrnchat

kellygarber: Learning Myth – older generation does not enjoy humor in learning. #lrnchat

ShaSha16: Myth: you can only learn in a virtual class if you have a twitter/fb acct (actually heard this 2day)! #lrnchat

KoreenOlbrish: Learning should be easy and everyone should be passing assessments #lrnchat

rdclark: @marciamarcia challenge of learners understanding own learning styles is when they insist they only learn via [insert fad here] #lrnchat

Quinnovator: myth: that informal learning is a) unsupportable b) a myth, c) in the ‘too hard’ basket #lrnchat

moehlert: @odguru @jwillensky Or the hour-long class…or that the classroom isn’t constructed to perpetuate a power-grab by the instructor.. #lrnchat

rmyardley: Myth: no gain without pain #lrnchat

simbeckhampson: Myth: Curiosity killed the cat! – Curiosity is your pass to the kingdom of knowledge #lrnchat

ajeanne: Learners SAID they learned it, therefore they must have. (Studies show not so.) #lrnchat

z_rose: Myth: all feedback to learners should be positive (contentious!) #lrnchat

D_Chan: Myth: when the training event is finished, all participants are done learning about the content. #lrnchat

MikeAbrams: We don’t have time/need for after class reinforcement. They’ll learn it along the way. #lrnchat

Quinnovator: myth: that failure isn’t an option #lrnchat

rmyardley: Myth the young can’t focus for more than the time to tweet #lrnchat

chambo_online: Myth: elearning means putting your f2f handouts/syllabus online. #lrnchat

nickfloro: if they pass the 01.10.20 multiple choice quiz they are now experts in the content. #lrnchat

ThomasStone: Myth: that most L&D budgets are generally well-allocated to optimize organizational learning #lrnchat

kasey428: Myth: You can only develop soft skills in the classroom. #lrnchat

kasey428: Myth: We need skills – we need a course #lrnchat

Dave_Ferguson: How come no one mentioned CEUs? There’s one strong myth. Like centaurs, only with certificates. #lrnchat

PearlFlipper: #lrnchat Myth: Answering 10 T/F questions demonstrates competence. (Please tell today’s certification trainer at #IFA!)

PearlFlipper: #lrnchat. Myth to take a SME and make them a top notch trainer. They’re ok, mediocre, but I’ve never seen them able to loose the SMEness.

PearlFlipper: Myth: The learners are primarily paying attention to the trainer. #lrnchat

kasey428: Myth: Passing an exam is proof that the learner has actually learned. #lrnchat

PearlFlipper: #lrnchat MYTH: Learning Leaders don’t need to be at the strategy table. C’mon – how you gonna implement performance without people,skills?

simbeckhampson: Myth: You need a degree! Fact: Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, Dean Kamen, and Bill Gates were all college drop-outs. #lrnchat

marciamarcia: Myth: you learn all the time until you die. There are ways to keep yourself from learning & some diseases… #lrnchat

Quinnovator: @simbeckhampson yeah, but so were lots of the folks bagging groceries, if I had to bet… (tho’ agree disconnect) #lrnchat

Quinnovator: myth: that you need full sentences #lrnchat

PearlFlipper: #lrnchat Myth that learning is somehow a separate function from work or life.

espnguyen: RT @Quinnovator: myth: that you need full sentences << or grammar or spelling #lrnchat

PearlFlipper: #lrnchat Myth (pet peeve) that tweeting or ‘talking in class’ is somehow wrong. It’s how some people, extroverts for instance, learn.

Myths about TrainingMyths about Learning
Truths about TrainingTruths about Learning

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