Transcript of #lrnchat July 30 2009

8:30:17 pm lrnchat: Welcome everyone to #lrnchat. How’ve you been? Q0 warm up after the rules.
8:31:59 pm lrnchat: #lrnchat rules: 1) Introduce yourself. (We do this again at the end). Location? Focus? Fave topics?
8:32:01 pm avron: hello #lrnchat. short leash tonight. expecting dinner guest.
8:32:14 pm mimimuircastle: Interested in joining #lrnchat – is it beginning right now? thanks πŸ™‚
8:32:20 pm kasey428: Good evening everyone. It is great to be back. Learned a lot last week in Boston. #lrnchat
8:32:34 pm tmiket: I’m getting real-time search results at TweetGrid #lrnchat
8:33:04 pm ScottWyler: Evening all! If it takes 21 days to form a habit, and this is my 3rd #lrnchat in a row, am I addicted? #lrnchat
8:33:26 pm tmiket: @mimimuircastle Yep..start your engines #lrnchat
8:33:28 pm Spydeesense: Evening #lrnchat Marcus H-S-W-E in PA, a filmmaker gone awry…into the world of training/learning fave topics why virtual worlds of course!
8:33:45 pm media1der: Hi, all. trying this on tweetchat, tonight. #lrnchat
8:33:48 pm lrnchat: 3) on #lrnchat we aim to play nice. Sarcasm, welcome tho.
8:34:00 pm JennLortz: 1. Jenn 2. Atlanta 3. Instructional Design job hunting 4. immersive learning environments #lrnchat
8:34:09 pm MikeAbrams: hi all. Mike Abrams, learning/biz consultant, Phx AZ, web 2.0/virtual worlds/technology my topics #lrnchat #lrnchat
8:34:09 pm Quinnovator: welcome to #lrnchat! Clark Quinn, elearning consultant, learning geek, walnut creek ca
8:34:22 pm KoreenOlbrish: hello there my #lrnchat friends! Koreen Olbrish, Phillyish, virtual worlds! games! simulations! #lrnchat
8:34:23 pm lrnchat: 4) 10 min before end, tell us if you need anything from the other #lrnchat participants. Time to reintroduce yourself, too. Links welcome.
8:34:25 pm carolwhit: Will be on #lrnchat now, so expect some serious learning discussions!
8:34:48 pm tmiket: Mike in Columbus, OH Learning developer rabid learner #lrnchat
8:35:01 pm Quinnovator: humor, too! RT @lrnchat: 3) on #lrnchat we aim to play nice. Sarcasm, welcome tho.
8:35:09 pm grantricketts: Greetings! #lrnchat …starting the engines… virtual worlds or not…
8:35:14 pm carolwhit: Carol Whittington, San Jose, CA, Google Apps consultant/instructional designer, anything new in ID! #lrnchat
8:35:31 pm kasey428: Kay Wood, Client Engagement Manager, performance consultant and learning advisor w/passions for elearning and social media. #lrnchat
8:35:32 pm roninchef: Good evening lrnchatters. Mason in Portland, ME. E-learning developer. #lrnchat
8:36:03 pm KristiBroom: 1. Kristi 2. Learning Technologist 3. Minneapolis #lrnchat
8:36:09 pm ScottWyler: Scott Wyler, based in LaLaLand, biz simulations and solving problems thru games, curious to combine f2f w/virtual #lrnchat
8:36:16 pm meganrutherford: Giving this a try for the first time…Megan Rutherford, virtual worlds, san luis obispo, ca #lrnchat
8:36:23 pm lrnchat: 5) When writing in, complete thoughts help followers outside chat learn from you. #lrnchat
8:36:28 pm hamtra: Hi there: Tracy from a little north of Toronto. Struggling to get my LMS working and create some basic standards for our courses #lrnchat
8:36:37 pm JaneBozarth: @ScottWyler It didn’t take me 21 days to pick up the smoking habit way back when #lrnchat
8:36:41 pm Quinnovator: @grantricketts starting VW engines? Used to do that a lot πŸ™‚ #lrnchat
8:37:01 pm lrnchat: 6) Periodically RT questions so others outside #lrnchat know what you’re talking about & can chime in.
8:37:04 pm KoreenOlbrish: huge fan of virtual worlds but reminded this week how important f2f still is to me #lrnchat
8:37:20 pm jimsky7: Sky (me) is from San Francisco impossible to categorize. Geek and mixed-reality gamer #lrnchat
8:37:20 pm klowey22: evening #lrnchat! john in washington dc here, interests in #km, org learning and related strategy/tactics/approaches/etc
8:37:49 pm Spydeesense: @ScottWyler Curious biz sims w/model? #lrnchat
8:38:28 pm Spydeesense: @hamtra Hey Tracy which LMS? #lrnchat
8:38:31 pm cammybean: Hi! Cammy Bean 1. Mom 2. Home office 3. Kineo 4. elearning 5. Boston area 6. English major 7. “ID” by design not degree #lrnchat
8:38:35 pm media1der: Chris Willis, Grand Haven, MI – where we are in the midst of the annual Coast Guard festival #lrnchat
8:38:48 pm bschlenker: Brent Schlenker – The eLearning Guild – @devlearn program guy – Phoenix (currently in san Diego) #lrnchat
8:38:58 pm lrnchat: 7a) If you use (great interface), remember you can click X to remove their URL & extra #lrnchat
8:39:09 pm avron: Hey #lrnchat Avron Barr, Aptos, CA. Software business strategy, elearning standards, #LETSI.
8:39:14 pm JaneBozarth: I also rule Planet Jane, where I keep celebrities from dying on Thursdays, not that they every thank me. Ingrates. #lrnchat
8:39:27 pm MikeAbrams: @bschlenker #lrnchat Brent you dog you!!! bring me back some sand man. #lrnchat
8:39:46 pm kasey428: I have trouble grasping the virtual world’s place with federal financial managers. Enlighten me. BTW I am in the DC area. #lrnchat
8:40:03 pm media1der: very interested in breaking down event-based learning; using sharepoint in learning aps; blending social media in elearning #lrnchat
8:40:13 pm Mary_a_Myers: Mary Myers ….Instructional designer, learning consultant….living in kingston, ontario….loving #lrnchat
8:40:30 pm xpconcept: Steve Flowers, Newport News, VA USCG Performance Technology Center (free HPT Workshop coming up in Sept #lrnchat
8:40:31 pm ethang: howdy #lrnchat – i’m ethan from denver, pushing tech learning mostly to digital immigrants (profs)
8:40:46 pm ScottWyler: @Spydeesense check out… all f2f, biz groups from 10 ppl to thousands at a time #lrnchat
8:40:49 pm gminks: I’m Gina near Boston, IS grad student & tech training developer for #EMC, interested in social learning & autism #lrnchat
8:41:12 pm JaneBozarth: @cammybean how’d you get the kids to sleep so fast? Glad you made it! #lrnchat
8:41:22 pm KoreenOlbrish: @bschlenker i love that you’re lrnchatting on vaca πŸ˜‰ #lrnchat
8:41:26 pm gminks: @kasey428 hi!!!!!! #lrnchat
8:42:01 pm marciamarcia: In full disclosure, virtual worlds aren’t one of my topics (interesting but too many shiny objects elsewhere) so I’ll be layin’ low #lrnchat
8:42:22 pm kasey428: @gminks, Hi…back! #lrnchat
8:42:26 pm media1der: <– liking tweetchat. don't forget to put the hash call! #lrnchat
8:42:35 pm klowey22: does second life have any close competitors? #lrnchat
8:42:48 pm dbolen: @marciamarcia be lurking too, learning #lrnchat
8:43:13 pm media1der: @marciamarcia kind of tracking with you, there. #lrnchat
8:43:17 pm scottpalmer: Hey there, Scott from Baltimore here. Wondering about virtual worlds and games related to onboarding. #lrnchat
8:43:27 pm Quinnovator: @kasey428 haven't started questions yet, so hope we'll get your answer, but feel free to keep up the query once we've launched! #lrnchat
8:43:31 pm moehlert: @kasey428 #lrnchat Let's start with capabilities or functional issues first? I'm a huge supporter but VWs not the answer to all situations
8:43:32 pm clarkeconner: First question in 2 minutes. #lrnchat
8:43:42 pm tferraro: @lrnchat i'm CEO of twubs…lks like u shd b admin of #lrnchat. thx 4 using it. wd luv to show u the features & how we hlp agchat.
8:43:44 pm ScottWyler: @marciamarcia I'm with you on that, but very curious to lurk tonite #lrnchat
8:43:56 pm Quinnovator: @kasey428 first we'll get the VW's place, period. Then map to fed finance mgrs, eh? #lrnchat
8:44:08 pm MikeAbrams: tweetchat seems quicker than twubs. but twubs has more to the interface
8:44:24 pm xpconcept: @klowey22 – with the same business model? Not that I know of. #lrnchat. Plenty of virtual worlds with more focused contexts / play / models.
8:44:26 pm tferraro: @lrnchat i made u the admin…click on "edit" to see the personalization features. you can block spam there. again…wd luv 2 demo 4 u
8:44:29 pm jkunrein: hola folks — everything for the next hour and a half is part of #lrnchat #lrnchat
8:44:41 pm mimimuircastle: Bit of a lurker tonight as well, with lots to learn πŸ™‚ #lrnchat
8:44:51 pm jkunrein: Judy Unrein here… Instructional Designer (mainly e-learning) #lrnchat
8:45:50 pm klowey22: @marciamarcia @scottwyler agreed, they still seem to be 'growing', will they hit a tipping point? any time soon? #lrnchat
8:45:51 pm lrnchat: Q1) Do you think Virtual Worlds (VW/VWs) over or under hyped, and why? #lrnchat
8:45:52 pm MikeAbrams: I just became a member of the Twub for #lrnchat at
8:46:17 pm cammybean: @JaneBozarth uh. Bad mom. iPhone in bed. #truecofessions #lrnchat
8:46:30 pm jkunrein: soooo glad i popped in tonight… great topic! #lrnchat
8:47:06 pm Quinnovator: Q1: reckon VWs are both under/overhyped: there's real, untapped potential; but people are pushing it in places doesn't make sense! #lrnchat
8:47:06 pm KoreenOlbrish: @klowey22 some of the analysts are saying 5 yrs for tipping point/mainstream adoption #lrnchat
8:47:08 pm kasey428: @bschlenker , in San Diego…well, I'm not. DC…bummer. #lrnchat
8:47:24 pm grantricketts: @klowey22 Depends on nature of competition. SL hosted environment. Others provide tools to build VWs inside. Forterra, Qwaq, Photon #lrnchat
8:47:24 pm Spydeesense: VWs are currently hyped in a narrow focus with emphasis on collaboration only need to broaden that #lrnchat
8:47:39 pm jkunrein: a friend and I just agreed to go explore new virtual worlds and evaluate them for t&d purposes… need some recommendations #lrnchat
8:48:03 pm MikeAbrams: Q1) yes. but that is normal w/sexy new tech. We just focus on real value & ignore hype #lrnchat #lrnchat
8:48:03 pm hamtra: I'm going to vote with over hyped. I haven't seen any really great demos for corp learning unless the company has $$$$$ #lrnchat
8:48:12 pm KoreenOlbrish: Q1: underhyped. sorry guys, but learning community is TOTALLY overlooking their potential #lrnchat
8:48:21 pm carolwhit: Q1) Not sure if it's really hype or just confusion. Most ppl I know don't know how to use for learning. #lrnchat
8:48:26 pm sahana2802: Here for the first time: Sahana from Pune, India. 1.ID–job and passion,2.Eng Lit Major. to learn. 4.Mom of 18 yr old. #lrnchat
8:48:35 pm odguru: This may b sacrilege 2some, but VW users fit in2 a "trekkie" or D&D type of MO. If UR in u LOVE it if not you think it's too geeky. #Lrnchat
8:48:41 pm xpconcept: Q1) #lrnchat – overhyped in some contexts, underhyped in others. Underdeveloped all around. Sandbox / open context VW's overhyped.
8:48:51 pm meganrutherford: Under-hyped (maybe SL is over-hyped) I think that alot of VW's are unexplored and have huge potential in the future #lrnchat
8:48:52 pm moehlert: #lrnchat Q1) Yes &yes. "We tend to overestimate the effect of a technology in the short run and underestimate the effect in the long run."
8:49:11 pm Quinnovator: Q1+: reckon VWs really pay off when a) topic inherently 3D (lots of cases and b) social is valuable as part of equation #lrnchat
8:49:16 pm grantricketts: @lrnchat Over hyped last year, under hyped this year. Rightly so. Need to define the immersive experience #lrnchat
8:49:21 pm MariaOD: Q1 VW was so hyped…now.fizzed out some…need to find better and consistent use of it. #lrnchat
8:49:36 pm Quinnovator: @KoreenOlbrish you *have* to say that πŸ˜‰ #lrnchat
8:49:52 pm KoreenOlbrish: wow, i thought for SURE i'd be the only underhyped vote πŸ˜‰ love you guys! #lrnchat
8:49:57 pm kasey428: When someone demos a VW and only shows a slide presentation, what is that for? I can show a slide presentation in a webinar. #lrnchat
8:49:59 pm xpconcept: Q1) #lrnchat – Context / performance function focused underdeveloped, underrepresented.
8:50:05 pm scottpalmer: @odguru Completely agree, it’s an inside community so far. #lrnchat
8:50:12 pm bschlenker: RT @jkunrein: hola folks — everything for the next hour and a half is part of #lrnchat #lrnchat ditto that to my followers
8:50:18 pm media1der: signed into second life first time this week. Got to point where you make your own skin, and bailed for now. Social Media Overload! #lrnchat
8:50:23 pm JaneBozarth: RT @MikeAbrams: Q1) yes. but that is normal w/sexy new tech. We just focus on real value & ignore hype #lrnchat
8:50:32 pm jkunrein: @Quinnovator I agree they’re being pushed in places that don’t make sense. why SL over web conf w/ video? both take bandwidth #lrnchat
8:50:34 pm Quinnovator: RT @moehlert #lrnchat Q1) Yes & yes. “tend to overestimate effect of a technology in short run and underestimate effect in long run.”
8:50:50 pm KoreenOlbrish: @Quinnovator maybe. but i usually think i’m the cheese standing alone πŸ˜‰ #lrnchat
8:51:00 pm jkunrein: hola @sahana2802! love your tweets, you share lots of great stuff. #lrnchat
8:51:10 pm bearclau: Q1) Think they’re overhyped so far. Learning events in SL mimic classroom: people standing around listening. #lrnchat
8:51:15 pm Quinnovator: @MariaOD agree: need to find core principles/affordances (drink!) to really discern value proposition #lrnchat
8:51:25 pm klowey22: @KoreenOlbrish do we think they’ll still have avatars in that 5 yr growth or might we move into some kind of floating video? #lrnchat
8:51:29 pm MikeAbrams: @KoreenOlbrish q1) agreed. but was overhyped by Mkting folks who jumped in w/out a plan. Learning stood back on this one #lrnchat #lrnchat
8:51:56 pm xpconcept: Q1) Tough to make the connection for many applications. Had some great success with team based / complex & dangerous stuff #lrnchat
8:51:58 pm roninchef: Q1 Over hyped at the moment. It needs to hit the common stage before people start to do anything interesting with them. #lrnchat
8:51:59 pm MariaOD: Glad I am not the one who uses the word ‘sexy’ to describe technology! lol #lrnchat
8:52:00 pm Quinnovator: @jkunrein exactly. Just don’t get watching PPT in 2nd Life! #lrnchat
8:52:07 pm tmiket: RT @moehlert #lrnchat& “tend to overestimate effect of a technology in short run and underestimate effect in long run.” #lrnchat
8:52:16 pm ethang: yep @carolwhit more confusion #lrnchat
8:52:48 pm kasey428: I admittedly am not a gamer, so the aspect of “being a part” of a virtual experience isn’t something I relate to. #lrnchat
8:52:59 pm dwilkinsnh: I’m with Clark on this one: virtual worlds are both over and under hyped. #lrnchat
8:53:00 pm JaneBozarth: RT @Quinnovator: @jkunrein exactly. Just don’t get watching PPT in 2nd Life! #lrnchat
8:53:33 pm scottpalmer: Are we pushing a rope with VW? Once something has a use case people love, you don’t have to motivate them to use it. Options? #lrnchat
8:53:34 pm kasey428: If you have a group of chemists working to solve a problem, then VW could make plenty of sense. #lrnchat
8:53:38 pm klowey22: #lrnchat love the use of VW in new hire orientations (not to mention everyday projects)…for distributed organizations…
8:53:53 pm KoreenOlbrish: think about what VWs can do that that video can’t…real time collaboration on docs, backchannel conversation integrated… #lrnchat
8:53:56 pm xpconcept: #lrnchat
9:00:09 pm scottpalmer: @xpconcept Completely agree – if I want to shoot something, there are many options. If I want to work on soft skills, not so much. #lrnchat
9:00:15 pm dwilkinsnh: Any thoughts on virtual worlds as representations of real world spaces via RFID tags? I see big potential here. #lrnchat
9:00:17 pm Spydeesense: @MariaOD Well you know the rule of technology every new one comes to bear because it’s most immediate & corrupted use is smut #lrnchat
9:00:20 pm jkunrein: @KoreenOlbrish which VWs have the features you spoke of (doc collaboration, etc)? #lrnchat
9:00:48 pm jimsky7: I can’t get my peeps to even use video conferencing yet…let alone SL. #lrnchat
9:00:48 pm tmiket: @MikeAbrams Yes, there s/b business value regardless of the medium #lrnchat
9:00:51 pm bschlenker: RT @KoreenOlbrish: @moehlert hi Max! #lrnchat – hi Max! You are now a re-tweetable topic
9:01:01 pm lrnchat: Just joining us and not sure what’s the question? You can always check @lrnchat #lrnchat (VW=Virtual World, ARG=alternative reality game)
9:01:12 pm Quinnovator: @MariaDroujkova but other ways to sim that can be more effective: when VWs? (hint: 3D, social!) #lrnchat
9:01:38 pm lrnchat: @scottpalmer Please consider following us too.
9:01:39 pm xpconcept: My bzzphrs for vw adaptation 4 yrs bck “How can you know that performers will act with experience when they experience action?” #lrnchat
9:01:41 pm Quinnovator: @moehlert one of those who survived despite your schooling? #lrnchat
9:01:47 pm travka: have u guys seen NexLearn’s simulation demo! That’s great stuff..but I believe most orgs dont have enough bandwidth to handle VWs #lrnchat
9:01:48 pm KoreenOlbrish: @jkunrein most of the enterprise platforms, like Protosphere, OLIVE, Qwaq #lrnchat
9:01:54 pm ScottWyler: RT @bschlenker: RT @KoreenOlbrish: @moehlert hi Max! #lrnchat – hi Max! You are now a re-tweetable topic #lrnchat
9:02:03 pm scottpalmer: @dkwilkinsnh Do tell – do you have any theoretical examples of real world replicas utilized with RFID? #lrnchat
9:02:05 pm Spydeesense: @Quinnovator I guess the golden egg there is when is it good/bad right? Not solely based on 1 or 2 factors #lrnchat
9:02:26 pm dwilkinsnh: @jkunrein ProtonMedia had some cool stuff like that. They were getting shopped a few years back; not sure where they landed. #lrnchat
9:02:28 pm Quinnovator: @dwilkinsnh seen RFID in VWs for Norwegian Oil, but seems to make more sense for ARG than VW, no? #lrnchat
9:02:32 pm MariaDroujkova: @Quinnovator VWs are effective for spatial metaphors and immersion in situ – to expand on your social + 3d threads #lrnchat
9:02:46 pm xpconcept: Context: Machine guns, teams, fast boats, spectre of terrorism… #lrnchat
9:02:56 pm MariaOD: Hosted our first formal Dim Dim webinar today at the library. We are pretty cutting edge otherwise.Wonder why it has taken so long! #lrnchat
9:03:06 pm Quinnovator: @jimsky7 and, I think, video conf has less overhead than VWs, as of yet. Big issue! #lrnchat
9:03:16 pm media1der: @MariaDroujkova But people build custom worlds … Yes, custom worlds w/ applicable tools/rules are very different beast than SL #lrnchat
9:03:32 pm JaneBozarth: RT @MariaDroujkova: VWs are effective for spatial metaphors and immersion in situ – to expand on your social + 3d threads #lrnchat
9:03:36 pm roninchef: Looks like Tweetchat was dropping my tweets. Onto Twub. #lrnchat
9:03:46 pm ScottWyler: @Quinnovator ARG? #lrnchat
9:03:48 pm kasey428: Could be one day, I will wonder why I didn’t see the value in VWs. At first I thought Twittter was useless. #lrnchat
9:04:20 pm moehlert: @dwilkinsnh #lrnchat Sure! Problem is not lack of technology but of design sense right?
9:04:21 pm Quinnovator: @Spydeesense right, looking for easy categorization to start, but gets nuanced from there for sure #lrnchat
9:04:22 pm media1der: You know, you can put lipstick on a talking head, and it’s still a talking head! #lrnchat
9:04:27 pm dbolen: @roninchef same thing here #lrnchat
9:04:36 pm roninchef: And now I can see my Tweets in Tweetchat. GRRRR #lrnchat
9:04:38 pm Quinnovator: RT @MariaDroujkova: VWs are effective for spatial metaphors and immersion in situ – to expand on your social + 3d threads #lrnchat
9:04:54 pm KoreenOlbrish: there are just very few good examples of immersive learning in virtual worlds…yet. Instructional designers just aren’t leveraging #lrnchat
9:05:06 pm dwilkinsnh: @Quinnovator Yeah, ARG for sure; was thinking of some hybrid where you tweak the ARG with Virtual elements 2 sim alternate scenario #lrnchat
9:05:09 pm tferraro: I just became a member of the Twub for #lrnchat at
9:05:27 pm ScottWyler: RT @kasey428: Could be one day, I will wonder why I didn’t see the value in VWs. At first I thought Twittter was useless. #lrnchat #lrnchat
9:05:26 pm tmiket: @kasey428 That’s one of the challenge in using both VWs and Twitter..people seeing the value..esp if they’ve never participated #lrnchat
9:05:28 pm MariaDroujkova: @Quinnovator Nothing like moving closer to the person you like, or having something threatening loom over you and stand ground #lrnchat
9:05:32 pm Quinnovator: @media1der do want to say that SL isn’t the only VW, trying to be generic around 3D social (other def’n of VW?) #lrnchat
9:05:51 pm gminks: VW require lots of specialized talent (and time) to maintain what gets designed #lrnchat
9:06:03 pm tmiket: RT @media1der: You know, you can put lipstick on a talking head, and it’s still a talking head! #lrnchat
9:06:06 pm jeanieglockler: Hi Max! Have a good night!@moehlert #lrnchat
9:06:10 pm Quinnovator: @ScottWyler Alternate Reality Game (think, mobile activity) #lrnchat
9:06:13 pm moehlert: @kasey428 #lrnchat Excellent! Do you remember what changed it for you?
9:06:17 pm xpconcept: Same focus afflicts VW’s as other perf interv’s. Hyped in isolation. #lrnchat
9:06:26 pm roninchef: @dbolen Now I am bouncing between the 2, cause Twub just dropped me. #lrnchat
9:06:26 pm KoreenOlbrish: I’ve said it before, but designing for VWs is a different type of ID, just like gaming or sim #lrnchat
9:06:31 pm dwilkinsnh: @moehlert Yeah. Same old problem I guess… ; ) #lrnchat
9:06:42 pm tferraro: RT @media1der: You know, you can put lipstick on a talking head, and it’s still a talking head!// agree #lrnchat
9:06:47 pm odguru: Use SL to personalize experience.Tried a game where participants moved a marble, then used avatars. Went from 55 to 98% completion #Lrnchat.
9:07:00 pm KoreenOlbrish: yes, and that’s not recognized yet…RT @gminks: VW require lots of specialized talent (and time) to maintain what gets designed #lrnchat
9:07:06 pm carolwhit: @KoreenOlbrish So how do IDs get into this? No client I’ve been at wants to touch it, even tho I do and think there are appr. uses. #lrnchat
9:07:15 pm dbolen: SL never been satisfying, seems to choke over my ISP ATT #lrnchat
9:07:21 pm ScottWyler: @Quinnovator ARG – thanks! #lrnchat
9:07:32 pm xpconcept: Starting to use a paint metaphor for competency prep. Primer > Color > Clearcoat > Wax. Where an intervention fits ‘depends’… #lrnchat
9:07:35 pm Quinnovator: @KoreenOlbrish yes. Seems like mobile, games, social (see @dwilkinsnh examples on latter), we need example list. #lrnchat
9:07:40 pm media1der: is there a good list of other VW dev tools/environments? #lrnchat
9:07:46 pm bearclau: RT @gminks: VW require lots of specialized talent (and time) to maintain what gets designed #lrnchat > working in PPT is hard enough for sum
9:07:52 pm moehlert: #lrnchat My prediction is that VWs could become architecture/UI to subsume lots of corp. collaboration platforms, e.g. videocon, telecon…
9:08:11 pm bschlenker: @MariaDroujkova #lrnchat – I really think VW is the perfect place to add context and visual element to math lessons
9:08:13 pm KoreenOlbrish: @carolwhit i think with good examples, & as case studies grow, more will get there. till then, have to evangelize! #lrnchat
9:08:16 pm marciamarcia: Here’s where my night gets tricky. Look forward to talking SM+ #behindthefirewall as I also keep an eye on @lrnchat Superpowers ready.
9:08:23 pm Quinnovator: @dwilkinsnh could get interesting: some folks mobile in ARG, others participate through VW (close to what @jimsky7 did for IFTF) #lrnchat
9:08:28 pm MariaOD: Here’ an idea…let’s put Facebook virtual….we’ve got everybody! #lrnchat
9:08:30 pm JaneBozarth: I’m surprised @karlkapp isn’t here, going to see if I can find him #lrnchat
9:08:35 pm grantricketts: @xpconcept Yes, adoption challenges exist as technologies get parsed out. Real story is tie tools collectively to solutions #lrnchat
9:08:51 pm roninchef: @KoreenOlbrish What about the learning curve to actually operate within the VW? Controls, navigation. #lrnchat
9:08:52 pm KoreenOlbrish: Yep RT @moehlert: #lrnchat My prediction is that VWs could become architecture/UI to subsume lots of corp. collaboration platforms #lrnchat
9:08:59 pm kasey428: In DC there are clients who think that they want VWs, but I often find they are wanting it for the novelty, not the learning. #lrnchat
9:09:10 pm media1der: @carolwhit @KoreenOlbrish No client I’ve been at wants to touch it, … ditto, although the sessions pack at the conferences #lrnchat
9:09:12 pm carolwhit: @KoreenOlbrish So where to start to learn/design for VW? #lrnchat
9:09:12 pm moehlert: @dwilkinsnh #lrnchat Right! And WHY is it same old problem? Why do we refuse to address design? Imagine if architects didn’t!
9:09:20 pm xpconcept: @moehlert – to what ends would the VW integrate disparate systems with their own specific business focus? #lrnchat
9:09:22 pm Quinnovator: @kasey428 yep, gotta be in it to win it (as they say with the lotto: NB: chance of winning latter = 0 with rounding error) #lrnchat
9:09:24 pm Mary_a_Myers: i like the idea of projected virtual worlds aka the TEDS talk Sixth Sense . projection via mobile device. #lrnchat
9:09:40 pm KoreenOlbrish: @Quinnovator stay tuned for our #dl09 ARG πŸ™‚ #lrnchat
9:09:54 pm jkunrein: of the good examples i’ve seen, either the 3D component or the social one is essential, like @Quinnovator said earlier #lrnchat
9:10:15 pm Quinnovator: @KoreenOlbrish yes, VW has lots to borrow from gaming, and also social (e.g. constructivist) #lrnchat
9:10:21 pm JaneBozarth: RT @kasey428: … I often find (clients) are wanting it for the novelty, not the learning. #lrnchat
9:10:29 pm moehlert: @roninchef #lrnchat You don’t mean “cognitive overhead” do you? Drink!
9:10:30 pm Spydeesense: @moehlert I think I agree but here’s my issue: the emphasis on VWs as collaboration pigeonhole it where I see it only as component #lrnchat
9:10:37 pm lrnchat: Q2) When & where do Virtual Worlds make sense as educational tools? Examples please. #lrnchat
9:10:38 pm KoreenOlbrish: @carolwhit i’d start with simulation & game design, with community elements…what would you do live if there were no cost/risk? #lrnchat
9:10:46 pm xpconcept: Wouldn’t a search in 2D be better than a low poly leg stroll in 3d? #lrnchat
9:10:47 pm PearlFlipper: I like that RT @MariaOD: Here’ an idea…let’s put Facebook virtual….we’ve got everybody! #lrnchat
9:10:49 pm moehlert: RT @KoreenOlbrish: @Quinnovator stay tuned for our #dl09 ARG πŸ™‚ #lrnchat
9:10:58 pm media1der: kasey428 clients think that they want VWs … for the novelty, not the learning. agree, LAME!
9:17:28 pm Quinnovator: @roninchef yes, familiarity, and standards, both for UI, and for transferring ID/persona/avatar #lrnchat
9:17:39 pm tmiket: @JaneBozarth Good idea…prob wouldn’t too be hard to pull off. LOL #lrnchat
9:17:50 pm MariaOD: Q2: I see the future of virtual world taking off in the entertainment/recreation more than formal learning. Web browsing, VR #lrnchat
9:17:56 pm JaneBozarth: RT @PearlFlipper: Q2: Challenge in entry level jobs is that learning curve too steep for a workforce that turns over 2x a year. #lrnchat
9:18:03 pm media1der: I think f2f role plays can be intimidating. Adding VW makes it more natural. We “get” role playing in gaming. #lrnchat
9:18:07 pm jkunrein: Q2) saw and blogged on an article on med schools using SL to simulate surgery situations the other day — think @sahana2802 tweeted #lrnchat
9:18:13 pm dwilkinsnh: @JaneBozarth It’s called the Semantic Web — all shiny and confusing. Pitch that and then go do something real… ; ) #lrnchat
9:18:26 pm Quinnovator: RT @media1der: Q2 – think there’s lots of promise for role plays for distance learners. less intimidating than f2f role plays #lrnchat
9:18:35 pm moehlert: #lrnchat In case anyone was wondering, Rules of the Game…need some expanding πŸ™‚
9:18:42 pm xpconcept: A VW has to be goal focused (or goal focusable) to have a chance of staying power in application. #lrnchat
9:18:47 pm J_Schulz: Q2: Going micro seems a good use of VWs – getting inside things; electrical systems, fluid power systems, machines, etc. #lrnchat
9:18:53 pm dbolen: @roninchef dealing with people 100%+ turnover,simulate the ops system, hotels staff too! #lrnchat
9:19:05 pm KoreenOlbrish: @jkunrein data shows virtual surgery training is as or more effective than real practice…can control for variables… #lrnchat
9:19:11 pm MariaOD: Q2: I see great value in uses in military training…like America’s Army but more real…. #lrnchat
9:19:13 pm meganrutherford: @KoreenOlbrish Nope- we won’t end with the novelty wearing off rather the immense opportunities setting in #lrnchat
9:19:31 pm MariaDroujkova: Q2 E.g. is a game where you can directly play with time – great for decision-making & management learning #lrnchat
9:19:36 pm bschlenker: Don’t forget that we must pave the cow pathes before we can get serious about using VW in new ways #lrnchat
9:19:37 pm jkunrein: Q2) the med school article got me thinking it would be great for some professionals’ continuing ed, as well #lrnchat
9:19:39 pm media1der: Q2 Challenge in retail, mfg is access to computers; time off job #lrnchat
9:19:42 pm JaneBozarth: aargh keep forgetting #lrnchat
9:19:50 pm KoreenOlbrish: V cool! RT @J_Schulz: Q2: Going micro a good use of VWs-getting inside things; electrical systems, fluid power systems, machines #lrnchat
9:19:51 pm JaneBozarth: dwilkinsnh Great suggestion. “Hey y’all look over here at this Semantic Web!” #lrnchat
9:19:53 pm Quinnovator: @PearlFlipper right, VWs overhead makes sense when you can amortize over long use (or just SO critical) #lrnchat
9:19:52 pm gminks: wiki is open to all!! RT @moehlert: Rules of the Game…need some expanding πŸ™‚ #lrnchat
9:19:55 pm kasey428: Agreed. I can deal with situations better as an avatar than I can f2f. Is that always a good thing? #lrnchat
9:19:57 pm xpconcept: Q2 – just say to to virtual lecture halls. Unless it’s a new kind of lecture…. #lrnchat
9:19:58 pm roninchef: @Quinnovator I think it is the Clay Shirky perspective. Give it over to the crowd. #lrnchat
9:20:10 pm PearlFlipper: Q2: I can see it for franchisors, understanding what the business environment looks like, how it should be set up, before built. #lrnchat
9:20:29 pm xpconcept: Q2 – If I could send students in to observe or interact with history. Bend historic events, get real feedback, experience it. PWR! #lrnchat
9:20:39 pm Quinnovator: RT @moehlert: #lrnchat In case anyone was wondering, Rules of the Game…need some expanding πŸ™‚
9:20:51 pm MariaDroujkova: @MariaOD I see the future of learning more in VWs and gaming than in formal activities πŸ˜‰ #lrnchat
9:21:02 pm lrnchat: Q2b) What are barriers to adoption of Virtual World (VWs) and Alternate Reality Games (ARGs) you’re experiencing? #lrnchat
9:21:08 pm meganrutherford: RT @bschlenker: Don’t forget that we must pave the cow pathes before we can get serious about using VW in new ways #lrnchat
9:21:14 pm Quinnovator: @moehlert yep, doesn’t have affordances, cog overhead, … #lrnchat
9:21:25 pm KoreenOlbrish: @kasey428 not always, but sometimes…especially if real-life experiences are impeding your gaining confidence through practice #lrnchat
9:21:27 pm jkunrein: @KoreenOlbrish not surprised, and anyway it seems like virtual practice would be a good precursor to the real thing #lrnchat
9:21:38 pm xpconcept: To solve real problems in a VW with repeatable, reliable feedback, alone or in teams, with a persistent progression… PWR! #lrnchat
9:21:39 pm dwilkinsnh: @moehlert I drink anytime someone responds to me or mentions me – I’m half in the bag already… ; ) #lrnchat
9:21:40 pm ScottWyler: RT @media1der: Q2 Challenge in retail, mfg is access to computers; time off job #lrnchat #lrnchat
9:22:01 pm bearclau: @kasey428 as an avatar you have the advantage of thinking before replying more so than in f2f. #lrnchat
9:22:02 pm Quinnovator: @bschlenker sure would be nice to leapfrog paving cowpaths with some nice principled insight… (and, I’ll suggest, doable) #lrnchat
9:22:16 pm roninchef: @dbolen I can see the people aspect and if they are doing QA testing like Halo 3 then floor plan bottlenecks can be avoided. Flow. #lrnchat
9:22:20 pm sahana2802: RT@lrnchatQ2b) What are barriers to adoption of Virtual World (VWs) and Alternate Reality Games (ARGs) you’re experiencing? #lrnchat
9:22:21 pm JaneBozarth: The Harry Potter dementors–suck hope/happiness out of room. What’s the word for those who can turn ANY technology into lecture? #lrnchat
9:22:32 pm KoreenOlbrish: LOL RT @dwilkinsnh: @moehlert I drink anytime someone responds to me or mentions me – Im half in the bag already… ; ) #lrnchat
9:22:33 pm xpconcept: Q2B – Tyrannosaurus Otherpriorities… Who has time to experiment when I’ve got tried and true blue. #lrnchat
9:22:34 pm carolwhit: @lrnchat Q2b) a. no money b. no experience setting up c. can’t get most to do Twitter, IM, FB, how will they manage VW? #lrnchat
9:22:36 pm kasey428: Q2b. Money, talent bandwidth and time. #lrnchat
9:22:52 pm jkunrein: @JaneBozarth techmentors? #lrnchat
9:22:52 pm media1der: q2b – ARG barriers – cost, time to deployment, maintenance #lrnchat
9:22:56 pm Quinnovator: @J_Schulz briliant, macro too. Probably time shrink/expand too? Same as sims, but again 3D! #lrnchat
9:23:04 pm Spydeesense: Barriers to VW adoption (barring actual implementation): cost, concept, conceit (that companies view it as trivial) #lrnchat
9:23:18 pm devlearn: RT @Quinnovator I think it is the Clay Shirky perspective. Give it over to the crowd. #lrnchat FYI- C.S. Keynoting Adobe Learn Summit
9:23:38 pm meganrutherford: @media1der I don’t see time off the job as being a factor- if the train-up time is shorter than traditional training methods #lrnchat
9:23:56 pm moehlert: @JaneBozarth #lrnchat I think you just wrote a new slide for me! Thanks! πŸ™‚
9:24:07 pm Quinnovator: @JaneBozarth pedanters? #lrnchat
9:24:24 pm xpconcept: VW and ARG’s are also low-fi and distributed (weak) or hi-fi and centralized (also weak) #lrnchat
9:24:29 pm KoreenOlbrish: @Quinnovator @J_Schulz let’s just completely mess with the time/space continuum, shall we? #lrnchat
9:24:40 pm dwilkinsnh: @KoreenOlbrish Thanks. ; ) #lrnchat
9:24:47 pm Quinnovator: RT @JaneBozarth: HP dementors–suck hope/happiness out of room. What’s word for those who can turn ANY technology into lecture? #lrnchat
9:24:47 pm MariaOD: RT @MariaDroujkova:I see the future of learning more in VWs/gaming than in formal activities(Precisely why I’m here.Playing hooky) #lrnchat
9:24:53 pm media1der: avatars offer sense of anonimity – even if you know me, it’s not as uncomfortable if I make an arse out of myself online! #lrnchat
9:25:21 pm meganrutherford: @lrnchatQ2b Barrier #1 working with IT Dept & older client hardware #lrnchat
9:25:32 pm PearlFlipper: Q2b) One Barrier is that the environment has to be designed, built. #lrnchat
9:26:34 pm PearlFlipper: Q2b) Another bigger barrier is inconsistent A/V media equipment of learners. And then the learning curve for new users is steep. #lrnchat
9:26:38 pm moehlert: RT @ryanchris: “I don’t know what you just said because I was thinking about Batman.” #lrnchat I love this-this is me.
9:26:47 pm kasey428: What’s word for those who can turn ANY technology into lecture? Technobore #lrnchat
9:27:01 pm KoreenOlbrish: biggest barriers I see? security, bandwidth, lack of design/vision…oh and there are only so many ppl who want to be “first” #lrnchat
9:27:25 pm Quinnovator: @KoreenOlbrish @J_Schulz bwahaha #lrnchat
9:27:55 pm xpconcept: Want: Affordable, programmable visualization tools. Think ‘The Movies’, RTS pathing, that programmable tank I had when I was 8… #lrnchat
9:28:22 pm media1der: @meganrutherford Barrier #1 working with IT Dept & older client hardware <– Too, Too true! Gov't old; corp locked down. ;-( #lrnchat
9:28:26 pm JaneBozarth: RT @ryanchris: "I don't know what you just said because I was thinking about Batman." #lrnchat I love this-this is me.
9:28:27 pm moehlert: @KoreenOlbrish #lrnchat I'll vote for lack of design/vison like twice and then desire not to be corp. version of Donner party
9:28:54 pm moehlert: RT @malburns: "Forrester: Enterprise Still "Doesn't Get" Virtual Worlds" #lrnchat
9:29:23 pm KoreenOlbrish: RT @moehlert: RT @malburns: "Forrester: Enterprise Still "Doesnt Get" Virtual Worlds" #lrnchat
9:29:29 pm PearlFlipper: Q2b) We don't have the wanna b "first" problem. Our IT would gladly b last. Wait until it's a dinosaur. Disect it. Then we'll see .#lrnchat
9:29:43 pm media1der: @kasey428 What's word for those who can turn ANY technology into lecture? <- PowerPoint! πŸ˜‰ #lrnchat
9:30:11 pm MariaDroujkova: @bschlenker Do you know of any VWs for Escher? Going to use that in this Fall's Renaissance (math+art) unClass #lrnchat #mathchat
9:30:12 pm meganrutherford: One must think outside the box when looking at VW solutions #lrnchat
9:30:14 pm espnguyen: For next 30mins I’ll be chatting bout learning on #lrnchat with some brilliant peeps. Join us!
9:30:24 pm sahana2802: @jkunrein #lrnchat pls send the link to your post. Would love to read and learn abt VWs.
9:30:27 pm KoreenOlbrish: I'd say any enterprise who isn't looking at VWs now are missing out on a window of competitive advantage #lrnchat
9:30:27 pm MariaOD: Q2: Barrier is the learning VW eg. SL…look how easy Spore is to use! #lrnchat
9:30:30 pm Spydeesense: RT @malburns: "Forrester: Enterprise Still "Doesnt Get" Virtual Worlds" #lrnchat
9:30:42 pm carolwhit: RT @media1der: @kasey428 Whats word for those who can turn ANY technology into lecture? #lrnchat
9:34:47 pm Quinnovator: RT @meganrutherford: Q3- I think the term ‘social media’ in vw’s turn away potential vw business users #lrnchat
9:34:49 pm roninchef: @KoreenOlbrish Do we drink to that? #lrnchat
9:34:55 pm xpconcept: Q3 – SoMe is in large part about trust. How can a VW build that human connection – certainly an incentive – con’t use / value #lrnchat
9:35:12 pm JaneBozarth: Q3 Tolerance for ambiguity and messiness #lrnchat
9:35:21 pm KoreenOlbrish: @roninchef yes, i believe we do…bottoms up! #lrnchat
9:36:01 pm moehlert: @KoreenOlbrish #lrnchat πŸ™‚
9:36:12 pm ethang: who needs a beer summit when you have #lrnchat?
9:36:25 pm xpconcept: It takes energy to facilitate valuable VW sessions. Energy to schedule, energy to attend. For most – just not worth the energy. #lrnchat
9:36:55 pm dwilkinsnh: @KoreenOlbrish Why do you think VM is easier to use than SL? Not sure I follow. #lrnchat
9:36:55 pm Spydeesense: SM lesson (sounds fun!) develop community & leverage it to energize learning quests #lrnchat
9:37:19 pm xpconcept: And that is AFTER the work that’s been done to design, build, and evaluate the package. Lots of work and no clear path to payoff. #lrnchat
9:37:25 pm JaneBozarth: @moelert What’d I say now? #lrnchat
9:37:29 pm Quinnovator: @ethang drink when you say that! #lrnchat
9:37:37 pm moehlert: @KoreenOlbrish #lrnchat that’s my new speaking fee! πŸ™‚
9:37:38 pm bearclau: list of VW’s. I only knew of SL. #lrnchat
9:37:39 pm ScottWyler: RT @JaneBozarth: Q3 Tolerance for ambiguity and messiness #lrnchat #lrnchat
9:37:57 pm media1der: Q3 – I met lifelong friends via EARLY social media – remember dial-up AOL? #lrnchat
9:38:16 pm MariaOD: We keep returning to Facebook and Twitter because we get ‘some value’. VW has to offer a similar value and do it consistently. #lrnchat
9:38:27 pm jkunrein: @bearclau thanks for the link! #lrnchat
9:38:28 pm Quinnovator: @xpconcept if you do it right (e.g. use when appropriate), there SHOULD be clear path to payoff, no? #lrnchat
9:38:33 pm KoreenOlbrish: @dwilkinsnh most other virtual worlds have much easier/simpler navigation controls…SL is a developers’ tool πŸ˜‰ #lrnchat
9:38:57 pm xpconcept: It’s a longer road, but is there learning value (I think there is) in abstract leadership activities (WOW Raid Leader) #lrnchat
9:39:16 pm jkunrein: @Quinnovator wait, i’ve been drinking when someone says #lrnchat. what were you guys playing? #lrnchat
9:39:46 pm dwilkinsnh: @KoreenOlbrish Ahh, you are using SL for SecondLife; I thought you meant Social Learning. Got it now and I agree. #lrnchat
9:39:50 pm xpconcept: @Quinnovator – yes, there should. Just trying to describe this from a VW layman decision maker’s standpoint:) #lrnchat
9:40:00 pm gminks: q3: you may have to teach people to use the tool, and participate in an env w/o non-verbal behavior #lrnchat
9:40:04 pm KoreenOlbrish: its not about what you do in VWs, its about who you interact with…learning is inherently social #lrnchat
9:40:18 pm espnguyen: Q3) VWs will need to be more accessible. Can access SM from nearly any device these days #lrnchat
9:40:20 pm JaneBozarth: LOL! RT @jkunrein: @Quinnovator wait, i’ve been drinking when someone says #lrnchat. what were you guys playing? #lrnchat
9:40:36 pm media1der: RT @jkunrein @Quinnovator wait, i’ve been drinking when someone says #lrnchat. <- I'll drink to that! #lrnchat
9:40:38 pm jkunrein: @xpconcept that is a FABULOUS topic. my guild/raid leader is a wonderful manager/leader, and our guild is a great study in OD #lrnchat
9:40:51 pm marciamarcia: RT @KoreenOlbrish Its not about what you do in VWs, its about who you interact with…learning is inherently social #lrnchat
9:41:08 pm Mary_a_Myers: RT @KoreenOlbrish: its not about what you do in VWs, its about who you interact with…learning is inherently social #lrnchat – yeah!
9:41:14 pm moehlert: RT @KoreenOlbrish: its not about what you do in VWs, its about who you interact with…learning is inherently social #lrnchat
9:41:22 pm MariaOD: RT @espnguyen: Q3) VWs will need to be more accessible. Can access SM from nearly any device these days(yes) #lrnchat
9:41:24 pm xpconcept: Twitter / Facebook are easy entry, much more casual investment than a VW – and they can be consumed / mashed in intrestin ways. #lrnchat
9:41:31 pm gminks: q3 – also, build reliability into the VW (another one of our issues w SL) #lrnchat
9:41:36 pm Quinnovator: um… RT @KoreenOlbrish: its not about what you do in VWs, its about who you interact with…learning is inherently social #lrnchat
9:41:52 pm KoreenOlbrish: No, that's right πŸ™‚ RT @jkunrein: @Quinnovator wait, ive been drinking when someone says #lrnchat. what were you guys playing? #lrnchat
9:42:05 pm Quinnovator: @espnguyen think accessibility mobile will need to come after accessibility desktop! Still a barrier… #lrnchat
9:42:15 pm tjmeister: @KoreenOlbrish The particular community you surround yourself in in a VW is critical…can be the biggest difference. #lrnchat
9:43:13 pm kellygarber: @media1der Q3 – not only do I remember dial-up AOL – I remember the bill that came with it! #lrnchat
9:43:18 pm KoreenOlbrish: @tjmeister absolutely…people & community are what make "worlds," virtual or otherwise #lrnchat
9:43:30 pm tmiket: @xpconcept Ease of consumption/access is HUGE factor for success #lrnchat
9:43:48 pm Quinnovator: @KoreenOlbrish gotta disagree with that one, just cause it's social doesn't mean it doesn't matter what you're socializing on #lrnchat
9:43:50 pm EDUITorg: @Quinnovator ".learning is inherently social #lrnchat" yes and essentially global and flat in 5 yrs Its coming #e3o
9:44:01 pm meganrutherford: I think the term 'virtual world' can be confusing when comparing Second Life to Twitter… 2 completely different types of tools #lrnchat
9:44:06 pm espnguyen: @quinnovator Very true. Was referring to accessibility in the ubiquitous sense of the term. #lrnchat
9:44:27 pm kasey428: RT @tmiket @xpconcept Ease of consumption/access is HUGE factor for success #lrnchat
9:44:34 pm tjmeister: Though Sl/opensim can be a bit daunting at first, its the mucking about with things that created the deep learning for me… #lrnchat
9:44:52 pm MariaOD: Does someone have a good VW directory? #lrnchat
9:44:54 pm odguru: RT@KoreenOlbrish Its not about what you do in VWs,its about who you interact with..learning is inherently social #lrnchat (via@marciamarcia)
9:45:55 pm MariaDroujkova: RT @MariaOD Does someone have a good VW directory? #lrnchat (Also – math VW specifically?! #mathchat)
9:46:02 pm Quinnovator: RT @EDUITorg: ".learning is inherently social #lrnchat" yes and essentially global and flat in 5 yrs Its coming #e3o
9:46:07 pm tjmeister: And especially now with Opensim, and Wonderland/Croquet free opensource VW's to muck about in without fear….of looking silly… #lrnchat
9:46:28 pm espnguyen: my followers are telling me i'm on crack right now. if only they knew that #lrnchat was a drinking game too.
9:46:37 pm media1der: @kellygarber remember dial-up AOL – the bill that came with it! <- I moderated tech writer forum in xchange for AOL minutes #lrnchat
9:46:50 pm jkunrein: @MariaOD @bearclau just shared #lrnchat
9:47:00 pm KoreenOlbrish: @MariaOD DM me…I've got a list πŸ˜‰ or you can come to my workshop at #dl09 to see demos of 9 or 10 of them…sorry, blatant plug! #lrnchat
9:47:04 pm Quinnovator: @tjmeister yes, but as learning designer you need to muck; for learner, want to minimize muck to value ratio #lrnchat
9:47:25 pm tjmeister: @MariaDroujkova I have some regions on opensim reactiongrid, math is my main focus for VW application… #lrnchat
9:47:32 pm kasey428: Sadly I predate AOL…how about Compuserve? #lrnchat
9:47:55 pm xpconcept: Focusing on informal / social as the answer to all future learning = treacherous waters imo. Learning is inherently contextual. #lrnchat
9:48:11 pm sahana2802: Have to rush for office now. 😦 am sorry to miss the remainder of this discussion. #lrnchat
9:48:21 pm tjmeister: @Quinnovator Thats why development of some more friendly tools ie scratch4sl will be important… #lrnchat
9:48:23 pm ScottWyler: Thx! RT @jkunrein: @MariaOD @bearclau just shared #lrnchat #lrnchat
9:48:39 pm MariaOD: @KoreenOlbrish Wish I could…we all took a pay cut…budget shortfall! Thanks! #lrnchat
9:48:39 pm dwilkinsnh: @espnguyen interesting isn't it, that professional exchange turned into a drinking game too – says something about networks I think #lrnchat
9:48:57 pm MariaDroujkova: @xpconcept I learned a lot of leadership (and following leaders!) skills in WoW, and guild leaders were amazing at it #lrnchat
9:49:03 pm gminks: RT @ethang: who needs a beer summit when you have #lrnchat? #lrnchat
9:49:09 pm moehlert: Hey #lrnchat, I've gotta get The Boy asleep so I'm ducking out early. You guys are great and thx for all the "Hi's"
9:49:17 pm tjmeister: @Quinnovator And you might be surprised what a group of 8-14 yr olds will learn while mucking about, even in opensim/SL.. #lrnchat
9:49:21 pm kellygarber: @Quinnovator EXACTLY – we have to minimize the muck otherwise who needs training professionals when you have google? #lrnchat
9:49:47 pm bearclau: @kasey428 my Compuserve email add was something line EIAVB09349N. User friendly? Not. #lrnchat
9:49:49 pm MariaOD: (VW Directory) RT @jkunrein: @MariaOD @bearclau just shared #lrnchat #lrnchat
9:49:52 pm media1der: @kasey428 RT predate AOL…how about Compuserve? <- and before that, we ran a dial-up BBS in our home on a single phone line! #lrnchat
9:50:16 pm J_Schulz: @KoreenOlbrish Will there be a highlights reel of your #dl09 workshop for those who are budget challenged? πŸ˜‰ #lrnchat
9:50:17 pm Quinnovator: @xpconcept contextual yes, but social adds value too. Got to look at the whole picture, eh? #lrnchat
9:50:42 pm gminks: RT @Quinnovator: @tjmeister yes, but as learning designer you need to muck; for learner, want to minimize muck to value ratio #lrnchat
9:50:56 pm gminks: We've been calling that the Learner GPS #lrnchat
9:51:00 pm KoreenOlbrish: @tjmeister @quinnovator depends on what you're trying to teach, right? different methods for different goals… #lrnchat
9:51:11 pm MariaOD: Are you all really drinking or am i the only dummy? #lrnchat
9:51:22 pm lrnchat: #lrnchat participants: Time to reintroduce yourself. Links welcome. What can we help you with?
9:51:38 pm xpconcept: @Quinnovator – true. But social / informal aren't the whole picture. The whole picture is the whole picture;) #lrnchat
9:51:59 pm KoreenOlbrish: @J_Schulz you'll have to ask @bschlenker but it would be awesome to have a virtual session…and kinda appropriate, no? #lrnchat
9:51:59 pm MariaDroujkova: @tjmeister Sweet! Let's talk more about VW math. Maybe you can take the Math 2.0 group on a field trip? #lrnchat
9:52:24 pm dwilkinsnh: @MariaOD The mystery is half the fun… #lrnchat
9:52:39 pm MariaDroujkova: @KoreenOlbrish I will look for the SL Escher – thanks! #lrnchat
9:52:48 pm Spydeesense: @MariaOD Well I am but then I take things literally #lrnchat
9:52:57 pm xpconcept: Steve Flowers Newport News, USCG Performance Technology Center ( – free HPT Workshop – Sept) #lrnchat
9:53:31 pm Quinnovator: @MariaOD steadily (hic). Social/mental lubricant. That's my story, and I'm sticking to it! #lrnchat
9:53:42 pm KoreenOlbrish: @Spydeesense whoa, you changed your avatar too…nice pic πŸ˜‰ what a handsome boy! #lrnchat
9:53:56 pm JaneBozarth: Author (, and spell 'bozarth' right!) e-learning specialist, troublemaker #lrnchat
9:54:05 pm dwilkinsnh: David Wilkins, Executive Director at – just love to listen and chat. Have a great night all. #lrnchat
9:54:08 pm gminks: Gina, MA, here's the community I help manage: #lrnchat
9:54:30 pm tjmeister: For any who want to explore an opensim enviro, I have 8 private regions on all welcome… no sales pitch. #lrnchat
9:54:32 pm Spydeesense: Marcus Hswe with & I'd like to hear how narratives can play a larger part in developing learning solutions #lrnchat
9:55:03 pm gminks: @JaneBozarth I love troublemakers!! #lrnchat
9:55:17 pm jenajean: @dwilkinsnh Good night, David! πŸ™‚ #lrnchat
9:55:22 pm carolwhit: Carol Whittington, San Jose, CA; ID/consultant/entrepreneur; looking for consulting gigs! πŸ™‚ #lrnchat
9:55:27 pm tjmeister: @MariaDroujkova Right now I am probably more than halfway through adapting scratch4sl to an inworld opensim application… #lrnchat
9:55:30 pm kasey428: Kay Wood, Client Engagement Manager, #lrnchat
9:55:36 pm KoreenOlbrish: Koreen Olbrish, former band geek, wannabe twitteratti, virtual worlds enthusiast, aspiring futurist, learning mom #lrnchat
9:55:36 pm bearclau: Claudine, NJ. learning/tech geek. love to learn from others. #lrnchat
9:55:48 pm JaneBozarth: @gminks I think that's why I love Twitter…there are so many troublemakers #lrnchat
9:55:50 pm Quinnovator: Clark Quinn, learning design afficionado, exec dir at, available for taking learning to the next level! #lrnchat
9:55:51 pm icedub: just found out about #lrnchat . Definitely looking forward to participating next week.
9:56:09 pm jkunrein: Judy Unrein, instructional designer, short-form blogger, edugeek #lrnchat
9:56:13 pm KoreenOlbrish: @tjmeister i need to check your stuff out! adding it to my To Do list.. #lrnchat
9:56:27 pm gminks: @JaneBozarth don't tell anyone, but I think I may be a troublemaker too! shh!! #lrnchat
9:56:28 pm dwilkinsnh: @jenajean Good night Jena. #lrnchat
9:56:28 pm espnguyen: Steve Nguyen, L&D Tech Lead @Cargill, first time / long time #lrnchat
9:56:42 pm tjmeister: @gminks There is still one there that even has your name on it still.. #lrnchat
9:56:47 pm icedub: @KoreenOlbrish Former band geek as in musician or follower of musicians? #lrnchat
9:56:47 pm ethanwaldman: @KoreenOlbrish Former band geek as in musician or follower of musicians? #lrnchat
9:57:17 pm tjmeister: @KoreenOlbrish Any time, I almost live in there now… #lrnchat
9:57:27 pm kellygarber: Kelly here, Instructional Design – learning project manager, information junkie #lrnchat
9:57:33 pm KoreenOlbrish: Oh, and looking for some contract proj mgr types, possibly freelance ID types…must be sarcastic πŸ™‚ #lrnchat
9:57:40 pm MariaOD: Maria, Columbus, Ohio, OD Spec. (not overdosed..maybe tonight though) Grad student in a threatened art known as ID. #lrnchat
9:57:41 pm ScottWyler: Scott Wyler, City of Angels, f2f facilitator staying open to other possibilities. Thx all! #lrnchat
9:57:51 pm Mary_a_Myers: Mary Myers knowledge worker; just opened a drink….interested in the convergence of social media, learning, and mobile. #lrnchat
9:58:08 pm MariaDroujkova: @tjmeister oh sweet – I love Scratch! It's great for intro to programming (or a math pathway) #lrnchat
9:58:11 pm KoreenOlbrish: @icedub as in musician…voted most musical in my graduating class πŸ˜‰ #lrnchat
9:58:41 pm espnguyen: @mariaOD GO BUCKS! #lrnchat
9:58:54 pm roninchef: Mason Masteka, E-learning developer. Portland, Maine. Gamer, Open Source Advocate and familial SoMe Tech Support. Good night all. #lrnchat
9:59:25 pm ethang: ethan of denver, trying to dip my toes into deeper teaching & learning pools #lrnchat
9:59:32 pm MariaOD: @espnguyen O H…… #lrnchat
9:59:52 pm gminks: @tjmeister #lrnchat πŸ™‚ I need to come over, just need to find the time….thanks so much. I really do appreciate it..
10:00:15 pm espnguyen: I O!!! #lrnchat
10:00:17 pm icedub: @KoreenOlbrish I'm not kidding. So was I. So, musicians turned professionals go into the learning field? #lrnchat
10:00:40 pm Quinnovator: (like Jane, finally forgot the #$%^& hashtag). Thanks all for the usual great dialog, jokes, camaraderie, and more! #lrnchat
10:01:00 pm kasey428: Until later, thanks and au revoir. #lrnchat
10:01:18 pm KoreenOlbrish: you guys rock my (real & virtual) world every week on Thurs nights…love the nights we get to talk VWs! #lrnchat
10:01:39 pm dbolen: g'nite #lrnchat
10:01:46 pm gminks: goodbye everyone – I'm going to do homework now! #lrnchat
10:01:47 pm lrnchat: Feel free to continue chatting. The transcript of tonight's #lrnchat is usually posted w/in an hour at
10:01:51 pm J_Schulz: Good night all – great conversation, as usual! #lrnchat
10:02:19 pm MariaOD: Good night everyone…beer is making me a little sleepy!! #lrnchat
10:02:46 pm KoreenOlbrish: @icedub maybe its a natural progression? or we share very similar career paths πŸ˜‰ #lrnchat
10:02:48 pm MariaOD: @KoreenOlbrish just the guys? πŸ™‚ #lrnchat
10:04:16 pm bearclau: peace out, y’all! #lrnchat
10:04:25 pm xpconcept: VW’s can be good in focused packages, but don’t bore my avatar to ‘/sleep’ too #lrnchat
10:04:48 pm KoreenOlbrish: @MariaOD LOL…damn. not even close πŸ˜‰ funny, i just wrote a big ‘ol blog post today on gender and credibility… πŸ˜‰ #lrnchat
10:05:36 pm tjmeister: Having a lot of fun with the math side of things while digging deeper into the scratch4opensim internals. #lrnchat
10:06:10 pm RobynMcMaster: @marciamarcia @ellenfweber and I use Twitter for learning – #lrnchat #behindthefirewall
10:06:11 pm MariaOD: @bearclau lol ala Napoleon Dynamite! #lrnchat
10:06:18 pm icedub: @Mary_a_Myers @KoreenOlbrish I think we’re on to something. The question is- are you still making music? #lrnchat
10:07:05 pm MariaOD: @KoreenOlbrish do what I say…… #lrnchat
10:09:56 pm Mary_a_Myers: @icedub @KoreenOlbrish sadly …not so much…#lrnchat damn hashtags
10:10:02 pm KoreenOlbrish: @icedub @Mary_a_Myers sigh. no…no time…now i’m just an indie music snob… #lrnchat
10:13:54 pm icedub: @KoreenOlbrish @Mary_a_Myers I still manage open mic every sunday and a show or two per month. #lrnchat

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