Transcript of #lrnchat for 06/18/09

8:30:19 pm lrnchat: Welcome everyone to #lrnchat. How’ve you been? Q0 warm up after the rules.
8:31:52 pm lrnchat: #lrnchat rules: 1) Introduce yourself. (We’ll do this again at the end). Location? Focus? Fave topics?
8:31:57 pm roninchef: Hello from Maine. Mason here and I am glad to be back, #lrnchat
8:32:32 pm lrnchat: 2) [try to] stay on the #lrnchat topic. A new question will be asked every 20 min or so. Please begin posts related to a question w/ the Q#.
8:33:17 pm moehlert: To all non #lrnchat ‘ers – lots ‘o learning chat coming up from now till 10:00 PM EDT
8:33:19 pm ChristyATucker: #lrnchat Hi! I’m Christy Tucker, an instructional designer in NC who develops online graduate courses for educators.
8:33:19 pm busynessgirl: Math instructor and technology trainer for hire, Muskegon MI, topics: teaching, learning, math, technology, … #lrnchat
8:33:37 pm Priaak: Hi everyone! Sivapriya, San Mateo, CA #lrnchat
8:34:09 pm wlonline: Using peoplebrowsr to keep an eye on #lrnchat
8:34:15 pm hamtra: Hello from Newmarket, ON. Tracy #lrnchat
8:34:25 pm MariaDroujkova: Cary, NC and the internet. Math 2.0 Also #algebra4u – of what importance is algebra to you? #lrnchat
8:34:30 pm moehlert: #lrnchat #1 Mark Oehlert – Frederick MD NEW focus includes internal KM for my org. DAU, & virtual worlds
8:34:42 pm odguru: Christy – Guelph, On, Canada (Toronto-ish). Interested in SoMe as it pertains to org development, performance mez & learning #lrnchat
8:34:43 pm lrnchat: 3) on #lrnchat we aim to play nice. Sarcasm, welcome tho.
8:35:07 pm jwillensky: Hi! Jason Willensky; Phoenix AZ, ID consultant, eLearning and social media #lrnchat
8:35:10 pm roninchef: I am the Elearning Developer for the IT Training Dept at IDEXX Laboratories. New media, Open-source and graphics are my thing. #lrnchat
8:35:19 pm tmiket: Mike Taylor Learning designer/developer in Columbus, OH #lrnchat
8:35:24 pm smartinx: Stephen Martin, Learning Technologist, Bristow, VA. Focus? Dragging my ILT folks into a brave new world of learning tech #lrnchat
8:35:29 pm lrnchat: 4) 5min before end, #lrnchat moderators will ask if you need anything from the other participants. Time to reintroduce yourself too.
8:35:33 pm sguditus: Boston, MA – Middle School Social Studies Teacher – Love to study #collaboration and #creativity between students, teacher w/web2.0 #lrnchat
8:35:36 pm CatMoore: Hi, everyone. Cathy Moore, ID consultant and foe of boring elearning. #lrnchat
8:35:47 pm mgharavi: RT @nickfloro Weekly Twitter Chats about learning Thursday 8:30-10pm EST #Lrnchat #devcon09 #yam
8:35:51 pm richardsheehy: #lrnchat Richard Sheehy, Gray Court SC, focusing on KM, Serious Gaming, and new techs
8:35:51 pm lrnchat: 5) When writing in, complete thoughts help followers outside chat learn from you. #lrnchat
8:36:13 pm hamtra: RT @moehlert: To all non #lrnchat ‘ers – lots ‘o learning chat coming up from now till 10:00 PM EST
8:36:29 pm wlonline: Hello from Sydney Australia #lrnchat
8:36:31 pm KoreenOlbrish: Doing a real life #lrnchat at #leef2009 will miss tonight but see u next week!
8:36:31 pm ThomasStone: To any non #lrnchat followers, apologies now for next 90 minutes as I’m participating in a TweetChat. #lrnchat
8:36:47 pm lrnchat: 6) Periodically RT questions so others outside the chat know what you’re talking about and can add in. #lrnchat
8:37:16 pm ThomasStone: Introduction for #lrnchat: I’m Product Design Architect at Element K. #lrnchat
8:37:44 pm lrnchat: Q0 (our weekly welcome, now also @lrn2day) What have you learned today? If nothing fabulous, what have you learned this week? #lrnchat
8:37:50 pm moehlert: “How To Overcome the Top Three Challenges to Building an Organization Dedicated to Social Learning” W/ me on 25 June #lrnchat #shameless
8:37:53 pm tmiket: RT @hamtra: RT @moehlert: To all non #lrnchat ‘ers – lots ‘o learning chat coming up from now till 10:00 PM EST
8:37:56 pm MariaDroujkova: @ChristyATucker Hello, neighbor! #lrnchat
8:38:11 pm ichrisbarnes: Chris Barnes, from Emphatic Communications in Olympia WA, interested in training, learning, and SoMe related to healthcare #lrnchat
8:38:23 pm moehlert: @KoreenOlbrish #lrnchat Real life? I’ve heard of this…
8:38:29 pm ChristyATucker: RT @ThomasStone: To any non #lrnchat followers, apologies now for next 90 minutes as I’m participating in a TweetChat. #lrnchat
8:38:44 pm Spydeesense: Introduction for #lrnchat I’m Director of Client Srvs at Tandem Learning Raiders of the Lost Ark is my favorite movie
8:38:45 pm gminks: Hi everyone! I learned a way to explain social media. ITIL!! #lrnchat
8:38:52 pm JaneBozarth: Am I the only non-green #lrnchat -er tonight? πŸ™‚
8:38:52 pm ThomasStone: Hi Mark and Tracy… good to see you on the chat this evening. #lrnchat
8:38:55 pm marciamarcia: Marcia Conner, in mtns of VA. Learner, educator, enterprise microsharing analyst, writer, mom, moderator @lrnchat for #lrnchat
8:39:12 pm ChristyATucker: Q0: Today I learned that we did measure some social network learning in our org, just not very well. #lrnchat
8:39:12 pm busynessgirl: #lrnchat Today I learned all about how to refinish log siding and rebuild the log banisters on my deck … not terribly education-related.
8:39:15 pm bschlenker: Hello from Phoenix AZ – All things tech and eLearning – Current fave topics – iPhone 3Gs & mLearning #lrnchat – forgot the hash
8:39:15 pm CatMoore: Apologies to my followers; participating in a chat. #lrnchat
8:39:16 pm roninchef: I learned how to build a DIY sound box for recording. And how good it feels to not have 2 major projects going at once. #lrnchat
8:39:24 pm moehlert: @ChristyATucker #lrnchat Learn chatting means never having to say you’re sorry πŸ™‚
8:39:26 pm JaneBozarth: OK @gminks explain please? #lrnchat
8:39:26 pm gminks: oh sorry — I am in MA (outside Boston) #lrnchat
8:39:47 pm hamtra: @ThomasStone hello back. Green suits you… πŸ™‚ #lrnchat
8:39:50 pm MariaDroujkova: Q0 I learned that poor teens are more likely than rich teens to be online content creators. Source: Pew. #lrnchat
8:39:58 pm gminks: to my dear followers: #lrnchat is on for the next 1.5 hours. lots of edutweets! πŸ™‚
8:40:17 pm smartinx: Q0: Aside from learning I can’t clone myself no matter how hard I try, I learned about #lrnchat
8:40:33 pm mkfrie: I learned today that KM is not just for individuals but also for small groups. Never knew that. #lrnchat
8:40:35 pm sguditus: Q0) I’ve learned that if you engage students with authentic learning, even in the last week of eighth grade, they show great stuff! #lrnchat
8:40:48 pm hamtra: @MariaDroujkova interesting stat and I completely believe it. #lrnchat
8:41:00 pm gminks: @JaneBozarth I’m going to write a blog post, I’ve discovererd people who don’t know ITIL don’t get it right away πŸ™‚ #lrnchat
8:41:02 pm marciamarcia: For those of you who haven’t seen it yet, be sure to check out @lrn2day, joint experiment w/ @JaneBozarth on this Q each day. #lrnchat
8:41:07 pm moehlert: @JaneBozarth #lrnchat Don’t you support democracy Jane? πŸ˜‰
8:41:23 pm RobRobertson: @lrnchat Rob Robertson from Dallas focused on social learning for the enterprise…Hi All #lrnchat
8:41:38 pm Spydeesense: To anyone curious entering #lrnchat so 1) apologies 4 odd sayings/musings & 2) please join!
8:41:39 pm MariaDroujkova: @mkfrie What’s KM? #lrnchat
8:41:43 pm ichrisbarnes: Dear followers: I’m participating in #lrnchat for the next little while. Join in if interested in learning/training/ed. #lrnchat
8:41:44 pm marciamarcia: @mkfrie OK, I give. How is KM for individuals? I know how it works for small (and large) groups. #lrnchat
8:41:51 pm moehlert: RT @wlonline: RT @bschlenker @moehlert: Free “The Future of Learning Institutions in a Digital Age” MIT #lrnchat
8:41:52 pm JaneBozarth: @gminks oh good let us know when you post it? #lrnchat
8:42:03 pm ichrisbarnes: @MariaDroujkova knowledge management #lrnchat
8:42:07 pm gminks: @JaneBozarth absolutely!! #lrnchat
8:42:20 pm JaneBozarth: @moehlert Not intentionally not supporting democracy. Promise to be green forthwith. #lrnchat
8:42:36 pm CatMoore: KM for individuals = Evernote, in my case #lrnchat
8:42:39 pm hamtra: Q0: Today…no matter how hard I try, sometimes you just can’t bend the will of the Vendor to suit your needs. #lrnchat
8:42:41 pm gminks: is there an easy way to go green? #lrnchat
8:42:42 pm mkfrie: Well @marciamarcia – I read it in my KM PRO workbook today in class, but to be honest, I need to review it to answer you! #lrnchat
8:42:55 pm JaneBozarth: Yes what @marciamarcia said: please see our new @lrn2day experiment #lrnchat
8:42:58 pm moehlert: @JaneBozarth #lrnchat πŸ™‚
8:43:06 pm ThomasStone: Q0: What I learned today, both Tweetdeck and the TweetChat website service have gotten recent upgrades! #lrnchat
8:43:12 pm jwillensky: Q0 I learned that everybody on earth seems to use a different storyboard format. #lrnchat
8:43:29 pm bschlenker: @moehlert Dude! Was that just a dbl retweet? Can you retweet your own retweet? #lrnchat
8:43:42 pm tmiket: Today I learned about @lrn2day 😎 #lrnchat
8:43:53 pm sguditus: Going green to help Iran @gminks: #lrnchat
8:43:57 pm gminks: oh I need to turn the storage folks onto @lrn2day #lrnchat
8:44:02 pm shantarohse: If you are interested in edutweets, you may want to join me for the next hour and half at #lrnchat
8:44:08 pm mkfrie: @MariaDroujkova KM = Knowledge Management, the study of how to apply and utilize knowledge (and information) in a strategic manner #lrnchat
8:44:22 pm marciamarcia: @bschlenker Haven’t you learned the mojedi master can do anything? I have! #lrnchat
8:44:26 pm moehlert: @bschlenker #lrnchat You can but the recursive nature of such an act would destroy the universe.
8:44:47 pm jmarrapodi: Evening Chatters. #lrnchat
8:44:54 pm glennhoyle: Hello from the northern suburbs of Chicago… #lrnchat/
8:44:58 pm ThomasStone: @bschlenker Yes, he can. Mark has received special allowances from the TweetGods. #lrnchat
8:45:00 pm MariaDroujkova: @moehlert Timely source of info for a proposal I am writing… Thanks! #lrnchat “The Future of Learning …” MIT
8:45:10 pm moehlert: #lrnchat I learned today that TweetDeck on the iPhone is pretty freakin’ cool
8:45:36 pm hamtra: @ThomasStone someone in the group has to have their ears. #lrnchat
8:45:36 pm mkfrie: Darn the twitter gods do look down favorable upon you @moehlert #lrnchat
8:46:12 pm Spydeesense: I learned today that LMSs were not created equal & few clients know what AICC or SCORM are but do know deadlines #lrnchat
8:46:22 pm ichrisbarnes: Q0 I learned that my 7yo is not that interested in tweetchats. (He says, “well kinda”) #lrnchat
8:46:37 pm busynessgirl: Q0: #lrnchat Oh, also I learned that being in the WSJ does not really have much of an impact on your web hits.
8:46:49 pm learnhub: Hello #lrnchat from Toronto & Delhi!
8:47:09 pm thecleversheep: Nice to see our #lrnchat colleagues are doing their Thursday thinking in public.Things I learned today? I tweeted ’em, did you miss ’em? ; )
8:47:13 pm moehlert: @glennhoyle #lrnchat Hi Glenn! I lived in Shaumburg in the 3rd grade
8:47:48 pm moehlert: @busynessgirl #lrnchat Wow. You were in WSJ? Do tell.
8:47:53 pm JaneBozarth: @spydeesense Do they know what an LMS does or did they just hear they were supposed to git one? #lrnchat
8:47:54 pm gminks: @learnhub you are in Toronto & Delhi at the same time? #lrnchat
8:48:00 pm LauraMattis: Laura M., DC Metro area, work w/cust providing training solutions focused on performance improvement & business growth #lrnchat
8:48:14 pm mkfrie: My 8yr old likes to remind me each day “Have you used Twitter today yet?” gotta love that support. #lrnchat
8:48:24 pm RobRobertson: @Spydeesense clients really dont know AICC and SCORM? THat is surprising…what type of clients do you serve? #lrnchat
8:48:52 pm thecleversheep: @gminks @learnhub ; ) I used to hang kiln near Delhi… Ontario! #lrnchat
8:49:03 pm glennhoyle: Why get an LMS when you can do everything you need to do in Web 2.0 tools. #lrnchat/
8:49:04 pm busynessgirl: #lrnchat @moehlert You can grab the link to the article(s) here: re W|A and math ed
8:49:37 pm lrnchat: Q1 via @oxala75: What apps and methods are you using for storyboarding (elearning, presentations, etc.) #lrnchat
8:49:51 pm gminks: @thecleversheep haha tricky #lrnchat
8:49:56 pm jilliant: Oh so late to #lrnchat Lurking nonetheless.
8:50:22 pm RobRobertson: @glennhoyle how would you handle the administration aspect of learning via social media? #lrnchat
8:50:32 pm marciamarcia: Q0 I’ve learned we’re using transcript from @wthashtag 2nite b/c @Tweetgrid has frozen up on me. #lrnchat
8:50:37 pm MariaDroujkova: Not many kids use Twitter. I think it takes a grown-up mind (cognitive demands etc). But my 10yo likes to watch events with me. #lrnchat
8:50:45 pm gminks: @lrnchat Q1: is this lame—- paper and pencil (hiding from shame!) #lrnchat
8:50:48 pm thecleversheep: @Spydeesense After a few years focusing intently on the e-learning world, I almost wish I knew not of SCORM… #lrnchat
8:51:00 pm CatMoore: Q1: I use OmniGraffle for flowcharting branched scenarios; Word for “regular” storyboarding #lrnchat
8:51:11 pm smartinx: Q1: Apps for storyboarding: Besides pen and paper? PPT, Keynote, Balsamiq Mockups ( #lrnchat
8:51:21 pm gminks: @MariaDroujkova my son will be a jr in college this year, a comm major, and he doesn’t get twitter #lrnchat
8:51:25 pm Erick1970: good ole pen & paper or a white board for storyboarding presentations #lrnchat
8:51:27 pm learnhub: @gminks Ha, yes… we have an office in Gurgaon, just outside Delhi, and in downtown Toronto. We update this feed from both. #lrnchat
8:51:27 pm jwillensky: Q1 Some PowerPoint templates w/ notes pages; some Word tables. #lrnchat
8:51:47 pm Priaak: Q1: powerpoint, word templates for storyboarding #lrnchat
8:51:48 pm roninchef: Q1 PowerPoint, Paper, pen and Zim the desktop wiki. #lrnchat
8:51:55 pm JaneBozarth: Q1 I storyboard w/ PPT #lrnchat
8:51:57 pm sguditus: Q1)Some Animoto, but Glogster, and would like to try Prezi, though time commitment to understand is high; also, kids’ saturation pt #lrnchat
8:52:05 pm smartinx: Q1: Apps for storyboarding: OmniGraffle, MS Word…depends on client, complexity, and phase of project #lrnchat
8:52:14 pm ChristyATucker: Q1 I use PowerPoint for storyboarding. Boring, I know, but it does what I need. #lrnchat
8:52:21 pm JaneBozarth: Q1 but did get out some colored pencils today #lrnchat
8:52:21 pm shantarohse: Q1 I use powerpoint storyboarding templates. #lrnchat
8:52:26 pm ThomasStone: Q1: Years ago we dev’d our own system of XML authoring that generates e-Learning storyboards, narration docs, etc. via transforms #lrnchat
8:52:28 pm Spydeesense: @thecleversheep This is actually from a LinkedIn discussion w/@mkfrie not sure everyone needs an LMS, AICC/SCORM be damned #lrnchat
8:52:51 pm Erick1970: then refine using visio, word, powerpoint #lrnchat
8:52:56 pm MariaDroujkova: @gminks I saw Twitter usage data… shockingly few teens. #lrnchat
8:52:56 pm smartinx: @sguditus Not sure how well Prezi would work for storyoards…lots of fun for presentations though (just used it today for one) #lrnchat
8:53:20 pm jwillensky: Q1 Typically have business unit SME review; they’re comfortable w/ MS Office. #lrnchat
8:53:26 pm roninchef: @ChristyATucker I use PPT because it is what everyone else is familiar with and they can open the doc. A safe, solid choice. #lrnchat
8:53:28 pm busynessgirl: Q1 For storyboarding: Mindomo, PowerPoint, moleskin notebooks, PocketMod, and a plexiglass wall in my office with post-it notes. #lrnchat
8:53:32 pm thecleversheep: @Spydeesense I have one more week of working to teach folks about how to use an LMS, then the whole world opens up. #lrnchat
8:53:34 pm learnhub: Did you know Toronto is the 3rd most popular city for Twitter, after only NYC and LA? #lrnchat
8:53:38 pm jilliant: Q1 – I storyboard in Word, PowerPoint and Captivate. #lrnchat
8:53:49 pm glennhoyle: Well, powerpoint is better than Word. Anyone considering using a Wiki for the storyboard? #lrnchat/
8:53:50 pm Spydeesense: Storyboarded ARG using ppt despite having designed solely in Visio & found it was totally functional had to FREE MY MIND #lrnchat
8:53:52 pm LauraMattis: @glennhoyle Would Web 2.0 tools give you the student/course tracking, reporting, & registration capabilities of LMS? #lrnchat
8:53:52 pm marciamarcia: @MariaDroujkova Altho I’ve seen few kids on Twitter either, the stats say they are here en masse. #lrnchat
8:53:58 pm richardsheehy: q1: ppt, have used mind mapping tools and excel for branching scenarios. #lrnchat
8:54:07 pm ichrisbarnes: Q1 Mostly InDesign, post-its, and paper. Sometimes PPT, CorelDraw, Illustrator. #lrnchat
8:54:12 pm Erick1970: @busynessgirl moleskins are a great way to keep story board ideas together. #lrnchat
8:54:25 pm jwillensky: RT @jilliant: Q1 – I storyboard in Word, PowerPoint and Captivate. #lrnchat <— great idea
8:54:33 pm shantarohse: @busynessgirl Plexiglass? Love that idea. You can storyboard from both sides. #lrnchat
8:54:40 pm jmarrapodi: I use PowerPoint and Mindmanager for storyboarding #lrnchat
8:54:48 pm gminks: @ichrisbarnes I use post-its too #lrnchat
8:54:51 pm thecleversheep: Storyboarding is one of the few remaining things best done with pencil & paper… Others? #lrnchat
8:55:02 pm roninchef: I forgot, I also use X-mind for mind mapping. #lrnchat
8:55:06 pm JaneBozarth: Q1 @ichrisbarnes Yes I use post-its, too #lrnchat
8:55:22 pm mkfrie: True @Spydeesense – check out the Q&A about LMS’s and their decreasing importance in eLearning on LINKEDIN #lrnchat
8:55:47 pm richardsheehy: q1: i like post its and note cards too. #lrnchat
8:55:49 pm roninchef: @gminks Index cards, rubber bands and a cork board when I map out links. #lrnchat
8:55:56 pm joe_deegan: I try to keep my storyboards simple with Word. Dont want to spend too much time fussing over format #lrnchat
8:56:08 pm Erick1970: post-its are good for process mapping. #lrnchat
8:56:13 pm Spydeesense: @thecleversheep Love the old flipchart for storyboarding w/group sketch on pad here but for distro use ppt now #lrnchat
8:56:23 pm dwilkinsnh: We storyboard in the authoring tool we use – Composica (we rebrand as Mzinga Publisher) #lrnchat
8:56:30 pm marciamarcia: For storyboarding, I use my moleskine, postits & sometimes I break out a giant flip chart. Hadn’t considered a wiki. Really? #lrnchat
8:56:39 pm wlonline: Hv been designing scenarios using pedagogical patterns ala C. Alexander #lrnchat
8:56:40 pm mkfrie: Use PPT and my Blog to convey learning and for presentations #lrnchat – I stopped created courseware long ago
8:56:51 pm smartinx: Q1: How are you defining “storyboarding”? Same as flowcharting? Mocking up screens? Outlining? All of the above? #lrnchat
8:56:51 pm gminks: @roninchef yep postits stick well to my cube walls πŸ™‚ #lrnchat
8:56:52 pm moehlert: #lrnchat any of these storyboarding tools Web-based and supporting collaboration? Price range?
8:56:56 pm busynessgirl: #lrnchat I covered one set of closet doors with plexiglass and I can arrange and rearrange post-its on it to storyboard, schedule, outline
8:56:57 pm RobRobertson: @lrnchat while I am no fanboy of LMS’s I am hard pressed to figure out how to eff handle tracking on a large scale w/out them #lrnchat
8:56:58 pm MariaDroujkova: Q1 Twiki for storyboarding, also picture markup tools #lrnchat
8:57:03 pm jwillensky: Q1 Used to love post-its but I work from home and my cat attacks them. #lrnchat
8:57:16 pm thecleversheep: @gminks Did you see the post it notes video? Way cool how to: #lrnchat
8:57:40 pm marciamarcia: Interesting I haven’t heard anyone say they use a graphics tool. It would be great if Illustrator-like tool had a “draft” option. #lrnchat
8:57:47 pm roninchef: @marciamarcia Links and flow. My copy of Zim rides on a flash drive for team brainstorming sessions. #lrnchat
8:57:50 pm jwillensky: @moehlert Why not use a google docs template? #lrnchat
8:58:07 pm busynessgirl: #lrnchat Another benefit of the plexiglass (oh wait, it’s actually glass) is that I can write on my walls in whiteboard markers…
8:58:07 pm wlonline: @mkfrie In networking session; we were talking about creating LE rather than using LMS #lrnchat
8:58:17 pm RobRobertson: @lrnchat Q1 Mindmanager from Mindjet for my presentation planning… I am a mindmanager fanboy πŸ˜€ #lrnchat
8:58:21 pm CatMoore: Q1 How do PowerPoint storyboarders track changes? Is that possible now? (Not a PowerPointer, obviously) #lrnchat
8:58:25 pm sguditus: Q1)Inspiration/Webspiration is a great tool as well #lrnchat
8:58:42 pm moehlert: @RobRobertson #lrnchat Serious question: How does Facebook do it?
8:58:43 pm mkfrie: re: LMS @RobRobertson-not sure there is a standard tracking w/o an LMS yet-but obviously it should be coming soon #lrnchat
8:58:43 pm candacehr: @marciamarcia I have been using a wiki to storyboard a collaborative project since may. ez! #lrnchat
8:58:46 pm wlonline: #lrnchat shd have added STEN network
8:58:52 pm jmarrapodi: @thecleversheep They actually use paper and pencil for storyboarding at Pixar too. #lrnchat
8:58:56 pm gminks: @CatMoore no track changes in PP (sucky!!) #lrnchat
8:59:03 pm ChristyATucker: @moehlert #lrnchat I use Google Docs for outlining and writing content with SMEs. I tried Google Presenter for layout but wasn’t happy
8:59:05 pm busynessgirl: Q1 Just remembered … I do a lot of storyboarding with stick figures on my tablet PC #lrnchat
8:59:15 pm richardsheehy: Q1: Google wave looks interesting and supports collaboration. #lrnchat
8:59:21 pm marciamarcia: Oooh, like the idea of using a Google docs template for storyboarding. Thx @jwillensky #lrnchat
8:59:22 pm JaneBozarth: @smartinx all of the above #lrnchat
8:59:39 pm Erick1970: @CatMoore I think so. I will sometimes just create duplicate slides to track changes if in a hurry. #lrnchat
8:59:50 pm roninchef: @gminks I use postits for keeping track of project colors and image sizes. I add them to my punch lists. #lrnchat
8:59:55 pm moehlert: #lrnchat @RobRobertson w00t! on mind mapping…Mindomo is good web-based…
8:59:55 pm jwillensky: @CatMoore Don’t think so. Method is still highlights, comments, screaming. #lrnchat
9:00:08 pm wootboot: RT @moehlert: #lrnchat @RobRobertson w00t! on mind mapping…Mindomo is good web-based…
9:00:17 pm moehlert: @ChristyATucker #lrnchat Nice. Have you tried Slide Rocket?
9:00:23 pm marciamarcia: @richardsheehy Somedays it feels like Google Wave will be the answer to many prayers. We’ll see… #lrnchat
9:00:29 pm gminks: we actually have a project template. but I use post-its to fill that out. πŸ™‚ #lrnchat
9:00:31 pm LauraMattis: @busynessgirl Surprised WSJ didnt increase web hits. I read articles, research & contact companies & ppl mentioned 4 biz. Rare? #lrnchat
9:00:52 pm hybridkris: Sorry to be late….Kris Rockwell, CEO Hybrid Learning. Interested in mLearning. #lrnchat
9:00:55 pm RobRobertson: @moehlert thanks for the tip! #lrnchat
9:01:15 pm jimhunt: RT @dwilkinsnh: We storyboard in the authoring tool we use – Composica (we rebrand as Mzinga Publisher) #lrnchat
9:01:17 pm rpannoni: @marciamarcia I like Adobe Fireworks for visual mockups. A cross between bitmap & vector. #lrnchat
9:01:26 pm dwilkinsnh: @mkfrie Not sure why we want yet anther standard for tracking: use LMS for it’s purpose & divorce assessment from learning. Done. #lrnchat
9:01:29 pm JaneBozarth: Storyboarding RT @jwillensky @CatMoore …Method is still highlights, comments, screaming. #lrnchat
9:01:34 pm thecleversheep: @lrnchat My bookmarked mind-mapping tools #lrnchat
9:01:37 pm TeachPaperless: @oxala75 Didn’t realize / lrnchat; Here’s fr my Pixton storyboards (don’t know if this is what u meant): #lrnchat
9:01:47 pm hybridkris: Q1: We use Powerpoint for storyboarding. Made a nice template for it. It works very well. #lrnchat
9:02:06 pm marciamarcia: @rpannoni Ooh, I’d never considered Fireworks. Great idea. Thank you! #lrnchat
9:02:12 pm thecleversheep: Periodic Table of Visualization Tools #lrnchat
9:02:15 pm CatMoore: @smartinx I’m defining storyboard as outline, flowchart, then script everything that happens, incl. prototype graphics #lrnchat
9:02:20 pm ChristyATucker: @moehlert #lrnchat No, I haven’t tried SlideRocket. Does it allow simultaneous collaboration?
9:02:23 pm smartinx: Q1: Moved from pad and paper to graphics tablet and Fireworks for some mockups. Makes it easier to send to others for review #lrnchat
9:02:24 pm busynessgirl: #lrnchat @moehlert @RobRobertson A collection of mindomo maps on w2.0, SoMe, and other stuff:
9:02:46 pm wlonline: Did like use of GoogleSites for collaboration as the track changes feature is brillaint (tho I dont like HTML5) #lrnchat
9:02:50 pm Jenrocoh: I like media that others can access an duse. That means post its, visio and ppt. #lrnchat
9:02:58 pm marciamarcia: @hybridkris I’m adjusting to Keynote on the Mac, and haven’t quite figured out templates yet. Good reminder. Thank you. #lrnchat
9:02:59 pm JaneBozarth: Too bad it’s middle of night in UK Jane Hart @c4lpt would like the Q1 conversation #lrnchat
9:02:59 pm RobRobertson: @busynessgirl Outstanding! #lrnchat
9:03:01 pm jwillensky: @glennhoyle @marciamarcia My team is starting to collaborate using google docs, then client handoff in MS Office. #lrnchat
9:03:09 pm gminks: RT @thecleversheep Periodic Table of Visualization Tools #lrnchat
9:03:12 pm Spydeesense: @hybridkris Good to see you Kris were you delayed by an inordinate amount of continuous celebrating? #lrnchat
9:03:44 pm LauraMattis: This is my first time doing #lrnchat, having trouble keeping up, so many ppl tweeting. Have mult windows open to see tweets & @ replies. πŸ™‚
9:04:04 pm moehlert: @ChristyATucker #lrnchat check:
9:04:09 pm Erick1970: Are there security holes with google docs? Have used it a little with ASTD chapter work. #lrnchat
9:04:15 pm gminks: @LauraMattis try tweetchat! πŸ™‚ #lrnchat
9:04:18 pm marciamarcia: @JaneBozarth @c4lpt We’re launching an earlier version this summer for UK and other parts of the world learning friends. Stay tuned #lrnchat
9:04:19 pm smartinx: @LauraMattis Try #lrnchat
9:04:20 pm rdclark: I’ve been using Tinderbox ( for most of my planning & designing #lrnchat
9:04:28 pm RobRobertson: @LauraMattis just grab what you can, no way to catch it all πŸ˜‰ #lrnchat
9:04:31 pm gminks: @Erick1970 google docs is blocked where I work #lrnchat
9:04:31 pm joe_deegan: @marciamarcia I’ve had great experiences using Goog docs when working with people at a distance. Great for simultaneous editing. #lrnchat
9:04:56 pm hybridkris: @spydeesense Standards for an LMS? Viva la AICC!!! (Sorry, I’m on the executive committee – and no, clients never know what it is) #lrnchat
9:05:12 pm _berend_: RT @TerrenceWing: Get Published, Get Known, Get Clients by Brad Stauffer #ASTD #Lrnchat
9:05:24 pm richardsheehy: @LauraMattis use a twitter search for #lrnchat in your favorite tool to keep it together
9:05:30 pm LauraMattis: @jwillensky @glennhoyle @marciamarcia We’re having success collaborating w/google docs, then client handoff in MS Office, too. #lrnchat
9:05:32 pm sguditus: @gminks I’ve had trouble signing up my students for Google Docs – periodically it asks for cell number confirmation…strange. #lrnchat
9:05:35 pm Priaak: storyboard in word/excel and then export to google docs for sharing. working online is cumbersome at times. #lrnchat
9:05:50 pm rpannoni: @Erick1970 I used google docs extensively. Security wasn’t the big issues. Reliability and UI were the problems. #lrnchat
9:06:00 pm glennhoyle: Sorry to bug, but I gotta take my wife out for ice cream πŸ™‚ #lrnchat/
9:06:11 pm TeachPaperless: Also, has a lot of potential #lrnchat
9:06:15 pm matt_murray: Upcoming session on measuring the ROI of Training efforts in your business: #lrnchat
9:06:27 pm mkfrie: Google Docs even works behind the DoD firewalls – which is amazing, so I am a fan just for that reason #lrnchat
9:06:28 pm Spydeesense: @LauraMattis Good to see you! using Tweetdeck here & yes many tweets so it’s like catching a wave & back around 2 get the next 1 #lrnchat
9:06:43 pm marciamarcia: @LauraMattis Tip1: Don’t try to read every single msg. Consider what you catch serendipity. #lrnchat
9:06:44 pm rpannoni: Too many interesting tools. I’ll have to read the transcript to catch them all. Head exploding. #lrnchat
9:06:52 pm ichrisbarnes: @RobRobertson Q1 I use Personal Brain or SpinScape for organizing thoughts, resources, knowledge, etc. Haven’t tried SBing w them #lrnchat
9:06:55 pm moehlert: @LauraMattis #lrnchat Deep breath πŸ™‚ I use TweetDeck, TweetGrid and iTweet all for different views of conversation
9:07:08 pm bschlenker: RT @thecleversheep: Periodic Table of Visualization Tools #lrnchat
9:07:37 pm bschlenker: RT @thecleversheep: Periodic Table of Visualization Tools #lrnchat @myEN
9:07:40 pm roninchef: @moehlert How many computers? #lrnchat
9:07:52 pm jwillensky: Q1 Saw a clever use of SnagIt and Word table for storyboarding. Must find link… #lrnchat
9:07:53 pm _berend_: RT @TerrenceWing:Get Published, Get Known, Get Clients by Brad Stauffer #ASTD #Lrnchat (note to self…find notes!!) πŸ™‚
9:07:56 pm marciamarcia: @rpannoni I read last weeks transcript word for word (first time), and it was close to an explosion. Deep breath. #lrnchat
9:08:20 pm RobRobertson: @ichrisbarnes I keep considering personal brain….I am afraid I might never do anything else…it looks insanely powerful #lrnchat
9:08:35 pm odguru: RT @thecleversheep: Periodic Table of Visualization Tools (expand) #lrnchat
9:08:57 pm Erick1970: hmmm…. lrnchat spam? #lrnchat
9:09:00 pm smartinx: @jwillensky We have a Word template with all the storyboard elements and often use Grab to put in screen caps. #lrnchat
9:09:03 pm gminks: wow. this is really faster than the last time I participated… #lrnchat
9:09:05 pm mkfrie: ROI was “invented by DuPont Corp and not as accurate as simply tracking mission or project effectiveness” #lrnchat
9:09:05 pm Spydeesense: @moehlert @hybridkris Haha which contact sport provides the most learning experiences per engagement? Perhaps a Q for next week #lrnchat
9:09:06 pm ichrisbarnes: @moehlert @LauraMattis I’m using TweetDeck, TweetChat and Twitter web client on 2 monitors. #lrnchat
9:09:11 pm marciamarcia: RT @RobRobertson I keep considering personal brain….I am afraid I might never do anything else…it looks insanely powerful #lrnchat Same.
9:09:26 pm roninchef: @marciamarcia I find to be useful in tracking conversations here. I usually go back and review. #lrnchat
9:09:39 pm moehlert: #lrnchat I am crashing the “Favorites” button with all the product talk…anywhere there is an explosion of tools makes me wonder…..
9:09:41 pm LauraMattis: @moehlert #lrnchat Thank you! I have TweetDeck,but can’t figure it out. Will try TweetGrid and iTweet. Will have to prac more w/all 3. πŸ™‚
9:10:26 pm ichrisbarnes: @RobRobertson re:Personal Brain. It’s great as an indiv. product. Their biz model is poor for small group use though. #lrnchat
9:10:26 pm smartinx: @moehlert Maybe so many means there’s room from ONE good one… #lrnchat
9:10:27 pm roninchef: @LauraMattis Twitterfall is good too. #lrnchat
9:10:41 pm marciamarcia: @moehlert Speaking of favorites. If anyone has an idea of how we can cull the “faves” from #lrnchat for the website, I’d love to hear it.
9:10:46 pm busynessgirl: RT @thecleversheep: Periodic Table of Visualization Tools #lrnchat
9:10:51 pm moehlert: #lrnchat Tangent Alert: Saw this guy talk this week – HUGE brain Srsly.
9:10:52 pm ThomasStone: @LauraMattis And again, next time do try They just upgraded and I like it better — smoother updates. #lrnchat
9:11:06 pm rpannoni: @ichrisbarnes And why, pray tell, three twitter clients at the same time? #lrnchat
9:11:14 pm Spydeesense: Recently used true cinematic storyboarding w/artist to sketch scenes with dialog under each drawing client got design immediately #lrnchat
9:11:50 pm matt_murray: I saw a tweet about AICC and LMS systems fly by, anyone out there using GeoLearning? #lrnchat
9:12:02 pm mkfrie: @lrnchat Maybe one night, we actually hold a twitter conversation about nothing BUT tools…Could be like a user-sponsored expo! #lrnchat
9:12:06 pm thecleversheep: @marciamarcia @moehlert If @lrnchat marks tweets as favourites, everyone can visit the link to these tweets… #lrnchat
9:12:07 pm bschlenker: Dang it! When am I ever going to remember the to add #lrnchat
9:12:18 pm jwillensky: @smartinx Always liked that method. This was different: mockup w/ screen elements? Maybe I dreamt it? #lrnchat
9:12:30 pm marciamarcia: @roninchef I haven’t used before, but I’m checking it out. Love the idea of threaded. #lrnchat
9:13:00 pm jwillensky: @bschlenker I’ll find it. Just saw it in passing, tho. Could be lame. #lrnchat
9:13:00 pm smartinx: @jwillensky For that kind of stuff I use Balsamiq Mockups. #lrnchat
9:13:11 pm hamtra: Robin Good did a live mindmapping session with 100s of people to add all their favourite tools and apps. #lrnchat
9:13:13 pm Spydeesense: @matt_murray Not using it exactly but having to convert courses to it & would love to know secret sauce 4 getting these to work #lrnchat
9:13:16 pm dwilkinsnh: Interesting that so few ppl use authoring tools to storyboard. Why not? #lrnchat
9:13:26 pm ichrisbarnes: @rpannoni watch stream/comment in TweetChat. Look-up interesting people on web client. Use TweetDeck to isolate lrnchat & Qs #lrnchat
9:13:30 pm odguru: @Spydeesense – yes I also have access to graphic facilitation talent. powerful for anchoring and follow up #lrnchat
9:13:32 pm roninchef: @bschlenker Use tweetchat, brother. It saves you the aggravation. #lrnchat
9:13:33 pm elearningaust: RT @bschlenker RT @thecleversheep: Periodic Table of Visualization Tools #lrnchat (@myEN)
9:13:38 pm ThomasStone: @mkfrie A totally-tools chat would be good… I’ve led “breakfast byte” sessions like that at eLearning Guild — always good! #lrnchat
9:13:59 pm marciamarcia: @thecleversheep Um, yeah, but that would mean I’m keeping up w/ it all and well, err, umm. Prefer way to catch everyone’s. #lrnchat
9:14:08 pm jwillensky: @smartinx Oooh. Thx. Like it already. #lrnchat
9:14:15 pm ichrisbarnes: @dwilkinsnh I would, but just don’t author much anymore. #lrnchat
9:14:17 pm gerarddolan: RT @LearnHub: Did you know Toronto 3rd most popular city for Twitter, after NYC & LA? #lrnchat
9:14:20 pm thecleversheep: @lrnchat Sadly, I suspect a trending hashtag will attract spammers… don’t want too many chatting at one time. #lrnchat
9:14:22 pm Spydeesense: @bschlenker Brent #lrnchat rubber band for behavior modification purposes is being sent now
9:14:36 pm devlearn: @moehlert tangent = drink #lrnchat
9:14:53 pm marciamarcia: @ThomasStone Point taken. Our next themed chat in July will be a toolsfest. #lrnchat
9:14:56 pm Jenrocoh: RT @Jenrocoh: Help me with that, authoring tools being????? #lrnchat
9:14:57 pm hamtra: Robin Good’s Best Online Collaboration tools #lrnchat
9:15:08 pm richardsheehy: @dwilkinsnh i think it is about using what you are comfortable with and can capture ideas quickly #lrnchat
9:15:19 pm jwillensky: Q1 Captivate now has all kinds of reviewing tools/outputs. Poss. to prototype skeleton and refine. #lrnchat
9:15:19 pm mkfrie: @hamtra Where can we find said MindMap of tools online? #lrnchat
9:15:32 pm hamtra: @ThomasStone One of my favourite sessions #lrnchat. I learned tons.
9:15:39 pm rpannoni: @iChrisBarnes Hmm, I think I can do all three tasks with Seesmic Desktop multiple columns. #lrnchat
9:15:57 pm bschlenker: @dwilkinsnh Or why not use ppt or keynote for storyboarding? Easy, cheap, available, standard, etc #lrnchat
9:16:03 pm moehlert: @rpannoni Different views of the conversation-haven’t found any as good as iTweet for following replies to certain tweets-almost #lrnchat
9:16:36 pm devlearn: @roninchef okay…checking out tweetchat again – short report coming soon #lrnchat
9:16:46 pm dwilkinsnh: @mkfrie Awesome idea; bet learning tools companies would sponsor. We would. And Articulate just sponsored an @slqotd give-away #lrnchat
9:16:59 pm hamtra: @mkfrie Robin Good’s Best Online Collaboration tools #lrnchat
9:17:04 pm matt_murray: @Stevehoward999 would ove to pick your brain on it, we are implementing now #lrnchat
9:17:04 pm Priaak: @dwilkinsnh many include authoring tools in the production activity – sign off on storyboard then use authoring tools #lrnchat
9:17:07 pm lrnchat: Q2: What do you do to help workplace learning pros learn about design? Mentor? Classes? Books? Field Trips? What should be done? #lrnchat
9:17:08 pm rpannoni: RT @marciamarcia: @ThomasStone Point taken. Our next themed chat in July will be a toolsfest. I’ll start taking aspirin now. #lrnchat
9:17:09 pm shantarohse: And familiar @bschlenker @dwilkinsnh Or why not use ppt or keynote for storyboarding? Easy, cheap, available, standard, etc #lrnchat
9:17:17 pm CatMoore: For me a storyboarding tool has to be platform agnostic and easily track changes. Clients resist Google docs; want Word. #lrnchat
9:17:29 pm jwillensky: @dwilkinsnh Because so many reviewers are non-ID; need MS Office access for markup. #lrnchat
9:17:32 pm Dave_Ferguson: #lrnchat I’d like to see a Google doc template w/ some bells and whistles. (Lack of real, movable outline a major drawback for me.
9:17:42 pm dwilkinsnh: @richardsheehy Yeah, I get that, but if authoring tool of choice can’t “capture ideas quickly” that’s a pretty serious indictment. #lrnchat
9:17:47 pm ThomasStone: @hamtra Thanks Tracy! I learned the value of that kind of conf. session from Steve Wexler (at DevLearn ’07 I think). #lrnchat
9:18:01 pm ichrisbarnes: @rpannoni Seesmic or TweetDeck can handle all 3. I like different tools for diff micro jobs and have the screen real estate. ; ) #lrnchat
9:18:09 pm hamtra: Great question. Mine are stuck in their ways. #lrnchat
9:18:11 pm smartinx: Q2: Brown bag lunches, design contests to highlight people doing it right.Book suggestions. Design review sessions #lrnchat
9:18:11 pm CatMoore: @bschlenker Problem with PPT and Keynote is lack of easy change tracking. Also, not all elearning is slides. #lrnchat
9:21:30 pm jmarrapodi: Q2 I have taught classes at conferences and mentored new IDs #lrnchat
9:21:41 pm richardsheehy: Q2: instructional or visual design? #lrnchat
9:22:19 pm Dave_Ferguson: #lrnchat I love “highlight, comments, screaming.” Word w/ track changes adds “useless detail.”
9:22:20 pm JaneBozarth: @catmore I use ppt regardless: slides, screens, other; post-its added on for other. Very quick way to dummy up general plan #lrnchat
9:22:26 pm ichrisbarnes: Q2 Show them what an effective design process look like. Collaborate. Demonstrate better outcomes. #lrnchat
9:23:04 pm gminks: can someone repeat Q2 plz? #lrnchat
9:23:30 pm ichrisbarnes: Q2 re: more shallow notion of graphic design. Oy. A lot of help is needed. Teach key design principles. Establish standards. #lrnchat
9:23:39 pm odguru: Lrng pros MUST have business/org acumen to do relevant design. Access to business mentors, shadowing, key mtg facilitation… #lrnchat
9:23:50 pm ichrisbarnes: RT @lrnchat: Q2: What do you do to help workplace learning pros learn about design? Mentor? Classes? Books? What should be done? #lrnchat
9:24:00 pm tmiket: Better to get a prototype seen earlier & iterate than wait for perfect draft #lrnchat
9:24:00 pm thecleversheep: @lrnchat Teach design by noticing good & bad design. Like Twitter, KISS & intuitive. #lrnchat
9:24:05 pm nickfloro: #lrnchat Keynote is the best for sb, lots of flexbility and great with graphics, also easy to integreat audio & video for brainstorming.
9:24:10 pm richardsheehy: Q2: peer review of other’s designs #lrnchat
9:24:13 pm gminks: @ichrisbarnes thanks! #lrnchat
9:24:31 pm busynessgirl: Q2 To help others learn good design: create the worst design you can think of, then have them critique. #lrnchat
9:24:34 pm jmarrapodi: Sorry for the multiples. Kept telling me internal twitter errors. #lrnchat
9:24:36 pm gminks: Q2 – I share blog posts, whitepapers, and do lunch and learns #lrnchat
9:24:46 pm JaneBozarth: Q2 I find many are more interested in “presentation” than in “learning” #lrnchat
9:25:03 pm jwillensky: Q2 Collaborate, side-by-side, share client “hot buttons,” peer review, brainstorming. #lrnchat
9:25:15 pm gminks: Q2 actually all of us are required to go to a 1wk ID bootcamp…the stuff I share is the new stuff #lrnchat
9:25:22 pm moehlert: @thecleversheep #lrnchat What differentiates good/bad design? In 140 char or less please πŸ™‚
9:25:27 pm Dave_Ferguson: #lrnchat Are we oversimplifying ‘storyboard?’ One level: 30,000-ft design / overall flow. Another: details for interact, branch, imgs &c
9:25:50 pm dbolen: Q2 maybe focus groups with learners #lrnchat
9:25:52 pm wlonline: @gminks Q2: What do you do to help workplace learning pros learn about design? Mentor? Classes? Books? Field Trips? #lrnchat
9:25:54 pm tmiket: Sometimes tough to deal with Dunning-Kruger effect “ignorance more often leads to confidence than knowledge” #lrnchat
9:25:58 pm nickfloro: #lrnchat Design – attend design conference, class in design at local college, I’ll post several great books.
9:26:04 pm ThomasStone: @busynessgirl Yes, non-examples are a a good way to learn anything (along with examples of the good too of course). #lrnchat
9:26:04 pm ichrisbarnes: @richardsheehy IMHO, peer review w/out an understanding design principles (and techniques) is not very effective. #lrnchat
9:26:06 pm moehlert: @roninchef #lrnchat 1. 17 inch laptop
9:26:17 pm smartinx: @Dave_Ferguson That was the crux of my ? before about what we’re talking about when we say “storyboarding” #lrnchat
9:26:17 pm roninchef: @JaneBozarth Once we have added the sparkly stuff we bang at it with hammers to see if it will help our audience learn anything. #lrnchat
9:26:34 pm thecleversheep: @janebozarth Re: presentations and design, you’d be hard-pressed to improve upon ‘Presentation Zen’ #lrnchat
9:26:34 pm CatMoore: @odguru “Lrng pros MUST have business/org acument to do relevant design.” YES!!!!!! #lrnchat
9:26:34 pm nickfloro: #lrnchat Design – lunch and learn to describe and show examples of good design and allow everyone to pull from the web, books, magazine.
9:26:36 pm ChristyATucker: Q2 Our team shares current work weekly; we work through design problems together. Also blogs, webinars, conferences, books. #lrnchat
9:26:57 pm roninchef: @moehlert I have a laptop and a netbook going with my G1 as back up. πŸ™‚ #lrnchat
9:27:05 pm tmiket: Working on creating learning design workshops w/ supporting wiki for ID & Graphic design for our org #lrnchat
9:27:08 pm Dave_Ferguson: #lrnchat For inexp clients, the finished product IS the prototype.
9:27:10 pm jilliant: @JaneBozarth Is that ever true. There are so many whizzbang presentation apps and technologies that the learning goal can get lost. #lrnchat
9:27:18 pm JaneBozarth: LOL RT @roninchef Once we’ve added the sparkly stuff we bang at it with hammers to see if it will help our audience learn anything.#lrnchat
9:27:36 pm Jenrocoh: @JaneBozarth TRue but if they can’t get past presentation, they NEVER get to content. #lrnchat
9:27:38 pm tmiket: @thecleversheep Nancy Duarte’s slide:ology is another great one #lrnchat
9:27:39 pm jwillensky: RT @Dave_Ferguson: #lrnchat For inexp clients, the finished product IS the prototype. > Delivers desired outcomes. #lrnchat
9:28:48 pm shantarohse: @JaneBozarth My experience too. I get far more requests for presentation design advice than learning design advice. #lrnchat
9:28:55 pm Spydeesense: @Dave_Ferguson Consider storyboarding root of a design doc prior 2 development so depends on lvl of detail needed #lrnchat
9:29:04 pm christopherhire: And for cheap clients too… RT @Dave_Ferguson: #lrnchat For inexp clients, the finished product IS the prototype.
9:29:06 pm gminks: I SUCK at visual design. I’m good at designing info, but images?? bleh!! #lrnchat
9:29:07 pm Jenrocoh: #lrnchat we struggle with content vs. format on a minute by minute basis. If we have a content gap we ask “is there a template?”
9:29:10 pm richardsheehy: @ichrisbarnes true, peer review followed by mentor critique #lrnchat
9:29:15 pm dbolen: @tmiket Presentation Zen is good resource #lrnchat
9:29:26 pm shantarohse: Good to remember RT @Dave_Ferguson For inexp clients, the finished product IS the prototype. #lrnchat
9:29:33 pm RobRobertson: If you are an ID you should be with us right now in Lrnchat Great Discussion! #lrnchat
9:29:38 pm moehlert: @thecleversheep @janebozarth #lrnchat How about Duarte’s slide:ology Awesome
9:29:44 pm rpannoni: @moehlert good vs bad (visual) design – simplicity, low cognitive load, right level of abstraction. Maybe same for ID. #lrnchat
9:29:45 pm JaneBozarth: @thecleversheep agree on “Pres. Zen” also big fan of “Made to Stick”. #lrnchat
9:29:47 pm nickfloro: Q2 – check out for ideas and great information. #lrnchat
9:29:49 pm busynessgirl: @smartinx disagree re visual design, “some get it some don’t” anymore than I believe that “math – some get it some don’t” #lrnchat #lrnchat
9:30:13 pm roninchef: @moehlert Presentation Zen as well. #lrnchat
9:30:18 pm gminks: RT @Dave_Ferguson: #lrnchat For inexp clients, the finished product IS the prototype.
9:30:26 pm RobRobertson: @moehlert slide:ology is awesome…my favorite in that space #lrnchat
9:30:52 pm dwilkinsnh: what kind of design? visual? instructional? game? information? soc media? community? EPSS? classroom? #lrnchat
9:30:56 pm mkfrie: Not sure prior post took-Q2 I advise MENTORING as well as written white papers, since that adds to the group knowledgebase #lrnchat
9:31:00 pm thecleversheep: @moehlert Examples of bad design by Seth Godin #lrnchat
9:31:00 pm tmiket: Cliff Atkin’s Beyond Bullet Points is a good template/system for presentations/desing Anyone else tried that? #lrnchat
9:31:14 pm nickfloro: Recommend grabbing a book on typography or grid systems in design. #lrnchat
9:31:17 pm ChristyATucker: I think visual literacy can be taught and improved, like other skills. You don’t have to be Picasso to communicate with visuals. #lrnchat
9:31:26 pm Dave_Ferguson: #lrnchat tip: Twitter in browser to participate; lrnchat in Tweetdeck for the inevitable Tweetdeck API freeze, I mean, instant archive.
9:31:27 pm roninchef: @RobRobertson Scott McCloud’s Learning/Making Comics as well. #lrnchat
9:31:34 pm smartinx: @busynessgirl It is probably more attitude than aptitude, but I’ve seen some with no real desire to improve. #lrnchat
9:31:35 pm rpannoni: RT @gminks: RT @Dave_Ferguson: #lrnchat “For inexp clients, the finished product IS the prototype.” – too true.
9:31:39 pm odguru: Teach ID 2 reinvent wheel ONLY as it pertains to exact hole 2B filled. Need good discovery & reuseable,but apt block in the library.#lrnchat
9:31:44 pm jwillensky: @ChristyATucker Amen to that. #lrnchat
9:31:58 pm JaneBozarth: JaneBozarth@busynessgirl sorry agree with smartinx. Some don’t get design. I don’t get math. #lrnchat
9:31:58 pm shantarohse: Anyone can become proficient in visual design. I know because I am anyone. #lrnchat
9:32:02 pm oxala75: @smartinx doh! #lrnchat
9:32:06 pm thecleversheep: @moehlert I found Slide-ology to be a ‘Microsoft-esque’ piece. More about the tool than presenting. Anti-Zen in look/feel. #lrnchat
9:32:10 pm gminks: @ChristyATucker I don’t believe you. I suck at that . πŸ™‚ #lrnchat
9:32:11 pm wlonline: RT @nickfloro Q2 – check out for ideas and great information. #lrnchat
9:32:12 pm hamtra: @mkfrie I’d love a mentor to bounce ideas off. Show what I’m working on, get input from. Another set of eyes is always great #lrnchat
9:32:20 pm RobRobertson: @roninchef just added it to the reading list. Thanks! #lrnchat
9:32:50 pm moehlert: @busynessgirl @smartinx on that point, try Marks & Meaning from Dave Gray all can draw! #lrnchat
9:32:51 pm gminks: RT @wlonline: RT @nickfloro Q2 – check out for ideas and great information. #lrnchat
9:32:54 pm Erick1970: pair up a good content designer with a good visual designer… #lrnchat
9:32:54 pm matt_murray: Just a thought, why don’t we use a SME for visual design mentoring…say perhaps a marketing or creative team.. #lrnchat
9:33:10 pm rpannoni: For visual design, study user interface research. #lrnchat
9:33:11 pm jmarrapodi: @JaneBozarth Presentation Zen so rocks. You can see its impact on SlideShare. #lrnchat
9:33:13 pm Priaak: Q2 core groups, mentors, project debrief sessions along with peer reviews, blogs, papers… #lrnchat
9:33:13 pm ichrisbarnes: @smartinx I disagree. These skills are not complex. Good vis design not about being an artist. People think it is and are scared. #lrnchat
9:33:30 pm gminks: what is this smart pausing in tweet chat? it stays paused forever. That is not very smart #lrnchat
9:33:36 pm mkfrie: @hamtra I am simply reciting what I learned “today” in KM course. People have to share strategic info, to make it actionable #lrnchat
9:34:10 pm moehlert: @thecleversheep #lrnchat I hear you. How about McCloud’s Understanding Comics? The content IS the format….
9:34:28 pm thecleversheep: @tmiketSlide-ology was in the ‘PowerPoint’ section of the bookstore;Presentation Zen in the ‘influence people’ section. Bought Zen. #lrnchat
9:34:31 pm LauraMattis: Wondering too. RT @gminks: what is this smart pausing in tweet chat? it stays paused forever. That is not very smart #lrnchat #lrnchat
9:34:38 pm roninchef: @RobRobertson Slide:ology, Presentation Zen and Making Comics are always within reach. #lrnchat
9:34:40 pm smartinx: @moehlert Marks & Meanings is great. #lrnchat
9:34:40 pm busynessgirl: So are you saying that there are “unlearnable” topics? @JaneBozarth @smartinx πŸ˜‰ Because we in math are not allowed to think that. #lrnchat
9:34:40 pm MariaDroujkova: For visual literacy people often confuse authoring with “great, popular, bestselling authoring” #lrnchat
9:34:43 pm gminks: @moehlert what is mcloud’s understanding comics? #lrnchat
9:34:46 pm CatMoore: @matt_murray I agree that bringing marketing in could greatly improve elearning, and not only in visual design #lrnchat
9:35:05 pm ChristyATucker: Are your visuals saying what you want? Visual communication principles from Christine Martell #lrnchat
9:35:09 pm roninchef: @LauraMattis Scroll back up to the top of the page. #lrnchat
9:35:16 pm ichrisbarnes: @matt_murray That’s the big question. Budget? The overall visual quality of training/ed materials is low, especially vs. mktg. #lrnchat
9:35:26 pm thecleversheep: @moehlert Touche! Same should be true for educators modeling how to be a learner. #lrnchat
9:35:28 pm Dave_Ferguson: #lrnchat Agree w/both: some not visual, all can learn (some). Go simple. ‘If you don’t think too good, don’t think too much.’
9:35:35 pm richardsheehy: visual design and user experience design go hand n hand #lrnchat
9:35:39 pm gminks: @busynessgirl we in IT are not allowed to think that either… #lrnchat
9:35:49 pm smartinx: @LauraMattis Scroll up and it will “unpause” when you reach the most recent Tweet in the chat stream #lrnchat
9:35:52 pm CatMoore: “Understanding Comics” is a great book with a lot of good ideas for elearning re visual storytelling #lrnchat
9:36:00 pm moehlert: @ichrisbarnes #lrnchat Exactly. Ask a group of 6 yr olds who can draw and they will ALL raise their hands.
9:36:05 pm shantarohse: Q2 I keep a file of good design. When I see good examples I ask the author if I may add it. I pull out the file at evry opportunity #lrnchat
9:36:15 pm tmiket: @thecleversheep slide:ology site has good stuff on the website for free worth a visit #lrnchat
9:36:20 pm matt_murray: I have found pretty good success in allowing the marketing team to “pretty up” my efforts while leaving content alone #lrnchat
9:36:28 pm gminks: @moehlert oh I never raised my hand. I’ve always known I suck at art. #lrnchat
9:36:28 pm busynessgirl: @lrnchat Maybe a question for future discussion? Are there “unlearnable” topics for specific people? #lrnchat
9:36:30 pm smartinx: @busynessgirl NO! I think anything is learnable, but not teachable if the audience isn’t receptive. #lrnchat
9:36:31 pm JaneBozarth: @busynessgirl I think there’s a meeting of talent and inclination/motivation. #lrnchat
9:36:42 pm MariaDroujkova: @JaneBozarth I can teach any math to any willing person. Emphasis on “willing.” #lrnchat
9:36:43 pm Spydeesense: @mkfrie Fascinating I think a case could be made then in terms of carrying “share” to “application” through SoMe as KM conveyance #lrnchat
9:36:45 pm ichrisbarnes: @gminks Undertanding comics by Scott McCloud. Excellent book! #lrnchat
9:37:03 pm Jenrocoh: @dwilkinsnh instrutionl, informtionl, EPSS, clssrm learning and knowledge mediums. Confuse and teach information all too often. #lrnchat
9:37:04 pm lrnchat: Q3: Where did *you* learn what you know about design and what does design mean to you? #lrnchat
9:37:11 pm tmiket: @busynessgirl I like the unlearnable topic for the future Great idea! #lrnchat
9:37:27 pm gminks: @ichrisbarnes thx! I still read comics so this should be good!! #lrnchat
9:37:34 pm smartinx: @busynessgirl But, would you agree that not everyone is capable of the same level of proficiency? #lrnchat
9:37:45 pm moehlert: @gminks #lrnchat A history of the visual aspect of the comic book/sequential art medium told as a comic..brilliant
9:37:47 pm marciamarcia: @JaneBozarth I’m also big fan of Made2Stick, slide:ology, PZen, NonDesigners (RW) & of course Don’t Make Me Think from @skrug #lrnchat
9:38:01 pm gminks: not everyone can learn to code. I honestly believe that. And not everyone can learn graphic design. #lrnchat
9:38:13 pm oxala75: @lrnchat Q3a: commercials and teh intarwebs. Q3b: carving the best path #lrnchat
9:38:20 pm Jenrocoh: #lrnchat what is the trick for remembering hashtag?
9:38:28 pm Erick1970: Q3: Learned what I know about design on the job, through trial & error, from others, & other types of media #lrnchat
9:38:29 pm CatMoore: Q3: Learned some ID basics by being a tech support person–learned what works to help the confused and prevent calls #lrnchat
9:38:43 pm ichrisbarnes: Q3 I use this definition sometimes: Design = application of intent and intelligence to solving a problem. #lrnchat
9:38:54 pm MariaDroujkova: @busynessgirl You can’t prove something’s unlearnable for a person – just that a method has not been found yet. #lrnchat
9:38:59 pm roninchef: Q3 My fine arts background, my culinary background, my love of comics, movies, animation and good old punk rock. #lrnchat
9:39:01 pm RobRobertson: @lrnchat My wife swears I am incapable of learning to do laundry…”correctly” #lrnchat
9:39:09 pm CatMoore: Q3: Learned some other ID basics by working in marketing. #lrnchat
9:39:37 pm gminks: Q3: we are required to learn basics at my job, and I am pursuing a master’s in Instructional Design #lrnchat
9:39:38 pm ChristyATucker: Q3: Still learning about design, esp. visual. Some via music ed degree, lots of reading, examples, and being mentored since then. #lrnchat
9:39:38 pm smartinx: Q2: ID? Grad school,experience, and good role models.Visual design? Graphics design courses, art classes, and thousands of doodles #lrnchat
9:39:47 pm thecleversheep: @tmiket Saw Nancy Duarte’s presentation on ‘remote presenting’. It was very good. Her book was text heavy for me. #lrnchat
9:39:48 pm busynessgirl: I would have to say that proficiency is a matter of motivation to learn and in rare cases, IQ (very non PC). @smartinx #lrnchat
9:39:49 pm moehlert: #lrnchat Q3 from anthropology and the history of human interaction w/ technology
9:39:52 pm jwillensky: Q3 Learned as a trainer at a remote reworking crappy materials from HQ. Did it wrong, so went to grad school. #lrnchat
9:40:09 pm smartinx: @RobRobertson My learning disability is related to taking out the trash, so I feel your laundry pain. #lrnchat
9:40:26 pm richardsheehy: Q3: I learned visual design from my art background and training. ID from my master’s classes , people and reading. #lrnchat
9:40:28 pm jwillensky: Q3 Also lots of peer interaction, consensus-buliding, arm-wrestling. #lrnchat
9:40:28 pm shantarohse: @lrnchat Great Q! Who contributed it? Where did *you* learn what you know about design and what does design mean to you? #lrnchat
9:40:34 pm JaneBozarth: Q3 had good mentors, had some successes, had work settings that forced me to learn. Also knew I could do better than much I saw. #lrnchat
9:40:39 pm rpannoni: IMO, visual clutter (too much detail and styling that does not add to comprehension) is the main enemy of good visual design. #lrnchat
9:40:40 pm mkfrie: Q3 – I gotta say, Edward Tufte’s first 3 books sure helped me #lrnchat
9:40:47 pm ThomasStone: Q3: I can honestly say I’ve learned 95% of what I know in ID and visual design from colleagues, past and present, at Element K. #lrnchat
9:40:48 pm hybridkris: Q2: Designers need to understand basic code (& coders to understand design). Interdisciplinary knowledge is key for smaller groups. #lrnchat
9:41:03 pm busynessgirl: Q3: Learned good design from watching a zillion TED talks. #lrnchat
9:41:05 pm JaneBozarth: Q3 Then did go to grad school; master’s level courses did help. Doc, not so much. #lrnchat
9:41:06 pm smartinx: @busynessgirl While not PC, still somewhat true. Which would mean that there are some things that are “unlearnable” for some… #lrnchat
9:41:10 pm dbolen: Q3 learned by mentoring, looking at art, asking questions #lrnchat
9:41:19 pm tmiket: Q3 Learned from being trainer and seeing 1st hand good vs bad approaches& tested on my parents. If they can get so can most others #lrnchat
9:41:30 pm jwillensky: RT @mkfrie: Q3 – I gotta say, Edward Tufte’s first 3 books sure helped me #lrnchat repeat #lrnchat
9:41:56 pm JaneBozarth: Q3 VERY fortunate that NC govt has big group of competent trainers who network, model, share #lrnchat
9:41:59 pm richardsheehy: RT @busynessgirl: Q3: Learned good design from watching a zillion TED talks. #lrnchat (I love TED talks)
9:42:06 pm tmiket: Still learning from great folks like #lrnchat -ers
9:42:23 pm LauraMattis: Q3 learned as a trainer and from being in the role I was actually training, then got to participate in projects here & there #lrnchat
9:42:23 pm marciamarcia: I’m a big Michael Schrage fan on prototyping. Interview from the archive: #lrnchat
9:42:25 pm moehlert: #lrnchat is now moving into the 2nd beer phase…
9:42:43 pm tmiket: @richardsheehy Amen to TED talks. Awesome! #lrnchat
9:42:52 pm JaneBozarth: @smartinx Sometimes you can get away w/ not learning. I got an A in grad statistics but didn’t understand a single word! woo hoo #lrnchat
9:43:10 pm Dave_Ferguson: #lrnchat MS in curric & instruction (intro to Mager); anal/design workshops (Harless, Rummler, Gilbert); hands-on work for front-line jobs.
9:43:14 pm dwilkinsnh: For me, Gloria Gerry, HPT, John Carrol, Jakob Nielsen, Info Mapping, Biological learning theories – in a blender #lrnchat #lrnchat
9:43:16 pm odguru: Learned fast in the basmnt of a large hospital in 1994.Boss quit.Me in charge. Execs & docs need Comm trng. CQI. Baptism by fire.#lrnchat
9:43:24 pm moehlert: RT @hamtra: @busynessgirl TED talks, great idea. They have only 15min +/- to do their talks #lrnchat
9:43:25 pm wlonline: Learning design thro work, experiences, study, online networks (like Twitter) and personal learning #lrnchat
9:43:47 pm thecleversheep: Weakness:I still can’t draw (even after reading Roam’s Back of the Napkin). Strength: I can find great CC visuals to tell a story. #lrnchat
9:43:50 pm busynessgirl: @smartinx Then how do you reconcile “unlearnable” or proficiency barriers with programs like NCLB and open enrollment at CCs? #lrnchat
9:43:50 pm richardsheehy: @JaneBozarth I have been inspired and influenced by David Warlick’s blog and podcasts #lrnchat
9:43:51 pm marciamarcia: Husbnd just broke open a box of mint oreos, and the package of the design is befuddling. #lrnchat
9:43:54 pm JaneBozarth: @jwiillensky Agree Tufte is very helpful. LOVE the Challenger/Oring stuff #lrnchat
9:44:20 pm hybridkris: I learned what I know of ID from trial by fire & colleagues. Art & coding design in college. I still learn from folks I work with. #lrnchat
9:44:27 pm nickfloro: Daniel Pink’s book great for design and explaining why design is so important. A Whole New Mind #lrnchat
9:44:29 pm rpannoni: Q3: Studied UI design – (Donald Norman) & cognitive psych. #lrnchat
9:44:41 pm dwilkinsnh: And now, I’m adding Jay Cross, Clark Quinn and my own thoughts on social learning to my blender #lrnchat #lrnchat
9:44:50 pm Dave_Ferguson: #lrnchat Nothing to disprove academic learning theory like trying to help Amtrak agents or inventory mgrs get their damned job done.
9:44:53 pm Priaak: learned on the job, good mentors, in-house trainings #lrnchat
9:44:56 pm odguru: @JaneBozarth I need details on the stats thing! How’d you do it?! #Lrnchat
9:45:13 pm smartinx: @busynessgirl Thankfully, I don’t have to.*G* Maybe should restate…you learn to be proficient, but not all can learn to be master #lrnchat
9:45:14 pm JaneBozarth: @richardsheedy oh yes forgot about Warlick. #lrnchat
9:45:14 pm gminks: @dwilkinsnh And now, I’m adding Jay Cross, Clark Quinn and my own thoughts on social learning to my blender #lrnchat
9:45:42 pm shantarohse: Design inspiration is everywhere! But I rely on theory,frameworks,models to help me better understand why it does/does not work. #lrnchat
9:45:48 pm Dave_Ferguson: #lrnchat Also, recommend getting Penn Central training materials. Just do the exact opposite of them; you’ll be a star.
9:46:22 pm nickfloro: Q3 I learned the most by working with a great designer, see how she created + allowed me to learn and develop the skills. #lrnchat
9:46:39 pm JaneBozarth: @odguru Turns out you don’t have to understand math to pass it. Just memorize formulas, jump through little hoops, get cheese. #lrnchat
9:46:42 pm jwillensky: Q3 Design is using right tools for solution, emulating the elegant, and calmly explaining decisions. #lrnchat
9:47:11 pm moehlert: #lrnchat Almost forgot a HUGE fav. A Unified Field Theory of Design by Shedroff
9:47:16 pm shantarohse: Design inspiration is particularly prevalent outside of ID. ;-( #lrnchat
9:47:16 pm nickfloro: Design = communication and problem solving. Design is how it works. #lrnchat
9:47:17 pm marciamarcia: @Dave_Ferguson I call that “anti-learning” — learning from doing the opposite of what they’re trying to teach. #lrnchat
9:47:20 pm tgrevatt: Good Eve #lrnchat So sorry to miss tonight, was out in the flesh networking with #CATAWIT Ottawa #lrnchat
9:47:21 pm rpannoni: Typography is also an under-appreciated art that is easy to study. #lrnchat
9:47:21 pm smartinx: Q3:Interesting that so many answers are master/apprentice model, and not classroom learnin’ model #lrnchat
9:47:31 pm tmiket: @JaneBozarth I see lots of that true learning vs jumping though hoops. Unfortunately more hoop jumping than learning #lrnchat
9:47:49 pm Spydeesense: whoops gotta get! thanks & look forward to catching up on all the great questions & challenges #lrnchat
9:48:01 pm jmarrapodi: Oh wait. Are we talking visual design now or ID? Got a mix here. #lrnchat
9:48:03 pm thecleversheep: @nickfloro The movement towards ‘soft touch’ and emphasis on ‘good design’ are things rarely taught. Pink highlighted these well. #lrnchat
9:48:31 pm gminks: @smartinx I was a trainer in a former life, but since I”ve been a developer I’ve been learning more ID stuff #lrnchat
9:48:39 pm moehlert: @smartinx #lrnchat Shocker right? “I learned from sitting in class and hearing lecture”
9:48:56 pm nickfloro: edward tufte books, if you get a chance to attend his 1 or 2 day seminar that travels every year. #lrnchat
9:48:58 pm nickfloro: tufte courses #lrnchat
9:49:08 pm marciamarcia: RT @smartinx Interesting that so many [how lrn design] answers are master/apprentice model, and not classroom learnin’ model. #lrnchat
9:49:11 pm busynessgirl: @JaneBozarth I pronounce you to have a fragmented view of mathematics. Turns out you won’t really learn until you get cohesive view #lrnchat
9:49:20 pm moehlert: @jmarrapodi #lrnchat That’s part of the question – what do we think of when we say “design”?
9:49:30 pm smartinx: @moehlert So why are we so set on the “I will lecture and you will learn” model? #lrnchat
9:49:34 pm ThomasStone: @tgrevatt I recommend reviewing tonight’s transcript, because lots of good tools shared earlier. #lrnchat
9:50:04 pm dwilkinsnh: @jmarrapodi I didn’t get any of that from school. Anything meaningful I know about design was self taught in yrs after school. #lrnchat
9:50:18 pm RobRobertson: I wonder how much of elearning is great from a design point of view but does not move the needle at all… #lrnchat
9:50:21 pm JaneBozarth: @tmiket Yeah… passin’ don’t mean learnin’. But then I didn’t need to use it anyway. What a waste of time/ $$ #lrnchat
9:50:32 pm busynessgirl: @moehlert Of course, it could just be that we never took any courses on design. πŸ™‚ #lrnchat
9:51:05 pm gminks: I love my degree program. I have learned SO much #lrnchat
9:51:11 pm bschlenker: @smartinx That model fits nicely into our industrial world of linearity and command & control #lrnchat
9:51:19 pm moehlert: @smartinx #lrnchat Inertia, focus on $$ efficiency instead of learning-that’s a whole night’s topic!
9:51:19 pm Dave_Ferguson: @RobRobertson About the same percentage as all OTHER forms of shovelware. Not that much new under the sun, just different shadows #lrnchat
9:51:25 pm JaneBozarth: @busynessgirl OK I can’t learn to clean the bathroom either. I’m just fragmented all over the place. #lrnchat
9:51:27 pm smartinx: @RobRobertson Then it’s not “great” design, is it? *G* #lrnchat
9:51:44 pm shantarohse: @Dave_Ferguson So much learning is really un-learning, isn’t it. Especially as we get older. #lrnchat
9:52:05 pm busynessgirl: Another future question … how can you make the best of a bad course, conference talk, etc. @JaneBozarth @lrnchat #lrnchat
9:52:35 pm Priaak: RT shantarohse @Dave_Ferguson So much learning is really un-learning, isn’t it. Especially as we get older #lrnchat
9:52:36 pm tgrevatt: @ThomasStone Thanks! I always feel rather sad to miss the action, guess that makes me an addict πŸ˜‰ This community = v useful #lrnchat
9:52:45 pm ChristyATucker: @gminks What degree program are you doing? #lrnchat
9:53:11 pm busynessgirl: @JaneBozarth Not kidding on the fragmented conception of math thing – I’ve got research to back this up! #lrnchat
9:53:16 pm roninchef: School for me was new media and web design courses in my early 30s. Then told good luck figuring it out. Fell into Elearning. #lrnchat
9:53:19 pm JaneBozarth: @odguru oh and I forgot I had a tutor. She was great. In Raleigh. Where are you? #lrnchat
9:53:22 pm thecleversheep: @aforgrave Thanks. Will check these authors… now on my ToDo list. #lrnchat
9:53:41 pm Dave_Ferguson: @busynessgirl Sometimes can smuggle good technique in; just call it what the client calls training. (Perf support? Nah, it’s OTJ!) #lrnchat
9:53:54 pm gminks: @ChristyATucker instructional systems at FSU #lrnchat
9:54:02 pm JaneBozarth: @busynessgirl But I don’t care… and don’t need it. #lrnchat
9:54:06 pm busynessgirl: Now curious, who else in this chat is working on a degree right now? Me? PhD in Higher Ed Leadership ABD (dissertation at #drpt). #lrnchat
9:54:37 pm bschlenker: Learning is up to the learner – The learning design community can only supply the environment, content, and delivery method. #lrnchat
9:54:48 pm dwilkinsnh: @Dave_Ferguson Games? Nope, highly interactive, immersive learning experiences… #lrnchat
9:54:52 pm Dave_Ferguson: @shantarohse re unlearning: many probs come not from what we don’t know, but what we do know that isn’t true. #lrnchat
9:54:57 pm marciamarcia: @moehlert @smartinx Marked. Perhaps Aug theme (whole month?) should be why set on the “I will lecture and you will learn” model? #lrnchat
9:55:11 pm tmiket: @busynessgirl Finished Master’s from San Diego State last year Ed Tech #lrnchat
9:55:11 pm gminks: @busynessgirl ME! MS Instructional Systems at Florida State #lrnchat
9:55:21 pm magdaZINE: My recommendations are “slide:ology” by @nancyduarte and “Marks and meaning” by @davegray + “Story” by McKee for scripts #lrnchat
9:55:43 pm Dave_Ferguson: @dwilkinsnh Absolutely. In many corp enviros I see, “game” is kiss of death. Activity/simulation, they sound like real work. #lrnchat
9:55:47 pm MariaDroujkova: @busynessgirl Watching your dissertation channel #drpt with much interest. What a great way to #lrnchat
9:56:05 pm thecleversheep: Just thought of the most obvious bad design. “The Student Desk”. Led me to draft this task: #lrnchat
9:56:14 pm mkfrie: @nickfloro Attended Tufte course, knew 10 who attended, packed the place but PRICEY. #lrnchat
9:56:15 pm moehlert: RT @taniasheko: are we losing the deep reading culture with reading mainly online? #guidedinquiry #lrnchat
9:56:16 pm dwilkinsnh: @marciamarcia Love that idea. Great, meaty theme. #lrnchat
9:56:21 pm JaneBozarth: In case this got lost: I was very fortunate early in career to have big network of competent generous mentor types — big big help #lrnchat
9:56:30 pm Dave_Ferguson: @marciamarcia Then for Aug: each night, only one person gets to tweet. #lrnchat
9:56:31 pm marciamarcia: @jmarrapodi Part of the question is, what does design mean to you? #lrnchat
9:56:31 pm magdaZINE: digging the #lrnchat conversations, but I am basically stalking. Are you guys at a conference?
9:56:45 pm LauraMattis: enjoyed my first #lrnchat experience, signing off for now, looking forward to the next one! Will be better equipped w/Twitter tools!
9:56:50 pm lasic: @smartinx #lrnchat wouldn’t dismiss master/apprentice, mentorship best when mix of vertical (expert), horizontal (peer), deep (world)
9:57:04 pm odguru: @JaneBozarth I am just outside of Toronto. Perhaps we can cyber-tutor. #lrnchat
9:57:24 pm marciamarcia: @Dave_Ferguson ODG, you’re not implying we do that every night of the month are you? It might be a fun twist though! #lrnchat
9:57:29 pm moehlert: @marciamarcia @smartinx #lrnchat We’ll shake the Pillars of Convention w/ our brilliant insight!!
9:57:29 pm thecleversheep: @magdaZINE We are all over the place… Like minds found one another… Chatting on common theme. #lrnchat
9:57:34 pm Dave_Ferguson: @magdazine No, just an informal weekly yakfest w/ #lrnchat hashtag…
9:57:43 pm busynessgirl: RT @Dave_Ferguson (imitating lecture) Then for Aug: each night, only one person gets to tweet. #lrnchat
9:58:21 pm moehlert: @magdaZINE #lrnchat Just out in the world..coming at you live every Thursday from 8:30-10:00 PM EDT
9:58:44 pm rpannoni: @marciamarcia Design: A strategy for achieving an objective. Good design = good strategy. #lrnchat
9:58:51 pm dwilkinsnh: @marciamarcia Good topic for blog? How to get set-up with TweetChat etc… for Twitter newbies to more easily “on-board” #lrnchat #lrnchat
9:59:09 pm JaneBozarth: @marciamarcia Great idea on the “i shall teach”… theme #lrnchat
9:59:11 pm thecleversheep: @dougpete Anything specific books you can share? I promise to return books in fine shape…. ; ) #lrnchat
9:59:33 pm moehlert: @Dave_Ferguson #lrnchat BRILLIANT!! No questions either and test at the end of the month…
9:59:52 pm thecleversheep: @magdaZINE Thursdays… 8:30 – 10 p.m. Eastern Time No invite needed…. #lrnchat
9:59:55 pm magdaZINE: @moehlert Thank you. it’s on my calendar now #lrnchat See you next week.
9:59:58 pm gminks: I love that so many #lrnchat people are green. πŸ™‚
10:00:09 pm kaferico: @busynessgirl I am working towards an EdD in Educational Technology but not yet in the dissertation stage. #lrnchat
10:00:12 pm moehlert: Holy crap….when did it get to be 10:00?! #lrnchat
10:00:17 pm JaneBozarth: Good design: solves the problem. Might not always be “instruction”.#lrnchat
10:00:22 pm devlearn: @moehlert I think we need to define “deep reading” in order to answer that #guidedinquiry #lrnchat
10:00:55 pm dwilkinsnh: Need to go “network” with my family. Awesome discussion as always. Good night all. #lrnchat


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