Transcript of #lrnchat for 06/04/09

8:30:38 pm lrnchat: Good evening everyone (or goodmorning if you’ve gotten up for this). Welcome to #lrnchat
8:31:19 pm BradStokes: #lrnchat woohoo πŸ™‚ Morning all.
8:31:23 pm lrnchat: Tonight many of the #lrnchat regulars are at a conference together. I’m hoping they chime in.
8:31:46 pm gminks: Should I try #lrnchat from the road??
8:32:24 pm lrnchat: We always begin #lrnchat with a warm up question: What did you learn today? (If nothing really interesting, what did you learn this week?)
8:32:50 pm bearclau: I’ve been following the conf’s for the last few days. Looking forward to 2nite’s #lrnchat
8:33:06 pm mkfrie: shortest in history for me. Heading to face-to-face chat instead tonight! #lrnchat/
8:34:13 pm lrnchat: @gminks Yes, please join #lrnchat from the road tonight if you can!
8:34:15 pm roninchef: Hello lrnchatters. Mason in Maine here. Today I learned my Wacom tablet works in Adobe Soundbooth. #lrnchat
8:35:13 pm marciamarcia: Today I learned I have more appreciation for some order, when it relates to education, than I’d previously thought I had. #lrnchat
8:35:13 pm row4it: Learned today a bit about state required Workforce Investment Boards as I begin a 3 year term for Va Capital Region. #lrnchat
8:35:49 pm BradStokes: #lrnchat was really entertaining last week. What a great Friday Morning.
8:36:26 pm gminks: I learned more about how neuro-typical folks misinterpret social signals people on the #autism spectrum esp #lrnchat
8:36:39 pm marciamarcia: Marcia Conner: Social media & learning analyst, Virginia-based. Also moderating from @lrnchat #lrnchat
8:36:47 pm bearclau: learned this week about Google Wave and its coolness factor, even if I can’t see all it’s usefulness yet #lrnchat
8:36:50 pm Priaak: hello everyone #lrnchat/
8:36:52 pm gminks: @BlancheMaynard #lrnchat?
8:37:08 pm J_Schulz: I learned that I still have a lot to learn. Thanks #iel09 and #astd09 tweeters. #lrnchat
8:37:26 pm BlancheMaynard: today I’ve learned that you can your mom involved in web 2.0 even if she doesn’t know how to use computer #lrnchat
8:37:35 pm tgrevatt: I’m getting real-time search results at TweetGrid #lrnchat
8:37:57 pm Socialearning: Hi everyone! #lrnchat
8:38:34 pm bschlenker: Brent Schlenker: Program Director for @DevLearn – Emerging Tech Analyst – #lrnchat – HELLO from HOT AZ!
8:39:06 pm dwilkinsnh: Time to #lrnchat. Learning professionals….assemble!
8:39:13 pm lrnchat: Seems @tweetchat is running way behind for #lrnchat. I’m going to try to do it from twitter on the web.
8:39:26 pm tgrevatt: #lrnchat
8:39:26 pm MarkMorganMA: #lrnchat Hello from Boston
8:40:02 pm marciamarcia: I learned more about how neuro-typical folks misinterpret social signals people on the #autism spectrum esp #lrnchat RT @gminks
8:40:02 pm Socialearning: I learned to get more focused on questions to have a better understanding of people worldwiews #lrnchat
8:40:07 pm BlancheMaynard: three generations around the laptop, watching clips on YouTube and connecting #lrnchat
8:40:07 pm dbolen: hello from rainy Atlanta #lrnchat
8:40:15 pm dwilkinsnh: What did I learn today? That Google Wave and the Sun Learning Exchange are going to transform our worlds… #lrnchat
8:40:19 pm tgrevatt: @lrnchat #lrnchat noticed the same thing, is there a different app to use?
8:40:43 pm tmiket: Hello all looking forward to #lrnchat tonight
8:41:13 pm moehlert: #lrnchat Sorry Chatters…exhausted from Vint Cerf, Will Wright and Bob Scoble…chat well my friends
8:41:16 pm jwillensky: Greetings from Phoenix! #lrnchat
8:41:23 pm lrnchat: @tgrevatt How was the trip?? Curious #lrnchat wants to know!
8:41:43 pm JaneBozarth: Sorry I’m late what’d I miss? This week I learned about special populations and parole considerations. Really. #lrnchat
8:42:16 pm rdeis: Greetings from Canada. Learned a lot this week from reading The Twitter Book @SarahM @timoreilly #lrnchat
8:42:22 pm JaneBozarth: So how did #astd this year compare to others? Did economic situation seem to slow down attendance? #lrnchat
8:42:47 pm lrnchat: @BradStokes @Priaak @J_Schulz @bschlenker @Socialearning Welcome! (Also to everyone else.) #lrnchat
8:43:07 pm tgrevatt: #lrnchat I learned that all the cool kids were at #iel09, looked like lots of fun, but it was really hard to work out what the hashtag meant
8:43:08 pm jenniethede: Chiming in from Portland #lrnchat
8:43:45 pm hybridkris: #lrnchat I’ve learned that I need to attend more than AICC meetings and GDC because there is a lot going on that I need to keep up with.
8:44:08 pm bschlenker: RT @bearclau: learned this week about Google Wave and its coolness factor, even if I can’t see all it’s usefulness yet #lrnchat
8:44:13 pm dwilkinsnh: If folks are having issues with TweetDeck (I was too), you can always use – seems to be very little lag. #lrnchat
8:44:22 pm row4it: @JaneBozarth I’m curious too…initial tweets weren’t real positive overall. Sorta concerning as our National Organization. #lrnchat
8:44:25 pm BradStokes: #lrnchat Elearning Enthusiast in Australia working in the VET Sector.
8:44:54 pm marciamarcia: @JaneBozarth I learned at #astd09 that many many people still think traditional training is great. Sometimes I forget that. #lrnchat
8:45:17 pm JaneBozarth: Today I learned about recoding calls from Skype to PC. Want to see if audio is good enough for podcasting etc.#lrnchat
8:45:18 pm roninchef: @bschlenker Think of the lrnchat possibilities. #lrnchat
8:45:50 pm dwilkinsnh: @moehlert We’re going to miss you. Make you sure you debrief us on the Will Wright experience. Tweets today were very interesting. #lrnchat
8:45:59 pm gminks: For the record I am not driving πŸ™‚ #lrnchat
8:46:36 pm jwillensky: I learned that 9 different IDs could approach a straightforward problem 9 different ways — all valid. #lrnchat
8:46:40 pm jenniethede: #lrnchat learned this week that Captivate is coming out for Mac soon for sure…hooray!
8:47:20 pm lrnchat: Please remember to submit questions directly to me here or at #lrnchat
8:47:25 pm JaneBozarth: RT @jwillensky: I learned that 9 different IDs could approach a straightforward problem 9 different ways — all valid. #lrnchat
8:47:29 pm dwilkinsnh: @roninchef If this was GoogleWave, we’d have no lag, a playback feature, and we could turn this whole thing into a Wiki. Holla! #lrnchat
8:47:35 pm KevinDJones: @jenniethede Another PDXer – NICE! #lrnchat
8:47:36 pm BradStokes: @jenniethede: #lrnchat Like captivate but get frustrated that I can’t export natively to AVI. I
8:47:37 pm BradStokes: @jenniethede: #lrnchat Like captivate but get frustrated that I can’t export natively to AVI.
8:47:55 pm row4it: @JaneBozarth I would agree with you Jane. My staff is resistant at times and I’m like..come on good stuff here. #lrnchat
8:48:56 pm bschlenker: Is it totally uncool to attempt an assasination during #lrnchat? Sorry @koreenOlbrish – Hope you are okay – I feel bad ;-(
8:49:41 pm roninchef: @dwilkinsnh And what a wonderfully awesome wiki it would be. I worked my way through the demo over 3 lunches. Had happy afternoons. #lrnchat
8:49:55 pm marciamarcia: If this was GoogleWave, we’d have no lag, a playback feature & we could turn this whole thing into a Wiki. Holla! RT @dwilkinsnh #lrnchat
8:50:15 pm JaneBozarth: @row4it Seen much resistance; now see things just moving on without them. I think lots will find themselves unemployable #lrnchat
8:50:37 pm BradnDeedo: Hello all – sorry I’m late #lrnchat
8:50:51 pm hybridkris: @bschlenker No way, take the shot. Lord knows @koreenolbrish would. #lrnchat
8:50:55 pm lrnchat: Ready for Q1? (And @bschlenker, if that helps you learn, go for it!) #lrnchat
8:51:33 pm tgrevatt: #lrnchat Did anyone check out Bing? I really liked the layout of the search results. Interesting data on usage rates vs wolfram alpha avail.
8:51:34 pm roninchef: I’m searching for #lrnchat live on TweetGrid Search –
8:51:35 pm jwillensky: @dwilkinsnh GoogleWave — could you make them hurry it up? πŸ™‚ #lrnchat
8:51:54 pm MarkMorganMA: #lrnchat Ready!
8:52:36 pm JaneBozarth: Ready! Hand on buzzer! Go! #lrnchat
8:52:54 pm lrnchat: Q1: How would workplace learning profession be different if all elearning had social media features? What would be biggest change? #lrnchat
8:52:57 pm JaneBozarth: @laviniafrances you coming to #lrnchat tonight?
8:53:23 pm roninchef: @lrnchat Like that rocket! #lrnchat
8:54:14 pm JaneBozarth: Q1 Less developing/pushing static content and more facilitation/coaching in the moment. #lrnchat
8:54:48 pm marciamarcia: Q1: How would workplace learning profession be different if all elearning had social media features? What would be biggest change? #lrnchat
8:54:56 pm bearclau: Re: Q1. More immediate feedback. More opportunity to tailor info to learners’ needs than clients’ wants. #lrnchat
8:55:06 pm dwilkinsnh: We would be plumbers instead of pipes. We would teach people to teach instead of teaching people to fish. We would facilitate. #lrnchat
8:55:43 pm Priaak: @tgrevatt I liked the roll-over previews for the videos and maps but prefer my google tool bar/chrome for a quick search #lrnchat/
8:55:53 pm marciamarcia: @dwilkinsnh Who is “we” in that answer? Just curious. Welcome clarity. #lrnchat
8:56:00 pm jenniethede: Q1: people would learn more from each other in informal & unexpected ways #lrnchat
8:56:01 pm BradStokes: The positive chances for Mentoring and peer support increase if utilized correctly #lrnchat
8:56:08 pm dpeter: @marciamarcia Hmm, good question. How would social media impact teaching? learning? #lrnchat
8:56:20 pm hybridkris: Q1: Interesting because we are building a social piece into our Task Analysis product. We feel it will facilitate sharing. #lrnchat #lrnchat
8:57:21 pm roninchef: @lrnchat Real time editing by everyone. I wouldn’t get the “We need you to change this word on this page” email after a proj is out #lrnchat
8:57:22 pm dbolen: perhaps people would vote with their clicks (as at ASTD sessions), only great learning would survice #lrnchat
8:57:28 pm dwilkinsnh: @marciamarcia We = learning professionals, ID’ers, teachers, etc… #lrnchat
8:57:41 pm BradStokes: #lrnchat The way I’m getting clients to use it is a reminder and support system. It is connecting isolated students with greater numbers
8:57:50 pm MarkMorganMA: #lrnchat Q1 we would demand more from the learners. We would facilitate more.
8:57:57 pm Ginaschreck: Want to learn something tonight? Pop into the #lrnchat column (or enter LRNCHAT at ) Tech-savvy educators–woot
8:58:02 pm roninchef: Tweetchat is broken tonight #lrnchat
8:58:23 pm jwillensky: Q1 New way to elicit and capture better/novel practices from learners. #lrnchat
8:58:51 pm marciamarcia: [If more SM in elearning] perhaps people would vote with their clicks, only great learning would survice #lrnchat RT @dbolen
8:58:56 pm jenniethede: project ownership would be harder to manage #lrnchat
8:58:59 pm dwilkinsnh: Check out Composica for example of social learning in courseware. They allow embedding of blogs, comments, ratings *inside* WBT. #lrnchat
8:59:10 pm Ginaschreck: My first Thurs night at #Lrnchat Heard about this at #ASTD09 –in the hallways (BIG informal learning!)
8:59:34 pm MarkMorganMA: #lrnchat Q1 It would force the trainers to have more of a connection with the learners
8:59:36 pm jwillensky: TweetGrid working OK as alternative to TweetChat. #lrnchat
8:59:50 pm BlancheMaynard: If all elearning had social media features, we would be in continuous learning mode. We would learn even if we didn’t want to #lrnchat
8:59:54 pm marciamarcia: [If more SM in elearning] people would learn more from each other in informal & unexpected ways #lrnchat RT @jenniethede
8:59:58 pm roninchef: @lrnchat Everyone can contribute. I wouldn’t get the “Can you change this pls” email 50 times after a project has rolled out #lrnchat
9:00:24 pm gminks: @lrnchat better feedback loops, more access to collective intelligence #lrnchat
9:00:31 pm tmiket: @BlancheMaynard #Lrnchat I like that “..even if we didn’t want to.”
9:00:40 pm JaneBozarth: If all elearning had soc media RT @bearclau:.More opportunity to tailor info to learners’ needs than clients’ wants. #lrnchat
9:00:42 pm Priaak: I wonder what the SMEs would do #lrnchat/
9:00:47 pm bearclau: @jenniethede re: proj ownership – also would the ‘correct’ message be lost under the ‘most popular’ message? #lrnchat
9:00:59 pm Ginaschreck: RT @marciamarcia: If this ws GoogleWave wed hve no lag a playbck featre & we cld turn whole thing into Wiki.Holla! RT @dwilkinsnh #lrnchat
9:01:07 pm lrnchat: Q1b spurred by @jenniethede: What would be harder if there was more social media in elearning? Ways to overcome those downsides? #lrnchat
9:01:32 pm Quinnovator: @lrnchat #lrnchat reckon it’s rude to be staring at iPhone when having conversation with colleagues; have a great time!
9:01:32 pm gminks: Love that RT @JaneBozarth: Q1 Less developing/pushing static content and more facilitation/coaching in the moment. #lrnchat
9:02:26 pm dwilkinsnh: @bearclau Based on early results from SLX, GE communities, Intel wiki, the most popular messages are the correct messages. #lrnchat
9:02:31 pm marciamarcia: @Quinnovator How about you just promise that if f2f yields GREAT question, you drop us a line? #lrnchat
9:03:06 pm MarkMorganMA: #lrnchat @Priaak … SME’s … I think we need them more. They just need to be brought along with the concept.
9:03:31 pm dpeter: @marciamarcia [If more SM in e/learning] Greater sense of community, of connection. People belong. #lrnchat
9:03:37 pm BradStokes: #lrnchat The search on #lrnchat by twitter is about 20 minutes old πŸ™‚
9:03:40 pm marciamarcia: [If more SM in elearning] better feedback loops, more access to collective intelligence #lrnchat RT @gminks
9:04:23 pm dwilkinsnh: Hardest part is going to be skilling up SME’s to create “good” content & creating the right culture / work changes to enable it. #lrnchat
9:04:31 pm bearclau: @dwilkinsnh I’m thinking about compliance training. Legal might not agree. re:”the most popular messages are the correct messages” #lrnchat
9:04:36 pm JaneBozarth: Husband on phone w/ tech support in India and surely I did not hear him just agree to buy.. a radio?…from them while I am in #lrnchat ?
9:04:39 pm bschlenker: Will Read: RT @helenk27: a wow of an article on why technology in education #educhat #lrnchat @myEN
9:04:54 pm jwillensky: Q1b To overcome obstacles? Effective moderation, essential self-structuring of wikis, effective interfaces, etc. #lrnchat
9:05:10 pm gminks: @bschlenker but if teachers put learners needs 1st they should be excited – more tools to get the studnts to open up #lrnchat
9:05:43 pm marciamarcia: Wouldn’t more social media be a great opp for SMEs to learn from one another too? Would help us all see expertise at all levels. #lrnchat
9:05:44 pm jenniethede: It could be difficult to achieve objectives if there was never a “final” product because the content is constantly in transition. #lrnchat
9:05:57 pm jwillensky: @dwilkinsnh Agree. Need to provide really strong WIIFM. #lrnchat
9:06:18 pm BradStokes: @marciamarcia I was reading an article by Kraus that suggested feedback reacted upon too rashly can be bad for learning #lrnchat
9:06:18 pm MarkMorganMA: #lrnchat – SME’s are used to Workshops…. There are similarities.
9:06:47 pm jwillensky: @bearclau Agree about legal. I tend to think of compliance as a special animal. You? #lrnchat
9:06:54 pm tgrevatt: #lrnchat Q1 Will also need to teach students to have critical thinking skills to deal with multiple viewpoints/suggestions/answers
9:07:18 pm dpeter: @marciamarcia Social media provides the opportunities, we provide the content, collaboration provides the context #lrnchat
9:07:20 pm JaneBozarth: @marciamarcia Yes relationship would be more partnership and less teacher-learner #lrnchat
9:07:26 pm tmiket: @dwilkinsnh Most SMEs I’ve worked with aren’t able to create “good” content nor have time to learn Have you seen otherwise? #lrnchat
9:07:37 pm Socialearning: #lrnchat More active learners. Then, the challenge would be to have a growing involvement of them by using social media.
9:07:46 pm marciamarcia: Reminder: WIIFM = What’s in it for me = why should I care/attend to it/focus here/focus now. @jwillensky #lrnchat
9:08:07 pm glennhoyle: A place for people interested in the topic of learning #Lrnchat Blog via
9:08:10 pm hybridkris: @marciamarcia I think you are correct here. Also folks can be is seperate location and this would faciliate more comms. #lrnchat #lrnchat
9:08:14 pm tmiket: @jwillensky Yes compliance is definitely a “special animal” #lrnchat
9:08:19 pm dwilkinsnh: @bearclau For “legit” concerns about content (legal, fiserv, etc.) moderation is answer: premoderation, watchwords & postmoderation #lrnchat
9:08:39 pm JaneBozarth: @gminks @bschlenker sorry my inner cynic worries that you are making assumption that this is what teacher wants. #lrnchat
9:08:51 pm roninchef: @tmiket The topic of SME wrangling came up this week for me. It will be an upcoming topic for the elearning playgroup I’m in. #lrnchat
9:08:58 pm dianahimes: I learned how to make comics for eLearning. #lrnchat
9:09:50 pm MarkMorganMA: #lrnchat @tmiket … SMES .. Hey! I’m a SME! Isn’t everyone?
9:09:51 pm hybridkris: @tmiket Most of the SME’s I have dealt with just don’t understand the tools which can make building good content a tricky. #lrnchat #lrnchat
9:09:56 pm gminks: @lrnchat for Q1b – info overload. Techies love to follow shiny things, we are easily distracted & may forget to learn what we need #lrnchat
9:10:01 pm dwilkinsnh: @tmiket Wikipedia, blogs, Twitter, YouTube – all created by SME’s. Other ques is “have we invested in SME’s as content creators? #lrnchat
9:10:06 pm bearclau: @dwilkinsnh if you have example of how to implement, i’d love to hear offline. thx. #lrnchat
9:10:20 pm thecleversheep: @jenniethede Re:Never a final product… What about Google’s use of ‘beta’ for every product? Achieving objectives? #lrnchat
9:10:25 pm BradStokes: Information overload from Twitter, Facebook robs us of compassion Does it rob students of time to reflect? #lrnchat
9:10:28 pm JaneBozarth: Re compliance: is most of that really ‘training’? Might integration of soc med shine light on that? #lrnchat
9:10:37 pm jwillensky: @bearclau Oh, you had a lousy entry point πŸ™‚ What industry? #lrnchat
9:10:47 pm lrnchat: Q1c: What social media would you like to see in elearning? Wikis, Twitter-like capabilities, blogs, webcasting, directories? #lrnchat
9:11:20 pm dwilkinsnh: Our biggest value-add in this world is to “teach people to teach” instead of just to fish – former is exponential, latter = linear #lrnchat
9:12:28 pm row4it: @JaneBozarth SM would certainly add some context for compliance training that is already usually dull and boring….sometimes. #lrnchat
9:12:29 pm jwillensky: RT @JaneBozarth: Re compliance: is most of that really ‘training’? <–Good question. No, IMO. Usually death by presentation #lrnchat
9:13:15 pm BradStokes: @lrnchat #lrnchat I use twitter and blogs make sense when reflection or recording is required. Web conferencing works really well 1 to 1-3
9:13:20 pm gminks: @marciamarcia I agree – SMEs most times need to know more than just their area of expertise SoMe helps this #lrnchat
9:13:27 pm marciamarcia: Information overload from Twitter, Facebook robs us of compassion. Does it rob students of time to reflect? #lrnchat RT @BradStokes
9:13:33 pm jwillensky: @tmiket Used to train in financial svcs. Exactly. Make legal smile and move on. #lrnchat
9:13:38 pm thecleversheep: If you aren't using TweetGrid to follow live chats; it's worth exploring. See tutorial shared @educhat #lrnchat
9:13:40 pm MarkMorganMA: Q1c – We already use Wiki like spps. Integrating twitter and blogs interests me.#lrnchat
9:13:56 pm roninchef: @lrnchat The broad stroke apps for new learners, wikis, blogs and forums. Finer grained tools for theexperienced, micro blogs, etc. #lrnchat
9:13:59 pm tmiket: @jwillensky @JaneBozarth Totally agree. Check it off their list and move on to something else #lrnchat
9:14:01 pm tgrevatt: #lrnchat Q1c – I use forums an awful lot for learning, combine with good search tools. Still looking for a user-friendly wiki
9:14:29 pm ethankuniyoshi: social media i'd like to see…hmm…doesn't it really depend on the context? #lrnchat
9:14:53 pm row4it: @dwilkinsnh what do you mean by low-level? #lrnchat
9:15:21 pm BradStokes: RT @ethankuniyoshi: social media i'd like to see…hmm…doesn't it really depend on the context? #lrnchat Someone after my own heart
9:15:48 pm MarkMorganMA: @marciamarcia Reflection time …. Younger folks say they can handle it, but I'm not sure I believe that .. It can come too fast #lrnchat
9:16:10 pm Priaak: With no dedicated time for learning I think wikis, blogs, twitter-types, e-sharenets #lrnchat/
9:16:10 pm marciamarcia: @ethankuniyoshi I was astounded at #astd09 there were almost no vendors mentioning *any* SoMe (in any context) #lrnchat
9:16:24 pm Socialearning: #lrnchat Wikis are great for a start. Blogs are more time-consuming but increase synthesis skills. Should we think of a pyramid for it ?
9:16:25 pm thecleversheep: @lrnchat Rather than social media, I'd like to see more teachers providing in-class collaborative opportinities as a first step. #lrnchat
9:16:31 pm bearclau: @MarkMorganMA mental multi-tasking is a myth. #lrnchat
9:16:37 pm jwillensky: Q1c Working on a big EMR project right now; wiki integrated or associated could help learners or increase buy-in. #lrnchat
9:16:56 pm jmarrapodi: #lrnchat Actually the SoMe Tools can enable reflection because they can be bookmarked and returned to. IF they are returned to. Unlike talk.
9:17:25 pm devlearn: Participating in #lrnchat tonight! Lots of eLearning peeps to learn from.
9:17:25 pm gminks: I think I missed question 1 C #lrnchat
9:17:32 pm bearclau: reflection time is needed to absorb. @MarkMorganMA mental multi-tasking is a myth. #lrnchat
9:17:45 pm JaneBozarth: I think the soc media I'd like to see hasn't been invented yet — but will be soon. We will probably be the ones to invent it ! #lrnchat
9:18:45 pm lrnchat: @Socialearning Oh no, not a pyramid! There must be a more social shape. X-) #lrnchat
9:18:45 pm dwilkinsnh: @marciamarcia That's because we weren't there (Mzinga)… lol #lrnchat
9:18:58 pm JaneBozarth: @marciamarcia forgot to add #lrnchat They haven't figured out how to make money on it.
9:19:18 pm row4it: @dwilkinsnh got it. Definitely a challenge for some to really understand what real work is about. #lrnchat
9:19:22 pm edwsonoma: #lrnchat hi sorry to be late am scanning tweets and catching up
9:19:32 pm jmarrapodi: I learned that trainees often live in very small worlds. #lrnchat
9:19:55 pm bschlenker: Dang it! I keep forgetting to put #lrnchat in my tweets…
9:20:13 pm BradStokes: @jmarrapodi We all do. It's breaking out of those worlds that we learn #lrnchat
9:20:20 pm wlonline: Twitterfall is great for viewing custom search eg #lrnchat
9:20:25 pm dwilkinsnh: Has no one mentioned social networking, profiles – expertise location? Or idea sharing / ratings? Or did I miss these? #lrnchat
9:20:34 pm lrnchat: @bschlenker Sadly, so do I. #lrnchat (master of do-overs).
9:20:43 pm tmiket: @bschlenker Glad I'm not the only one #lrnchat
9:20:51 pm BradStokes: @bschlenker TweetGrid, First time I've used it, but I don't have to remember about the hashtag #lrnchat
9:21:25 pm lrnchat: @dwilkinsnh Not mentioned yet. Bring it on. (I mentioned directories earlier and usually mention profiles, etc.) #lrnchat
9:21:27 pm thecleversheep: @lrnchat Not a pyramid… a maze! With so many tools to create, let's think of other shapes: #lrnchat
9:21:28 pm gminks: I'd like to see twitter-like capabilities, and blogs in elearning. Those are main 2 lrning tools #lrnchat
9:21:34 pm moehlert: Hey #lrnchat, be sure to check the #iel09 tag for all the twitter goodness including Vint Cerf, Will Wright and Bob Scoble
9:22:58 pm BradStokes: Twitter is great for instant feedback and information providing as well as chats #lrnchat
9:23:09 pm bearclau: would SM methods change with asynchronous (sp?) learning? #lrnchat
9:23:31 pm wlonline: Knowledge will not just be in the hands/minds of few but social construcvist notions of learning will grow #lrnchat
9:23:41 pm BradStokes: The downside is the speed at which it changes, means people are likely to misinformation on the way through #lrnchat
9:25:01 pm lrnchat: Q2: From the abstract to the specific: What social media tools are you using today to help your people learn? And how? #lrnchat
9:25:03 pm MarkMorganMA: @bearclau Asynchronous learning can use synchronous SM #lrnchat
9:25:28 pm bobbivernon: #lrnchat I'm confused when SoMe strategy/tools are treated separately from overall learning/teaching philosophy. Incorporate, don't isolate.
9:25:33 pm jmarrapodi: RT @BradStokes: @jmarrapodi We all live in small worlds. It's breaking out of those worlds that we learn #lrnchat [super point!]
9:25:34 pm JaneBozarth: @BradStokes and Twitter is great for getting to the point #lrnchat
9:25:38 pm tmiket: SM sometimes "messy" and some people can't do messy very well. #lrnchat
9:25:44 pm marciamarcia: Knowledge will not just be in the hands/minds of few but social constructivist notions of learning will grow #lrnchat RT @wlonline
9:25:46 pm roninchef: @BradStokes I think there is a big myth factor to the mis info aspect. The ship rights itself a lot faster in the SoMe arena. #lrnchat
9:25:49 pm dwilkinsnh: Been thinking lately about merger between FAQ, recommend engines & profiles. Ask a ques, system looks for profiles, notifies user. #lrnchat
9:26:44 pm JaneBozarth: I miss @quinnovator could someone please fake a cool acccent for me please? #lrnchat
9:27:15 pm jwillensky: Q1c Many learners protect their expertise; would love to see sharing explicitly rewarded thru perf. mgmt. #lrnchat
9:27:22 pm BradStokes: @roninchef lol point in case I meant Miss Information… #lrnchat
9:27:42 pm MarkMorganMA: #lrnchat – Q2 – Webmeetings, breakout groups, qroups applying trauining and solving problems.
9:28:06 pm edwsonoma: @ethankuniyoshi #lrnchat @marciamarcia I observed that edginess toward SoMe exists among those who don't experience and explore
9:28:11 pm JaneBozarth: RT @roninchef:@BradStokes The ship rights itself a lot faster in the SoMe arena. #lrnchat
9:28:11 pm bschlenker: @JaneBozarth #lrnchat When did @quinnovator pick up an accent?
9:28:36 pm BradStokes: Web Conferences, Twiiter, Application Sharing and Blogs as well as forums within existing tools #lrnchat
9:29:01 pm bschlenker: @BradStokes I think there is a big myth factor to the mis info aspect. The ship rights itself faster inSoMe arena. #lrnchat (via @roninchef)
9:29:06 pm JaneBozarth: @bschlenker He talks about m'lady and lass and lad and things being bloody… #lrnchat
9:29:14 pm roninchef: @lrnchat Sadly not much beyond a webinar here and there. #lrnchat
9:30:25 pm JaneBozarth: @edwsonoma with other techs. too. Explorer/Pioneer types more likely to try stuff out. I have lit on that somewhere…#lrnchat
9:30:38 pm jwillensky: Could we order a pizza? #lrnchat
9:30:38 pm MarkMorganMA: #lrnchat That's bloody wicked
9:30:47 pm ethankuniyoshi: currently wrkn on e-learning 4 EPIC training (hospital) & we're using zero SoMe tools. not sure how 2 implement SoMe w/medical folk #lrnchat
9:31:13 pm wlonline: We can have many tools but in the end it depends on the attitudes of people using/engaging (or NOT) with the tools #lrnchat
9:31:15 pm marciamarcia: How about asking people to tweet w/ one another during live classes, events? I've had grt experience w/creating backchannel. #lrnchat
9:31:18 pm JaneBozarth: @roninchef and on subject of webinars: how 'bout those who DISable the text chat during their sessions? #lrnchat
9:31:23 pm gminks: RT @wlonline: Knowledge will not just be in the hands/minds of few but social construcvist notions of learning will grow #lrnchat
9:31:58 pm marciamarcia: @ethankuniyoshi Have you checked out what Mayo is doing? Great example of SoMe tool use in medical community. #lrnchat
9:32:27 pm tgrevatt: #lrnchat Q2 wikis, blogs, Gchat, Gdocs, forums, twitter, facebook, webcasts etc. all used assorted ways in our office
9:32:44 pm J_Schulz: Dang it – forgot #lrnchat too!
9:32:54 pm row4it: @marciamarcia Thanks for just informing me on what is meant by backchannel #lrnchat
9:33:04 pm lrnchat: @jwillensky I'd say thumbs up on the pizza idea (social media mediated, I'm assuming you mean) if it helped the learning. #lrnchat
9:33:07 pm dwilkinsnh: @ethankuniyoshi If you're doing system rollout of EPIC, provide blogs for change mgmt, discussions for FAQ's, provide voice to lrnr #lrnchat
9:33:11 pm gminks: @lrnchat at work: totally informal using blogs delicious twitter and internal social media site. #lrnchat
9:33:13 pm jmarrapodi: @dwilkinsnh recommendation engines. Hmmm. Played with 242242 Chachacha yet? #lrnchat
9:33:37 pm wlonline: Twitterfall kinda stalled on me so have now switched back to search colum in Tweetdeck for #lrnchat
9:34:11 pm BradStokes: @row4it I know what it means, but do you want to retweet the meaning for others? #lrnchat
9:34:14 pm MarkMorganMA: @marciamarcia tweeting during a class .. I can't see how that isn't distracting #lrnchat
9:34:15 pm J_Schulz: Re: Q1C & Q2, r we 2 'tool' focused? As @dwilkinsnh suggests, shldn't we b thnkng of experiences – i.e. mashups to aggregate info? #lrnchat
9:34:29 pm gminks: @dwilkinsnh what if people don't want to be burdened with being found? #lrnchat
9:34:34 pm jmarrapodi: @MarkMorganMA #lrnchat What's bloody wicked?
9:34:40 pm marciamarcia: Wikis, blogs, Gchat, Gdocs, forums, twitter, facebook, webcasts etc. all used assorted ways in our office (for ed) RT @tgrevatt #lrnchat
9:34:54 pm dpeter: @marciamarcia How do you manage the backchannel? #lrnchat
9:34:56 pm jwillensky: @lrnchat Well, of course πŸ™‚ #lrnchat
9:35:15 pm Socialearning: @marciamarcia Conversations would be more open, all kind of personalities and profiles would join the conversation. #lrnchat
9:35:23 pm dwilkinsnh: @jmarrapodi Not yet Jean. But I like the concept. You should see what a colleague is doing for grad work – Minority Report stuff. #lrnchat
9:35:40 pm roninchef: @JaneBozarth I think the ones we train don't know about the chat. I do like seeing the twitter speak appear there though. #lrnchat
9:35:51 pm marciamarcia: @MarkMorganMA Remember ol "lean over and mention something to neighbor"? Low distraction, high contextualizing what ur learning. #lrnchat
9:36:14 pm ethankuniyoshi: @marciamarcia didn't know about the Mayo clinic, will have to do some research #lrnchat
9:36:30 pm tmiket: @dpeter doesn't back channel imply that it manages itself? I'm thinking sometimes it may not be possible to manage it? #lrnchat
9:36:36 pm dwilkinsnh: @gminks If you work for a company, can you legitimately deny your expertise to colleagues? I guess "yes, but not for long." #lrnchat
9:36:54 pm gminks: @Quinnovator plugins πŸ™‚ #lrnchat
9:37:45 pm dwilkinsnh: @ethankuniyoshi Ethan – check out Sermo for medical community. Also look to work of Cerner Corp. (competitor of EPIC). #lrnchat
9:38:09 pm jwillensky: @wlonline Completely agree on attitudes. How to engage, create incentives, etc? #lrnchat
9:38:24 pm JaneBozarth: @roninchef I know of several who disable chat intentionally. #lrnchat
9:38:27 pm tgrevatt: RT @gminks @Quinnovator plugins πŸ™‚ #lrnchat How utterly splendid! Just like FB plugins for Brit English. I'll toast to that!
9:38:34 pm MarkMorganMA: @dwilkinsnh I have the same fear as @gminks.. There is trouble formally identifying people. Word of mouth works better #lrnchat
9:38:39 pm ethankuniyoshi: @dpeter maybe manage isn't the right word, maybe foster back channel discussions is more appropriate #lrnchat
9:38:41 pm row4it: @tmiket I'm wondering if @dpeter might mean control the distraction or subconversations? #lrnchat
9:38:59 pm marciamarcia: There are a number of great posts about how to maximize backchannel for events/courses. for instance. #lrnchat
9:39:15 pm jmarrapodi: @MarkMorganMA Were you at the SoMe preso with Dave, Bill & Mark? I tweeted thru all of Dave and Mark's to create a backchannel. #lrnchat
9:39:53 pm jwillensky: @JaneBozarth Intentionally? Hopeless misanthropes or shy? #lrnchat
9:40:10 pm tmiket: @dpeter @row4it Ah right..probably so…sorry #lrnchat
9:40:13 pm dwilkinsnh: @MarkMorganMA Not suggesting "formally identify" – self-identify and crowd-identify. I TOTALLY disagree with formal identification #lrnchat
9:40:22 pm wlonline: We are having a useful think, chat and debate about learning via twitter #lrnchat ie using social media and with people we have never met!
9:40:28 pm Priaak: @marciamarcia tweeting/texting/chatting during live class. haven't we all done that before. will be good to do it officially. #lrnchat/
9:40:31 pm BradStokes: One of the funny things I've seen through is backchanell completely derailing events. #lrnchat
9:40:33 pm dpeter: RT @row4it: @tmiket Manage the distraction or subconversations #lrnchat
9:40:44 pm Socialearning: @tmiket Totally agree! Backchannels shouldn't be managed. #lrnchat
9:40:45 pm TheRTer: RT @row4it: @tmiket Manage the distraction or subconversations #lrnchat
9:41:15 pm JaneBozarth: Grad school files: teacher traits/beliefs re technology use #lrnchat
9:41:24 pm roninchef: @JaneBozarth I was on a webinar wit my team. I was the only one who could focus on the chat and the content. #lrnchat
9:41:40 pm bearclau: what you miss by tweeting, someone else will catch #lrnchat
9:41:44 pm dpeter: @tmiket If the backchannel provides context, how do we respond/react to the shift in context? #lrnchat
9:42:15 pm wwickha1: Personal findings – twitter during events seems to distract from reflection. More interested in what others say #lrnchat
9:42:22 pm MarkMorganMA: #lrnchat I liked the backchannel that was discussed in the video for UT Dallas. They analyze and respond after the class
9:42:42 pm jwillensky: @dwilkinsnh @gminks See that kind of protectiveness all the time, tho. Specialized knowledge of "how things really get done." #lrnchat
9:42:43 pm JaneBozarth: @jwillensky Hopeless control freaks, I think, and what separates "webinar" from real learning experience #lrnchat
9:42:53 pm wwickha1: Other finding – more breadth on the things I missed #lrnchat
9:42:54 pm dpeter: RT @ethankuniyoshi: @dpeter foster back channel discussions is more appropriate #lrnchat or facilitate or encourage?
9:43:16 pm marciamarcia: In my experience, when ppl use backchannel, the more talkative ones speak up & add points to the mix — helping everyone learn. #lrnchat
9:43:33 pm BradStokes: I would have love to Bruce Sterling going off about Social Media. Sounded funny #lrnchat
9:43:40 pm row4it: @BradStokes This is probably the biggest concern for most of us to even go there. #lrnchat
9:44:00 pm bearclau: @marciamarcia speak up or tweet up? #lrnchat
9:44:03 pm tmiket: @dpeter I'm curious to hear others opinions on this too. Could definitely steer the ship in a new direction..good or bad. #lrnchat
9:44:37 pm Socialearning: #lrnchat For backchannels, it could be the occasion to share views and to have constructive conversations. What other benefits ?
9:44:41 pm dpeter: @marciamarcia How do you encourage the less talkative ones? #lrnchat
9:45:22 pm JaneBozarth: @roninchef Yes, me too. Environ demands different abilities. Using a producer helps. #lrnchat
9:45:38 pm jmarrapodi: #lrnchat from @Ginaschreck YouTube Video on using live tweeting in college classes Hood model
9:45:56 pm marciamarcia: If classes are so manicured that we can't figure out new ways to work, we have a big problem. Learners have been forgotten. #lrnchat
9:46:06 pm Priaak: backchannels are good. how would you know the learner is not distracted by facebook or work email or any other application? #lrnchat/
9:46:28 pm MarkMorganMA: @marciamarcia I need to try the simultaneous back channel a few more times #lrnchat
9:46:32 pm row4it: @dpeter Maybe we don't respond/react but allow the learns to manage the backchannel ? #lrnchat
9:47:00 pm tgrevatt: #lrnchat Wonder if backchannel has potential to be analogous to peer tutoring in traditional learning? Love when class comes alive…
9:47:07 pm wlonline: We will have to deal with uncertainty and non-compliance in students #lrnchat
9:47:19 pm dwilkinsnh: Back channel = distraction but I think value of engagement trumps distraction in most cases. Wonder how best practices will evolve #lrnchat
9:47:26 pm JaneBozarth: @dpeter Ask them a Q. Call on their expertise. Use paired chat activities. Let them whiteboard or use polls. ..#lrnchat
9:47:54 pm wlonline: rephrase We shd ACCEPT uncertainties and deal with non-compliance in students #lrnchat
9:48:09 pm tgrevatt: RT @wlonline We will have to deal with uncertainty and non-compliance in students #lrnchat – Hasn't that always been the case, though?
9:48:15 pm JaneBozarth: @wlonline And don't you suspect that 's what's really behind resistance? #lrnchat
9:48:18 pm marciamarcia: Backchannel=distraction but I think value of engagement trumps in most cases. Wonder how best practices will evolve #lrnchat RT @dwilkinsnh
9:49:01 pm wlonline: We should also ACCEPT non-compliance with students #lrnchat
9:49:30 pm edwsonoma: @JaneBozarth would be interesting to know if it's having the personality to try or encouragement to try that makes a difference #lrnchat
9:50:08 pm jmarrapodi: @tgrevatt interesting thougt on backchannel & tutoring. Wonder if there are ESL implications? #lrnchat
9:50:11 pm jwillensky: Potential distractions are there; if learners are evaulated/assessed they'll have to manage themselves anyway. Or else πŸ™‚ #lrnchat
9:50:23 pm marciamarcia: @dpeter I don't single out less talkative folks. I prefer to help them find avenues (like Twitter) where they can chime in. #lrnchat
9:50:58 pm jwillensky: RT @wlonline: We should also ACCEPT non-compliance with students <—- Agree! #lrnchat
9:51:09 pm JaneBozarth: @edwsonoma My experience is that encouragement only goes so far #lrnchat I tweeted link to article about this a few minutes ago
9:51:49 pm tgrevatt: @jmarrapodi #lrnchat I know the college system in Ontario is looking at new approaches to SoMe & Hybrid learning. PM me for ESL contacts.
9:51:49 pm jwillensky: @JaneBozarth Nothing like hopeless control freaks to bring joy and meaning to the day. #lrnchat
9:51:54 pm marciamarcia: Ask them a Q. Call on their expertise. Use paired chat activities. Let them whiteboard or use polls. RT @JaneBozarth #lrnchat #bestpractice
9:51:58 pm dwilkinsnh: @jmarrapodi Have you checked out Google Wave? Live translation. Type in French, appears in English… So much for ESL. #lrnchat
9:52:17 pm odguru: Ideally backchannel leads to more healthy perseveration on singular (if multi-faceted) topics. Teach less learn more. #lrnchat
9:52:20 pm JaneBozarth: HA! So if they're not compliant than what on earth will that do to all the compliance training! LOL #lrnchat
9:52:22 pm MarkMorganMA: @marciamarcia If the less vocal ones tweet, that would be sweet! #lrnchat
9:52:46 pm ethankuniyoshi: @dwilkinsnh i like the idea of giving voice to learners thru discussions, but the LMSwe're using isn't configured for it. #lrnchat
9:53:12 pm jwillensky: @JaneBozarth Nice tie-back. Very Tarantino! #lrnchat
9:53:19 pm tmiket: @dwilkinsnh I'm watching the Wave video now…Impressed so far. #lrnchat
9:53:35 pm marciamarcia: Ideally backchannel leads to more healthy perseveration on singular (if multi-faceted) topics. Teach less learn more. #lrnchat RT @odguru
9:53:41 pm dwilkinsnh: @ethankuniyoshi Let me know when you want to change that. I may be able to recommend something… ; ) #lrnchat
9:53:50 pm BradStokes: @JaneBozarth Ownership and engagement in the end can only occur if the student is willing #lrnchat
9:54:47 pm gminks: @dwilkinsnh sometimes people resent doing work they aren't paid for, what is to stop them from tweaking that profle #lrnchat
9:55:15 pm lrnchat: If the less vocal ones tweet, that would be sweet! #lrnchat RT @MarkMorganMA
9:55:29 pm dwilkinsnh: @MarkMorganMA if you watch video @jmarrapodi sent, it suggests exactly that – less vocal students chime in more readily thru socmed #lrnchat
9:55:40 pm JaneBozarth: @BradStokes Sorry not sure what you're referencing? #lrnchat
9:56:49 pm gminks: @dwilkinsnh also experts are usually ones with the least time, they may porotect themselves in order to meet deadlines #lrnchat
9:57:06 pm BradStokes: @BradStokes Activities can help with the engagement process. Bring on the games #lrnchat
9:57:13 pm lrnchat: It's time for everyone who has participated on #lrnchat to re-introduce themselves & tell us how we might help them learn more.
9:57:46 pm odguru: Requires design thats focused provocative, emotive, requires applic of judgment. LOVE the producer/synthesizer idea. #lrnchat
9:57:48 pm dwilkinsnh: @gminks That's one of the reasons all of this is so disruptive; possible changes to reward models, work models etc… #lrnchat
9:58:53 pm marciamarcia: Time for everyone who has participated on #lrnchat to reintroduce themselves & tell us how we might help them learn more. RT @lrnchat
9:58:59 pm ellenfweber: RT @marciamarcia: Ask them a Q. Call on expertise. Use paire-share. Let them whiteboard ,use polls. RT @JaneBozarth #lrnchat #bestpractice
9:59:00 pm BradStokes: Sokay, I've got lag happening from tweetgrid, tweetdeck, and twitter. Its a post from 5 minutes ago #lrnchat
9:59:07 pm Priaak: We saw that in the learntrends sessions too – even if people didnt speak up, they were active on chat. #lrnchat/
9:59:51 pm ThomasStone: Thanks for good #lrnchat tonight. Sorry I was lurker only because NBA championship started at the same time! #lrnchat
10:00:03 pm MarkMorganMA: #lrnchat – Just keep it coming. I'm still drinking from the firehose and enjoying it.
10:00:23 pm BradStokes: @dwilkinsnh "reward models" This is a real issue in the VET sector when unions get involved #lrnchat
10:00:38 pm bearclau: Claudine from NJ. Still a newbie, so keep up the convos and I'll keep absorbing. #lrnchat
10:00:53 pm tgrevatt: #lrnchat Good night all. Another interesting session. Off to take allergy meds and watch Top Gear πŸ˜‰
10:01:38 pm dwilkinsnh: Dave Wilkins, Sr Director Product Strategy @Mzinga. Value for me is listening to how ppl think about socmed in context of learning #lrnchat
10:01:45 pm BradStokes: Elearning Developer from Australia, just enjoying the coversation #lrnchat
10:02:06 pm marciamarcia: Writing article introducing Twitter to traditional trainer audience. What can I absolutely not leave out? Pls dm or @ w/ "musts" #lrnchat
10:02:11 pm roninchef: Mason in Portland, ME. Elearning Developer. I may be calling upon y'all for LMS help. #lrnchat
10:02:23 pm enzofsilva: #lrnchat if social media brings the focus back to "what we can do together", "power of the network" over the "one" how does this affect IDT?
10:02:43 pm gminks: @marciamarcia is there pushback to public backchannels if a class is a repeatable course that customers opay for? #lrnchat
10:03:01 pm carmean: Hi all. Just logged in from AZ. @marciamarcia asks how CoP can help: reinforce brave ideas. Create fearless, innovative practice? #lrnchat
10:03:30 pm lrnchat: Reminder to everyone to fill out the "whos-who" and "ask a question" on the site. Thanks everyone! #lrnchat
10:03:49 pm tmiket: Mike Taylor in Columbus, OH Learning Developer #lrnchat was fastest 1.5 hrs I've spent in a long time and great stuff Thanks!
10:03:50 pm row4it: @marciamarcia Kewl writing idea. Would love to brainstorm ideas on that with you as I'm living it now with staff. #lrnchat
10:03:55 pm WillWorkLearn: #lrnchat I see dispute between those who say (1) social media in e-learning is distraction and (2) engagement. Any real research on this?
10:04:24 pm J_Schulz: eL Manager, Chgo. In trans. Preping for prez on how orgs get eL horribly wrong. DM me your horror story. Will share prez when done. #lrnchat
10:04:27 pm gminks: @JaneBozarth twitter has not been used in ANY of my grad school classes so far #lrnchat
10:04:35 pm jmarrapodi: Jean Marrapodi, Providence, RI #lrnchat
10:04:44 pm Priaak: Great chat! Thank everyone, Sivapriya in sunny bay area. #lrnchat/
10:04:51 pm hybridkris: Kris from Pittsburgh, PA. CEO, Hybrid Learning Systems. Just following the conversation. #lrnchat #lrnchat
10:05:10 pm Socialearning: Socialearning from France. Enjoying the conversation too! #lrnchat
10:05:15 pm wlonline: Gotta go. thanks everyone ! Good chat #lrnchat
10:05:36 pm Priaak: Great chat! Thanks everyone, Sivapriya in sunny bay area, CA. #lrnchat/
10:05:44 pm JaneBozarth: @marciamarcia Use screenshots #lrnchat
10:06:26 pm jwillensky: Jason Willensky, instructional design consultant and occasional SoMe shotgun rider for @carmean #lrnchat
10:06:29 pm dwilkinsnh: @WillWorkLearn My take is that it's both. Nature of work and goals dictate when engagement trumps distraction and vice versa. #lrnchat
10:06:45 pm row4it: Kevin Bruny, CLO #lrnchat enjoy the challenge applying this learning to local government. See you all next week.
10:07:00 pm carmean: @WillWorkLearn I like Seely Brown's work/research on learning as doing/being/becoming as part of answer to value of social media. #lrnchat
10:07:17 pm marciamarcia: @gminks The most pushback I've seen is in University settings. Some from public courses. #lrnchat
10:07:19 pm ethankuniyoshi: does anyone else think the Raskin video might signal greater adoption of SoMe in higher ed? #lrnchat
10:08:27 pm dwilkinsnh: @marciamarcia Musts? Weak ties and diversity of perspective shared via links. Socially mediated link sharing. #lrnchat
10:08:30 pm carmean: @marciamarcia HE is social institution. It's not the ROI, it's the continuing of tradition that drives. hard to change. #lrnchat
10:09:06 pm odguru: ChristyPettit Great twitting tonight. What a great time to be alive! #lrnchat
10:09:14 pm JaneBozarth: Dr. Jane Bozarth, Raleigh/Durham NC. Author, e-learning person, state employee. Always looking for ways to make inroads.#lrnchat
10:10:25 pm gminks: @jmarrapodi wrt to ESL & backchannel – it is perm so you can go back and read it slowly if needed (also good for L D students) #lrnchat
10:10:25 pm carmean: @enzofsilva Perhaps instructional design becomes distributed knowledge design? DKD. Catchy! #lrnchat
10:10:46 pm dwilkinsnh: @marciamarcia Another must? Twitter as a mechanism to foster group cohesion and group identity. On-boarding as connecting. #lrnchat
10:12:32 pm carmean: @marciamarcia Musts: affordance of use means twitter, tweetchat, Maybe something else? #lrnchat
10:13:09 pm JaneBozarth: I just love #lrnchat s! Thanks everyone for the good time!
10:13:21 pm Socialearning: #lrnchat We can also add resources and value in backchannels by suggesting new links.
10:13:35 pm bearclau: @J_Schulz client wanted print SOP converted to elearning, word 4 word, w/narration. Might as well be a bedtime story. #lrnchat
10:14:33 pm BradStokes: Thanks all. That chat went quickly #lrnchat
10:15:04 pm bearclau: goodnight, #lrnchat
10:15:04 pm ethankuniyoshi: @WillWorkLearn SoMe helps to reduce the learner's affective filter. might look at research on affective learning domain #lrnchat
10:15:37 pm dwilkinsnh: @marciamarcia – Twitter also great source of what's happening & on ppl's minds *right now* = training / perf gaps? Training needs? #lrnchat
10:15:59 pm jwillensky: RT @JaneBozarth: I just love #lrnchat s! Thanks everyone for the good time! <—— What Jane said.


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