#lrnchat recap 1

New to this process, we still haven’t figured out how to download a transcript of the full chat but we’ve begun to include here a few of the highlights and the questions asked in that first call.


Pre-question: who’s here, where’re you from?
1) What’s the biggest impediment to using Twitter as a learning channel in your org?
2) From @koreenOlbrish: Are people seeing twitter or others used for knowledge mgmt?
3) What’s trust got to do with it? Given trust is so vital to learning, how do you see social media helping foster trust?
4) How does the role of trainer change in the social media era?
5) Does SoMe inevitably lead to much more customized, personalized curriculum?

Quotable Tweets

Quinnovator: I’ve argued social media exposes organizational culture (trust, openness, etc), once exposed, becomes obvious need

Neat Ideas

Quinnovator: @marciamarcia use blogs as learning journals, wikis for collaborative projects, discussion boards for concept questions (formal)


Quinnovator: @marciamarcia who’s got case studies with data of social media wins?
marciamarcia: @Quinnovator We’re collecting case studies as fast as we can. Check @touchbase (www.touchbaseblog.com)

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