#lrnchat 9 recap

Tonight we held the ninth weekly #lrnchat. We had a warm up question, and two core questions (with followups) related to one another. See the full transcript.

Q0 (our #lrnchat warmup): What did you learn today? (If nothing that interesting, tell us about something you learned this week.)
Q1: How would workplace learning profession be different if all elearning had social media features? What would be biggest change?
Q1b spurred by @jenniethede: What would be harder if there was more social media in elearning? Ways to overcome those downsides?
Q1c: What social media would you like to see in elearning? Wikis, Twitter-like capabilities, blogs, webcasting, directories?
Q2: From the abstract to the specific: What social media tools are you using today to help your people learn? And how?

Thank you to everyone who joined us. Please be sure to tell us whos-who, submit any questions you have for future chats (please include your @name) and plan to join us again next Thursday. Here’s to learning between now and then!


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