#lrnchat 7 recap

Tonight we held the seventh weekly #lrnchat. We had a warm up question, 2 core questions, and 3 follow-ons. Twitter and the Internet sailed smoothly for this very lively conversation and it seemed like time flew by. See the full transcript.

Q0 (our #lrnchat warmup): What did you learn today? (If nothing that interesting, tell us about something you learned this week.)
Q1: Do you believe mobile learning is best suited for refresher type training OR can it also excel for other types of education?
Q1-b: In followup, why aren’t we seeing more trailblazers for m-learning?
Q2: Employer seeks input as to which conferences/webinars ppl would like to attend this year & next. Recommendations and reasons?
Q2-b: Can you get enough from online webinar events & local smaller conferences?
Q2-c: So if online and virtual can be really great, what are you getting different/better from big need-to-travel events?

Thank you to everyone who joined us. Please be sure to tell us whos-who and plan to join us again next Thursday. Here’s to learning between now and then!

– From this chat we are going to attempt to compile a list of conference suggestions and look into creating a community-maintained events calendar.
– If you are interested in helping to identify “highlight” quotes from this chat, future chats, or previous chats, please let me, @marciamarcia, know and I’ll send along instructions on how to post them or work with me to get them on this site.
– We are considering hosting a trial “morning in the US” version of #lrnchat for those who cannot make it on Thursday evening and for those in parts of the world that make this time untenable. The tentative time would be 10am ET. To go past a trial stage, it would need a champion to update the website, etc. Date and time TBD. Please let me know if you’re interested in participating and/or helping to facilitate. Also feel free to use the comments section here.
– We are also considering making the first chat of the month have a theme and perhaps go later into the night around the topic. This follows on the heels of the first chat in May focusing on games. We welcome your thoughts on this idea. Mobile learning might be the topic for the June themed chat based on the active conversation tonight.


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