#lrnchat 10 recap

Tonight we held the tenth weekly #lrnchat, the liveliest to date. Many new faces, fabulous perspectives and non-stop learning. The overall theme for the chat was the use of social media in workplace learning and training. We had a warm up question, and three core questions related to one another. See the full transcript.

Q0 (our #lrnchat warmup): How’ve you been? What have you been learning?
Q1: Why aren’t ppl using social media & twitter-like tools in training? What myths do they have? Excuses they use? Legit reasons?
…Addition: My hope with Q1 is to hear both reasons why not using, and how you reply.
Q2 from @kasey428: Have you used (or seen used) social media to push out training reinforcement as follow-up to ILT or elearning?
Q3 inspired by @ichrisbarnes: Do we know of any places SoMe is bad (for learning, in training, for edu)?

Thank you to everyone who joined us. To give you a sense of just how much chatter there was tonight, there were twice as many characters typed during the chat as there were last week. We hope to continue to grow and learn at this pace with your help.

Please be sure to tell us whos-who, submit any questions you have for future chats (please include your @name) and plan to join us again. Also, please help us spread the word on #lrnchat by tweeting about it, writing about it in your blog, and asking your friends to join us next Thursday. Here’s to learning between now and then!

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