#lrnchat 8 recap

Tonight we held the eighth weekly #lrnchat. We had a warm up question, a core question and several follow-ons. Because we stuck with one big topic for the chat, we could say this was another “themed” conversation: focusing on what workplace learning professionals need to know (and do) to succeed. See the full transcript.

Q0 (our #lrnchat warmup): What did you learn today? (If nothing that interesting, tell us about something you learned this week.)
Q1: inspired by @dbolen What are the required competencies for workplace learning professionals (internal & freeagent)
Q1b: Are there differences between what an internal workplace learning person needs and a free-agent?
Q1c: Specifically, what do workplace learning ppl need to know re: design? models? otherwise? #lrnchat

Thank you to everyone who joined us. Please be sure to tell us whos-who, submit any questions you have for future chats (please include your @name) and plan to join us again next Thursday. Here’s to learning between now and then!

– If you’re interested in compiling the “must have” skills identified from this chat, please please let me, @marciamarcia, know and I’ll send along instructions on how to post the list or work with you to get it on this site.
– If you are interested in helping to identify “highlight” quotes from this chat, future chats, or previous chats, please let me know.
– We are considering hosting a trial “morning in the US” version of #lrnchat for those who cannot make it on Thursday evening and for those in parts of the world that make this time untenable. The tentative time would be 10am ET. To go past a trial stage, it would need a champion to update the website, etc. Date and time TBD. Please let me know if you’re interested in participating and/or helping to facilitate. Also feel free to use the comments section here.


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