Transcript of #lrnchat for 06/11/09

8:30:51 pm lrnchat: Welcome everyone to #lrnchat. How’ve you been? What have you been learning?
8:31:36 pm lrnchat: #lrnchat rules: 1) Introduce yourself. (We’ll do this again at the end). Location? Focus? Fave topics?
8:31:53 pm Socialearning: #lrnchat I use Seesmic Desktop. Great to follow multiple accounts and conversations.
8:31:58 pm moehlert: I love the #lrnchat answers for twitter clients – does it boggle any1 else the range of UI, UX and functionality that stem from an open API?
8:32:03 pm sguditus: I’ve learned that my students think Google Docs is an effective collaboration tool: #lrnchat
8:32:03 pm jwillensky: @sguditus @moehlert TweetGrid does work well for something like this! #lrnchat
8:32:18 pm jmarrapodi: Will be missing #lrnchat tonight. On the road. Learn lots! Looking forward to the transcript.
8:32:23 pm lrnchat: 2) [try to] stay on the #lrnchat topic. A new question will be asked every 20 min or so. Please begin posts related to a question w/ the Q#.
8:32:30 pm KoreenOlbrish: I learned that you shouldn’t change your web hosting site midweek or risk losing 1-2 days of email. sigh. #lrnchat
8:32:55 pm richeek: Be prepared that your research will show up the opposite of what you think it will #lrnchat
8:33:27 pm lrnchat: 3) on #lrnchat we aim to play nice. Sarcasm, welcome tho.
8:33:46 pm moehlert: #lrnchat Mark Oehlert here from Frederick MD & focus is on overcoming org objections to social media
8:33:46 pm busynessgirl: Maria, Michigan, Math Faculty, Consultant, and PhD student … interested in diffusion of innovations in education, technology #lrnchat
8:33:48 pm carolwhit: learning that I still have a lot to learn about being a successful small biz person, and right now is a really hard time to learn #lrnchat
8:33:53 pm hjarche: Q1 – Harold Jarche Sackville, NB, Canada; work/learning integration; like wide variety of topics #lrnchat
8:34:16 pm jwillensky: I’ve learned that facilitation techniques work well if one is thrust into a management role without a clue. #lrnchat
8:34:24 pm KoreenOlbrish: oh its nice to be back! too many weeks away…Koreen, Philly, games and sims and virtual worlds, oh my! #lrnchat
8:34:33 pm carolwhit: Carol, San Jose, CA, instructional designer, learning strategist and entrepreneur #lrnchat
8:35:05 pm moehlert: @busynessgirl #lrnchat Welcome Maria – great meeting you at #iel09
8:35:09 pm JaneBozarth: Hallo from hotel in Richmond, KY. Here to do some T3 work, one of my fave things. #lrnchat
8:35:21 pm dbolen: Q1 Don Bolen Atlanta, learning strategy, whats up in sims #lrnchat
8:35:25 pm JaneBozarth: Learning this week about tools for recording Skype calls. #lrnchat
8:35:28 pm marciamarcia: This week I learned I can automate some of the moderation for this chat and be able to be more of a participant. 🙂 #lrnchat
8:35:37 pm rpannoni: Rob Pannoni (Santa Clara, CA) – enterprise learning consultant specializing in learning governance & technology. #lrnchat
8:35:45 pm JaneBozarth: Oh and I meant to add rabid learner. #lrnchat
8:36:04 pm BlancheMaynard: Louise from Kingston Canada. Historian turned instructional designer #lrnchat
8:36:08 pm busynessgirl: @moehlert I think we have similar interests … a lot of my PhD research is on barriers and resistance to change #lrnchat
8:36:19 pm dbolen: @JaneBozarth what tools? #lrnchat
8:36:21 pm lrnchat: 4) 5min before end, #lrnchat moderators will ask if you need anything from the other participants. Time to reintroduce yourself too.
8:36:32 pm Socialearning: I’ve learned more about the Edward De bon’s 6 thinking hats method #lrnchat
8:36:34 pm jwillensky: Jason Willensky, Phoenix, AZ. Instructional design consultant. Focus (these days) on rapid ID/eLearning. #lrnchat
8:36:35 pm moehlert: #lrnchat Every1 see the story about the US Army opening up base networks to twitter?
8:36:39 pm lrnchat: 5) When writing in, complete thoughts help followers outside chat learn from you. #lrnchat
8:37:02 pm BlancheMaynard: learning that defragmenting hard drive during #lrnchat might not be a good idea…
8:37:08 pm Socialearning: Edward De Bono* #lrnchat
8:37:21 pm busynessgirl: @moehlert I found myself wondering if that story had anything to do with #iel09 last week. #lrnchat
8:37:33 pm Priaak: Hi everyone #lrnchat
8:38:01 pm KoreenOlbrish: @moehlert i saw that someone posted a follow up to that story today, that the army still isn’t doing it… #lrnchat
8:38:25 pm hjarche: @JaneBozarth I used to use Pamela for recording skype – it worked well on a PC #lrnchat
8:38:27 pm marciamarcia: Oh yeah, intros: Marcia Conner, enterprise social media & learning analyst w/ Pistachio Consulting, writer, mom, & moderator of #lrnchat
8:38:34 pm Socialearning: @marciamarcia Great! What tools do you use ? #lrnchat
8:38:41 pm mobilemind: Hi all. Q1: Tom King, Seattle. Classically trained ISD, elearning developer, standards wonk work w/@Questionmark #lrnchat
8:38:52 pm richardsheehy: #lrnchat sorry to be jumping in late . Richard Sheehy from SC
8:39:45 pm lrnchat: Great to see so many new faces tonight on #lrnchat
8:39:51 pm moehlert: @busynessgirl #lrnchat Actually the order came down in May and it just went public 🙂 I wish we were that powerful!
8:39:58 pm haiku12: Whoops hashtags #lrnchat – 1. Robert Milton, Palo Alto, Project Manager for early product education
8:39:59 pm mobilemind: Today I learned about 3 ways to develop App Store iPhone apps for learning w/out using Objective C. #lrnchat
8:40:00 pm oxala75: sorry, also late: Craig from Alexandria #lrnchat
8:40:08 pm JaneBozarth: @dbolen Callburner, Pamela, Powergramo. Need to export to .wav #lrnchat
8:40:15 pm moehlert: @KoreenOlbrish #lrnchat got a link? 🙂
8:40:17 pm KoreenOlbrish: @richardsheehy not late, just getting started! #lrnchat
8:40:27 pm busynessgirl: Asked “Do you have a way to track and reflect on learning?” in webinar today, and about 90% of participants (in education) said no. #lrnchat
8:40:48 pm MariaOD: #lrnchat, Maria from Columbus,Ohio, Org Dev Specialist, Columbus Metro Library-Rapid elearn dev and ID
8:40:49 pm KoreenOlbrish: @moehlert the link didn’t work…i think @sradick posted it… #lrnchat
8:40:58 pm marciamarcia: @Socialearning Now that’s a wide-open question! Can you be more specific. Which tools do I use for what? #lrnchat
8:41:27 pm haiku12: #lrnchat – I learned that it’s a real challenge to get the community to contribute videocasts, especially if the quality bar is high.
8:41:38 pm lrnchat: First question coming in about 2 minutes. Theme tonight is social media in workplace learning. #lrnchat
8:41:55 pm J_Schulz: Sorry I’m late #lrnchat; John, Chicago, Learning Technologist
8:42:03 pm richardsheehy: @busynessgirl Reflection as a learning process is overlooked in business as well as education #lrnchat
8:42:13 pm tmiket: tmiket #lrnchat learning developer in Columbus, OH Hi @mariaod !!
8:42:22 pm haiku12: #lrnchat so the evil trick is to interview folks in a noisy hall, add static, etc.
8:42:31 pm hjarche: @busynessgirl tracking & reflecting on learning – PKM is focused on this (1 of my fave areas) #lrnchat
8:42:51 pm richeek: Q1 Richeek Roy, Instructional designer from India, keeping learning development costs low #lrnchat
8:43:27 pm moehlert: @KoreenOlbrish #lrnchat here is the 1 I found and its spot on..ppl think military is all command & control
8:43:29 pm jerridkruse: I learned that 8th graders views on learning can be significantly changed through teacher effort. #lrnchat
8:43:32 pm lrnchat: @busynessgirl @haiku12 @richardsheehy @j_schulz and others. Welcome welcome! #lrnchat
8:43:35 pm Socialearning: Lilian Mahoukou, community manager from France and tweeting from @socialearning #lrnchat
8:44:10 pm busynessgirl: The lack of reflection is ironic, since as educators we create assignments for students that we hope cause them to reflect. #lrnchat
8:44:24 pm marciamarcia: Craziness. There has been a storm in our valley in VA every one of the last 4 Thursday nights. Seems even the sky wants in on #lrnchat
8:44:34 pm KoreenOlbrish: @jerridkruse that’s an awesome thing to learn 😉 i really miss teaching 8th graders… #lrnchat
8:44:51 pm lrnchat: Q1: Why aren’t ppl using social media & twitter-like tools in training? What myths do they have? Excuses they use? Legit reasons? #lrnchat
8:45:20 pm lrnchat: #lrnchat
8:45:42 pm Socialearning: @marciamarcia Sure 🙂 Tools that you use to be more available for this conversation #lrnchat
8:45:49 pm haiku12: I can’t stick around this evening, but greetings all, and a special shout out to Tom King. See you soon!. #lrnchat
8:45:51 pm MariaOD: @tmiket Hi there Mike! c-bus too! #lrnchat
8:45:58 pm tmiket: Too new. Misunderstood. #lrnchat
8:46:06 pm jerridkruse: @busynessgirl how often do those assign actually cause reflection, and how often do we just hope? #lrnchat
8:46:16 pm busynessgirl: @lrnchat I think the biggie is privacy issues. #lrnchat
8:46:26 pm mobilemind: Legit reason & excuse to limit soc. media: discussion or confidential, proprietary or personally identifiable information. #lrnchat
8:46:32 pm oxala75: A1: perceived unpredictability, fear of uncovering own ignorance, etc. #lrnchat
8:46:32 pm KoreenOlbrish: @lrnchat Twitter nonuse excuse: its distracting; legit reason: it can be distracting #lrnchat
8:46:40 pm dpontefract: Learning leader, believer in flat org’s, formal-informal-social, 3 kids(6,3,2) 14 yrs married, will try to part but in Pacific zone #lrnchat
8:46:43 pm BlancheMaynard: Q1 – Twitter and similar tools too messy. Lack of control from trainer/presenter/prof #lrnchat
8:46:46 pm jwillensky: Have seen lots of resistance from classroom trainers — “losing control of room,” also losing control of learning. #lrnchat
8:46:49 pm rpannoni: Met with a large corp this week that thinks there are too many legal and institutional barriers. #lrnchat
8:46:54 pm moehlert: @lrnchat #lrnchat Q1 I love that the question isn’t focused on learning but on training…
8:47:16 pm tmiket: @BlancheMaynard Yes Def. messy #lrnchat
8:47:32 pm hjarche: Q!: some people are using SM tools in training; just few so far – EPSS is still a new concept, after 15 yrs – field slow to change #lrnchat
8:47:34 pm KoreenOlbrish: @moehlert that’s because training is about control and that’s what Twitter challenges 😉 #lrnchat
8:47:46 pm marciamarcia: I’ve been hearing “My company won’t allow it” (and they don’t even know there are inside the firewall options. Q1 #lrnchat
8:47:47 pm BradStokes: Lack of control is still a big issue for some orgs #lrnchat
8:47:58 pm Priaak: measurement… how to measure learning through twitter type apps, takeaway for each person may be different #lrnchat
8:48:01 pm jwillensky: Q1 But these tools aren’t going away… #lrnchat
8:48:02 pm jenisecook: Financial institutions very concerned about customer private data and upcoming product development. #lrnchat
8:48:02 pm JaneBozarth: Q1 Classroom trainers fear loss of control #lrnchat
8:48:18 pm busynessgirl: Ironically, the “control” is probably the main problem with education today. Learning isn’t tidy. But difficulty w/chaos is legit. #lrnchat
8:48:23 pm richardsheehy: q1: lack of control, learner’s lack of exerience w/ tools, #lrnchat
8:48:28 pm mobilemind: Same thing happened years ago with IM, See search on IM & corp. security, Google: #lrnchat
8:48:31 pm BradStokes: The public nature of the learning can also be off putting to some trainers #lrnchat
8:48:36 pm dbolen: Q1 control, lack therof, IT worries, manager concerns distractions #lrnchat
8:48:38 pm lrnchat: My hope with Q1 is to hear both reasons why not using, and how you reply. #lrnchat
8:48:39 pm MariaOD: #lrnchat Q1-SoMe is very scary-no formal measurement and also privacy concerns and well as risk to brands. Where’s the ROI?
8:48:40 pm tmiket: better to accept it is there in some form and use it instead of fighting it. no? #lrnchat
8:48:41 pm moehlert: #lrnchat Q1 Only “real” reason for non-use is that no one has sufficiently explained benefit…to students, teachers, admins
8:48:42 pm Socialearning: #lrnchat I think the majority of people want to stick to their habits. Change may be seen as a threat #lrnchat
8:48:48 pm carolwhit: Q1 agree with the “lack of control”, also, some instructors don’t want to learn new tools #lrnchat
8:48:48 pm KoreenOlbrish: i think the underlying issue is people don’t know how to use Twitter, or how it can add value-requires a change in strategy #lrnchat
8:48:51 pm jwillensky: Q1 Hear resistance even to private/white-label tools. #lrnchat
8:48:53 pm edwsonoma: #lrnchat and I do mean learning tech types. Not just learning types. Or tech types. The ones in the middle.
8:49:00 pm rpannoni: Teaching research shows that the more subject expertise, the more likely to embrace open-ended techniques. #lrnchat
8:49:01 pm jenisecook: Q1 ILT facilitators need to change… slowly…. #lrnchat
8:49:16 pm jerridkruse: @lrnchat Q1: legit reason: some things are better taught without social media. #lrnchat
8:49:37 pm JaneBozarth: partial RT @KoreenOlbrish #lrnchat “…that’s because training is about control” …”. Amen, sister.
8:50:08 pm moehlert: @KoreenOlbrish #lrnchat well said
8:50:08 pm richardsheehy: trainer’s don’t want to have to teach how to use the tools on top of the other stuff #lrnchat
8:50:10 pm marciamarcia: @rpannoni I’d love to see citations for research on the more subject expertise, the more likely to embrace open-ended technqs #lrnchat
8:50:13 pm shantarohse: This week a software upgrade brought chat to our desktops. I can’t wait to see how it will be used. #lrnchat
8:50:21 pm jenisecook: Q1: Do a SM analysis b 4 implementing in classroom. Make it valuable and useful for outcomes. #lrnchat.
8:50:32 pm busynessgirl: We talked about this at #iel09 right? Need to give instructors a safe way to try the technology in their lives first. #lrnchat
8:50:38 pm jwillensky: Q1 Sat in on an ASTD CoP meeting on Web 2.0 tools; classroom trainers seemed to want Eisenhower to come back. #lrnchat
8:50:42 pm tmiket: @jerridkruse just as there is no one method appropriate for all types of learning. pick what’s appropriate #lrnchat
8:50:44 pm carolwhit: Q1 SoMe shouldn’t be seen as replacement, but enhancement of whatever the subject is, instructor needs to understand how to do this #lrnchat
8:50:47 pm dbolen: Q1 many “trainers” late adopters of tech #lrnchat
8:50:49 pm JaneBozarth: Q1 @mobilemind Many orgs STILL blocking IM. #lrnchat
8:50:52 pm hjarche: RT the only thing that a network can do is share (Mark Pesce) #lrnchat makes networked learning scary for institutions
8:50:54 pm edwsonoma: #lrnchat @moehlert another reason is not knowing how. Let’s not presume. It’s our job to help with that
8:50:57 pm moehlert: @richardsheehy #lrnchat train the trainers 🙂 Make using SoMe part of their assessment
8:51:02 pm J_Schulz: #lrnchat Q1: Perhaps it’s a ‘design’ issue – those creating/teaching can’t see how to integrate it, or design program differently with it.
8:51:05 pm mobilemind: What about “fairness”? Is it unfair if some learners don’t have access to social media or skills? #lrnchat
8:51:18 pm BradStokes: I think part of it is difficulty in find the right context for such public training #lrnchat
8:51:27 pm odguru: Enormous investment in stuff we already have… big part of ASTD cited $134.39 billion US and investments of self and credibility #lrnchat
8:51:34 pm BlancheMaynard: i keep forgetting the hashtag (sigh…) #lrnchat
8:51:38 pm KoreenOlbrish: @J_Schulz Ding ding ding! its all about design! #lrnchat
8:51:48 pm rpannoni: @moehlert Not sure I agree that the only real reason is ignorance. Lots of real barriers. It’s not a tool for all situations. #lrnchat
8:52:07 pm marciamarcia: Someday write this down; I’m about to defend training. Where training applies well is when we need automaticity. CPR for instance. #lrnchat
8:52:08 pm JaneBozarth: Q1 I uploaded lit review on classroom trainer resistance at earlier this week. #lrnchat
8:52:17 pm jenisecook: Q1 Take time to create demos that tie in w/ CLO’s goals and business’s objectives. Demo results! #lrnchat
8:52:22 pm dbolen: @mobilemind believe it’s access #lrnchat
8:52:22 pm richardsheehy: upper level mgmt see SoMe as waste of time. workers should be working not socializing #lrnchat
8:52:26 pm butwait: When preparing 2 share stu. work w/ the world (with parental sign off, of course), do you think first name only for elem.-age kids? #lrnchat
8:52:29 pm jwillensky: @mobilemind Good point. Do learners ever really have equal skills? Quick training on tools? #lrnchat
8:52:48 pm J_Schulz: @KoreenOlbrish Thank you, thank you … you too! Gotta love design. #lrnchat
8:53:08 pm marciamarcia: And though I haven’t come up with a use-case for Social Media (SoME) in CPR training, there might be one. #lrnchat
8:53:10 pm mobilemind: Tip for others, tweetchat web page follows this tag, accounts for message length w/tag AND automatically adds tag #lrnchat
8:53:11 pm jerridkruse: #lrnchat Q1: I don’t think social media can replace traditional training/instruction. But it can be useful in addition or when out of reach
8:53:14 pm JaneBozarth: I think we ought to make @ivybean104 the #lrnchat poster child.
8:53:16 pm AuldHouse: RT @marciamarcia: …Where training applies well is when we need automaticity. CPR for instance. #lrnchat
8:53:19 pm richeek: IMHO, Control is 4 learners 2 have, not 4 trainers/ISDs 2 have. The latter’s job is more to provide a semblance of control #lrnchat
8:53:26 pm Socialearning: #lrnchat People may think it’s too time-consuming
8:53:26 pm bjdavies: @richardsheehy need mind shift to realise that in today’s world working/socializing cannot be separated #lrnchat
8:53:27 pm rpannoni: @marciamarcia It’s been a while. I’ll see if I can dig up the research on subject expertise an open methods of teaching. #lrnchat
8:53:30 pm hjarche: @BlancheMaynard if you log in to and enter the lrnchat room it will add hashtag for you #lrnchat
8:53:39 pm tmiket: @jwillensky Learners with equal skills? Rarely I’d say #lrnchat
8:53:49 pm BradStokes: @marciamarcia How about simulation within the Second Life environment? #lrnchat
8:53:53 pm jenisecook: Q1 yea, richardsheehy… we need to show C-level mgmt the business benefits. #lrnchat
8:53:53 pm KoreenOlbrish: @marciamarcia lol, it’ll be in the transcript 😉 but i agree, some skills require training. #lrnchat
8:53:54 pm busynessgirl: “but students might not have Internet access all the time” my reply: “they might not have their books all the time either” #lrnchat
8:53:57 pm shantarohse: Rt @BradStokes I think part of it is difficulty in find the right context for such public #lrnchat
8:54:07 pm JaneBozarth: @marciamarcia I think soc media could do a lot to provide JIT after-support for, say, someone fresh out of new supervisor training. #lrnchat
8:54:12 pm moehlert: @edwsonoma #lrnchat I hear u but they would WANT 2 lrn how if the benefit was clear & explained. Or make it part of how they get paid 😉
8:54:18 pm jwillensky: @tmiket Agreed. #lrnchat
8:54:37 pm BlancheMaynard: @hjarche Thanks! Will lon in to right away 🙂 #lrnchat
8:54:42 pm mobilemind: Is ADA Section 508 and web accessibility a consideration for some learning/education uses of social media? #lrnchat
8:54:45 pm jenisecook: RT @JaneBozarth I think we ought to make @ivybean104 the #lrnchat poster child. AMEN!
8:54:53 pm BradStokes: I’ve also seen roleplays and gestural awareness done successfully through SL #lrnchat
8:55:01 pm marciamarcia: @mobilemind I’m using Tweetgrid for the @lrnchat acct, and it also has auto hashtag feature. Tweetchat friendlier tho. #lrnchat
8:55:02 pm jwillensky: Q1 I think SoMe could be of huge benefit to new hire cohorts. #lrnchat
8:55:21 pm shantarohse: It is naive to think control issues will disappear with social media. #lrnchat
8:55:25 pm KoreenOlbrish: i’ve lost who said it now (sorry!) but love the point that educators don’t want to teach students how to use the tech for SoMe #lrnchat
8:55:41 pm moehlert: @jerridkruse #lrnchat what, if anything, could replace trad. instruction. It replaced something else didn’t it?
8:55:56 pm jenisecook: jwillensky… yes! Q1 SM for new Ee orientation… discuss? #lrnchat
8:56:00 pm carolwhit: @JaneBozarth this is probably one of the best ways for SoMe to work with a training #lrnchat
8:56:03 pm hjarche: but SoMe and twitter in the workplace are not about formal training but performance support & KM – hence training dept doesn’t get #lrnchat
8:56:04 pm rpannoni: Love the enthusiasm. But why are we pushing a tool? Shouldn’t we be pushing a solution to a problem instead? #lrnchat
8:56:10 pm KoreenOlbrish: totally think “training” on the tools, both for facilitators and for learners, is an obstacle for adoption 😉 #lrnchat
8:56:23 pm marciamarcia: @jwillensky I work with two organizations using SoMe for onboarding. Great way for new hires to understand the “tempo” of the org. #lrnchat
8:56:29 pm BradStokes: @rpannoni Good call #lrnchat
8:56:31 pm edwsonoma: @moehlert #lrnchat it ALWAYS gets back to the WIFFM, my brother!!
8:56:40 pm glennhoyle: @BradStokes Do you have some examples of that? Sounds interesting. #lrnchat
8:56:45 pm busynessgirl: @mobilemind regarding section 508, i’m using Dragon to dictate to twitter right now. #lrnchat
8:56:51 pm BlancheMaynard: I’ve discovered Perfect! #lrnchat
8:56:55 pm KoreenOlbrish: @rpannoni i agree–but isn’t the problem that “training” is still too didactic? #lrnchat
8:57:08 pm jerridkruse: instead of wondering why teachers resist social media, should ask why teachers resist teaching based on ed reform & how ppl learn #lrnchat
8:57:09 pm tmiket: @KoreenOlbrish totally agree + they need to use them to understand & many won’t use UNLESS they understand. Catch 22 #lrnchat
8:57:21 pm moehlert: @rpannoni #lrnchat I hear ya..nothing is the “Omni Tool” but I still don’t know what a “real” barrier is….
8:57:35 pm BradStokes: @glennhoyle One of my colleagues Jo Kay is a SL expert for education and has run some massive projects. #lrnchat
8:57:36 pm marciamarcia: @rpannoni I don’t hear this as pushing a tool. I’m curious why more aren’t even considering all options as they seek solutions. #lrnchat
8:57:47 pm Priaak: will companies provide focused time for learning through social media… the problem is it is still thought to be supplementary #lrnchat
8:57:50 pm jenisecook: Q1 SM marciamarcia Tell us more abt these orgs using SM for new Ees! #lrnchat
8:57:51 pm jwillensky: @marciamarcia Exactly what I was thinking. Maybe wean them away only if they disperse to established teams. #lrnchat
8:57:55 pm BradStokes: I could ask her to join in next chat #lrnchat
8:58:10 pm moehlert: @hjarche #lrnchat cutting to the heart as always…where does SoMe live in the organization? Right?
8:58:13 pm BlancheMaynard: @tmiket not just design or understanding. resistance b/c perceived additional work #lrnchat
8:58:19 pm oxala75: @marciamarcia options lead further away from the solid ground of regular practice…scary. #lrnchat
8:58:21 pm richeek: @mobilemind Would you know if Twitter & other social media are 508 accessible? #lrnchat
8:58:31 pm KoreenOlbrish: this is an interesting discussion, as we’re talking about pushing both the educators AND the learners to think differently re: SoMe #lrnchat
8:58:47 pm bjdavies: resistance to change often lack of time and especially lack of time with support of management to learn and practice new technology #lrnchat
8:58:52 pm JaneBozarth: @busynessgirl Love it. Another variation on the game of “blame the learner”. #lrnchat
8:58:55 pm jerridkruse: @moehlert I hope teaching based on how ppl learn replaces it, I fear social media will just be traditional instruction dressed up #lrnchat
8:58:59 pm BradStokes: @moehlert Does it live without the organisation and is that why they can’t seem to fit it in their world view #lrnchat
8:59:14 pm busynessgirl: the core beliefs of teachers are that they know how they learned, it is very difficult to overcome this #lrnchat
8:59:19 pm J_Schulz: @hjarche I disagree slightly. I think SoMe & Twitter r great for PS and KM, but can also be used as a reflective tool in some trng #lrnchat
8:59:24 pm row4it: Sorry I’m late, had to taxi my son home. Looks like a good discussion. I’ll try to catch up. #lrnchat
8:59:31 pm hjarche: @moehlert IT – KM – OD – HR – Ops – Training – etc. – makes a big difference who controls the levers of SoMe #lrnchat
8:59:32 pm mobilemind: @busynessgirl awesome on accessibility with twitter, but are most instructors & most sites both aware and facilitating? #lrnchat
8:59:50 pm BradStokes: @J_Schulz Blogs also fill that role nicely #lrnchat
8:59:51 pm BlancheMaynard: trainers/educators have to get out of their heads that everything needs to be graded. #lrnchat
9:00:04 pm KoreenOlbrish: without full integration…Twitter becomes another delineation of those who KNOW and those who DONT KNOW #lrnchat
9:00:08 pm coachkiki: Hi – I’m @coachkiki I saw the hashtag on @blanchemaynard tweet. First time here. Interesting chat. Resistance to SoME? (next) #lrnchat
9:00:19 pm jenisecook: Q1 SM Twitter would be great for a post-assessment… chat or followup to trng session. #lrnchat
9:00:20 pm shantarohse: RT hjarche @moehlert IT – KM – OD – HR – Ops – Training – etc. – makes a big difference who controls the levers of SoMe #lrnchat
9:00:30 pm hjarche: @J_Schulz yes, but just reflecting on trng won’t make much of a business case for twitter implementation #lrnchat
9:00:30 pm JaneBozarth: Q1 “Logic” won’t change mind of someone who is working from an emotional response. #lrnchat
9:00:33 pm marciamarcia: @KoreenOlbrish Irony is that many educators have no problem making learners master wacky elearning tech b/f getting to content. #lrnchat
9:00:51 pm rpannoni: @marciamarcia Agreed. SMedia is sometimes dismissed before being evaluated. #lrnchat
9:00:55 pm Socialearning: #lrnchat Another hurdle: Social media could sound too personal for corporate training.
9:01:00 pm busynessgirl: SoMe is just one component of how we should be teaching and learning. It is not the one true answer. #lrnchat
9:01:10 pm glennhoyle: @JaneBozarth Research doesn’t change the mind of academicians — that I know. #lrnchat
9:01:27 pm BlancheMaynard: @JaneBozarth Agree. Emotion/perception plays a key role #lrnchat
9:01:28 pm jenisecook: Q1 BlancheMaynard Finance/Acctg Depts want the “grades” to tell the BofD that all is well in training dept. #lrnchat
9:01:39 pm KoreenOlbrish: @marciamarcia that’s true…but the educators typically then use that wacky tech as a crutch instead of an aid-different motivation #lrnchat
9:01:43 pm shantarohse: @coachkiki Welcome to #lrnchat
9:01:46 pm lrnchat: @jenisecook Hold that thought! It’s going to be jist of next Q in about 10 minutes. #lrnchat
9:01:54 pm J_Schulz: @hjarche I thought we threw out the business case long ago?? #lrnchat
9:02:00 pm rpannoni: IMO, the right question is “what are the problems that social media is best at solving?” #lrnchat
9:02:01 pm JaneBozarth: Partial RT @ jerridkruse: “… I fear social media will just be traditional instruction dressed up” #lrnchat
9:02:04 pm coachkiki: Resistance causes-so many.Added responsibility/fear of not knowing something/looking foolish/time issues/getting left behind… #lrnchat
9:02:18 pm BlancheMaynard: @jenisecook change of mentality required. Not easy… #lrnchat
9:02:21 pm marciamarcia: Agreed. SMedia is sometimes dismissed before being evaluated. RT @rpannoni #lrnchat
9:02:22 pm bjdavies: @Socialearning sounds too personal for Dept of Ed, NSW, Aust too. Anything slightly social is BLOCKED by firewall #lrnchat
9:02:26 pm BradStokes: @glennhoyle The shifting paradigms freak most out. World view become ideologies to defend #lrnchat
9:02:28 pm jerridkruse: @marciamarcia I’m confused, why is that ironic? #lrnchat
9:02:33 pm jenisecook: @lrnchat Holding my thought. LOL #lrnchat
9:02:34 pm butwait: For folks who aren’t yet connected to SoMe, the dizzying array of new tools/toys can make any level of buy-in challenging, IME. #lrnchat
9:02:35 pm mobilemind: @richeek Right, that’s my point. Need awareness & to check accessibility of social media elements required for learning experience #lrnchat
9:02:40 pm coachkiki: Thanks @shantarose! It’s good to be here. Love working the mental muscle. #lrnchat
9:02:56 pm JaneBozarth: LOL RT @glennhoyle: @JaneBozarth Research doesn’t change the mind of academicians — that I know. #lrnchat
9:03:04 pm hjarche: @J_Schulz hey, a BC can be put on a napkin – how about justification? 😉 #lrnchat
9:03:05 pm jenisecook: Darn. Gotta go make dinner. Thanks all! Loved Q1 discussion. #lrnchat
9:03:26 pm BlancheMaynard: @BradStokes Well said about paradigm shifts being scary #lrnchat
9:03:45 pm KoreenOlbrish: @hjarche some of the best ideas ARE put on napkins… #lrnchat
9:03:46 pm busynessgirl: @butwait Which is why it is important that we teach instructors how to begin managing it all, so that they can pass it to students #lrnchat
9:03:53 pm Socialearning: @coachkiki Welcome! #lrnchat
9:04:12 pm coachkiki: @bjdavies Absolutely – agencies can be quite entrenched in old ways of doing things even when profess to want to try new.Powerplays #lrnchat
9:04:23 pm mobilemind: @rpannoni You’ve made many good points- it’s not a cure-all. What does social media best enable, expedite, enhance, etc. #lrnchat
9:04:27 pm marciamarcia: @rpannoni I don’t believe we yet know all the best places/situations social media will work. Experimenting needed all over. #lrnchat
9:04:36 pm KoreenOlbrish: so what can Twitter do well in a classroom? what really is the business case? #lrnchat
9:04:37 pm coachkiki: @Socialearning Thanks for the warm welcome. #lrnchat
9:04:39 pm busynessgirl: @JaneBozarth @glennhoyle Research is not the same thing as practical implementations … research usually leaves that out. #lrnchat
9:04:41 pm BlancheMaynard: the key is to demonstrate a successful example of use of SoMe. Examples work #lrnchat
9:04:42 pm odguru: Model-Lrng 1.0- 1 to many (facilitated content drop) 2.0 1 to 1 (context – coach/mentor/e-lrn) 3.0 many2many-community 2 form norms #lrnchat
9:04:44 pm jwillensky: Q1 Still thinking some resistance comes from Training’s need to justify itself in orgs. #lrnchat
9:04:46 pm BradStokes: @BlancheMaynard Its unfortunately human nature. Part of the job of trainers is to deal with those entrenchments. #lrnchat
9:04:54 pm moehlert: @BradStokes #lrnchat Paradigm shifts CAN be scary but not inherently…winning lottery = HUGE shift but I’d be OK w/ it…
9:04:56 pm BlancheMaynard: @coachkiki nice to see you in here! #lrnchat
9:05:03 pm jerridkruse: @glennhoyle which is weird since they produce the research #lrnchat
9:05:10 pm KoreenOlbrish: omg, i can’t believe i just typed “in a classroom” i take it back!!!! #lrnchat
9:05:39 pm BlancheMaynard: @BradStokes passion helps put the message across and get people interested in trying, at least #lrnchat
9:05:39 pm glennhoyle: @jerridkruse Yes, but that’s the problem. They think they know it all. #lrnchat
9:05:57 pm mobilemind: How about impact, effectiveness affective response over ROI or business case. Results trump rationalizations. #lrnchat
9:06:00 pm rpannoni: RT @hjarche: @J_Schulz hey, a BC can be put on a napkin – how about justification? 😉 Yes, the BC needs to be that obvious. #lrnchat
9:06:00 pm shantarohse: One key to introducing SoMe is to frame it as an experiment. A place where mistakes are allowed. #lrnchat
9:06:01 pm ethankuniyoshi: trying to catch up with all your tweets #lrnchat
9:06:05 pm busynessgirl: Example, in math, the math ed folks do the research, but do not teach the math courses … implementation is not stressed. #lrnchat
9:06:09 pm BradStokes: @moehlert The reason most lotto winners go broke is their inheirant World View do not change and the cannot adjust behaviour #lrnchat
9:06:15 pm ichrisbarnes: @marciamarcia Agree re: need for experimentation. I’d add need to share what works, for what purpose, and in what context. #lrnchat
9:06:19 pm JaneBozarth: @BlancheMaynard @BradStokes Grad school prof said, “It’s bad enough to have a paradigm without having to shift it, too.” #lrnchat
9:06:23 pm coachkiki: Students often way readier to try than instructors.Old habits and all.Amazing thing is when they do try-it’s “what took so long?” #lrnchat
9:06:31 pm marciamarcia: @jerridkruse Irony in pt that SoMe isn’t used b/c educators don’t want to teach it b/f getting into content yet in elearning… #lrnchat
9:06:50 pm Priaak: The tools are already being used internally by the employees, SMEs…its just the learning department needs to believe it will work #lrnchat
9:06:53 pm coachkiki: @BlancheMaynard Hi! I saw the hashtag on one of your posts as I peeked into Twitter and just jumped right in. Thanks! #lrnchat
9:07:00 pm BradStokes: @moehlert No paradigm shift, simply a shift in possesion levels. The mind remains the same to their failure #lrnchat
9:07:06 pm jerridkruse: @KoreenOlbrish great question! ppl just accept that twttr will be great for classroom, but what is benefit inside the classroom? #lrnchat
9:07:10 pm butwait: @busynessgirl Yep. Modeling in a transparent way is critical. Let them show YOU something, watch you stumble around for a bit… #lrnchat
9:07:20 pm hjarche: Steps up on soap box – training is not the best place to initiate business processes anyway, so why should Soc Media be different? #lrnchat
9:07:26 pm Socialearning: #lrnchat There’s also a misconception about social media breaking relationships. However, a smart use of social media reinforces links
9:07:32 pm J_Schulz: @KoreenOlbrish too late! it’s out there for everyone to see! Of course you meant to put ‘virtual’ on that label, right? #lrnchat
9:07:33 pm moehlert: @BradStokes #lrnchat True, but I’m willing to try!
9:07:47 pm BlancheMaynard: @JaneBozarth shifting a paradigm can represent heavy lifting. Bad for your back…and brain 🙂 #lrnchat
9:08:03 pm oxala75: @moehlert bcuz u already see the value of piles of cash. i win when ppl push me out of the way to get to what benefits them. #lrnchat
9:08:16 pm busynessgirl: Absolutely. Everybody teaches, everybody learns. @butwait That includes teachers learning skills from students. #lrnchat
9:08:18 pm KoreenOlbrish: i love using Twitter for backchannel at conferences & workshops…but i’m not sure that it helps me learn… #lrnchat
9:08:22 pm BradStokes: RT @BlancheMaynard: @JaneBozarth shifting a paradigm can represent heavy lifting. Bad for your back…and brain 🙂 #lrnchat
9:08:26 pm coachkiki: @marciamarcia In defense of educators across the board – they’re overwhelmed w/massive amounts they have to cover already. #lrnchat
9:08:28 pm bjdavies: Need to find a WIIFM (What’s in it for me) for teachers/trainers/academics to bring about shift. #lrnchat
9:08:29 pm marciamarcia: Shifting a paradigm can represent heavy lifting. Bad for your back…and brain 🙂 via @BlancheMaynard #lrnchat
9:08:42 pm BradStokes: @BlancheMaynard I’m going to quote that 🙂 #lrnchat
9:08:48 pm mobilemind: @hjarche Training may not be place to initiate new process, but how does one instill new processes & make them scale? #lrnchat
9:08:56 pm moehlert: @BradStokes #lrnchat so SoMe doesn’t guarantee shift either right? Its deeper than just having the tools…
9:09:02 pm coachkiki: @BlancheMaynard Ditto that – shifting paradigms hardest part – once that’s lifted – running with it is so much easier. #lrnchat
9:09:11 pm BlancheMaynard: @coachkiki Glad I could participate tonight. Not always the case. Sitting at my desk with green tea and biscuits 🙂 #lrnchat
9:09:23 pm marciamarcia: @coachkiki Agree completely. It’s why I’m pointing out irony that we’ll do it some places, not others. #lrnchat
9:09:29 pm jerridkruse: @marciamarcia gotcha, why not teach integrated as useful? We (as tchrs) need to stop separating everything-not how learning occurs #lrnchat
9:09:35 pm bjdavies: need to concentrate on pedagogy and then see if SoMe can provide assistance or solution NOT here’s a SoMe technology how can I use #lrnchat
9:09:35 pm J_Schulz: @hjarche I like that soap box. So how does SoMe support (or create new) business processes? #lrnchat
9:09:36 pm oxala75: @KoreenOlbrish that’s weird. between Google Reader and Twitter i inhale 4x as much info as i would otherwise… #lrnchat
9:09:49 pm rpannoni: @marciamarcia We don’t know all the places SMedia is good. But we know a few – example, locating expertise (Facebook style apps). #lrnchat
9:09:51 pm BradStokes: @coachkiki The challenge is finding the place to begin the shift. #lrnchat
9:09:53 pm hjarche: @mobilemind I guess one makes things scale by making a difference to the business #lrnchat
9:10:08 pm ichrisbarnes: @jerridkruse Twitter doesn’t have to have value in classroom to have value, does it? #lrnchat
9:10:31 pm JaneBozarth: @explorelearn Sorry where is what? #lrnchat
9:10:31 pm moehlert: @jerridkruse #lrnchat I share that same hope and fear.
9:10:32 pm tmiket: @oxala75 Only 4x seems like at least 10x for me. 😎 #lrnchat
9:10:33 pm coachkiki: @moehlert Tools are one part.How to use them. Where. To what purpose. Which tool to pick 4 what,lots to learn in order 2 learn! #lrnchat
9:10:35 pm hjarche: @J_Schulz need more than 140 chars for that response – can dig up refs #lrnchat
9:10:39 pm ethankuniyoshi: now following the conversation with – #lrnchat
9:10:39 pm jwillensky: @bjdavies Completely agree about pedagogy. #lrnchat
9:10:42 pm J_Schulz: @KoreenOlbrish funny – the back channel was frustrating @cammybean earlier. 😉 #lrnchat
9:10:44 pm busynessgirl: Agreed. In math we have so many partner disciplines & transfer institutions that curriculum is locked. #lrnchat @coachkiki @marciamarcia
9:10:53 pm KoreenOlbrish: @oxala75 i usually feel more like a journalist when i’m tweeting…but I LOVE reading other ppl’s tweets… #lrnchat
9:10:55 pm shantarohse: @KoreenOlbrish if Twitter may not help you learn, then does it have a place in the learning toolkit? #lrnchat
9:11:12 pm ichrisbarnes: @rpannoni @marciamarcia Do we know of any places SoMe is bad? #lrnchat
9:11:26 pm butwait: @bradstokes @coachkiki Liked @willrich54’s post on shifts in expectations around transparency & privacy: #lrnchat
9:11:30 pm moehlert: @hjarche #lrnchat ah..but we know who controls the levers..we all do…fit that on an org chart.. 🙂
9:11:31 pm jerridkruse: @KoreenOlbrish could argue that the mental work of creating a tweet=better mental engagement, but could miss things as well. #lrnchat
9:11:38 pm rpannoni: @oxala75 If you inhale, you can’t run for office :-). #lrnchat
9:11:41 pm BlancheMaynard: @KoreenOlbrish I love using twitter as backchannel as well. Saw a great link on this recently. Wait: I’ll try to find it.. #lrnchat
9:11:46 pm marciamarcia: If one big reason SoMe isn’t used more is that educators are just too overwhelmed, what are we doing to help show its simplicity? #lrnchat
9:11:53 pm mobilemind: Regarding inhaling 4x information, @KoreenOlbrish is that gonna get us into Clinton-esque having info vs inhaling? #lrnchat
9:11:53 pm BradStokes: I consider this learning. This is part of my PLN and I derrive value. But that doesn’t mean it works for all #lrnchat
9:11:56 pm JaneBozarth: @ichrisbarnes You got that right. #lrnchat
9:11:56 pm odguru: Always need to begin with proof of concept. A few projects where the context is right and it works… #Lrnchat
9:11:56 pm oxala75: @ichrisbarnes the driver’s seat. #lrnchat
9:12:10 pm KoreenOlbrish: i’m still not convinced that tweeting helps me learn…its like experiencing an event through a camera lens as you’re taking pics #lrnchat
9:12:12 pm coachkiki: @BradStokes Agreed.I think it’s already started w/early adopters/media mentions BUT organizations/govt.move slooooooowly.So slowly. #lrnchat
9:12:21 pm busynessgirl: @moehlert Now an instant member of the “Levers of Change Society” #lrnchat
9:12:22 pm lrnchat: Q2 coming in just a few minutes. Same general theme, though. This conversation is amazing! #lrnchat
9:12:37 pm hjarche: @moehlert it fits in the white space according to Geary Rummler 🙂 #lrnchat
9:12:41 pm rpannoni: @ichrisbarnes The signal-noise ratio for SMedia can be very low. Not good for time constrained people. #lrnchat
9:12:46 pm butwait: @mobilemind Hee hee hee (re: inhaling) #lrnchat
9:12:46 pm J_Schulz: @bjdavies Really? A WIIFM for educators to use SoMe? How about what’s in it for their students? #lrnchat
9:13:07 pm marciamarcia: @BradStokes And it probably doesn’t work for you when you’re learning other sorts of subjects. #lrnchat
9:13:07 pm ichrisbarnes: @shantarohse @KoreenOlbrish Twttr often helps me learn. Mostly, by enabling me to identify & follow resources. #lrnchat
9:13:13 pm oxala75: @KoreenOlbrish ah, ok. I’d say then that Twitter helps me learn most times, but helps me help others learn when i’m at a conf #lrnchat
9:13:17 pm carolwhit: @KoreenOlbrish It might not have helped you learn, but it helped me stay connected to something I couldn’t participate in #lrnchat
9:13:20 pm mobilemind: For me SoMe is a function of the group. This is great. Other times I don’t care who ate a pickle or made millions at home. #lrnchat
9:13:20 pm shantarohse: @KoreenOlbrish How do you know when you can/cannot attribute learning to a tool like Twitter? #lrnchat
9:13:32 pm BlancheMaynard: @KoreenOlbrish link is about how to present when people are twittering: #lrnchat
9:13:44 pm coachkiki: @odguru Familiarity, comfort levels, peer support & friendly competitive spirit -all add to desire to join. #lrnchat
9:13:45 pm jwillensky: Do some view SoMe as all-or-nothing? Why not judicious use in training — like any other useful tool? #lrnchat
9:13:45 pm tmiket: @rpannoni That’s an important skill – filtering / tuning your info isn’t it? #lrnchat
9:14:01 pm KoreenOlbrish: @BlancheMaynard awesome! favorited! #lrnchat
9:14:01 pm hjarche: Twitter has sped up my learning incredibly, like putting blogs on steroids #lrnchat
9:14:13 pm ichrisbarnes: @rpannoni True. Effective filtering is a critical skill (or perhaps tool…) #lrnchat
9:14:19 pm bjdavies: @J_Schulz engagement, interest, challenge, learning … all the reasons for using any “tool” in teaching #lrnchat
9:14:25 pm BradStokes: A post on why people don’t need more followers. Twitter sometimes focuses too much on numbers, not value #lrnchat
9:14:29 pm oxala75: @rpannoni i feel like that’s the case for people who don’t prepare by tending to their SoMe. A well kept garden is very efficient. #lrnchat
9:14:30 pm busynessgirl: Important also to put SoMe in context for the instructors’ discipline. Ex SoMe for Math #lrnchat
9:14:38 pm mobilemind: Maybe a SoMe & learning take-away skill is discovering/recognizing useful social groups to drive knowledge, skills, results #lrnchat
9:14:41 pm lrnchat: Q2 from @kasey428: Have you used (or seen used) social media to push out training reinforcement as follow-up to ILT or elearning? #lrnchat
9:14:47 pm hjarche: I’ve found that Twitter is starting to replace blog comments #lrnchat
9:14:54 pm rpannoni: @tmiket One big problem is that twitter has a poor UI that doesn’t help us with the filtering problem. #lrnchat
9:14:58 pm carolwhit: @KoreenOlbrish so I guess you were teaching and building community, instead of learning, using twitter at a conference #lrnchat
9:15:08 pm moehlert: @KoreenOlbrish #lrnchat helps me learn by challenging my views, providing resources, help, mentoring…humanity
9:15:16 pm oxala75: @jwillensky why, indeed. it’s just a tool, as you say. a sparkly, twinkly tool. with glitter. #lrnchat
9:15:22 pm coachkiki: @hjarche Ditto that but is it too fast for some people? Learners and self-motivators always have hunger for more knowledge/tools. #lrnchat
9:15:31 pm BlancheMaynard: twitter has revolutionalized the way I learn. Conferences and research so much richer now #lrnchat
9:15:31 pm oxala75: @tmiket i’m slow 😉 #lrnchat
9:15:34 pm rdeis: @hjarche Agreed. Me to. Great learning tool. #lrnchat
9:15:41 pm Socialearning: #lrnchat @hjarche Same for me. A wider platform and shorter conversation loops.
9:15:49 pm KoreenOlbrish: ok, so i’m going to restate…i think my own tweeting doesn’t help me to learn but what i’ve learned from others on Twitter=amazing #lrnchat
9:15:51 pm moehlert: @carolwhit #lrnchat Say it loud & proud “everybody teaches; everybody learns”!
9:15:54 pm richardsheehy: @oxala75 I agree our info intake is greater but how much sticks? back to that reflection thing again. #lrnchat
9:15:58 pm tmiket: @rpannoni true but that’s not the only option i.e tweetgrid et al or other internal options etc? #lrnchat
9:16:00 pm marciamarcia: We (as tchrs) need to stop separating everything-not how learning occurs. via @jerridkruse #lrnchat
9:16:00 pm J_Schulz: @bjdavies Agreed – but I think the locus of the WIIFM is the student, not the educator. #lrnchat
9:16:09 pm oxala75: @lrnchat no, but i would love to. anyone? #lrnchat
9:16:22 pm odguru: @phdbre tells us that the largest population using twitter are INTJ #lrnchat
9:16:25 pm busynessgirl: Imagine how frustrating this #lrnchat conversation would be for students or instructors that are slow or poor readers.
9:16:32 pm BradStokes: Nice RT @KoreenOlbrish: I think my own tweeting doesn’t help me to learn but what i’ve learned from others on Twitter=amazing #lrnchat
9:16:33 pm bjdavies: @J_Schulz except that it is the teacher that needs to shift their paradigm #lrnchat
9:16:38 pm hjarche: Q2 I haven’t taken any formal training for so long I wouldn’t know what to do (supposed to pay attention & no back channel I think) #lrnchat
9:16:42 pm oxala75: @rpannoni …though several apps vie for the chance to remedy that fact. #lrnchat
9:16:47 pm BradStokes: @KoreenOlbrish Isn’t that a lot learning? #lrnchat
9:16:54 pm mobilemind: SoMe can be a prosthetic, an amplifier… but you need to now how to control, direct, finesse it for desired results #lrnchat
9:17:04 pm J_Schulz: #lrnchat – I am so far behind on reading these tweets!
9:17:05 pm oxala75: @rpannoni oh, i was disqualified years ago 😉 #lrnchat
9:17:10 pm coachkiki: I wonder if Twittering during conference or meeting impedes actual learning/hearing.I believe in many ways it does.So what 2 do? #lrnchat
9:17:12 pm MariaOD: @J_Schulz WIIFM always true for learners..but now…for the leadership buy-in #lrnchat
9:17:13 pm BradStokes: @busynessgirl Or slow typers, they would be overwhelmed by the speed #lrnchat
9:17:17 pm butwait: @mobilemind SoMe takeaways… recognizing the value of a dedicated/passionate curator. Enjoying serendipitous discoveries. #lrnchat
9:17:20 pm Priaak: @KoreenOlbrish twitter gives me access to great links, blogs… I can learn from peers, SME. do I need a trainer for that, not sure #lrnchat
9:17:22 pm carolwhit: @moehlert Amen to that! 🙂 #lrnchat
9:17:24 pm moehlert: @rpannoni #lrnchat but there is SUCH a rich myriad of Twitter tools available…
9:17:24 pm jwillensky: @oxala75 And it’s just gonna get sparklier. Pro or con, reactions can be extreme. #lrnchat
9:17:37 pm JaneBozarth: #lrnchat Q2 Yes sort of I use Twitter activity as follow-up to in-class preso on linking so media/Web 2.0 to traditional training.
9:17:46 pm marciamarcia: Q2 from @kasey428: Have you used (or seen used) social media to push out training reinforcement as follow-up to ILT or elearning? #lrnchat
9:18:05 pm BradStokes: @jwillensky Any online chat can bring those responses, that is why debriefing is SO important afterwards #lrnchat
9:18:06 pm KoreenOlbrish: PEOPLE! Stop being so interesting so quickly! scrolling, scrolling, scrolling… 😉 evidently i’m one of those slow learners… #lrnchat
9:18:14 pm shantarohse: Q2 I find I use SoMe for non-training projects more than training projects. #lrnchat
9:18:18 pm J_Schulz: @odguru I tend to think that a trad. PoC is too slow for this. It could be months before you have any real evidence that it works. #lrnchat
9:18:18 pm rpannoni: @moehlert If people’s first exposure to twitter were thru a good tool, their reaction might be different. #lrnchat
9:18:25 pm coachkiki: @BradStokes Slower typers, slower hearers, slower learners – everyone has different learning styles – can feel overwhelmed. #lrnchat
9:18:25 pm BlancheMaynard: @coachkiki It doesn’t for me. Twittering at conferences helps me focus. Otherwise, my mind starts wandering pretty fast. #lrnchat
9:18:27 pm oxala75: @richardsheehy for me, a lot. A lot likely to find a lot of good apples in a bigger barrel, and I try to apply my finds #lrnchat
9:18:31 pm richardsheehy: #lrnchat twitter has increased the rate if info intake but it also has bolstered relationships
9:18:31 pm odguru: community based learning is an excellent 4follow up; rapid fire like this is not for everyone, but a blend of synch/asynch is good. #lrnchat
9:18:33 pm jerridkruse: @iChrisBarnes no, I use as great resource to extend learning beyond classroom, but so many think needs to be in classroom use #lrnchat
9:18:36 pm gminks: RT @jwillensky: Q1 Still thinking some resistance comes from Training’s need to justify itself in orgs. #lrnchat
9:18:52 pm ichrisbarnes: Q2 I haven’t seen this yet, but haven’t been working directly w training folks recently. #lrnchat
9:19:11 pm coachkiki: @BlancheMaynard Interesting point – is it like writing notes for you then? #lrnchat
9:19:12 pm carolwhit: @marciamarcia Yes, through corporate internal blogs, similar chat postings #lrnchat
9:19:15 pm oxala75: @Priaak exactly. #lrnchat
9:19:21 pm ethankuniyoshi: @lrnchat idea of using Twitter for follow-up training activities is interesting…#lrnchat
9:19:21 pm busynessgirl: We’re going to need an app for future conversations that sends really good comments to the top through favoriting. #lrnchat
9:19:23 pm gminks: Sneaking in #lrnchat as we drive over the island… 🙂 hey everyone ***waving***
9:19:48 pm KoreenOlbrish: Q2 I’ve seen twitter used more to spark learning ideas than as a follow up; but it lends itself for f/u community building #lrnchat
9:19:52 pm BlancheMaynard: @gminks Hey Gina (waving back) #lrnchat
9:19:54 pm moehlert: @rpannoni #lrnchat Agreed. Same goes for LMSs, authoring tools, e-learning 😉
9:19:59 pm coachkiki: @busynessgirl Uh-oh how do we vote on those? 🙂 #lrnchat
9:20:01 pm marciamarcia: @ichrisbarnes Consider this same question as it relates to project work, meetings, whatever followup & reflection afterward helpful #lrnchat
9:20:06 pm jerridkruse: @moehlert which is why I approach social media with caution- I engage fully, but don’t want to claim silver bullet, cause it’s not #lrnchat
9:20:22 pm odguru: @busynessgirl Definitely! -I have done this in topic based communities and it increases the quality of the feedback dramatically! #lrnchat
9:20:24 pm tmiket: @busynessgirl good idea something like a most favorited list would be nice #lrnchat
9:20:27 pm hjarche: this tweetchat stays online for a long time, so it can be reviewed and read slowly #lrnchat
9:20:31 pm BradStokes: @KoreenOlbrish I’d agree, I have found inpiration for blogs and post from twitter content or links from within twitter #lrnchat
9:20:37 pm MariaOD: Q2 We are using wikis as a follow-up to ILT Reader’s Advisory training-not a lot of hits. #lrnchat
9:20:50 pm lrnchat: @carolwhit Please say more about internatl blogs, chat postings, etc. #lrnchat
9:21:01 pm coachkiki: @jerridkruse I’m with you in that nothing really proves to be THE silver bullet (except the band)all tools to include judiciously. #lrnchat
9:21:06 pm ichrisbarnes: @KoreenOlbrish Had to read f/u community building twice to get the correct meaning. Must be late. ; ) #lrnchat
9:21:08 pm moehlert: @jerridkruse #lrnchat Exactly but the social dynamic it represents is key…
9:21:10 pm jerridkruse: #lrnchat Q2: only way it should be used! Litttle point to tweet when a real discussion is possible.
9:21:25 pm JaneBozarth: @BradStokes Every tool may not be for every learner. #lrnchat
9:21:27 pm swallner: HelpMe – What is SoMe? #lrnchat
9:21:29 pm ethankuniyoshi: might start with using twitter credentials to authorize access to e-learning #lrnchat
9:21:39 pm BlancheMaynard: @hjarche or people can search within twitter app to get chat log #lrnchat
9:21:47 pm sharon_elin: #lrnchat is a SoMe that allows threaded conversations that remain together (like “Show Conversation”); promotes discussion
9:21:52 pm BlancheMaynard: @swallner social media 🙂 #lrnchat
9:21:52 pm rpannoni: @marciamarcia I think the challenge for twitter in training follow up is that it’s synchronous. Asynch tools are easier in corps. #lrnchat
9:21:53 pm KoreenOlbrish: @jerridkruse no silver bullet, no killer app…but lots of SoMe moves us along the constructivist continuum and helps dev CoP #lrnchat
9:22:01 pm tmiket: @swallner Social Media #lrnchat
9:22:02 pm ichrisbarnes: @swallner Social Media #lrnchat
9:22:02 pm BradStokes: It always comes back to the context of the learning. If it doesn’t work another chanel should be found #lrnchat
9:22:16 pm KoreenOlbrish: @swallner SoMe = social media 😉 #lrnchat
9:22:28 pm richardsheehy: #lrnchat twitter allows me to see links to a lot of info that might slip through the cracks
9:22:43 pm lrnchat: @swallner SoMe = Social media #lrnchat
9:22:45 pm swallner: Ahh SoMe is Social Media … but of course. Thanks! #lrnchat
9:22:52 pm oxala75: @MariaOD hard to get ppl to use wikis & forums as ILT follow ups unless they know sedimented knowledge is there. chicken or egg… #lrnchat
9:22:58 pm BradStokes: @richardsheehy It allows me to miss thousands on the way through though. 🙂 #lrnchat
9:23:17 pm moehlert: @KoreenOlbrish #lrnchat “Continuum” drink
9:23:23 pm lrnchat: @rpannoni Hmm. Asynch tools easier in corp? Say more pls. #lrnchat
9:23:25 pm shantarohse: Must sign off early tonight. Why does one *always* feel like one is leaving in the middle of something important with Twitter? #lrnchat
9:23:29 pm tmiket: @rpannoni twitter could be used asynch too via search, transcripts etc #lrnchat
9:23:36 pm BlancheMaynard: did someone answer my query about the content of Q2? I’m in tweetchat and it’s going too fast: I can’t tell 🙂 #lrnchat
9:24:00 pm MariaOD: @ethankuniyoshi interesting. I was asked directly by HR what’s the motivation to use twitter. What can you learn in 140 chars? #lrnchat
9:24:09 pm jerridkruse: @KoreenOlbrish social media could be used for didactic instruction, we tread dangerous line when think the tech will save us #lrnchat
9:24:19 pm JaneBozarth: @rpannoni Oddly, I find corps HAVE embraced the endless virtual meeting concept… #lrnchat
9:24:21 pm busynessgirl: @lrnchat I never saw Q2 either. #lrnchat
9:24:22 pm BradStokes: @lrnchat Interesting. Asynchorous events in distance learning seem to reach a greater number. Noticed this in my own learning #lrnchat
9:24:23 pm lrnchat: @MariaOD Please tell us more about the Reader’s advisory training. Why not many hits? #lrnchat
9:24:36 pm oxala75: @BradStokes being aware that you have a bucket and you’re standing in the ocean shouldn’t be daunting, tho. #lrnchat
9:24:51 pm Socialearning: #lrnchat @richardsheehy Twitter allows to skip the Google Reader check and to go straight the point too
9:24:55 pm BradStokes: @MariaOD Sum is great than its parts. It’s not just the 140 🙂 #lrnchat
9:25:04 pm oxala75: @tmiket true – been doing that a lot lately #lrnchat
9:25:10 pm jaygee35: @BradStokes RT learning I don’t know why they says learning “curve” as that implies it eases off, which it doesn’t #lrnchat
9:25:17 pm KoreenOlbrish: @jerridkruse i hear you…tech is just a tool that can be used for good or evil 😉 but it certainly can help if used appropriately #lrnchat
9:25:18 pm BradStokes: @oxala75 It’s not, its fun 🙂 #lrnchat
9:25:24 pm lrnchat: @busynessgirl This has been one of our liveliest chats. I’ll add a suggestions others RT questions. #lrnchat
9:25:28 pm mobilemind: Intro, event & follow-up = key parts of changing behavior. Dr. Michael Allen did preso on Changing for Good #lrnchat
9:25:29 pm wlonline: @coachkiki Dont have problems using twitter as useful to keep discussion and debate on what’s being said, no? #lrnchat
9:25:31 pm moehlert: RT @oxala75: @BradStokes being aware that you have a bucket and you’re standing in the ocean shouldn’t be daunting, tho. #lrnchat
9:25:33 pm carolwhit: @lrnchat Was when I was at Cisco, they use SoMe a great deal internally to continue training conversations, esp with global grps #lrnchat
9:25:42 pm oxala75: @BradStokes agreed! #lrnchat
9:25:51 pm rpannoni: @lrnchat Busy schedules, different time zones, conflicting meetings – employees need to connect when it’s convenient for them. #lrnchat
9:25:59 pm butwait: Oooops, change of plans, garage door replacement guys are coming tmw, gotta go down and clean out the front of the garage (gulp)! #lrnchat
9:26:04 pm ethankuniyoshi: Q2 #lrnchat only if the learner gets twitter
9:26:11 pm moehlert: @jerridkruse #lrnchat Design, Design, Design
9:26:13 pm coachkiki: @wlonline Not sure what you’re asking/saying. Please clarify. Thanks 🙂 #lrnchat
9:26:23 pm jerridkruse: @moehlert yes, social media can serve as disruption, but then PD must prep for better 2 way interaction btwn tchr & students #lrnchat
9:26:37 pm busynessgirl: I’ve been recording tweets by the hr for dissertation and I’m amazed going back to read transcript now. #lrnchat
9:26:37 pm mobilemind: Changing for Good is based on clinical psych & behavior change. Training often is a new behavior change #lrnchat
9:26:43 pm marciamarcia: @wlonline In my experience, it can redirect some of the conversation but usually to more vital topics & we can swing back. #lrnchat
9:26:45 pm BlancheMaynard: @moehlert timing, timing, timing (as well as design..) #lrnchat
9:26:48 pm glennhoyle: RT @moehlert: @jerridkruse #lrnchat Design, Design, Design (via @twazzup) — Design to what end thought?
9:26:57 pm KoreenOlbrish: @moehlert design AND intent…we need to add intent to the list 😉 #lrnchat
9:27:02 pm busynessgirl: So I would have to say that you can say a LOT in 140 characters. #lrnchat
9:27:02 pm ethankuniyoshi: Q2 #lrnchat I think there’s a barrier to entry for any new technology that may get in the way of training/learning
9:27:07 pm wlonline: @swallner Social Media #lrnchat
9:27:11 pm moehlert: @jerridkruse #lrnchat “PD”?
9:27:12 pm JennLortz: wow, wish i hadn’t been working on my portfolio…looks like i’m missing a great conversation #lrnchat #lrnchat
9:27:34 pm mobilemind: Tweets before & after training event help make it a behavior changing process, ANDD adds a social support net #lrnchat
9:27:43 pm lrnchat: @butwait Thanks for joining us. Please come again next week n tell your friends. #lrnchat
9:27:44 pm BradStokes: @JennLortz Yes and a furiously paced one 🙂 welcome #lrnchat
9:27:49 pm tonnet: RT @mobilemind: Changing for Good is based on clinical psych & behavior change. Training often is a new behavior change #lrnchat
9:27:49 pm Priaak: RT KoreenOlbrish @moehlert design AND intent…we need to add intent to the list 😉 #lrnchat #lrnchat
9:28:00 pm rpannoni: @JaneBozarth Virtual meetings that replace face-to-face meetings save travel. But scheduling a mtg can still be painful. #lrnchat
9:28:17 pm wlonline: @coachkiki in response to using twitter at conferences #lrnchat
9:28:17 pm glennhoyle: Participating in the Thursday night #LRNCHAT live conference. Great stuff.
9:28:19 pm jwillensky: Q2 Not yet, although current project would be ideal for wiki. #lrnchat
9:28:22 pm BradStokes: @mobilemind Tweets on the way through extend the learning beyond the walls of the room. #lrnchat
9:28:24 pm KoreenOlbrish: @rpannoni virtual! drink! #lrnchat
9:28:52 pm Skivensky: RT @hjarche: Twitter has sped up my learning incredibly, like putting blogs on steroids #lrnchat
9:28:55 pm coachkiki: @ethankuniyoshi Agree.Many-people don’t jump on “change” bandwagon.Even Twitter is new incarnation of other pioneering tech. #lrnchat
9:29:05 pm marciamarcia: I find the question of how to use SoMe & twitter for followup fascinating. Reflection is vital for long lasting learning. #lrnchat
9:29:17 pm VWassessments: #lrnchat teach them how 2 use SoMe as professional learning network – so learning doesn’t stop at the training sessions
9:29:17 pm rpannoni: @tmiket Just curious, how does asynch use of twitter compare to traditional asynch tools like forums? #lrnchat
9:29:19 pm BradStokes: @mobilemind managing the backchanell is difficult though #lrnchat
9:29:37 pm oxala75: @coachkiki @ethankuniyoshi and will sooner or later be overtaken by something sparklier. #lrnchat
9:29:46 pm jerridkruse: What would surprise many is the values that are “designed into” technologies-some good, some bad-need identify bad & work against #lrnchat
9:29:54 pm jwillensky: This is like Wii boxing, without the obligatory taunting. #lrnchat
9:29:55 pm carolwhit: @marciamarcia also good for updating information, keeping learners current, critical in high tech world #lrnchat
9:30:04 pm moehlert: @BlancheMaynard #lrnchat Timing, intent, purpose – all part of good design here is my fav design graphic
9:30:08 pm KoreenOlbrish: @marciamarcia I don’t know why it hasn’t been used for follow up more. seems like a natural extension of learning to leverage #lrnchat
9:30:11 pm oxala75: @rpannoni well, for one thing, deciphering it takes more work. #lrnchat
9:30:17 pm JennLortz: @coachkiki imho it’s what is wrong in schools today, the change bandwagon hurts students over time. #lrnchat
9:30:17 pm mobilemind: @BradStokes Do you manage the backchannel or enable & nurture it? #lrnchat
9:30:19 pm BlancheMaynard: the networking that is connected to SoMe is what fascinates me. It doesn’t end here and there; it continues on. #lrnchat
9:30:22 pm hjarche: twitter is synch & asynch – actually 17 tools in one #lrnchat
9:30:34 pm swallner: Q2 I do tell students to use twitter search like they use Google for a humanized (and more interesting) result set. #lrnchat
9:30:49 pm ichrisbarnes: @marciamarcia Reflection is vital for long-lasting learning. Community as well, yes? #lrnchat
9:30:56 pm VWassessments: Q2 – #lrnchat – follow up to conference – twitter & wiki
9:30:57 pm bjdavies: What better example of use of Twitter could be find than THIS … #lrnchat
9:30:58 pm coachkiki: @wlonline Mixed feelings.Perhaps designated tweet-area.Some speakers might find it rude,distracting-some participants distracted. #lrnchat
9:31:09 pm BradStokes: @mobilemind Free for all can derail events. We’ve all seen it. Maybe more direct it and introduce it where relevant #lrnchat
9:31:15 pm JaneBozarth: @rpannoni Was responding to your comment about what orgs will use. They seem to like sync meetings (badly). #lrnchat
9:31:17 pm oxala75: @KoreenOlbrish @marciamarcia maybe bcuz it’s not ‘structured’ – feels like letting the kids out to play after ‘class’? #lrnchat
9:31:21 pm BlancheMaynard: @moehlert thanks for the link dude 🙂 #lrnchat
9:31:22 pm devlearn: RT @hjarche:twitter is synch & asynch – actually 17 tools in one #lrnchat
9:31:36 pm odguru: F/up Rules 2get enagegmnt: personl appl; facilitated; time/project ltd, internal quality check (voting/scoring), real world appl. #lrnchat
9:31:38 pm Socialearning: @mobilemind #lrnchat I would suggest to enable backchannels
9:31:39 pm busynessgirl: Interesting thought … what would happen to the conversation here if there were 10000 participants? #lrnchat
9:31:52 pm coachkiki: @swallner Problem I have w/that is people not verifying *where* & *who* info is coming from -same as with other web tools. #lrnchat
9:31:59 pm oxala75: @bjdavies well, to be fair, we’re all jonesing for ‘jam sesison’ learning. no everyone does… #lrnchat
9:32:00 pm ethankuniyoshi: @coachkiki yeah…just because a new technology will add value to training, it doesn’t necessarily mean orgs will adopt it #lrnchat
9:32:03 pm bschlenker: RT @devlearn:RT @hjarche:twitter is synch & asynch – actually 17 tools in one #lrnchat
9:32:19 pm BradStokes: @busynessgirl lol it’s already fast paced. that would be lightning with many lurkers #lrnchat
9:32:20 pm KoreenOlbrish: @busynessgirl it probably would be a lot less of a “conversation” nice to see you here, btw! 😉 #lrnchat
9:32:34 pm coachkiki: @busynessgirl AAAAAAAAAH – I’d be overwhelmed by reading/typing/tweeting/concentrating/gettingitallin myself. #lrnchat
9:32:39 pm oxala75: @swallner yeah, it is kind of like net fishing in a muddy lake, isn’t it? #lrnchat
9:32:40 pm mobilemind: @BradStokes Not free for all, key was nurture. More than open the valve. Pre-work and front-load to give initial vector #lrnchat
9:32:48 pm JennLortz: my version of how twitter and connectivism work together to broaden a network of learners (see flash program in mid of article) #lrnchat
9:32:52 pm hjarche: @busynessgirl 10K participants? – we’d break into smaller groups; kinda like forking an open source project #lrnchat
9:33:11 pm VWassessments: #lrnchat – some spkrs /trainers do get intimidated by backchannel – could be loss of control or poor multi-tasking skills
9:33:09 pm coachkiki: @ethankuniyoshi And how – but I can’t talk about it on Twitter 🙂 #lrnchat
9:33:09 pm marciamarcia: @KoreenOlbrish @ichrisbarnes Twitter for training/conference/community-building followup and reflection is my new fave usecase. #lrnchat
9:33:24 pm busynessgirl: So, is there a size limit to having this kind of effective discussion on twitter? And what will happen when it is exceeded? #lrnchat
9:33:30 pm jwillensky: @busynessgirl I would freak out. But it would be fun! #lrnchat
9:33:35 pm rpannoni: RT @hjarche: Nice post. twitter is synch & asynch – actually 17 tools in one #lrnchat
9:33:47 pm devlearn: @moehlert How did you turn #lrnchat into a drinking game? Refresh me on the rules 😉
9:33:49 pm KoreenOlbrish: when everyone is using a tool, doesn’t that tool become the classroom? #lrnchat
9:33:53 pm Priaak: @busynessgirl we would have several groups with different conversations and totally different takeaways #lrnchat
9:34:05 pm swallner: @coachkiki Yes, but a twitter search can lead to a human-human connection more easily I think. #lrnchat
9:34:14 pm jwillensky: RT @KoreenOlbrish: when everyone is using a tool, doesn’t that tool become the classroom? #lrnchat
9:34:15 pm BradStokes: @devlearn thiagi = a drink #lrnchat
9:34:15 pm marciamarcia: Lightning with many lurkers. PRT @BradStokes #lrnchat
9:34:20 pm coachkiki: @JennLortz I agree – education/schools/biz aren’t adapting as quickly as the children of all ages/students of all kinds are. #lrnchat
9:34:25 pm oxala75: @VWassessments i wish i had more sympathy for that, but i confess that i don’t :-/ #lrnchat
9:34:41 pm JennLortz: might help if i had put that link there lol. — explaining twitter as a learning tool within connectivism #lrnchat
9:34:48 pm KoreenOlbrish: @Priaak totally…3 blind men and the elephant…everyone “sees” something different #lrnchat
9:34:49 pm moehlert: @hjarche #lrnchat aren’t we already doing that organically? I’m reading most but replying only to some…
9:34:50 pm hjarche: My twitter & learning bookmarks in case you can’t get enough 😉 #lrnchat
9:34:54 pm BlancheMaynard: @busynessgirl Not sure about size limit. Twitter is like a river; don’t have to drink the entire river: just a glass here and there #lrnchat
9:35:02 pm coachkiki: @swallner Agree – but must be careful and aware of who those connections are with.Tough to tell sometimes. #lrnchat
9:35:04 pm bacigalupe: RT @KoreenOlbrish when everyone is using a tool, doesn’t that tool become the classroom? #lrnchat
9:35:08 pm oxala75: @jwillensky @koreenolbrish unless the tool (read: disruptive tech) is fought/banned #lrnchat
9:35:16 pm lrnchat: Almost time for Q3 but again, same theme. #lrnchat
9:35:18 pm coachkiki: @BlancheMaynard Can’t step in the same river twice…. #lrnchat
9:35:32 pm hjarche: @moehlert Twitter’s asymmetry is what I really like about it – follow who YOU want #lrnchat
9:35:52 pm mobilemind: SoMe/twitter flexibility & dynamism works FOR content that is changing, learners share changes/new learning, experts emerge #lrnchat
9:36:06 pm moehlert: @KoreenOlbrish #lrnchat No. stop with the classroom. Please. Learning environment not equal to classroom
9:36:10 pm VWassessments: #lrnchat – may want 2 take look @ GLS conference currently playing a twitter betting game was also played at G4C conference.
9:36:16 pm oxala75: @BlancheMaynard i’m always suprised at how ppl feel that Twitter is unmanageable as an intake device. #lrnchat
9:36:17 pm MariaOD: I got sucked into Spymaster and cnt seem to get out. lol. Need to refocus! #lrnchat
9:36:19 pm odguru: @busynessgirl We will have hashtags on our hashtags! #lrnchat
9:36:22 pm mobilemind: SoMe allows learners to update learners before trainers can update training #lrnchat
9:36:38 pm busynessgirl: @hjarche @moehlert Unlike being trapped in a meeting where you can’t choose who you feel like listening to. LOL #lrnchat
9:36:48 pm swallner: @coachkiki This conversation right now btwn you and I is a learning medium. I can look @ your updates and keep on learning from you #lrnchat
9:36:49 pm JaneBozarth: #lrnchat re blind man/elephant, different POVs: I am wondering what “learners” would say if they were here?
9:36:50 pm KoreenOlbrish: @moehlert depends on your definition of classroom. don’t be afraid of a word 🙂 #lrnchat
9:36:57 pm BlancheMaynard: @coachkiki water is always in movement. River never exactly the same: that’s the added-value #lrnchat
9:36:58 pm marciamarcia: @busynessgirl Check out #editorchat some time. It’s like this but with 10x+ more people. Amazing, exhilarating, educational. #lrnchat
9:37:06 pm coachkiki: @mobilemind Update yes – but what are they learning? #lrnchat
9:37:08 pm oxala75: please, some one T-shirt this: RT @odguru: @busynessgirl We will have hashtags on our hashtags! #lrnchat
9:37:09 pm swallner: @oxala75 Exactly. #lrnchat
9:37:29 pm moehlert: @oxala75 #lrnchat Right? Its actually incredibly manageable…
9:37:33 pm rpannoni: @VWassessments As a trainer, I find it disconcerting when people multi-task. I can’t read cues about whether they understand. #lrnchat
9:37:33 pm JaneBozarth: #lrnchat If you can’t be a disruptive techology, at least be a positive deviant.
9:37:52 pm marciamarcia: @oxala75 Perfect example of why experimentation and playing around a bit helps. It can be overwhelming at first.. like anything new #lrnchat
9:38:11 pm hjarche: @moehlert I’ll see your 2 hashtags and raise you an RT! #lrnchat
9:38:12 pm mobilemind: @coachkiki learning how to get current info, learning how to distinguish experts, learning what has yet to be officially taught #lrnchat
9:38:15 pm coachkiki: @KoreenOlbrish Classroom = any where, any who, any how, any place, any way in the world to me. #lrnchat
9:38:28 pm jwillensky: RT @mobilemind: SoMe/twitter flexibility & dynamism works FOR content that is changing, learners share changes/new learning #lrnchat
9:38:34 pm ThomasStone: @coachkiki Can’t step in the same river twice… a rare quote of Heraclitus on Twitter! #lrnchat
9:38:40 pm coachkiki: @mobilemind Good one. #lrnchat
9:38:45 pm swallner: True in my world! RT @mobilemind: SoMe allows learners to update learners before trainers can update training #lrnchat
9:38:53 pm BlancheMaynard: be prepared to have me as a follower following this session, if I’m not already one of yours 🙂 #lrnchat
9:38:56 pm MariaOD: @ThomasStone way to unlearn the classroom. #lrnchat… #lrnchat
9:39:05 pm carolwhit: RT @JaneBozarth #lrnchat If you can’t be a disruptive technology, at least be a positive deviant. Love this! #lrnchat
9:39:10 pm oxala75: @marciamarcia @moehlert yep. really, it is like a garden, or irrigation: plan, tend, and u get results. #lrnchat
9:39:10 pm ichrisbarnes: One other thing SoMe offers is ability to see who is hungry for learning. #lrnchat
9:39:14 pm tmiket: @mobilemind the best new stuff not yet taught #lrnchat
9:39:19 pm KoreenOlbrish: @coachkiki thank you! exactly! the world is our classroom 🙂 #lrnchat
9:39:29 pm coachkiki: @ThomasStone 🙂 I happen to love that quote. #lrnchat
9:39:34 pm moehlert: @KoreenOlbrish #lrnchat “Watch your words, for they become actions.” 🙂
9:39:52 pm BradStokes: @swallner And mine #lrnchat
9:40:02 pm moehlert: @devlearn #lrnchat First, drink for asking about the rules!
9:40:05 pm bjdavies: SoMe opens entire World. Can we have tweets about where you live. I’m from Launceston Tasmania in Australia #lrnchat
9:40:19 pm lrnchat: Q3 inspired by @ichrisbarnes: Do we know of any places SoMe is bad (for learning, in training, for edu)? #lrnchat
9:40:19 pm rpannoni: DKoreenOlbrish: @rpannoni virtual! drink! Thanks. Hope it’s tequila :-). #lrnchat
9:40:20 pm jerridkruse: Have to leave, lots of new ppl to follow, thanks all! #lrnchat
9:40:22 pm coachkiki: @KoreenOlbrish I grew up that way and have “taken it on the road” myself. I learn something every day from every one in some way. #lrnchat
9:40:27 pm oxala75: @ethankuniyoshi true! i just think the idea & practice of dealing with SoMe is most valuable in preparing us to deal w/what’s next. #lrnchat
9:40:41 pm KoreenOlbrish: @moehlert the artist only creates the art, the audience creates the meaning. #lrnchat
9:40:42 pm moehlert: @hjarche #lrnchat I have a Royal Asymmetric Follow!
9:40:57 pm coachkiki: @oxala75 How cool – I’ll refrain from Tasmanian Devil questions or jokes. 🙂 #lrnchat
9:40:58 pm BlancheMaynard: “the more the merrier”. Number and diversity of my twitter network makes it feel so rich. #lrnchat
9:40:58 pm BradStokes: Wollongong Australia 🙂 #lrnchat
9:40:58 pm MariaOD: Loving this 24X7 learning…what tips do you have to help me manage all of this and still have a life!!! #lrnchat
9:41:00 pm JennLortz: @bjdavies atlanta georgia usa #lrnchat
9:41:04 pm busynessgirl: @lrnchat During bootcamp drills. #lrnchat
9:41:08 pm lrnchat: @jerridkruse Thanks for joining us. Transcript will be posted later tonight. #lrnchat
9:41:10 pm KoreenOlbrish: @jerridkruse awesome, challenging conversation. fun tweeting with you! #lrnchat
9:41:26 pm oxala75: @lrnchat in cases where learning can only be achieved through singular experience. #lrnchat
9:41:30 pm bjdavies: Q3 SoMe is bad when it overwhelmes the learning #lrnchat
9:41:48 pm carolwhit: San Jose, CA #lrnchat
9:41:55 pm coachkiki: @bjdavies I agree. #lrnchat
9:41:57 pm J_Schulz: Q3 – The bathroom? #lrnchat
9:41:59 pm moehlert: RT @LearnHub: “Learning is what most adults will do for a living in the 21st century.”–Perelman #lrnchat
9:42:22 pm MariaOD: @bjdavies maybe we need to unlearn a few things. I heard info overload one more time I will scream lol #lrnchat
9:42:39 pm Priaak: RT moehlert RT @LearnHub: “Learning is what most adults will do for a living in the 21st century.”–Perelman #lrnchat
9:42:57 pm VWassessments: #lrnchat Q3 – text language in academic & professional documents
9:43:02 pm ichrisbarnes: Q3. Some of my healthcare clients are concerned about SoMe undermining regulatory compliance. #lrnchat
9:43:06 pm busynessgirl: RT @LearnHub: “Learning is what most adults will do for a living in the 21st century.”–Perelman #lrnchat
9:43:15 pm JaneBozarth: Oh look see here’s a benefit already. Britney’s vids are following me again. #lrnchat
9:43:20 pm mobilemind: Another reason to use twitter for learning, it’s fun. looking for Marshall McLuhan quote… #lrnchat
9:43:34 pm hjarche: Q3: How can anything social be bad for learning? I can see how it would disrupt training, though. #lrnchat
9:43:36 pm VWassessments: #lrnchat Q3 blogoquences
9:43:38 pm KoreenOlbrish: @J_Schulz can i tell you how many women i hear on their cell phones in restrooms? UGH. That should be a rule…no bathrooms 🙂 #lrnchat
9:43:43 pm mobilemind: “Anyone who tries to make a distinction between education and entertainment doesn’t know the first thing about either” M. McLuhan #lrnchat
9:43:44 pm JennLortz: 21st century learning only requires the learning to be more self directed and focused thus to not lose sight of their personal goal #lrnchat
9:43:59 pm jwillensky: Q3 Distraction from simulations, role-plays, any areas of temporary and intense focus. #lrnchat
9:44:05 pm ethankuniyoshi: RT @ichrisbarnes: Q3. …healthcare clients are concerned about SoMe undermining regulatory compliance. #lrnchat (agree wholeheartedly)
9:44:06 pm Socialearning: #lrnchat Social Media is bad when there’s too much focus on the tools rather the outcomes.
9:44:06 pm klowey22: has everyone seen marilyn martin’s ‘map of todays learning terrain’ #lrnchat
9:44:10 pm marciamarcia: Because I can now learn (& share) in microbursts, I feel like my life is far richer. Requires practice, tho, @MariaOD. #lrnchat
9:44:14 pm BlancheMaynard: @moehlert @LearnHub: “Learning is what most adults will do for fun.” Learning and sometimes not even realizing it. How cool. #lrnchat
9:44:16 pm busynessgirl: Treat the Internet as an extension of your brain: file cabinet + personal assistant + learning diary. This frees up space. #lrnchat @MariaOD
9:44:25 pm J_Schulz: @moehlert Do you have a Rolodex full of quotes next to your computer? Next time I need one, I’m coming to you! #lrnchat
9:44:31 pm mobilemind: applying my Seinfeld learning, leaving on a high note. g’night #lrnchat
9:44:34 pm JaneBozarth: And without so me I wouldn’t have heard about Chastity Bono for maybe days. #lrnchat
9:44:41 pm klowey22: ‘i drive my learning process, when i need it, even when i am working’ m martin #lrnchat
9:44:54 pm coachkiki: @ichrisbarnes HUGE issue there – was working on this in NYC early 2000s.Compliance issues, budgets, privacy issues & more. #lrnchat
9:45:03 pm BradStokes: @mobilemind Night #lrnchat
9:45:03 pm KoreenOlbrish: i think SoMe is bad when it becomes exclusionary…if the intent is inclusive, then the opposite effect is counterproductive #lrnchat
9:45:13 pm oxala75: @marciamarcia totally, totally feel the same. #lrnchat
9:45:42 pm coachkiki: @BlancheMaynard #lrnchat
9:46:10 pm marciamarcia: What, no one is going to say SoMe isn’t good for learning when people around you have false intel, spotty details, lead u astray? #lrnchat
9:46:16 pm odguru: RT @ Socialearning “Social Media is bad when there’s too much focus on the tools.” Agree – we are trying to get to the juice #lrnchat
9:46:25 pm oxala75: @KoreenOlbrish true…hence worries about the insular wizardry or Twitter and the like as viewed from afar… #lrnchat
9:46:37 pm BlancheMaynard: i think SoMe can be bad when it prevents you from interacting f2f…or takes away time for other important stuff like family… #lrnchat
9:46:49 pm ichrisbarnes: The only way to deal with regulatory concerns re: SoMe is…wait for it…more training. 😉 #lrnchat
9:46:49 pm MiNutrition: Same for me! RT @hjarche: Twitter has sped up my learning incredibly, like putting blogs on steroids #lrnchat
9:46:59 pm moehlert: #lrnchat If u enjoy disruptive progress, check out
9:46:59 pm bacigalupe: the fear of teachers of rethinking the classroom is similar to the fear of journalists rethinking the print form #lrnchat
9:47:02 pm coachkiki: @BlancheMaynard Now if we can get ppl of all ages to think of learning as fun – watch those “test scores”/scores of all kinds rise. #lrnchat
9:47:16 pm Socialearning: #lrnchat Good night everyone! @marciamarcia Thanks for this twitter chat.
9:47:18 pm hjarche: @marciamarcia I like being led astray 😉 #lrnchat
9:47:21 pm ThomasStone: Q3 response: I’d say SoMe not ideal for the very basics of any topic… seems like a foundation is needed via trad. means. #lrnchat
9:47:24 pm JaneBozarth: @Socialearning Agreed I deal with this all the time w/ asynch. Ppl want to buy “authoring tool” but pay no attention to real design #lrnchat
9:47:25 pm marciamarcia: SoMe is bad when it becomes exclusionary. If intent is inclusive, then opposite effect is counterproductive RT @KoreeniOlbrish #lrnchat
9:47:26 pm oxala75: @marciamarcia actually, isn’t that good, tho? you’re still giving the truth a chance to touch ppl who would otherwise avoid it #lrnchat
9:47:28 pm JennLortz: @kasey428 oh i need to hook up with those companies for a job then!!! #lrnchat
9:47:30 pm ethankuniyoshi: Q3 #lrnchat the very public nature of SoMe may not work for learning with minors (not the ones who dig coal, the other ones)
9:47:38 pm moehlert: @marciamarcia #lrnchat They already have the info and can lead u astray…SoMe is how we can correct that…
9:47:40 pm MariaOD: @marciamarcia that’s why kids haven’t taken to Twitter–they don’t know how to filter info yet! #lrnchat
9:47:42 pm KoreenOlbrish: @marciamarcia ha! media literacy! yeah, we all take it for granted that we can tell what’s “true” #lrnchat
9:47:43 pm oxala75: @moehlert ha! nice plug. #lrnchat
9:47:53 pm coachkiki: @BlancheMaynard Excellent sociological, psychological point.More hi-tech needs more hi-touch.Lots of hi-touch professions growing. #lrnchat
9:47:54 pm J_Schulz: @marciamarcia We were all thinking it. Does that count? #lrnchat
9:47:59 pm ThomasStone: Q3 response: Also, if safety or life/death issue, like pilot training, surgeons, nuclear safety. LOL #lrnchat
9:48:10 pm lrnchat: @socialearning Thanks for joining us. Let’s talk offline about idea for 2nd EU-friendly chat time. #lrnchat
9:48:48 pm BlancheMaynard: @coachkiki I have so much fun on twitter while learning at the same time. That’s one of the points I put forward when ppl ask me. #lrnchat
9:48:49 pm Priaak: I think SoMe is great… but a culture of sharing needs evolve #lrnchat
9:49:06 pm JoanVinallCox: twitter is synch & asynch – actually 17 tools in one #lrnchat (via @hjarche)> good read!
9:49:20 pm bjdavies: @lrnchat can you keep time friendly for us Aussie’s too please – it’s 11:50am now which is great #lrnchat
9:49:32 pm jwillensky: @marciamarcia Just like any communication tool, tho. Socail protocol lags behind technology? #lrnchat
9:49:41 pm coachkiki: @KoreenOlbrish I don’t.Prof years ago taught us dangers of not questioning media/text etc. Took her advice/use it/teach it. #lrnchat
9:49:44 pm J_Schulz: @JaneBozarth said ‘deisgn’! Drink! #lrnchat
9:49:58 pm oxala75: @Priaak i feel that what SoMe is here to do (for better or worse) #lrnchat
9:50:04 pm coachkiki: @jwillensky Interesting point/question. #lrnchat
9:50:16 pm ichrisbarnes: Q3 SoMe might not be good choice in situations where objective = longer attention and deeper reflection. Can’t think of example tho #lrnchat
9:50:29 pm marciamarcia: @ThomasStone Hmm. I’m going to think on “Can SoMe be used for the basics, the foundation?” I’ve seen wikis & blogs offer it well. #lrnchat
9:50:39 pm KoreenOlbrish: @coachkiki my MS was focused on media literacy…of course, that was pre SoMe days…kinda want to do the research again 😉 #lrnchat
9:50:40 pm BlancheMaynard: @coachkiki Personally, twitter has been the starting point for real-life, f2f encounters with great ppl. Facilitator, not preventor #lrnchat
9:50:50 pm coachkiki: @BlancheMaynard Excellent way to describe it! I do too. #lrnchat
9:50:54 pm jwillensky: @coachkiki I wonder if it’s true 🙂 #lrnchat
9:50:57 pm hjarche: @jwillensky yes, saw some old training booklets on how to use the telephone at work – a real hoot in hindsight #lrnchat
9:51:30 pm coachkiki: @KoreenOlbrish That would be fascinating – to compare it then and now. Wow – I’d love to read that. #lrnchat
9:51:57 pm ThomasStone: @marciamarcia It can be used for basics, but on average not “ideal” is what I meant… because often not done well. #lrnchat
9:51:59 pm Priaak: @oxala75 yes hopefully:) #lrnchat
9:52:04 pm J_Schulz: @ThomasStone While in the ‘act of’, but are there opps there to debrief and have performance critiqued? #lrnchat
9:52:18 pm ethankuniyoshi: Q3 #lrnchat surprised no one has mentioned it, but SoMe is not very 508 accessible…yet..what about
9:52:20 pm ichrisbarnes: @Priaak I think a culture of sharing is evolving, but has a long way to go to reach critical mass. #lrnchat
9:52:23 pm BlancheMaynard: little person looking over my shoulder and wondering when I’m going to put her to bed…Got to go 😦 Thanks guys. Really enjoyable #lrnchat
9:52:27 pm coachkiki: @BlancheMaynard I agree but I worry (bad habit :-)) about those who aren’t as discerning as you are. Not everyone has your skills. #lrnchat
9:52:30 pm jwillensky: @hjarche Maybe we’re seeing a painful “big bang” for SoMe — just as with workplace email, internet, telephone 🙂 #lrnchat
9:52:32 pm JaneBozarth: @J_Schulz Glad I could help. #lrnchat
9:52:32 pm moehlert: #lrnchat Just need to say, you guys have been AWESOME tonight…really just rolling brilliance…thank you
9:52:35 pm marciamarcia: Perhaps just like my frustration with ppl using training & learning interchangeably, lets not think SoME just=Twitter, tho my fave. #lrnchat
9:52:55 pm jwillensky: @moehlert Word. #lrnchat
9:52:59 pm oxala75: @ethankuniyoshi excellent point. i run into this problem all the time at work. #lrnchat
9:53:05 pm coachkiki: @BlancheMaynard Loved hearing your thoughts – have a good one. #lrnchat
9:53:06 pm KoreenOlbrish: @coachkiki sad thing, i’m not sure we’ve progressed much in educating students how 2b media literate & its more important than ever #lrnchat
9:53:10 pm BradStokes: @marciamarcia Two sides of the same coin 🙂 #lrnchat
9:53:29 pm coachkiki: @marciamarcia Ditto frustration on that one. #lrnchat
9:53:36 pm learnhub: @JonHoll Why is it not true in Spain? Sadly, its not among the top 10 countries visiting 😦 #lrnchat
9:54:04 pm KoreenOlbrish: yeah you all rocked it out tonight. overwhelmed with awesome. #lrnchat
9:54:20 pm marciamarcia: @BradStokes Training/Learning (I’d say more like penny and quarter) or SoMe/Twitter? #lrnchat
9:54:21 pm JennLortz: @KoreenOlbrish have you talked to alan november about that? does he tweet? he’d be a good addition to my PLN #lrnchat
9:54:23 pm ThomasStone: @marciamarcia e.g., wikis can provide basics, but need to have a learning map to help the newbie get started. #lrnchat
9:54:37 pm MiNutrition: Wow! RT @klowey22: has everyone seen marilyn martin’s ‘map of todays learning terrain’ #lrnchat
9:54:39 pm BradStokes: I have to get back to rl. Night all #lrnchat
9:54:52 pm BradStokes: @marciamarcia Touche 🙂 #lrnchat
9:54:53 pm MariaOD: SoMe allows us to be all teachers and learners! #lrnchat
9:54:58 pm oxala75: @jwillensky agreed. still in stage of talking mostly about tools, not patterns of usage #lrnchat
9:55:10 pm coachkiki: @KoreenOlbrish Students/people might b media literate butr they media-discerning? Who are people listening to?Believing?Emulating? #lrnchat
9:55:16 pm rpannoni: @KoreenOlbrish: @coachkiki Maybe blogs are educating kids about subjective sources because they are so obviously opinion? #lrnchat
9:55:21 pm ThomasStone: @marciamarcia e.g., and blogs can work for basics, but that imposes a structure (series of posts) not typical. #lrnchat
9:55:27 pm marciamarcia: @ThomasStone If they were just more like @Commoncraft we’d have solved everything. #lrnchat
9:55:59 pm coachkiki: Sorry to sign off and miss the rest – but I must. Have a good one all. #lrnchat
9:56:06 pm BradStokes: @marciamarcia So still the same currency… #lrnchat
9:56:16 pm lrnchat: Whew that went quickly! Please start wrapping up with a re-introduction & tell us how we might help you this coming week. #lrnchat
9:56:20 pm ichrisbarnes: @ThomasStone @marciamarcia When is a learning map NOT a good idea? I’m always fan of providing context and making map available. #lrnchat
9:56:24 pm hjarche: G’night – late in the Atlantic Time Zone – it’s been fun #lrnchat
9:56:34 pm oxala75: @coachkiki @koreenolbrish might be a problem bigger than instruction. #lrnchat
9:56:37 pm moehlert: @learnhub Hey! You definitely should join us for #lrnchat every TH 8:30 PM – 10:00 PM EDT
9:56:39 pm KoreenOlbrish: @rpannoni depends on how people view blogs..and expertise 🙂 #lrnchat
9:56:43 pm MariaOD: We changed our name from T&D to L&D. Learning just sounds more holistic! #lrnchat
9:56:45 pm jwillensky: @oxala75 Completely. Reminds me of time when email wasn’t second nature. Seems absurd now. #lrnchat
9:56:51 pm lrnchat: @coachkiki Thanks for joining us. Great stuff. Please come again and tell others. #lrnchat
9:56:57 pm moehlert: @jwillensky #lrnchat Straight up G.
9:57:02 pm gminks: RT @MiNutrition: Wow! RT @klowey22: has everyone seen marilyn martin’s ‘map of todays learning terrain’ #lrnchat
9:58:14 pm bjdavies: G8t conversation, thoughts provoked, people to follow, links to check out. See you next week 10:30am – 12pm EDT #lrnchat
9:58:21 pm ThomasStone: Glad I could make the last 30 mins of the chat tonight (was on the road today). #lrnchat
9:58:29 pm oxala75: Craig in Alexandria. eLearning Jockey for the gubmint. Looking for more stories of implementation survival. #lrnchat
9:58:31 pm MariaOD: @gminks very nice! #lrnchat
9:58:37 pm J_Schulz: #lrnchat John, Learning Technologist, Chicago. Biggest challenge – finding a job. DM me if you have any leads. Thx!
9:58:41 pm ichrisbarnes: @marciamarcia @ThomasStone We’d all be better off if more instructions were like @Commoncraft! #lrnchat
9:58:41 pm moehlert: @lrnchat #lrnchat Mark Oehlert from US Dept of Defense, e-clippings and Black Swan Society – signing off – you ppl have the SMART!
9:58:48 pm oxala75: @jwillensky now that we’ve got that sewn up, here comes Google Wave… #lrnchat
9:59:15 pm bacigalupe: @ichrisbarnes When is a learning map NOT a good idea? I’m always fan of providing context and making map available. #lrnchat
9:59:21 pm oxala75: @MariaOD not to mention desirable #lrnchat
9:59:22 pm BradStokes: Brad Stokes Elearning Consultant Wollongong Australia #lrnchat
9:59:26 pm ThomasStone: @MariaOD Agreed. Someone tell the folks at ASTD that… I’d prefer the name ASLD. #lrnchat
9:59:31 pm marciamarcia: I’m writing a series of articles on using Twitter in corp T&D/L&D. Welcome stories, examples, cases. Pls email, @ or DM. Great opp! #lrnchat
9:59:37 pm MariaOD: @oxala75 ah…spelly,linky, searchy…yes, no maybe…cnt wait! #lrnchat
9:59:41 pm Priaak: great chat session as always. sivapriya in San Mateo, CA. #lrnchat
9:59:54 pm jwillensky: Good night all! Jason Willensky in virtual corporate-land. Thx for the great discussion! #lrnchat
9:59:59 pm learnhub: @moehlert Who started #lrnchat? What’s the story? We’re a little late to the party…
10:00:02 pm moehlert: #lrnchat Didn’t even mention Google Wave…ah week…. 🙂
10:00:05 pm ichrisbarnes: @MariaOD Learning is something people embrace. Training makes them wince. #lrnchat
10:00:22 pm KoreenOlbrish: Koreen Olbrish, Tandem Learning, Philly…love to chat with anyone re: ARGs and VWs…loving collecting those case studies:) #lrnchat
10:00:23 pm JaneBozarth: Jane in Raleigh-Durham NC. Work for gubmint; bad bureaucrat – which is a good thing. Author, ID, e-learning geek, feral learner #lrnchat
10:00:45 pm jwillensky: @oxala75 With live translation in 40 languages. Incredible… if it works. #lrnchat
10:00:46 pm lrnchat: Thank you everyone. Please join us again next week and tell your friends this is a great place to learn! #lrnchat
10:00:49 pm J_Schulz: @moehlert And what about Natal? #lrnchat
10:00:57 pm VWassessments: #lrnchat Bye from Colorado!
10:01:03 pm odguru: @jwillensky ! I remember databases replacing wall chart schedules and getting a hostile reception. “how will I look at that mess??” #lrnchat
10:01:04 pm johnphilipgreen: @moehlert Google Wave looks fantastic… we are salivating over it here at @LearnHub. #lrnchat
10:01:13 pm JennLortz: Jenn Lortz, Atlanta, GA just finishing my Ed.S in Instructional Design…looking for work in a corporate learning enviornment!yikes #lrnchat
10:01:27 pm glennhoyle: Good night all — Glenn Hoyle in Chicagoland #lrnchat
10:01:38 pm bjdavies: @lrnchat where is transcript posted pls tweet link. tks #lrnchat
10:01:40 pm moehlert: @learnhub @marciamarcia is the brains behind the outfit – started like a couple of months ago…late comers welcome! #lrnchat
10:01:51 pm marciamarcia: Marcia Conner, enterprise SoME & learning analyst w/ Pistachio Consulting, writer, mom, & moderator for #lrnchat
10:01:54 pm krazykriz: RT @JaneBozarth: #lrnchat If you can’t be a disruptive techology, at least be a positive deviant.
10:02:03 pm oxala75: @J_Schulz @moehlert dude, don’t even get me started… #lrnchat
10:02:06 pm jwillensky: @odguru I know! And some of this stuff wasn’t too long ago! #lrnchat
10:02:12 pm carolwhit: Carol in San Jose, CA; ID consultant and entrepreneur, always looking for new contract work, if anyone needs a hand or 3 (my team!) #lrnchat
10:02:14 pm moehlert: @J_Schulz #lrnchat Hells yes! I want mine NOW!
10:02:18 pm lrnchat: The transcript will be posted at before the night is out. #lrnchat
10:02:38 pm jwillensky: @coachkiki Maybe it’s being researched outside the learning silo. Hmmmm…… #lrnchat
10:02:47 pm odguru: Merci/Thanks & Good night from Toronto, Canada! #lrnchat
10:02:55 pm ichrisbarnes: Bye all from Chris Barnes at Emphatic Communications in Olympia WA. #lrnchat
10:02:56 pm J_Schulz: #lrnchat Great conversation, all! See you all next week. Goodnight! Great job @marciamarcia!
10:03:17 pm ethankuniyoshi: #lrnchat #introduction background in cognitive science, experience as software developer, now grad student and working at Stanford Hospital
10:03:32 pm lrnchat: Loved this chat? We’re seeking more moderators & website helpers, especially for a 2nd “daytime” trial this summer. #lrnchat
10:03:49 pm jwillensky: Thanks @lrncht & @marciamarcia ! #lrnchat
10:03:58 pm carolwhit: great chat again, good night! #lrnchat
10:05:35 pm moehlert: RT @jwillensky: Thanks @lrncht & @marciamarcia ! #lrnchat
10:05:42 pm ethankuniyoshi: RT @JaneBozarth …feral learner #lrnchat (LOL!)
10:05:43 pm rdeis: “Learning is what most adults will do for a living in the 21st century.”–Perelman RT @LearnHub #lrnchat
10:05:54 pm swallner: Once again, the #lrnchat conversation was time-worthy! Thanks @marciamarcia
10:06:13 pm bschlenker: Okay forget the game – Royal Pains is on. Will try and follow #lrnchat at the same time.
10:06:15 pm coachkiki: @lrnchat Thanks so much for organizing and arranging – I was lucky enough to see the #lrnchat hashtag on a tweet by @joycemaynard.


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