#lrnchat 11 recap

Tonight we held the eleventh weekly #lrnchat, fast, lively, amazing. Our overall theme tonight was design: instructional design, visual design, and cognitive design. We had a warm up question, and three core questions related to one another. See the full transcript.

Q0 (our weekly welcome, now also @lrn2day) What have you learned today? If nothing fabulous, what have you learned this week?
Q1 via @oxala75: What apps and methods are you using for storyboarding (elearning, presentations, etc.)
Q2: What do you do to help workplace learning pros learn about design? Mentor? Classes? Books? Field Trips? What should be done?
Q3: Where did *you* learn what you know about design and what does design mean to you?

Thank you to everyone who joined us. This was another very busy, very frenetic, very educational chat. In additional to workplace learning professionals, we had school teachers, training product vendors, and people curious about the flying sparks. We hope to continue to grow and learn at this pace with your help.

Please be sure to tell us whos-who, submit any questions you have for future chats (please include your @name) and plan to join us again. Also, please help us spread the word on #lrnchat by tweeting about it, writing about it in your blog, and asking your friends to join us next Thursday. Here’s to learning between now and then!


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