Transcript of #lrnchat August 20 2009

5:31:53 pm lrnchat: Welcome everyone to #lrnchat. How’ve you been? Q0 warm up after the rules.
5:32:11 pm lrnchat: Rules for #lrnchat: 1) Introduce yourself. (We do this again at the end). Location? Focus? Fave topics?
5:32:37 pm lrnchat: 2) [try to] stay on the #lrnchat topic. A new question will be asked every 20 min or so. If you can, include Q# in related responses.
5:32:51 pm xpconcept: lrnchat incoming. #lrnchat
5:33:24 pm JaneBozarth: Jane Bozarth, Raleigh, author of e-learning things, doctor of training stuff, learnavore, ruler of Planet Jane #lrnchat
5:33:32 pm lrnchat: 3) When writing, complete thoughts help followers outside chat learn from you. 4) on #lrnchat we aim to play nice. Sarcasm, welcome tho.
5:33:52 pm oxala75: craig wiggins. e-learning jockey, instructional designer 4 the fed’ral gubmint. Alexandria, VA. #lrnchat
5:34:26 pm lrnchat: 5) Periodically RT questions so others outside #lrnchat know what you’re talking about so they can chime in.
5:34:26 pm stickylearning: Hi all from Melbourne Australia, learning designer, fave topic informal learning and how elearning fits within this #lrnchat
5:34:33 pm LearnNuggets: Followers – #lrnchat starts NOW! Topic: elearning
5:34:35 pm hamtra: Tracy Hamilton, little north of Toronto, narrowly missed by Tornados tonight…we can smile now.#lrnchat
5:34:38 pm JaneBozarth: @oxala75 Hey Craig glad you made it! #lrnchat
5:35:03 pm joe_deegan: About to participate in #lrnchat sorry for lots of tweets or enjoy them by joining in.
5:35:09 pm hybridkris: Kris Rockwell, elearning developer, Hybrid Learning Systems, Pittsburgh, PA. Very focused on all things mobile learning. #lrnchat
5:35:14 pm JaneBozarth: @hamtra What is UP with tornadoes in Toronto? #lrnchat
5:35:18 pm hamtra: RT @joe_deegan: About to participate in #lrnchat sorry for lots of tweets or enjoy them by joining in.
5:35:27 pm Quinnovator: Clark Quinn, learning technology design gun-for-hire (games, mobile, deeper ID, strategy etc) Walnut Creek, CA, #lrnchat conspirator
5:35:38 pm Mary_a_Myers: Mary Myers, Kingston , ON, learning and vacation enthusiast, mlearn, elearn, ilearn…we all learn etc. loving #lrnchat
5:35:46 pm dbolen: Don Bolen, lrndesigner, project manager, ATL, informal learning, elearning #lrnchat
5:35:47 pm oxala75: @JaneBozarth thanks, Jane! it’s good to finally be back. #lrnchat
5:35:48 pm Quinnovator: welcome to #lrnchat old friends and new!
5:35:48 pm roninchef: Mason Masteka, eLearning Curriculum Developer in Portland ME. Open Source and SoMe evangelist. Back from camp in time for #lrnchat
5:35:57 pm xpconcept: Steve Flowers, Yorktown / Newport News, VA – learning systems dude / dev with USCG. Free workshop link drop: #lrnchat
5:36:17 pm meganrutherford: Megan Rutherford- SLO, CA simulation training (decision-based, virtual world, & embedded) -Visual Purple #lrnchat
5:36:18 pm jwillensky: Jason Willensky, indie learning designer, Phoenix, AZ. #lrnchat
5:36:30 pm lrnchat: 6) Remember to include the #lrnchat in all posts., & work well.
5:36:40 pm Quinnovator: and don’t forget #lrnchat (new contributions welcome 😉
5:36:42 pm kellygarber: Q0 good evening – freelance instructional designer here, Florida #lrnchat
5:37:03 pm rdeis: Ray Deis, Regina, SK. Canada. Learning, Social Media, and Web Usability enthusiast. #lrnchat
5:37:20 pm lrnchat: 7) 10min before end, tell us if you need anything from the other #lrnchat participants. Time to reintroduce yourself, too. Links welcome.
5:37:21 pm KoreenOlbrish: Hey #lrnchat ! Out w the crew for dinner in Orlando…see @moehlert ‘s upcoming tweet for the pic
5:37:29 pm mizminh: g’day I’m minh in Brisbane australia – working with kids outside the system #lrnchat
5:37:30 pm cammybean: Cammy Bean. e-learning person. Boston area. still getting kids to bed, hope to join later 🙂 #lrnchat
5:37:32 pm JaneBozarth: Who’s tending bar? @gminks is off having cake or something #lrnchat
5:37:35 pm bschlenker: Brent Schlenker – Rock’n’Roll Guitarist… no…wait… that’s the other Brent – I’m an eLearning guy & and all things LEARNING #lrnchat
5:37:47 pm hamtra: RT @Quinnovator: and don’t forget #lrnchat (new contributions welcome 😉
5:37:52 pm moehlert: #lrnchat Hello from Cuba Libre! @spydeesense @danyoung @koreenolbrish @gamesczar We’ll toast u w a mojito
5:38:14 pm Quinnovator: personally, find tweetdeck remembers #lrnchat for replies, have to remember for contributions tho’
5:38:26 pm oxala75: @Quinnovator hey i can actually participate in that game, for once. #lrnchat
5:38:59 pm stickylearning: @Quinnovator 🙂 drinking game! but only 10.30am is a touch early for a beer! #lrnchat
5:39:13 pm joewehr: Hi from Ellington CT #lrnchat
5:39:22 pm MariaOD: Hi everyone- Maria/Organizational Development Specialist from Columbus, Ohio. Got tickets to see the Buckeyes. Go Bucks Beat Navy! #lrnchat
5:39:35 pm lrnchat: Q0 (our weekly #lrnchat welcome, also check out @lrn2day) What have you learned today? If nothing fabulous, what have you learned this week?
5:39:57 pm Quinnovator: @oxala75 cheers! #lrnchat
5:40:06 pm bschlenker: To my dear Twitter followers – Prepare for lots of tweets – Its LRNCHAT time!
5:40:18 pm marciamarcia: Tonight’s agenda includes visit w/ brilliant folk on #lrnchat & #behindthefirewall while finishing up article. No complaints. #allgreatfun
5:40:23 pm JaneBozarth: today relearned lots of little ppt things so I can teach them #lrnchat
5:40:26 pm Quinnovator: @stickylearning but you’re an Aussie, mate. No worries! #lrnchat
5:40:37 pm hybridkris: @stickylearning You can’t drink all day if you don’t start in the morning. #lrnchat
5:40:39 pm hamtra: @stickylearning You can play with Milk shots. hee hee #lrnchat
5:40:51 pm JaneBozarth: Learned new thinking on development time/hour of instruction via ASTD article by @kkapp et al #lrnchat
5:41:09 pm Quinnovator: Q0: as mentioned @lrn2day, learned about the Big Mind approach to breaking barriers #lrnchat
5:41:39 pm JaneBozarth: I have that t-shirt… RT @hybridkris: @stickylearning You can’t drink all day if you don’t start in the morning. #lrnchat
5:41:41 pm hamtra: Learned today my performance review was “exceeds expectations”, guess I’m around for at least another year at work. #lrnchat
5:41:44 pm mizminh: @lrn2day did a brilliant digital storytelling workshop at the State Library #lrnchat
5:41:48 pm jwillensky: Learning that Articulate has shorter learning curve than Captivate. #lrnchat
5:42:03 pm Quinnovator: @hamtra @stickylearning or bloody mary’s or mimosas, those’re for breakfast, right? and beer’s the brekkie of champions! #lrnchat
5:42:04 pm briandusablon: Brian Dusablon, Performance Consultant, Usability Freak, learning ninja, geek, etc. from Kingwood, TX (North of Houston) Hello all! #lrnchat
5:42:14 pm joe_deegan: Learned about a lot of Moodle plugins this week. Now for putting them to use. #lrnchat
5:42:32 pm Quinnovator: @hamtra fabulous outcome, but not really a surprise. Congrats! #lrnchat
5:42:35 pm tonya_simmons: Hi all – Tonya Goth Simmons, elearning production designer, Phasient Learning Technologies, Ames Iowa #lrnchat
5:42:35 pm JaneBozarth: Doors’ “Alabama Song” jsut came up on itunes. Probably a sign. #lrnchat
5:42:39 pm avron: Hi #lrnchat. Avron Barr, California, elearning software standards.
5:43:06 pm dbolen: learned about Prezi today, playing with that tool #lrnchat
5:43:10 pm gminks: I’m Gina, riding from Bridgewater Ma back to the house, develop tech training for #EMC, cmty mgr, grad student, SoMe advocate #lrnchat
5:43:12 pm Quinnovator: @jwillensky now was it shorter because of Captivate learning curve, or despite? 🙂 #lrnchat
5:43:26 pm briandusablon: @jwillensky that depends on what you’re trying to do with Articulate and Captivate! #lrncht #lrnchat
5:43:42 pm kellygarber: Q0 learned that language translating software has a long way to go #lrnchat
5:43:47 pm oxala75: learning that some people don’t view opportunities in the same light (or as opportunities) #lrnchat
5:43:53 pm JaneBozarth: @gminks I thought you were off having cake #lrnchat
5:44:08 pm roninchef: Learned that when internet connection is scarce Web addicts appear in a closed library parking lot. Like wildlife at a water hole. #lrnchat
5:44:21 pm oxala75: @hamtra congrats! #lrnchat
5:44:29 pm mizminh: @dbolen i looked at prezi & then it slipped away – are you using it #lrnchat
5:44:29 pm hybridkris: I learned that a non-standard LMS leads to a lot of headaches and wasted time. Also, augmented reality is finally coming along. #lrnchat
5:44:44 pm hamtra: @oxala75 Way too true. #lrnchat
5:44:47 pm Quinnovator: @oxala75 right, fortune favors the prepared mind #lrnchat
5:44:49 pm tjmeister: Trevor Meister , from Edmonton learned that all api s are not created equal.. #lrnchat
5:44:53 pm MariaOD: This week I was introduced to the Flaming Lips and Jonny Lang. Had no idea what I was missing in music. Thanks Twitter!!! #lrnchat
5:45:01 pm Mary_a_Myers: i learned that it’s always best to freely share information..promote learning all around. #lrnchat
5:45:03 pm briandusablon: @hybridkris is there a standard LMS? #lrnchat
5:45:04 pm marciamarcia: B/f we get to #lrnchat questions, pls @ me if you have or know anyone using Twitter (or internal micrtool) w/ elearning. Thx! #lrnchat
5:45:12 pm JaneBozarth: RT @roninchef: Lrnd when intnet connection scarce Web addicts appear in a closed library parking lot. Like wildlife at waterhole. #lrnchat
5:45:25 pm Mary_a_Myers: @hybridkris #lrnchat….hmmm…i feel like I learn that about the non-standard LMS every day
5:45:32 pm tonya_simmons: @roninchef RT Like wildlife at a water hole HA! that’s great #lrnchat
5:45:38 pm JaneBozarth: @marciamarcia I wish #lrnchat
5:46:04 pm LearnNuggets: Hello from downtown Memphis. The clouds suggest a short game! #lrnchat
5:46:07 pm jwillensky: @Quinnovator I conciously blocked out the baggage 🙂 #lrnchat
5:46:08 pm joewehr: Signed up for Hubspot My blog to be launched soon #lrnchat
5:46:14 pm MariaOD: My apologies in advanced to everyone. It may get noisy in the next hour. I am learn chatting! Come join us! #lrnchat
5:46:15 pm marciamarcia: Fortune favors the prepared mind. RT @oxala75 #lrnchat
—somehow 10 minutes lost here —-
5:56:19 pm tmiket: Q1 asynch allows for just in time and access on learner schedule and not the instructor’s or orgs schedule #lrnchat
5:56:23 pm MariaOD: Q1-Did we have SCORM/AICC back then? #lrnchat
5:56:25 pm Mary_a_Myers: Q1: the excitement of the potential possibilities of elearning and beyond #lrnchat
5:56:27 pm JaneBozarth: @gminks Prophet is without honor in her own land. Been there. #lrnchat
5:56:48 pm bschlenker: @moehlert @koreenolbrish Are you doing #lrnchat LIVE?
5:56:54 pm tonya_simmons: grrr — sent me to TRAINING – edit in me hates left out words #lrnchat
5:57:18 pm JaneBozarth: @mariaod said SCORM! Drinki!#lrnchat
5:57:25 pm xpconcept: @MariaOD AICC yes, SCORM no #lrnchat
5:57:47 pm roninchef: Q1 I was re-educating culinary students on the ways of the kitchen, though. People say my grey hair looks distinguished. #lrnchat
5:57:48 pm gminks: @JaneBozarth we had cake, he had dinner & presents, now there are cute girls to hang w so he was done w me #lrnchat
5:57:57 pm MariaOD: @JaneBozarth Yes m’aam!!! #lrnchat
5:58:18 pm Quinnovator: in 99, started developing adaptive learning system (on learner characteristics, read: styles), way cool.Too far ahead of it’s time #lrnchat
5:58:21 pm JaneBozarth: @mariaod said SCORM! Drink! #lrnchat
5:58:57 pm dbolen: @MariaOD AICC was around, don’t know about SCORM somebody drink! #lrnchat
5:59:05 pm avron: Did anyone mention individualization of instruction? Sorry if I missed it. #lrnchat
5:59:18 pm JaneBozarth: @roninchef ‘re-educating’ sounds kind of Mao-sian #lrnchat
5:59:49 pm MariaOD: I need an elearning timeline! I cant remember anything from 1999! Is that a cue to drink? #lrnchat
5:59:59 pm jwillensky: @JaneBozarth You got a problem with The Chairman? #lrnchat
5:59:59 pm joewehr: @dwilkinsnh “Time compression: typical class of 6 hrs = 1-2 hours of WBT” Disagree More like 3 hrs i my expr Still significant #lrnchat
6:00:04 pm Quinnovator: Q1: elearning was a mirror to reflect on practices, still is #lrnchat
6:00:04 pm JaneBozarth: First e-elearning thing I developed saved me from having to deliver classroom training to 600 angry lawyers. I can live w/ that. #lrnchat
6:00:05 pm oxala75: Q1 10 years ago, i didn’t really understand instructional design as a concept, but had experienced e-learning #lrnchat
6:00:14 pm bschlenker: RT @dwilkinsnh: 3. Time compression: typical class of 6 hrs = 1-2 hours of WBT 4. Sims = more practice & cases in less time\ #lrnchat
6:00:20 pm dwilkinsnh: 7. Reporting and various CYA related to regulatory compliance 8. More avail training = less turnover = big ROI #lrnchat
6:00:32 pm JaneBozarth: @jwillensky I actually DID LOL at that. #lrnchat
6:00:36 pm marciamarcia: @Quinnovator I developed my 1st (& last hmm?) elearning course in 95 on HTML, using it to introduce. Way too far out for most. #lrnchat
6:00:37 pm RedSoxRobbe: Personalized instruction… #lrnchat
6:00:46 pm kellygarber: @joewehr Q1old would be if I said something like, hand cranked 🙂 #lrnchat
6:01:06 pm Quinnovator: @avron only indirectly, but don’t see near enough of it! #lrnchat
6:01:13 pm roninchef: @JaneBozarth It could trend to that real easy some nights. No I in TEAM and don’t be a hero! #lrnchat
6:01:18 pm planetrussell: Greetings, all. New to #lrnchat community. Curious – not seeing much discussion of SCORM.
6:01:32 pm Mary_a_Myers: in 1999 got my first job in multimedia learning services with IBM…tres, tres exciting. still is (but not an IBMer anymore) #lrnchat
6:01:39 pm tmiket: @kellygarber does coding html in notepad count as hand cranked? #lrnchat
6:01:51 pm lrnchat: Just joining us and not sure what’s the question? You can always check @lrnchat #lrnchat
6:01:52 pm stickylearning: Was working with large retailer, costs focussed, elearning was basically glorified PPT back then! #lrnchat
6:02:04 pm JaneBozarth: @roninchef @jwillensky I have no problem with The Chairman. #lrnchat
6:02:06 pm dwilkinsnh: In 1999, I started work on social learning solution – FAQ, Ask an Expert, Discussion, Blog, + sims, courses, and webinars #lrnchat #deja vu
6:02:22 pm xpconcept: iconauthor, hypercard, toolbook >.< don’t miss those days. Authorware was ok. #lrnchat
6:02:25 pm gminks: RT @JaneBozarth: Q1: expands reach of program; increases inclusion #lrnchat
6:02:27 pm marciamarcia: @kellygarber Yeah, I’m only hearing crickets too [re: twitter/ym+ w/ elearning]. At least they sing of a storm up ahead. #lrnchat
6:02:28 pm dbolen: Q1 and click next to continue was primary navigation #lrnchat
6:02:29 pm Mary_a_Myers: @planetrussell i may not know the rules but i think you need to drink @janebozarth #lrnchat 6:02:38 pm Quinnovator: @marciamarcia ahead of the curve (web was hardly there). Did an online game in 94-95, can still play it! #lrnchat
6:02:39 pm JaneBozarth: @planetrussell What do you want to say about SCORM? #lrnchat
6:02:47 pm SonyaJMills: RT @lrnchat: Just joining us and not sure whats the question? You can always check @lrnchat [thanks!] #lrnchat
6:02:48 pm tmiket: @stickylearning and it sometimes still is..glorified powerpoint or worse. #lrnchat
6:02:50 pm oxala75: @tmiket coding in longhand would be hand cranked #lrnchat
6:02:54 pm tonya_simmons: @stickylearning I think some courses still ARE glorified PPT, and that’s unfortunate #lrnchat
6:02:59 pm gminks: RT @jwillensky: Q1 Far-flung learners can be on the same page. I’m used to decentralized orgs. #lrnchat 6:02:59 pm JaneBozarth: @planetrussell Love your handle, BTW #lrnchat 6:03:01 pm randomdazzle: Developed “LMS” for adaptive learning in 1995, too …. but the ideas were there decades before, just not on the Web. #lrnchat 6:03:14 pm Quinnovator: with all the great potential and examples, tragic that elearning hasn’t advanced further in practice! #lrnchat 6:03:17 pm planetrussell: @marciamarcia Wow. Remember Apple Mac Hypercard? I built basic e-learning/tutorial stuff using “stacks” #lrnchat 11:03:43 am dwilkinsnh: @joewehr no doubt – think it might depend on subject matter: systems training probably higher savings; social skills likely less #lrnchat 6:03:44 pm roninchef: @JaneBozarth My way was always the proper way! 🙂 More like the easiest way for success. Mis en place FTW! #lrnchat 6:03:56 pm Mary_a_Myers: @xpconcept ahhh…! don’t say iconauthor!!! i had blocked that out of my memory …along with toolbook….#lrnchat 6:04:10 pm JaneBozarth: @tmiket @stickylearning Lots of classroom training is just glorified powerpoint, too. #lrnchat 6:04:20 pm JaneBozarth: RT @Quinnovator: with all the great potential and examples, tragic that elearning hasn’t advanced further in practice! #lrnchat 6:04:38 pm avron: @randomdazzle Decades indeed. My first programming of an elearning system was with Suppes in 1972. #lrnchat 11:04:47 am joewehr: Can we move to the future of elearning? & its role & potential for improving Bsns results Feel like at HS reunion #lrnchat 6:04:53 pm tgrevatt: Apologies, late to join, but good to be here. Hi lrnchatters! #lrnchat 6:04:58 pm Quinnovator: @planetrussell ah, yes, HyperCard. Did *lots* of interesting things in that, including teaching interface design! #lrnchat 6:05:02 pm tmiket: @JaneBozarth Yes, too much #lrnchat 6:05:04 pm kellygarber: @tmiket haha …oh yea, that counts as hand cranked! …but notepad was an upgrade, right? #lrnchat 6:05:13 pm xpconcept: @Mary_a_Myers – me too… #lrnchat 6:05:21 pm dwilkinsnh: In 1999, we did first plug-in free, web-based global software sim for CitiGroup. Runtime in in Java using Toolbook as build tool. #lrnchat 6:05:22 pm gminks: Ten years ago I transferred from a cmty college to FSU, 1st in my fam to graduate college. Now I’m in a 100% distance MS prog@FSU #lrnchat 6:05:22 pm tonya_simmons: interesting article from BBC about problems with PPT: #lrnchat 6:05:35 pm oxala75: @planetrussell takes me back to college 🙂 #lrnchat 6:05:41 pm JaneBozarth: Worry that we’re making false distinction? A lot of classroom training ain’t great, either. #lrnchat 6:05:46 pm Quinnovator: @joewehr stay tuned for upcoming questions! #lrnchat 6:06:17 pm mizminh: muds moos muses -text-based – took lots of kids into those realms #lrnchat 6:06:28 pm gminks: Like this one RT @dwilkinsnh: Q1) 2. Timeliness of training – no more months of lag between train and apply #lrnchat 6:06:32 pm kellygarber: @marciamarcia when that storm arrives, hook me up with the “who” …microblog in elearning would rock! #lrnchat 6:06:42 pm MariaOD: @MSarge64 Go to Login. Type #lrnchat and see what everyone is talking about! 6:06:44 pm xpconcept: Problem isn’t ppt. It’s just a tool. Problem is design skillz:) #lrnchat 6:06:49 pm Quinnovator: understatement RT @JaneBozarth: Worry that we’re making false distinction? A lot of classroom training ain’t great, either. #lrnchat 6:06:59 pm busynessgirl: Sorry #lrnchat … I’m too brain-dead to join you tonight. Busynessgirl has finally gotten too busy. 😦 6:07:01 pm SonyaJMills: introducing myself: Sonya Mills; CT, USA; love to learn and share, used to be an elearning contractor but not currently #lrnchat 6:07:08 pm stickylearning: @JaneBozarth Yep regularly find clients who want ‘learning’ via text heavy PPT shows, hard to convince otherwise at times! #lrnchat 6:07:17 pm JaneBozarth: @Quinnovator I’m known for my understatement #lrnchat 6:07:25 pm dbolen: RT @xpconcept: Problem isnt ppt. Its just a tool. Problem is design skillz:) #lrnchat 6:07:44 pm tmiket: I still think elearning is done by those with technical skill more so than those with instructional skill. Agree or disagree? #lrnchat 6:07:54 pm JaneBozarth: Think it’s funny that when other delivery methods appeared, suddenly classroom took on ridiculous and un-earned golden glow…#lrnchat 6:08:04 pm joewehr: Problem is time to develop elearning RT @dwilkinsnh: Q1) 2. Timeliness of training – no more months of lag between train and apply #lrnchat 6:08:07 pm tmiket: in oh your good with computers you can build the elearning course #lrnchat 6:08:14 pm planetrussell: @JaneBozarth Whoops, may have spoken too soon. Note to self: Don’t search for SCORM w/leading # hashtag. #lrnchat 6:08:14 pm tonya_simmons: @xpconcept EXACTLY – seems like some ppl think they can solve all the world’s problems with bullet points #lrnchat 6:08:17 pm jwillensky: RT @JaneBozarth: @Quinnovator I’m known for my understatement #lrnchat 6:08:26 pm ethankuniyoshi: Q1 I thought the question related to revelance of elearnig solutions from a decade ago, not a who’s-more-old-school battle #lrnchat 6:08:49 pm oxala75: @tmiket agree, unfortunately. this is encouraged, even. #lrnchat 6:08:59 pm hamtra: RT @dbolen: Problem isnt ppt. Its just a tool. Problem is design skillz:) #lrnchat (via @xpconcept) 6:09:04 pm vijeesh: RT @tonya_simmons: @xpconcept EXACTLY – seems like some ppl think they can solve all the worlds problems with bullet points #lrnchat 6:09:05 pm gminks: RT @dwilkinsnh: 5. Beginning of merger between training, EPSS, km – recognition that they all have same goal -> performance #lrnchat
6:09:05 pm randomdazzle: elearning = repurposing of new tech to old learning methods. Need: New learning paradigms followed by supporting tech. #lrnchat
6:09:07 pm Quinnovator: @JaneBozarth oh, thought your rep was snarkiness 🙂 #lrnchat
6:09:07 pm MariaOD: @joewehr We are slowly changing that Mike. But SMEs still can’t stand us ‘messing’ with their content! #lrnchat
6:09:25 pm JaneBozarth: @tonya_simmons @xpconcept Bullets kill. #lrnchat
6:09:38 pm RedSoxRobbe: @tmiket I agree, but also see failed eLearning done only by instructional folks with NO tech background #lrnchat
6:09:44 pm JaneBozarth: I wanted to call my 2nd book “Bullets Kill” but publisher wouldn’t let me. #lrnchat
6:09:58 pm dbolen: @ethankuniyoshi it’s a social journey #lrnchat
6:10:05 pm gminks: How did u handle it? RT @JaneBozarth: @gminks Prophet is without honor in her own land. Been there. #lrnchat
6:10:07 pm tonya_simmons: @JaneBozarth LOL – not just LOL but roaring LOL #lrnchat
6:10:08 pm joewehr: Hi SonyaJMills I’m in Ellington, CT Your location? #lrnchat
6:10:28 pm tonya_simmons: @JaneBozarth I think that’s a PERFECT title – if I were editor I would let you #lrnchat
6:10:41 pm gminks: RT @JaneBozarth: @mariaod said SCORM! Drinki!#lrnchat
6:10:41 pm RedSoxRobbe: @tmiket “You have an eLearning background – here’s Flash – make a course…” #lrnchat
6:10:44 pm JaneBozarth: @hamtra PPT not the problem. Good elearning is about design, not software. Plenty bad elearning created with good/expensive tools.#lrnchat
6:10:45 pm dwilkinsnh: Why haven’t we advanced more? 90% can be traced to lack of business acumen in HR. Can’t build what you can’t justify. #lrnchat
6:10:48 pm oxala75: @JaneBozarth really? didn’t they want to sell books? #lrnchat
6:10:54 pm Quinnovator: @xpconcept powerpoint doesn’t kill people, people kill people #lrnchat
6:11:26 pm xpconcept: @RedSoxRobbe @tmiket – fail design is fail. #lrnchat
6:11:31 pm SonyaJMills: Hi @joewehr Newtown #lrnchat
6:11:35 pm tmiket: Amen! RT @Quinnovator: @xpconcept powerpoint doesn’t kill people, people kill people #lrnchat
6:11:46 pm marciamarcia: Uh oh. Just learned you can’t solve the world’s problems w/ bullet points. Foiled again. Thx @tonya_simmons design skills makes me a sad panda. #lrnchat
6:32:12 pm JaneBozarth: @gminks Well, maybe not YOUR children…#lrnchat
6:32:12 pm Quinnovator: @MariaOD . Ok, will add to drink list at #lrnchat
6:32:27 pm JaneBozarth: @tgrevatt LOL back #lrnchat
6:32:41 pm tjmeister: RT @mizminh: narrating curating sharing /RT sounds better than wrangling…but similar… #lrnchat
6:32:44 pm JaneBozarth: I am here alone cracking up out loud about some of this. What a good time.. #lrnchat
6:32:46 pm Mary_a_Myers: @briandusablon @quinnovator more like I’ll tell you what you want and need! (heehee) and you will like it! #lrnchat
6:32:50 pm vijeesh: be it classroom learning or elearning, the success factor depends on how it is delivered. #lrnchat #lrnchat
6:33:03 pm JaneBozarth: RT @xpconcept: The common belief that tech skills + theory regurgitation > design skills makes me a sad panda. #lrnchat
6:33:17 pm Quinnovator: 🙂 RT @briandusablon: @Quinnovator well…give them what they NEED, exactly how they WANT it. 🙂 Compromise. #lrnchat
6:33:21 pm MariaOD: Looking up Hootie and the Blowfish. I am getting cultured tonight! #lrnchat
6:33:22 pm tonya_simmons: @Quinnovator but again – that doesn’t mean it has be boring or dull, just visually consistent throughout all courses #lrnchat
6:33:30 pm planetrussell: @Quinnovator Like I said, I’m new ’round these here parts, hombre. Needing to re-activate these skills again, so I’m less e-jaded. #lrnchat
6:33:38 pm Mary_a_Myers: @JaneBozarth you are not alone! heehee #lrnchat
6:33:49 pm JaneBozarth: @Quinnovator @tonya_simmons Some learners expect it to look like “learning”, too, alas #lrnchat
6:33:51 pm stickylearning: @briandusablon @Quinnovator well…give them what they NEED, exactly how they WANT it. 🙂 Compromise. (yep, sounds good to me) #lrnchat
6:33:55 pm dwilkinsnh: @ethankuniyoshi None taken. BTW, the proper term for those that came before you is “old people.” ; ) #lrnchat
6:34:19 pm xpconcept: @vijeesh – true implementation / delivery is prime, especially f2f. #lrnchat
6:34:45 pm JaneBozarth: @MariaOD Hootie has decided to explore in another direction #lrnchat
6:34:53 pm Quinnovator: ha! RT @Mary_a_Myers: @briandusablon @quinnovator more like I’ll tell you what you want and need! (heehee) and you will like it! #lrnchat
6:34:53 pm hybridkris: @tmiket Exaclty…Just like mobile learning implementations! #lrnchat
6:35:05 pm JaneBozarth: Could someone please pass the olives? #lrnchat
6:35:11 pm joewehr: lrnr today also more adatpable @kellygarber Q2 great elearning today same as 10 years ago, how to get it there is what’s changed #lrnchat
6:35:37 pm tonya_simmons: @JaneBozarth Hootie is country now isn’t he? #lrnchat
6:35:58 pm gminks: ok on my pc at home, much easier #lrnchat
6:36:00 pm mizminh: RT Q2) What makes great elearning today? #lrnchat
6:36:10 pm briandusablon: Hootie on Grooveshark… #lrnchat
6:36:11 pm tmiket: @kellygarber Q2 great elearning today same as 10 years ago, how to get it there is what’s changed #lrnchat
6:36:36 pm tonya_simmons: Q3) what do you mean by rapid – a fast-paced course, rapid development, a short course? #lrnchat
6:36:42 pm MariaOD: @joewehr There’s a sense of urgency for learners to adapt now…that’s why online colleges are booming business! #lrnchat
6:36:45 pm JaneBozarth: @tonya_simmons Seems to be. #lrnchat
6:36:47 pm Mary_a_Myers: @hybridkris @tmiket technology should not drive the learning ….no matter what mode of delivery #lrnchat
6:37:02 pm bschlenker: Rats! I keep forgetting the #lrnchat
6:37:07 pm Quinnovator: @JaneBozarth sorry, only got peanuts here #lrnchat
6:37:18 pm Quinnovator: RT @lrnchat: Q3) Can rapid elearning be good learning? If so, what needs to be done? #lrnchat
6:37:38 pm briandusablon: @Quinnovator ugh, rapid should definitely be added to drinking game. #lrnchat
6:37:46 pm kellygarber: @joewehr absolutely and we are better equipped today to make it more adaptable #lrnchat
6:37:46 pm joewehr: “older people” is more PC @ethankuniyoshi None taken. BTW, the proper term for those that came before you is “old people.” ; ) #lrnchat
6:37:56 pm gminks: @Mary_a_Myers what if you are teaching technology #lrnchat
6:38:14 pm tmiket: Q3 Same things as any good learning but faster? #lrnchat
6:38:37 pm Quinnovator: @briandusablon got it, now added (which means everyone answering has to drink!) #lrnchat
6:38:44 pm MariaOD: @tmiket what is on the horizon Mike? What next form of delivery? Mobile…and what’s this semantic web I keep hearing about? #lrnchat
6:38:44 pm SonyaJMills: Q3) Depends on what needs learning. Using Jings and 1-5 Q surveys, we can create lots of quick elearning hits, no depth though #lrnchat
6:38:54 pm JaneBozarth: 3) YES. Begin with end in mind, ducks in row, go. One of our biggest probs was solved w a vid tutorial that took me an afternoon #lrnchat
6:39:32 pm Mary_a_Myers: q3) i think rapid elearning can be effective and ineffective. not to sit on the fence, but i’ve seen it done well and not so well#lrnchat
6:39:34 pm dbolen: Q3 or a ploy to sell tools? #lrnchat
6:39:40 pm JaneBozarth: Q3) Lord knows there’s plenty of BAD e-learning that took years to develop #lrnchat
6:39:47 pm Quinnovator: @mizminh meta-cognition? Think that’s gotta be a *drink* (along with meta-learning) #lrnchat
11:39:53 am MariaOD: @joewehr Digital immigrants=old people? #lrnchat
6:40:29 pm JaneBozarth: Q3: Susan Boyd: Limit content to must-know: Teach less, not faster #lrnchat
6:40:31 pm vijeesh: Q3. Most Rapid learning courses are created by directly converting an ILT (ppt).. Add value #lrnchat
6:40:45 pm xpconcept: Q3) rapid learning is more about process than tools, IMO. Sprints, efficient collaboration, early evaluation, relevance filters… #lrnchat
6:40:48 pm mizminh: Q3 rapid Just in Time learning can be appropriate – emergency situations, one off challenges #lrnchat
6:40:57 pm MariaOD: @JaneBozarth Stephen Covey works! #lrnchat
6:41:00 pm RedSoxRobbe: Q2) forge a connection with the learner and “turn on the lights” in a limited space/time (chunking) #lrnchat
6:41:13 pm tjmeister: Rapid learning -being already plugged into the key info sources for particular area -feeds/blogs/contact-network- realtime updating #lrnchat
6:41:20 pm Quinnovator: @JaneBozarth honestly, but you’re exceptional. Back to flamethrowers for babies, rapid too often means knowledge dump #lrnchat
6:41:38 pm tmiket: @MariaOD Depends on your audience I think #lrnchat
6:41:52 pm roninchef: Q3 Knowing that rapid training is a quick hit not a deep dive. This info will help you with this problem, no more no less. #lrnchat
6:42:02 pm joewehr: Q3 Sure can Defn of “good elearning” – ready when needed, reasonable dev cost, effective, provides necessary knowledge #lrnchat
6:42:02 pm Mary_a_Myers: RT @Mary_a_Myers: @gminks just b/c u can use tech and have it at avail (ie, mlearn and elearn) doesn’t mean u should. make sense? #lrnchat
6:42:19 pm xpconcept: Q3) Evaluation is critical. Early adjustment + SME sprints + less passback and committee BS = quick time to market = more eval = 🙂 #lrnchat
6:42:29 pm tmiket: @xpconcept maybe but tools are much faster than 10 years ago #lrnchat
6:42:32 pm dwilkinsnh: @joewehr My bad on the “old people” ref. Not sure that PC is doing us any favors: technically “older” means more than old. ; ) #lrnchat
6:42:45 pm Quinnovator: if only RT @xpconcept: rapid learning more about process than tools. Sprints, efficient collab, early evaluation, relevance filters #lrnchat
6:42:48 pm MariaOD: RT @JaneBozarth:Susan Boyd: Limit content to must-know:Teach less, not faster (That’s how I like to learn. No fluff, just stuff!) #lrnchat
6:42:55 pm JaneBozarth: @Quinnovator It was just the once… #lrnchat
6:42:58 pm tmiket: reminds me of quote “didn’t have time to write a short letter so I wrote a long one” #lrnchat
6:42:58 pm mickierops: Q3) Yes, the rapid dev tools have their place. They just need to be used appropriately. #lrnchat
6:43:01 pm briandusablon: Q3: Rapid can be good if analysis determines the result is what was needed, and desired performance change/improvement is achieved. #lrnchat
6:43:26 pm mizminh: @Quinnovator itz a brew I make available to my k-6 kids 🙂 #lrnchat
6:43:35 pm dbolen: @dwilkinsnh use the term seasoned #lrnchat
6:43:44 pm Quinnovator: Q3: nothing wrong with experts doing dump, but for practitioners who are already motivated, know what they need, etc, otherwise… #lrnchat
6:43:46 pm planetrussell: @Quinnovator LoL – No worries. I’m (re-)approaching e-learning as a social media SME. So, bound to detonate some cliché IEDs. ;^) #lrnchat
6:43:59 pm RedSoxRobbe: @roninchef right, but can’t a enough “small dives” lead you to greater “depths”.. #lrnchat
6:44:04 pm dwilkinsnh: @dbolen LOL – got it. : ) #lrnchat
6:44:04 pm tonya_simmons: RT @dwilkinsnh technically “older” means more than old – not it just means older than a certain group – who’s to say what group #lrnchat
6:44:14 pm gminks: don’t understand rapid elearning. #lrnchat
6:44:18 pm marciamarcia: Be SM pioneer for org. Learn. Fail. Learn more! Share, mentor, teach & empower. Repeat. #behindthefirewall #lrnchat (RT @rickmahn)
6:44:35 pm tmiket: Good designers are better working rapidly than poor ones working slowly #lrnchat
6:44:45 pm JaneBozarth: @Quinnovator Read interesting thing somewhere about needs of expert learner v needs of novice– will look for it #lrnchat
6:44:49 pm briandusablon: Q3 is going to get a lot of people drunk. #lrnchat
6:44:49 pm dwilkinsnh: Alright #lrnchat peeps, I need to bail. Hours of work still to do this evening. Awesome time as always. Have a great week… ; )
6:44:49 pm joewehr: @MariaOD I fear lots of abuses in online colleges – too much “business” & not enough “education #lrnchat
6:45:07 pm Quinnovator: @mizminh oh, don’t get me wrong, BIG fan of meta-cog, just when we get ‘deep’, have to recognize appropriately 😉 #lrnchat
6:45:21 pm JaneBozarth: AMEN. RT @tmiket: Good designers are better working rapidly than poor ones working slowly #lrnchat
6:45:21 pm Quinnovator: exactly! RT @mickierops: Q3) Yes, the rapid dev tools have their place. They just need to be used appropriately. #lrnchat
6:45:38 pm xpconcept: @tmiket maybe, but the rapid tools are built around lowest common denominator. Can be well leveraged, can also be aweful. #lrnchat
6:45:41 pm hybridkris: @Mary_a_Myers It’s not tech driving learning, it’s users using tech for the sake of it. Clip art, audio…Things that add nothing. #lrnchat
6:45:58 pm Quinnovator: good point, different definitions? RT @gminks: don’t understand rapid elearning. #lrnchat
6:46:06 pm JaneBozarth: @dwilkinsnh Good night, Dave. #lrnchat
6:46:09 pm mizminh: @Quinnovator how I took it 🙂 #lrnchat
6:46:39 pm briandusablon: RT @tmiket: Good designers are better working rapidly than poor ones working slowly — Indeed! #lrnchat
6:46:43 pm Quinnovator: @dwilkinsnh thanks to you and all who have to leave, see you soon we hope! #lrnchat
6:46:59 pm Mary_a_Myers: @hybridkris admittedly i commented w/o completely reading. this pace is superfast! #lrnchat
6:47:07 pm kellygarber: Q3 learning – rapid or otherwise – challenge is to keep client focused on what learner needs to do and limit the info dump #lrnchat
6:47:21 pm JaneBozarth: @hybridkris They’re designing slides/screens, not instruction. #lrnchat
6:47:23 pm mizminh: I would like to learn basic mandarin immersively rapidly & effectively #lrnchat
6:47:23 pm Quinnovator: for me, rapid is quick development of content from PDF/PPT/SME, without a lot of design. Others? #lrnchat
6:47:24 pm tmiket: @xpconcept yes per earlier comments tools aren’t the issue – it’s the people using them that matters #lrnchat
6:47:32 pm xpconcept: RT @tmiket: Good designers are better working rapidly than poor ones working slowly. <– This. #lrnchat
6:47:40 pm gminks: Since I dev training for software, rapid learning makes me think of agile programming #lrnchat
6:47:46 pm MariaOD: Most of what I do is teaching business application software. We use rapid tools-gotta get it when the gettin is good! Tech changes! #lrnchat
6:47:58 pm stickylearning: RT @briandusablon RT @tmiket: Good designers are better working rapidly than poor ones working slowly — Indeed! #lrnchat
6:48:11 pm joewehr: @gminks good question Q3) what do you mean by rapid – to me it’s all about development time Content neede to learn is a constant #lrnchat
6:48:22 pm JaneBozarth: Now good time to mention student in my elearning design class? Supv said they couldn’t use what he developed: “Too interesting”. #lrnchat
6:48:34 pm MariaOD: Wow that pale ale is telling me something……..i must leave you learnchat! Have fun! #lrnchat
6:48:42 pm tmiket: @Quinnovator without a lot of graphic design? #lrnchat
6:49:07 pm Quinnovator: @gminks think that was @xpconcept view too. Takes good learning design skills, however! #lrnchat
6:49:25 pm mickierops: RT @Quinnovator: for me, rapid is quick development of content from PDF/PPT/SME, without a lot of design. Others? #lrnchat
6:49:33 pm oxala75: @Quinnovator yeah – in practice, that’s what seems to happen #lrnchat
6:49:41 pm rickmahn: @marciamarcia Thanks for the RT #behindthefirewall #lrnchat
6:49:53 pm joewehr: Think I’ve opened a Pandora’s Box with my “old” comment #lrnchat
6:50:08 pm RedSoxRobbe: @Quinnovator either quick “in and out”snippets that are part of a larger picture… OR just-in-time training as you described… #lrnchat
6:50:14 pm oxala75: @JaneBozarth seriously? #lrnchat
6:50:39 pm briandusablon: Q3 needs to be over soon, I’m running out of @titosvodka. Can mean many things. We use “rapid” tools and take 6 months to develop. #lrnchat
6:51:01 pm JaneBozarth: @tonya_simmons back to earlier conversation about how learning “should” look #lrnchat
6:51:02 pm Quinnovator: @joewehr eh? Have trouble hearing you! Could you speak up? #lrnchat
6:51:16 pm hybridkris: @JaneBozarth To you it is designing screens, but to them it was instruction. They were instructors That was the problem. #lrnchat
6:51:20 pm tmiket: @JaneBozarth I was just told recently a course was “too short” turns out they hadn’t even looked at it. Just saw the duration. #lrnchat
6:51:37 pm xpconcept: Rapid sharing is next wave IMO. We need to empower performers at all levels with principles and tools to share micro-bits. #lrnchat
6:51:47 pm JaneBozarth: @oxala75 Yes. They shelved it. #lrnchat
6:52:01 pm cammybean: Rapid e-learning can still include thoughtful design. #lrnchat
6:52:05 pm joewehr: Ignore my last tweet GIGO #lrnchat
6:52:19 pm tmiket: RT @briandusablon: We use “rapid” tools and take 6 months to develop. #lrnchat
6:52:19 pm xpconcept: Fast + relevant + enough. #lrnchat
6:52:30 pm jkunrein: judy unrein, instructional designer, hire-able gun for vocal narration. hoped to join earlier but had to be out 🙂 #lrnchat
6:52:49 pm roninchef: @gminks Agile is the model we use for our rapid eLearning. Our in-house projs are Agile based so it works well. New rev, new CBT. #lrnchat
6:52:58 pm briandusablon: @xpconcept indeed. user-generated content, managed and organized, and searchable. Instant info. Just enough, just in time. Simple. #lrnchat
6:53:03 pm xpconcept: @cammybean Rapid elearning should (must) include thoughtful design. Otherwise what is it? A drunken random assembly of poo. #lrnchat
6:53:17 pm tonya_simmons: @JaneBozarth in my head – “should” is about professional graphic and instructional design – not about boring the learning to tears #lrnchat
6:53:28 pm dbolen: RT @xpconcept: Fast + relevant + enough. YES #lrnchat
6:53:30 pm randomdazzle: @Quinnovator Does rapid development time does not necessarily imply a lack of design? #lrnchat
6:53:32 pm RedSoxRobbe: @xpconcept how about “rabid” eLearning where content is shared by the learner… #lrnchat
6:53:36 pm Mary_a_Myers: @xpconcept Fast + relevant + enough. #lrnchat – totally agree.
6:53:50 pm cammybean: @xpconcept Have you been hanging out with my kids? #lrnchat
6:53:56 pm tmiket: Old course was over 1 hr New course 15 minutes Same content #lrnchat
6:54:06 pm stickylearning: RT @cammybean Rapid e-learning can still include thoughtful design. (completely agree- indeed it should) #lrnchat
6:54:07 pm tonya_simmons: @JaneBozarth boring the LEARNER – can’t type tonight #lrnchat
6:54:11 pm xpconcept: Thoughtful design doesn’t need to take a lot of time. It does take energy and talent, but doesn’t require weeks, months, years. #lrnchat
6:54:15 pm kellygarber: @stickylearning now see… I would have said that good designers are better working slowly then poor designers working rapidly 🙂 #lrnchat
6:54:29 pm gminks: @roninchef very cool re agile. #lrnchat
6:55:07 pm brainshark: RT @joewehr: Q2 multimedia, a la Brainshark, etc rapid development begets timeliness & reduced cost #lrnchat
6:55:13 pm RedSoxRobbe: @xpconcept but couldn’t this very lrnchat be considered rapid (albiet informal) elearning – and yet there is hardly a thought in it’s de …
6:55:19 pm mizminh: “rabid” learning – bit frothy 🙂 too dogged? #lrnchat
6:55:27 pm JaneBozarth: @mizminh From the Central Office of People in Power Who Don’t Know a Thing About Effective Instruction, of course #lrnchat
6:55:32 pm mickierops: RT @xpconcept: Rapid sharing is next wave. Need 2 empower performers… w/ principles & tools to share micro-bits. #lrnchat #lrnchat
6:55:56 pm bschlenker: @cammybean hi Cammy! Welcome to another episode of #lrnchat
6:56:00 pm MariaOD: Hey- do you start your design with the criterion test and build from there? #lrnchat
6:56:03 pm cammybean: In 3 weeks it might be a 10 minute piece you get, not a 2 hour snore fest. #lrnchat
6:56:15 pm tonya_simmons: depending on the schedule of our SMEs, our development tends to be a 6-week process – for us 2 wks 4 script, 2 wks 4 course layout #lrnchat
6:56:24 pm Mary_a_Myers: @mizminh “rabid” learning – bit frothy 🙂 too dogged? — very nice! #lrnchat
6:56:24 pm lrnchat: Qwrap) Time to reintroduce yourself. Links welcome. What can we help you with? #lrnchat
6:56:40 pm Quinnovator: w/ right designer, OR when design isn’t important, knowledge is RT @cammybean: Rapid e-learning can still include thoughtful design #lrnchat
6:56:49 pm roninchef: @gminks And it actually works! Client gets deliverables and we get real feedback to work with. Win/win. #lrnchat
6:57:01 pm RedSoxRobbe: but couldn’t this very lrnchat be considered rapid (albiet informal) elearning – and yet hardly a thought in it’s design… #lrnchat
6:57:23 pm cammybean: @bschlenker Hiya. Brent! I had to read a few books about black holes before I could get to #lrnchat tonight!
6:57:23 pm tonya_simmons: @JaneBozarth wish – I’m not drinking (well Diet Coke, but …) at the office tonight – boy wouldn’t go dwn 4 dad w/ mom there #lrnchat
6:57:32 pm briandusablon: @tonya_simmons how much time on analysis and determining whether training is what’s actually needed? #lrnchat
6:57:55 pm Quinnovator: @randomdazzle if you’ve got a good designer, and it’s not production values but design that matters, *can* be done quick, say I #lrnchat
6:58:08 pm RedSoxRobbe: It’s just is occuring… under a variety of toolsets.. #lrnchat
6:58:13 pm tmiket: Not that time already!? Mike Taylor Learning Dev in Columbus, Ohio #lrnchat
6:58:24 pm Quinnovator: Fast cheap good, pick 2 RT @cammybean: Lots of clients need something in 3 weeks but still want good learning design. #lrnchat
6:58:50 pm gminks: @cammybean black holes?? (hi!!) #lrnchat
6:58:55 pm tonya_simmons: @briandusablon that’s kinda of up to our clients, we gen. do a kickoff for the script for SMEs to “dump” info, then 1 week 4 review #lrnchat
6:59:04 pm mizminh: @JaneBozarth Oh them-the Usual Suspects-the toxic power posse 🙂 too interesting! ya just can’t have that in a learning environment #lrnchat
6:59:18 pm briandusablon: Ahh, but what about GREAT? How much is that? RT @Quinnovator: Fast cheap good, pick 2. #lrnchat
6:59:24 pm cammybean: @JaneBozarth Thanks for the social run down of the night #lrnchat. Good to know who’s in the room and all that.
6:59:40 pm Quinnovator: RT @lrnchat: Qwrap) Time to reintroduce yourself. Links welcome. What can we help you with? #lrnchat
6:59:52 pm JaneBozarth: Raleigh, ID/trainer person, author of “Better than Bullet Points: Creating Engaging Elearning with PowerPoint”, gubmint worker #lrnchat
6:59:55 pm kellygarber: I’m signing off – thanks again for the great learning chatter. #lrnchat
7:00:02 pm cammybean: “Rapid tools” often used by clients for ease of use; still take time on design. #lrnchat
7:00:10 pm xpconcept: @Quinnovator production values are overvalued, imo. (says a dude that spent a few years as Viz Design Director) – simplicity wins. #lrnchat
7:00:13 pm JaneBozarth: PS @gminks I remembered #lrnchat hashtag all night.
7:00:16 pm roninchef: @Quinnovator Fast Cheap Good hangs next to my monitors. I love to mix and match 😉 #lrnchat
7:00:39 pm briandusablon: @tonya_simmons and 6 weeks for scope creep? 🙂 #lrnchat
7:00:45 pm oxala75: @jkunrein SO TRUE. sorry about the caps but i am feeling this. #lrnchat
7:00:49 pm tonya_simmons: Tonya Goth Simmons, production designer, Phasient Learning Technologies, Ames, IA #lrnchat
7:00:58 pm mizminh: @Mary_a_Myers #lrnchat thank you 🙂
7:01:01 pm Quinnovator: @briandusablon great? If you’ve got the money, honey, I’ve got the time! #lrnchat
7:01:07 pm JaneBozarth: @cammybean And Clark was mean to me but I told @marciamarcia on him. Oh and no one had any olives. #lrnchat
7:01:11 pm tmiket: @briandusablon If you have to ask you probably can’t afford it! 😎 #lrnchat
7:01:11 pm gminks: Gina/New England/tech training developer (EMC Ionix)/consultant in waiting/grad school/mom #lrnchat
7:01:20 pm joewehr: BINGO @xpconcept Rapid sharing is next wave We need to empower performers at all levels w/ principles & tools to share micro-bits. #lrnchat
7:01:23 pm cammybean: @gminks Hi! 6-year old son really into black holes. I could tell you a thing or two…#lrnchat
7:01:27 pm kasey428: Kay Wood, DC area, joined late tonight. Got in 15 minutes ago. Enjoyed reading though. Hi, Gina! #lrnchat
7:01:32 pm gminks: @JaneBozarth take a special celebratory drink! 🙂 #lrnchat
7:01:35 pm xpconcept: Steve Flowers, USCG PTC Yorktown. Free workshop linkdrop: – awesome Williamsburg, VA!! #lrnchat
7:01:41 pm lrnchat: Thank you for joining us on #lrnchat. Pls remember to submit Qs & theme ideas for upcoming chats at See u next week!
7:01:41 pm stickylearning: @Quinnovator Design is a process bridging where we are and where we want to be, rapid or otherwise (now with #lrnchat!!)
7:01:47 pm cammybean: @bschlenker We need breakout rooms for all the side conversations #lrnchat
7:01:52 pm JaneBozarth: #lrnchat
7:02:01 pm Mary_a_Myers: mary myers, ID, learning consultant…going to hang sing of “Fast, Cheap, Good” beside my monitor too. #lrnchat
7:02:04 pm tonya_simmons: @briandusablon it’s been an issue, that’s when our dept. turns it back over to sales for renegotiation #lrnchat
7:02:20 pm bschlenker: #lrnchat This has been Brent Schlenker eLearning guy – author of – i’m outta here! G’night!
7:02:50 pm Mary_a_Myers: mary myers, ID, learning consultant…going to hang sign of “Fast, Cheap, Good” beside my monitor too. #lrnchat (need to type slower)
7:02:53 pm jkunrein: judy unrein, e-learning designer, very regretful to have missed most of tonight’s #lrnchat
7:02:54 pm joewehr: You’re on a roll @xpconcept Fast + relevant + enough. #lrnchat
7:03:15 pm xpconcept: My sign: My way || GTFO – pick one. 😛 j/k #lrnchat
7:03:22 pm gminks: good night everyone!!!!!!! #lrnchat
7:03:41 pm JaneBozarth: @cammybean When I was at HHS I swore there was a black hole where all the monthly reports went. #lrnchat
7:03:59 pm stickylearning: Really enjoyed #lrnchat this morning! Thanks all!
7:04:10 pm MariaOD: @hblowers You should join #lrnchat! 830pm EST Thurs nights
7:04:11 pm briandusablon: Good stuff everyone. Thc for the discussion! Feel free to hit me up for more ranting & raving (and rabidness for @RedSoxRobbe) #lrnchat
7:04:11 pm dbolen: g’nite Don Bolen ATL #lrnchat
7:04:16 pm Mary_a_Myers: until next week! thanks for the conversation. #lrnchat
7:04:26 pm oxala75: craig wiggins. e-learning jockey, reforming #lrnchat truant, opting for good and cheap.
7:04:57 pm butwait: Phooey, missed #lrnchat …. maybe next week!
7:05:02 pm hybridkris: Kris Rockwell, Hybrid Learning Systems. Don’t worry, i’m a scientist, Thanks for the discussion #lrnchat
7:05:06 pm roninchef: Mason in Portland ME. eLearning Developer, back from vacation but not quite ready to go back to work. Goodnight to y’all. #lrnchat
7:05:15 pm Mary_a_Myers: @xpconcept ok…that sign could work for me too. 🙂 #lrnchat
7:05:22 pm Quinnovator: thx all for another great #lrnchat Next week!
7:05:41 pm cammybean: RT @roninchef: @Quinnovator Fast Cheap Good hangs next to my monitors. I love to mix and match 😉 #lrnchat
7:05:52 pm tgrevatt: Good night all, from Treena Grevatt, Ottawa, prod mgr, learning games and SoMe stuffs. Have a good week. #lrnchat
7:06:27 pm jkunrein: @butwait me too, will have to keep conversation going on the lrnchat blog perhaps… #lrnchat
7:06:48 pm joewehr: Thanks everyone Great conversation Have a great wkend #lrnchat
7:07:11 pm cammybean: Cammy Bean. Boston. Corporate eLearning. Learning a lot about black holes. #lrnchat
7:07:30 pm planetrussell: @oxala75 Yes! FYI – Designing Interactions i’view w/Bill Atkinson, neuroscience guy who developed Apple Hypercard #lrnchat
7:08:42 pm cammybean: @JaneBozarth Maybe they’re in the same black hole as your missing olives. #lrnchat
7:08:45 pm Quinnovator: oh, yeah: #lrnchat



  1. Sounds like a good time was had by all, this lrnchat and the last…

    I had some birthday celebrations going on both weeks but meant to pop my head in… will be back on the 22nd!

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