Who participates in #lrnchat?

People ask me who participates in #lrnchat sessions. I’m curious myself about who all has stopped by. Let’s begin to capture some basic contact information about who’s-who here. If you’ve participated (or plan to participate), please add a comment here.

FORMAT: Your Name, link to your twitter ID, CLASSIFY YOURSELF IN ALL CAPS (i.e. learning consultant, trainer, game developer, online facilitator, instructional designer, K-12 educator, university educator, school administrator, knowledge management specialist, analyst, blogger, other, etc.), link to your website.

Marcia Conner, http://twitter.com/marciamarcia, ENTERPRISE LEARNING & SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGIST, WRITER, BLOGGER, MYTH BUSTER http://marciaconner.com


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  2. LEARNING CONSULTANT, INSTRUCTIONAL DESIGNER, EMERGING TECHNOLOGIES HOUND, mLEARNING FIEND and more. As of late intrigued by the convergence of learning, social media and mobile. also intrigued about the leeches in the lake at the cottage. Really enjoy #lrnchat.

  3. Atlanta, GA resident currently Ed.S. candidate at UGA in INSTRUCTIONAL DESIGN — finishing in 3 weeks! Interested in VWs for immersive learning for corporations and edus. I need a job!! LOL

  4. Brad Stokes, http://www.bradstokes.com.au, http://www.twitter.com/bradstokes Elearning consultant, Educational Designer, Information Junkie, interested in everything. I blog on topics revoliving around learning as the whimsy strikes me. I am interested in how other people see the world of elearning and helping others to engage their learners in real ways. For me context in education is everything. If you don’t have the context of a situation right, your content, conversation and method mean very little to the person learning.

  5. Dad (6, 3 and 2 year old), husband (15 years), avid cyclist (200km/week), Manchester United diehard (I hope you don’t support Chelsea)

    Senior Director of Learning at http://www.telus.com – started in late 2008 after 7 years running all things learning/collaboration at SAP Business Objects

    Trying to convince people learning is not an event — it’s a process, involving people, and embedded with collaboration … everywhere / anytime


  6. New product and marketing consultant in Internet, SaaS and software industry. http://www.tennantconsulting.com, http://blog.tennantconsulting.com,
    http://www.linkedin.com/in/stevetennant, http://www.twitter.com/steve811. Interested in using new technology to innovate, change behavior and increase collaborative leadership. Connected to this group through Marcia Conner who I worked with at PeopleSoft – I was in product strategy and business development, keen interest back in those days to get 20,000 consultants trained to implement PeopleSoft. Also spent a few months developing specs for a PeopleSoft LMS. 2000-2001 was VP Bus Dev at Ninth House Network, e-learning company. Last 8 years spent working with early stage software companies. Also run the PeopleSoft Alumni Network.

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