#lrnchat recap 6

In the open space tradition of “voting with feet” (although in this case it was more like voting with finger tips and attention moved elsewhere), tonight’s #lrnchat ended early and without much conversation. We wrapped up fast when we realized the feed going from Twitter to the applications people use to manage the chat process was running very slowly, sometimes as much as 10 minutes behind. It’s hard to sustain a dialog when each question isn’t answered until you’ve forgotten the question.

We’ll gather again next Thursday at the same, with the hope the tools won’t constrain us and we can get back to the rapid-fire chatter that makes #lrnchat educational and great fun.

In preparation for next week’s chat, please post questions you’re interested in getting answered and introduce yourself. If you post a blog or publish an article about #lrnchat, please send a link with details to @lrnchat or me, @marciamarcia.

If we experience another week of delays we may move the conversation to a dedicated chat tool but we’re hoping we won’t require such measures, wanting to continue to open the doors and windows to the larger community about what we’re learning right now.


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