LRNchat FAQs?

Long ago (in what feels like a galaxy far away) I created a series of posts to help people new to Training & Development learn about the field and for those of us who’d been around a while, keep the most referenced details in one place. The web was new, so you couldn’t just Google for everything and the posts became wildly popular. I called them “FAQs” because they were loosely based on frequently asked questions from those in my department at work and asked on the TRDEV-L email list. [Full story for those interested.]

Now with *so much* out there but little vetted to point you to the key stuff, I’d like to update the documents, and post them here to the #lrnchat site. I can’t do this on my own, though.

Below is a list of the documents in their current state (most circa 2000 or earlier) and a request for collaborators: people interested in taking a post and updating it on your own or interested in engaging a small group to create something great. Those pages that aren’t of interest to anyone can be archived or removed. The posts that emerge can be materials for future #lrnchat fodder and also as a point of reference so that the community can socially promote the best of the best.

This also opens up the larger opportunity to create new FAQs for topical areas that weren’t addressed at all back in those days: Social media’s use as an education tool, informal learning, rapid development, and so on.

Here is a list of the posts, one per line. Please add a comment here if you’re interested in working on one (or more) in particular. Call it out by name. I’ll then add names beside the titles so we can see where there are still holes and who is interested in what. If someone has already volunteered to work on one you’re also passionate about, let us know and we’ll find a way. [Items in ital have at least one volunteer.]

There isn’t yet a timeframe for this, but it would be outstanding if we could relaunch the documents here by the end of the summer. I can move them over and give the editors access as soon as they are identified.

Thank you for your consideration and let the learning together continue!

– Marcia

Training & Development FAQ overview

Training 101 offers a general overview and guide to key resources, books, and lists for people new to the fields of learning and training. Also, where can I find a train-the-trainer program?

How can I develop a new employee training program? Known these days also as “onboarding”

Where can I find Training Exercises? [Kit Stookey to work on]

What should I read to understand issues in the learning and training field? [Kit Stookey to work on]

Fabulous articles,
journals & magazines,
. [Marcia Conner will take a first pass at updating the books list and then ask what’s missing.]

Professional organizations and associations (US and
non-US based)

Trends, Statistics about the industry including Budgeting,
information, and
Job Openings

Also, Conferences,
Market Reports and

Information on Sales Training [Christy Pettit to work on]
and how can you tell if a program is effective. [Christy Pettit to work on]

Where can I find the best on-line (Internet) resources? [Dennis Callahan w/ help from Kit Stookey]
Web sites,
newsgroups, and
discussion lists
with subscription and net-etiquette information specifically focused on learning & training.

Also, web-development tool comparisons,
what is eLearning,
how to evaluate eLearning, and
Learning Portals



  1. Greetings all. Rifling through my sales resources tonight – think it would make sense to delineate “commodity” sales (dirty word, but there is that side of the spectrum) and sales processes where more hands on account management is key. Different selling profile for sure. Thoughts? Also looking at business to business vs business to consumer resources… b2b learning pros might be more of the audience but some readers may support large retail, franchise or real estate populations… again, thoughts?

  2. Hi Maricia:

    Dennis beat me to the internet resources, so how about:

    – What should I read…? and/or
    – Where can I find training exercises?

    Like Christy I look forward to collaborating.


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