Transcript of #lrnchat 4/23/09

8:33:28 pm moehlert: #lrnchat Lots of Virtual Worlds +Learning going on this week between #3DTLC & #fcvw #fcvw09
8:34:03 pm lrnchat: Great to see everyone dropping by. I’ll be tossing out the questions tonight from this acct (mild-mannered @marciamarcia IRL) #lrnchat
8:34:19 pm hybridkris: Kinda paying attention to #lrnchat whilst at the Penguins playoff game.
8:34:54 pm lrnchat: Q1: (starting slow) What did you learn today? What did you teach? #lrnchat
8:34:57 pm Quinnovator: @moehlert not to forgetn #learntrends, also this week #lrnchat
8:35:14 pm lynneliz: Dropping in on #Irnchat tonight to check it out #lrnchat
8:35:18 pm cammybean: Tips for keeping up on an iPod? #lrnchat
8:35:25 pm damonregan: @hybridkris I’m impressed with your attempt. #lrnchat
8:35:25 pm moehlert: #lrnchat Asked some Virtual World (VW) peers about predictions for VW+Learning…answers No more courses, no more univ’s, no more answers
8:35:55 pm tgrevatt: Yup, congrats to all involved with #learntrends neat to see that travel around the time zones #lrnchat
8:36:19 pm damonregan: @moehlert no more answers? #lrnchat
8:36:22 pm moehlert: @Quinnovator #lrnchat Quite right! #learntrends …busy week
8:36:31 pm carolwhit: For next 90min I’ll be chatting bout learning on #lrnchat with some brilliant peeps. Join us! Deets:
8:36:49 pm moehlert: @cammybean #lrnchat iPhone? iTouch? Tweetie is for me…
8:37:30 pm hybridkris: @damonregan I do the best I can. #lrnchat
8:37:32 pm roninchef: #learntrends ended up being my talk radio while I did a final push on a project this week. #lrnchat
8:37:42 pm moehlert: @damonregan #lrnchat Yeah, the idea being that we’ll teach ppl how to ask the right questions and how to investigate/analyze/synthesize
8:37:43 pm ThomasStone: For next 90min I’ll be chatting bout learning on #lrnchat with some brilliant peeps. Join us! Deets:
8:38:49 pm cammybean: @moehlert #lrnchat on tweetie but it’s sort of awkward to keep up with pace
8:39:05 pm marciamarcia: What did I learn today? Ppl in training dept should be sharing how they’re using microsharing to help build pool of use cases. #lrnchat
8:39:21 pm Quinnovator: @moehlert no more answers? what if learners come out of VWs with them? need reflection on top of experience, I reckon #lrnchat
8:39:31 pm moehlert: @cammybean #lrnchat Summizer is also good…and free
8:40:26 pm marciamarcia: As part of #twitterprise webinar series I was talking about formal & informal learning use cases, & realized very few published #lrnchat
8:40:36 pm Mike_Fishman: For next 90min I’ll be lurking – learning on #lrnchat with some brilliant peeps. Join us! Deets: #lrnchat
8:40:56 pm moehlert: What did I learn today? That you can’t fix a bicycle into an airplane #lrnchat
8:41:23 pm roninchef: @marciamarcia Can you elaborate? I am always talking about smaller pieces in our training. #lrnchat
8:41:26 pm Quinnovator: @marciamarcia seems to be same for social media (SoMe) in general; few are touting wins yet (but they’re happening) #lrnchat
8:41:45 pm moehlert: @Quinnovator #lrnchat Whoa. Learners coming up w/ answers? 😉
8:41:48 pm marciamarcia: RT @lrnchat Q1: What did you learn today? What did you teach? #lrnchat
8:42:32 pm Quinnovator: @moehlert well, *negotiating* answers… 🙂 #lrnchat
8:42:42 pm worksmarts: @marciamarcia Learning case studies are often buried in HBR articles by consultants like Amy Edmonson and Marilyn Darling #lrnchat
8:42:55 pm shantarohse: What did I learn today? Contrary to all the change seminars I’ve attended that suggest otherwise, people really do try to change. #lrnchat
8:43:10 pm Quinnovator: what did I learn today? that changing the way you are takes work, support, models, and more #lrnchat
8:43:25 pm cammybean: #lrnchat I learned it’s harder to keep up with 3 kids than to “work”
8:43:28 pm gminks: I learned that not everyone has the same view of the business that training has #lrnchat #lrnchat
8:43:34 pm tgrevatt: I learnt from AAA game postmortems that similar challenges affect them too #lrnchat
8:43:39 pm Quinnovator: @shantarohse “There is no try, there is only *do*” 🙂 #lrnchat
8:44:00 pm gminks: I also learned that I am presenting a case study to a conference in July 🙂 🙂 #lrnchat #lrnchat
8:44:08 pm cammybean: #lrnchat but I already knew that
8:44:12 pm BradnDeedo: Looking for any info on starting up mobile learning. #lrnchat/
8:44:14 pm moehlert: @marciamarcia #lrnchat Quote from #3DTLC “there is no formal or informal, only effective & ineffective”
8:44:17 pm marciamarcia: @roninchef How can we talk about what we’re doing differently inside Ed to rest of org? #lrnchat
8:44:23 pm worksmarts: I learned that the barriers to performance of some mid-level supervisors are created with great skill by their managers #lrnchat
8:44:48 pm Quinnovator: @cammybean if only we could harness that energy, world’s problems are solved! #lrnchat
8:44:49 pm shantarohse: @Quinnovator Less try, yes. But sometimes less do would be nice too 😉 #lrnchat
8:45:07 pm Dave_Ferguson: #lrnchat I learned how messy and how tech-dependent a hacked website leaves you feeling.
8:45:09 pm tgrevatt: @worksmarts lol #lrnchat
8:45:11 pm gminks: @worksmarts good one! LOL #lrnchat
8:45:22 pm marciamarcia: @worksmarts Case studies can be daunting (and too often academic). I hope we can see more talk of simply how we’re using tools. #lrnchat
8:45:32 pm hjarche: learned lots from the web today – my head is about to asplode #lrnchat
8:45:39 pm gminks: @marciamarcia I’m finding it harder to talk about anything — too busy #lrnchat
8:45:58 pm Quinnovator: @worksmarts is it easier to posit stupidity than conspiracy? #lrnchat
8:46:24 pm worksmarts: @Quinnovator perhaps #lrnchat
8:46:27 pm gminks: @marciamarcia so talking about tools isn’t enough sometimes, have to have the story too right? #lrnchat
8:46:28 pm Quinnovator: @hjarche blowing up Harold’s head? or the training department? #lrnchat
8:46:31 pm row4it: Thanks to some great tweets I learned about some SN policy sites/locations, thanks @marciamarcia #lrnchat
8:46:53 pm mfrancone: #lrnchat i learned a lot of people say they want to try SoMe but then don’t ever *try*
8:47:01 pm roninchef: I learned my audience is not always my team mates. #lrnchat
8:47:20 pm hjarche: @Quinnovator many months before Guy Fawkes day, when we can blow it all up #lrnchat
8:47:23 pm marciamarcia: @gminks Then lets tweet some of the ways we’re using the tools to help educate and learn. Time nuff for that, yes? #lrnchat
8:47:37 pm Quinnovator: @marciamarcia do we need a simpler case study format that supports ease of reporting: problem, resasoning, approach, lessons? #lrnchat
8:47:53 pm Quinnovator: @roninchef ouch. Valuable lesson, but also sounds painful! #lrnchat
8:48:01 pm marciamarcia: @roninchef “I learned my audience is not always my team mates.” Don’t leave us hangin. #lrnchat
8:48:31 pm ethang: @lrnchat I learned this week that it’s difficult to be a low-level SoMe innovator (hierarchically)… but not impossible #lrnchat
8:48:48 pm BradnDeedo: I’ve learned the farther I go the behinder I get. How did this happen????? #lrnchat/
8:48:53 pm Quinnovator: @mfrancone sadly interesting; wonder what it takes to get them to *try*? Just late adopters, resisters, ? #lrnchat
8:49:14 pm marciamarcia: @Quinnovator I’m all for more (and easier) case format. Have some ideas. Dang, just what I need, a do-list. Seriously tho, grt idea #lrnchat
8:49:19 pm moehlert: @marciamarcia #lrnchat #1 Way….Expertise locator…
8:49:28 pm Quinnovator: @ethang that’s inspiring! tips? #lrnchat
8:49:41 pm shantarohse: @roninchef There’s a follow up tweet I hope! #lrnchat
8:49:54 pm tgrevatt: @ethang yup, a little critical mass really helps get things adopted, keeping things fresh and alive help too #lrnchat
8:50:06 pm marciamarcia: I learned this week that it’s difficult to be a low-level SoMe innovator (hierarchically) but not impossible. via @BradnDeedo #lrnchat
8:50:08 pm worksmarts: Using wikis 2 nlrge vista of HR+SrMgrs who are subscribed to my Learning + OD Portal – they are reminded via email of new topics + #lrnchat
8:50:11 pm JaneBozarth: Rt @shantarohse Contrary to all the change seminars I’ve attended that suggest otherwise, people really do try to change. #lrnchat
8:50:23 pm roninchef: I am a developer. I make all the purty pictures. I need to remember my audience may not always have the same esoteric tastes as us. #lrnchat
8:50:24 pm hjarche: think constraints can help a lot in learning on Web, such as pecha kucha – 20 slides & 20 secs/slide #lrnchat
8:50:24 pm Dave_Ferguson: #lrnchat “For complex learning, there is no such thing as correct behavior.” (Doesn’t mean it’s easy to learn the complex.)
8:51:17 pm MariaOD: RT @moehlert @marciamarcia #lrnchat Quote from #3DTLC “there is no formal or informal, only effective & ineffective” yes!
8:51:19 pm moehlert: @hjarche #lrnchat Spot on! Constraints are THE key to creativity
8:51:22 pm worksmarts: @Dave_Ferguson Yes, Complexity needs to be messy #lrnchat
8:51:53 pm mfrancone: yes, agree pecha kucha is powerful #lrnchat
8:51:55 pm roninchef: I often have to step outside of my knowledge zone and ask myself how would my mother-in-law navigate this? #lrnchat
8:52:01 pm dougsymington: think constraints can help a lot in learning on Web, such as pecha kucha – 20 slides & 20 secs/slide #lrnchat via @hjarche
8:52:07 pm tgrevatt: I discovered an innovative new presentation tool, it has the neatest interface #lrnchat
8:52:07 pm Quinnovator: RT worksmarts Using wikis 2 nlrge vista of HR+SrMgrs who are subscribed to my Learning + OD Portal – they are reminded via email #lrnchat
8:52:11 pm hjarche: In complex environments, all learning is emergent – first the test, then the lesson – jump in folks, the water’s just fine #lrnchat
8:52:21 pm marciamarcia: Twitterprise #1 Usecase: Expertise locator. via @moehlert (don’t need middle-person who knows you both like in the old days) #lrnchat
8:52:40 pm hjarche: @moehlert I knew we could agree on something 😉 #lrnchat
8:52:56 pm roninchef: @tgrevatt I was on they’re beta test. I love that app! #lrnchat
8:53:18 pm gminks: @Mike_Fishman are you using tweetchat fro #lrnchat?
8:53:37 pm cammybean: I often have to step outside of my knowledge zone and ask myself how would my mother-in-law navigate this? #lrnchat (via @roninchef)
8:53:47 pm traininginn: RT @Dave_Ferguson “For complex learning, there is no such thing as correct behavior.” #lrnchat
8:53:53 pm roninchef: their beta (sorry) #lrnchat
8:53:55 pm moehlert: @hjarche Exactly. The opposite of imposed structure isn’t chaos it’s emergent structure…. #lrnchat
8:53:55 pm worksmarts: @marciamarcia Weaving the social network will get both the expertise and the wisdom, though #lrnchat
8:53:56 pm Quinnovator: @hjarche exactly, you’ve got to be in it to ‘get’ it (lesson from #learntrends, many talked about how had to use to ‘get’) #lrnchat
8:54:02 pm tgrevatt: @roninchef Super cool, I loved the zoom/rotate widget. Such a refreshing approach. Must have been a fun beta. #lrnchat
8:54:05 pm ethang: @tgrevatt @Quinnovator a good plan, persistence, and some friends in higher places #lrnchat
8:54:06 pm carolwhit: #lrnchat I learned that when I forget to eat because I’m working too much, I shouldn’t
8:54:27 pm moehlert: @hjarche #lrnchat Surely, that’s not the first!
8:54:39 pm marciamarcia: In complex environments, all learning is emergent. First the test, then the lesson. Jump in folks, the water’s just fine @hjarche #lrnchat
8:54:40 pm gminks: RT @traininginn RT @Dave_Ferguson “For complex learning, there is no such thing as correct behavior.” #lrnchat
8:54:52 pm roninchef: @tgrevatt I would lose hours just noodling. I will be purchasing soon. #lrnchat
8:54:57 pm Mike_Fishman: @gminks Yes – i am using tweetchat … tweetdeck wasn’t tenable – but it’s moving really fast AND the phone rings #lrnchat
8:55:14 pm Dave_Ferguson: @carolwhit #lrnchat Not by work alone was man bre(a)d.
8:55:43 pm worksmarts: @Mike_Fishman Click on Refresh Speed below text box to slow it down #lrnchat
8:56:04 pm Quinnovator: #twitterprise win: quick feedback to ideas, queries #lrnchat
8:56:19 pm carolwhit: @Dave_Ferguson #lrnchat Too true!
8:56:27 pm roninchef: @marciamarcia often the lesson and the test are one and the same in my org. #lrnchat
8:56:31 pm mfrancone: oop. thought i could hang out longer, but 3 y/o is not in a good mood tonight. this is fun! hope to be back. #lrnchat
8:56:53 pm Dave_Ferguson: @cammybean #lrnchat Didja ever notice, it’s only OTHER folks who need to get out of their comfort zones?
8:57:05 pm moehlert: @worksmarts #lrnchat is VERY cool 🙂 #lrnchat
8:57:14 pm marciamarcia: Weaving the social network will get *both* the expertise and the wisdom. via @worksmarts #lrnchat
8:57:35 pm gminks: so the problem with twitter: what if you can’t be public? #lrnchat #lrnchat
8:57:47 pm dtitle: There is no learning without cognitive dissonance… every else must be re-evaluated to encompass new concepts #lrnchat
8:57:48 pm Mike_Fishman: @worksmarts – Phwew! this is much better .. thanks. #lrnchat
8:57:56 pm Quinnovator: @mfrancone gotta have your priorities straight, hope to ‘see’ you again #lrnchat
8:58:00 pm gminks: RT @roninchef @marciamarcia often the lesson and the test are one and the same in my org #lrnchat
8:58:04 pm roninchef: @gminks better crypto! #lrnchat
8:58:12 pm Quinnovator: @Dave_Ferguson that makes me uncomfortable #lrnchat
8:58:25 pm hjarche: had comment on learning products today; tools are fine, but what is the output? pecha kucha was example of learning output; others? #lrnchat
8:58:46 pm marciamarcia: Didja ever notice, it’s only OTHER folks who need to get out of their comfort zones? via @Dave_Ferguson #lrnchat
8:58:46 pm Mike_Fishman: BTW – this week i learned it’s OK not to learn EVERYTHING and OK to let my team get smarter than I. #lrnchat
8:58:57 pm gminks: @roninchef ha ha #lrnchat
8:59:11 pm Quinnovator: @gminks whatever you do, don’t use the ‘Y’ word, or the trolls come out #lrnchat
8:59:33 pm hjarche: RT @dtitle There is no learning without cognitive dissonance .. every else must be re-evaluated to encompass new concepts #lrnchat #lrnchat
8:59:47 pm moehlert: @gminks #lrnchat Enterprise Twitter? #lrnchat
9:00:18 pm worksmarts: RT hjarche @dtitle There is no learning without cognitive dissonance .. every else must be re-evaluated to encompass new concept #lrnchat
9:00:23 pm Quinnovator: learned today: great tips/hints/more at for this #lrnchat
9:00:30 pm moehlert: @hjarche #lrnchat I seem to remember hearing that ‘all progress begins w/ dissatisfaction’ too #lrnchat
9:00:33 pm gminks: @Quinnovator yes, notice I restrained myself. but I may have opened the door (sorry!!) #lrnchat
9:00:33 pm shantarohse: @Mike_Fishman I relearn this everyday. It seems I forget overnight. #lrnchat
9:00:46 pm tgrevatt: @hjarche@dtitle – really like that. My best personal learning comes when I fail and have to fathom out how to succeed. #lrnchat
9:00:48 pm dtitle: Trouble with learning in life in general is the test usually comes before experience got to remember to append #lrnchat lol
9:00:52 pm BradnDeedo: I must thrive on dissonance – just wish the learning would follow #lrnchat
9:01:16 pm roninchef: @Quinnovator need to add a note about leaving the troll bait @ home #lrnchat
9:01:23 pm marciamarcia: @Dave_Ferguson The thing I miss most as an independent is being pushed out of my comfort zone, hair on fire, dealing w/ BHAG #lrnchat
9:01:50 pm Quinnovator: @BradnDeedo dissonance tolerance, a valuable attitude? dealing with ambiguity… #lrnchat
9:02:13 pm marciamarcia: I must thrive on dissonance – just wish the learning would follow via @BradnDeedo #lrnchat
9:02:37 pm roninchef: @dtitle try this #lrnchat
9:02:42 pm Quinnovator: @moehlert so “I can’t get no *satisfaction*” is a good thing? #lrnchat
9:02:44 pm worksmarts: Learned that young learning professionals need to focus on learner characteristics – they are always relevant #lrnchat
9:02:45 pm dtitle: When my students say “I’m confused” I reply “then you’re learning” Got to have that dissonance factor to really see true learning #lrnchat
9:02:51 pm marciamarcia: Trouble with learning in life in general is the test usually comes before experience got to remember to append. via @dtitle #lrnchat
9:03:08 pm moehlert: @tgrevatt #lrnchat This is why games are popular…you just described Game Design Principle #1 🙂 #lrnchat
9:03:36 pm tgrevatt: @marciamarcia lol, I had to google BHAG #lrnchat
9:03:36 pm cammybean: @Dave_Ferguson I’m about to be out of my comfort zone and I can’t wait #lrnchat
9:03:36 pm Quinnovator: @marciamarcia as an independent you’re not pushed out of your comfort zone? I must be doing it wrong! #lrnchat
9:03:38 pm gminks: or just warn others of common troll calls RT @roninchef @Quinnovator need to add a note about leaving the troll bait @ home #lrnchat
9:03:45 pm row4it: I learned today that often what we think is in place in a organization and shift quickly without notice. #lrnchat
9:03:48 pm lrnchat: New question coming in a few minutes. Anything else big you learned today? #lrnchat
9:03:57 pm ethang: nice @BradnDeedo I’m learning that I thrive on synchopation #lrnchat
9:04:17 pm hjarche: @dtitle that’s the difference between life & school – in life, the test comes first #lrnchat
9:04:18 pm dtitle: failure is learning, Thomas Edison failed 10,000 times b4 he made a lightbulb. We learn what does not work as well as what does #lrnchat
9:04:36 pm Dave_Ferguson: #lrnchat Broad, deep learning also needs cog support, deliberate reflection; lots of orgs (and indivs) have trouble managing that.
9:04:36 pm worksmarts: RT @dtitle When my students say “I’m confused” I reply “then you’re learning” Got to have that dissonance factor to really see t #lrnchat
9:04:56 pm tgrevatt: @moehlert Oh yes indeed – although I usually need a bit of ‘scaffolding’ #lrnchat
9:05:10 pm roninchef: @gminks true true #lrnchat
9:05:15 pm gminks: I learned not everyone likes to work as hard as I do #lrnchat
9:05:33 pm hjarche: I was out of my comfort zone handling multiple channels during learntrends conference – lotsa learning going on #lrnchat
9:05:41 pm worksmarts: New managers are ripe to accept, learn and use the most cutting edge stuff we’re offering – much more than current managers #lrnchat
9:06:22 pm dtitle: To be a life long learner we must learn to embrace our failures as well as our successes, or we simply give up #lrnchat
9:06:31 pm BradnDeedo: @dtitle brilliant #lrnchat
9:06:39 pm marciamarcia: @gminks There are a growing number of terrific “inside the firewall” twitter-like tools. #lrnchat
9:06:57 pm Quinnovator: @worksmarts but I found many students are not comfortable with that ambiguity, have to scaffold it! #lrnchat
9:07:18 pm marciamarcia: To be a life long learner we must learn to embrace our failures as well as our successes, or we simply give up. via @dtitle #lrnchat
9:07:20 pm shantarohse: @Dave_Ferguson Nice “Lot of orgs and individuals have trouble remembering that…” (too many words to RT) #lrnchat
9:07:23 pm moehlert: #lrnchat If you are at all interested in Virtual Worlds for lrng/training – I am very impressed w/ Protosphere #lrnchat
9:07:41 pm cammybean: The 10,000 hours of practice to achieve ‘greatness’ (just started Outliers) #lrnchat
9:07:50 pm Quinnovator: I’ve learned that a great way to learn is to volunteer to do something you know you need to learn! Great motivator! #lrnchat
9:08:02 pm silverchirps: @lrnchat I found out about tweetchat. I do a workshop on it to teach language teacher to use this for a live language instruction. #lrnchat
9:08:24 pm hjarche: @marciamarcia is inside the firewall twitter (yammer) as effective at emergent learning as the open web? rhetorical question #lrnchat
9:08:46 pm worksmarts: @Quinnovator When I mentioned scaffolding to an HR manager, I got an odd look – well, they think I’m strange anyway #lrnchat
9:09:00 pm marciamarcia: @Quinnovator So few people have clue what mentalscaffolding means. I use that often wishing it would enter meme stream. Good link? #lrnchat
9:09:23 pm KoreenOlbrish: I’m missing it! Aack! #lrnchat
9:09:33 pm gminks: @hjarche Y is not strictly inside the firewall, but if you think about it you have a preselected pool of expertise (sort of) #lrnchat
9:09:45 pm marciamarcia: @hjarche You didn’t just ask that did you! X-) #lrnchat
9:09:59 pm Mike_Fishman: I’ve learned that volunteering can get contagious. It can also get arduous. Who needs more work 🙂 #lrnchat
9:10:01 pm dtitle: right nowlearning diigo, activestudio, wordpress, & getting my own personal fail whale popping up alot, I accept it & try again #lrnchat
9:10:20 pm Dave_Ferguson: @hjarche #lrnchat Inside firewall only can be gateway drug / free sample to build interest / demand for the outside.
9:10:20 pm Quinnovator: btw, recommend don’t use any company ‘brand names’ (e.g. Y*****), unless you want to activate the marketing trolls #lrnchat
9:10:39 pm gminks: I learn best when I break something and have to fix it (yes I’m a techie..) #lrnchat
9:10:40 pm Mike_Fishman: oh ….. “Y” ….. lol — @gminks That “Y” right? #lrnchat
9:11:03 pm Quinnovator: gotta run, lad’s band concert, have a great chat! #lrnchat
9:11:16 pm gminks: @Mike_Fishman 🙂 yes. #lrnchat
9:11:21 pm hjarche: @Quinnovator oops! #lrnchat
9:11:27 pm dtitle: Mental Scaffolding is an exterior structure to build an internal one… very nice metaphor for what one must do in new situations #lrnchat
9:11:43 pm tgrevatt: @Mike_Fishman I use volunteering to get my ‘teaching fix’, very rewarding but needs to be managed to keep under control for sure #lrnchat
9:11:46 pm marciamarcia: @hjarche Our research shows amazing emergent learning happening inside the firewall too. Ppl sitting sideXside weren’t sharing #lrnchat
9:12:05 pm silverchirps: @Quinnovator I learn best by teaching. #lrnchat
9:12:31 pm roninchef: I am in a constant state of break and fix with my software and hardware. Working my way to some kind of tech no-mind. #lrnchat
9:12:36 pm moehlert: @marciamarcia #lrnchat I heard similar story from someone in 36 person company… #lrnchat
9:13:17 pm gminks: If there is a big org (like the one I work in) having an internal way to look for experts turns up all sorts of people #lrnchat
9:13:32 pm tgrevatt: @moehlert @marciamarcia Yup, even traditional non-digital social networks in orgs need encouraging #lrnchat
9:13:32 pm Mike_Fishman: @tgrevatt almost forgot my volunteer teaching for 15 yrs – thanks … Yes, great way to get outside your day-to-day #lrnchat
9:13:36 pm marciamarcia: @tgrevatt As a Edu mgr, I always had at least 1 class I could drop in and teach anytime I needed that connection. #lrnchat
9:13:54 pm dtitle: Poeple sidexside often need prompts to get conversation going.. twitter provides infinte prompting #lrnchat
9:14:08 pm ethang: I learned that I’m interested enough in learning to spend 90 minutes chatting about it with strangers in my free time #lrnchat
9:14:20 pm Dave_Ferguson: @gminks #lrnchat And in a big org, there are LOTS of nooks and crannies. Bigger they are, more opportunity to experiment w/o being noticed.
9:14:21 pm tgrevatt: @gminks so how do you acheive that in your org? #lrnchat
9:14:26 pm cammybean: @moehlert how about at an 8 person company ?! #lrnchat
9:14:46 pm hjarche: If interested in scaffolding, look at work by Barbara Means or David Jonassen #lrnchat
9:14:47 pm tgrevatt: @ethang watch out, this is addictive and highly entertaining! #lrnchat
9:15:01 pm BradnDeedo: @ethang That’s why I’m here. Need to learn too far behind not to. #lrnchat
9:15:10 pm moehlert: @ethang #lrnchat Good one. 🙂 #lrnchat
9:15:33 pm gminks: @Dave_Ferguson sshhhh don’t give that away! #lrnchat
9:15:42 pm dtitle: I find that teaching electives really stretches me in new ways, tried a pschology class this year talk about cognitiv dissonance! #lrnchat
9:15:46 pm hjarche: @KoreenOlbrish missing ? #lrnchat
9:16:05 pm marciamarcia: Watch out, this is addictive and highly entertaining! via @tgrevatt #lrnchat
9:16:13 pm gminks: @tgrevatt we have an internal social media site, and we use “Y” to a point – its not behind the firewall so we have to be careful #lrnchat
9:16:22 pm Mike_Fishman: RT @ethang: I learned that I’m interested enough in learning to spend 90 minutes chatting about it with strangers in my free time #lrnchat
9:16:55 pm gminks: and I keep bringing people to things like this (right @Mike_Fishman) #lrnchat
9:17:07 pm hjarche: No strangers here, just learners #lrnchat
9:17:16 pm Mike_Fishman: @gminks NOW YOU TELL ME 🙂 – i don’t trust any site to be “safe” – And I have a bad habit of blurting … #lrnchat
9:17:17 pm worksmarts: @ marciamarcia DYK Dentists who work solo form social + learning networks by joining volunteer clinical staff at dental schools #lrnchat
9:17:21 pm Dave_Ferguson: @ethang #lrnchat I find I add 5 – 6 people to follow from each session. Not one has offered a free laptop or told me how to market.
9:17:31 pm gminks: @tgrevatt I think we still have ways to make that better though. #lrnchat
9:17:36 pm BradnDeedo: Excuse me but I’ve always been strange #lrnchat
9:17:46 pm lrnchat: Q2: How do you keep it real in your work? So far I’ve heard volunteering as a “teaching fix,” teaching electives… You? #lrnchat
9:18:08 pm roninchef: @gminks I tried with my team… they just looked at me. But that’s is your job, they said. #lrnchat
9:18:17 pm worksmarts: @Dave_Ferguson Did anyone get that laptop offer? #lrnchat
9:18:32 pm dtitle: must also have passion 4 what you are learning about, things that don’t connect with you on a visceral level are quickly forgotten #lrnchat
9:18:35 pm gminks: @lrnchat what do you mean “how do you keep it real in your work” #lrnchat
9:19:06 pm gminks: @roninchef I’m lucky to work with really curious smart people. They are hard to train though- they are almost too smart 😉 #lrnchat
9:19:37 pm worksmarts: RT @dtitle must also have passion 4 what you r learning about, things that don’t connect w/ you on visceral level are quickly 4gtn #lrnchat
9:19:41 pm marciamarcia: @gminks How do you stay connected to the people you are ultimately serving? Focus on the customer/learner. #lrnchat
9:20:08 pm Mike_Fishman: smart people are very hard to train … but they CAN be taught #lrnchat
9:20:10 pm gminks: @roninchef and – I don’t work in the same org as @Mike_Fishman, just the same company. I don’t think we’ve ever met f2f have we? #lrnchat
9:20:22 pm roninchef: @gminks I work with a batch of new parents. The thought of being up after 8 scared them some. #lrnchat
9:20:32 pm tgrevatt: @gminks – and the teachers can make the worst students too, I’m the annoying one with the hand up saying ‘pick me!’ #lrnchat
9:20:45 pm hjarche: @marciamarcia & get out of your office to see what’s happening – too many people stuck to the monitor #lrnchat
9:20:51 pm BradnDeedo: I’m lucky I teach 12-14 y-o. They have a thirst – they do like to try to hide it but it’s there. #lrnchat
9:21:07 pm gminks: @marciamarcia we are required to teach what we develop, we also include our audiences in material reviews #lrnchat
9:21:24 pm Mike_Fishman: @gminks #lrnchat
9:21:25 pm ThomasStone: When training smart people, pay close attention to the moment they “get” something. Then quickly move on. #lrnchat
9:21:27 pm dtitle: not just focus on the learner, but listen & make personal connection w/learner… must be at a visceral level for teacher too #lrnchat
9:21:45 pm roninchef: @gminks Same with us. #lrnchat
9:22:13 pm marciamarcia: Easy to get fascinated by bright objects (cool tools, great theories) & we’re curious after all. How do u keep learner focus #lrnchat
9:22:30 pm worksmarts: Got to say bye for now – keep learning and chatting! #lrnchat
9:22:32 pm tgrevatt: @marciamarcia I’ve got inside the learners’ heads by attending their training courses, observing them in action #lrnchat
9:22:33 pm moehlert: @tgrevatt #lrnchat aka “Spring Butt” 🙂 #lrnchat
9:22:58 pm marciamarcia: Not just focus on learner, but listen & make personal connection w/learner. Must be at a visceral level for teacher too via @dtitle #lrnchat
9:22:59 pm shantarohse: Q2 How do I keep it real? I go to their conferences and professional events and let myself get absorbed for a couple days. #lrnchat
9:23:00 pm moehlert: @marciamarcia #lrnchat You mean focus on learner as ultimate customer? #lrnchat
9:23:01 pm Dave_Ferguson: #lrnchat 1/2 Prime way for me to stay real(istic): spend time w/ actual learners; see how they work, what they work on.
9:23:01 pm row4it: @hjarche, I so agree and have to remind myself of my action often….we need to be out where the learning can assist. #lrnchat
9:23:06 pm gminks: @marciamarcia find out why they are at training, make sure to tie lesson back to what they came to learn #lrnchat
9:23:16 pm dtitle: true learning must be re enforced, yes move on, but bring it back next day, next week, then next month.. establish neural pathway #lrnchat
9:23:31 pm lrnchat: @worksmarts Thanks for joining us, learning with us and teaching with us! #lrnchat
9:23:45 pm roninchef: @marciamarcia We try to emphasize the value of the training. You will be this % faster if you learn this. #lrnchat
9:23:46 pm hjarche: training astronauts is quite different from training cashiers – some people used to HUGE amounts of information #lrnchat
9:23:52 pm Dave_Ferguson: #lrnchat 2/2 And like unto it: be skeptical of filters: boss, grandboss, project manager, SME who don’t do that job any more.
9:23:57 pm tgrevatt: @moehlert lol, I thought you were refreshing to my warm weather cycling regime problems! #lrnchat
9:24:06 pm Mike_Fishman: i “Teach” everyday working with folks my junior. Fine line between mentoring and teaching. – I also train BIG groups on technology #lrnchat
9:24:31 pm BradnDeedo: There is teaching and then there is learning. Learning comes with application and practice. #lrnchat
9:24:47 pm marciamarcia: Help build neural pathways. It’s my job as an educator, a learner, a parent, and a citizen. #lrnchat
9:24:49 pm tgrevatt: doh – referring not refreshing, brainfreeze #lrnchat
9:25:24 pm hjarche: @tgrevatt did I read “cycling”? I’m off on a tangent! #lrnchat
9:25:27 pm Mike_Fishman: “geeks” resist formal training – how do you reach them? #lrnchat
9:25:48 pm shantarohse: @marciamarcia Help build neural pathways? Please say more! #lrnchat
9:26:10 pm jerridkruse: #lrnchat @dtitle yes, cause learning is first and foremost emotional!
9:26:11 pm BradnDeedo: @Mike_Fishman Let them be the discoverers #lrnchat
9:26:22 pm tgrevatt: I find the big challenge, and reward of teaching is not saying too much and letting the students develop their own approaches. #lrnchat
9:26:22 pm Dave_Ferguson: @Mike_Fishman Doesn’t have to be formal. Prolly has to have structure, depth. Or instant relevance. #lrnchat
9:26:27 pm marciamarcia: Training astronauts is quite different from training cashiers – some people used to HUGE amounts of information. via @hjarche #lrnchat
9:26:36 pm dtitle: mentoring is showing which fork to take in the road… teaching is where do you want to go before you start down the road #lrnchat
9:26:39 pm hjarche: @marciamarcia looking at communication paths in an org may be the first step to good learning design, IMO #lrnchat
9:26:47 pm row4it: RT @marciamarcia: Help build neural pathways. It’s my job as an educator, a learner, a parent, and a citizen. #lrnchat I like this!!
9:27:13 pm roninchef: @Mike_Fishman Put it in their path with little or no instruction at first. #lrnchat
9:27:20 pm gminks: @Mike_Fishman geeks love formal training if you do it right. Esp if labs are involved #lrnchat
9:27:28 pm Mike_Fishman: RT @BradnDeedo: @Mike_Fishman Let them be the discoverers #lrnchat <that burns the neural pathway #lrnchat
9:31:00 pm marciamarcia: @shantarohse Will point you to more on neural paths offchat. Could go on for a while. A favorite topic. #lrnchat
9:31:18 pm Dave_Ferguson: @gminks #lrnchat Only marketing (and bored middle managers) like marketing slides.
9:31:20 pm roninchef: @gminks Who likes marketing slides? Put what ever it is in their laps for an hour. then tell ’em what it is. #lrnchat
9:31:28 pm shantarohse: @marciamarcia Of course in 140 chars! Always in 140 chars. Constraints! #lrnchat
9:31:35 pm Mike_Fishman: @gminks this girl knows her stuff HATE marketing slides – LOVE hands on stuff – #lrnchat
9:31:54 pm lrnchat: Remember, if you have something you want to ask these amazing tweeple, send them my way. #lrnchat
9:32:02 pm BradnDeedo: Time to fly – Thanks all for your abundant collective wisdom. #lrnchat
9:32:02 pm tgrevatt: I had interesting experience teaching technician vs BS level students in Physics – tech level much more hands on and dive-in #lrnchat
9:32:16 pm gminks: @Mike_Fishman you know the group I support right now don’t you? GEEKIEST set of people I have ever written for #lrnchat
9:32:35 pm dtitle: yes tangents are good, but teacher must make the tangent relevant to the learning arc to make even more solid connections #lrnchat
9:32:44 pm lrnchat: @BradnDeedo Thanks for joining us. Pls come back next week and tell yur friends. #lrnchat
9:33:13 pm gminks: @dwilkinsnh geeks may be great a self starting, but usually it is what *they* want – it may not relate back to their job duties #lrnchat
9:33:30 pm marciamarcia: @dtitle That darn scaffolding again. Here here! #lrnchat
9:34:04 pm gminks: @dtitle very good point! #lrnchat
9:34:13 pm tgrevatt: @dtitle Jeesh, how I wish that was there for my undergrad – no-one told is why stuff was cool at the time – relevancy helps so much #lrnchat
9:34:48 pm Mike_Fishman: @gminks Actually I have no clue what you do – but we can take that offline – typically R&D and internal training != #lrnchat
9:35:40 pm Mike_Fishman: BTW – who started this GEEK theme anyway? #lrnchat
9:35:41 pm carolwhit: @gminks agreed that geeks go out on their own, but often not for what you want them to learn! #lrnchat
9:35:59 pm lrnchat: Ready for a tangent? #lrnchat
9:36:36 pm planetrussell: @marciamarcia Really enjoying inspiring #lrnchat exchange. Will schedule time next week to dedicate, participate.
9:36:47 pm moehlert: @lrnchat #lrnchat Bring the tangent! #lrnchat
9:36:53 pm roninchef: @Mike_Fishman Yeah, I resemble that remark. #lrnchat
9:37:00 pm gminks: @Mike_Fishman I do post-GA training for Voyence & Smarts (nothing secret – I just know the secrets) heh #lrnchat
9:37:15 pm damonregan: @lrnchat Ready! #lrnchat
9:37:33 pm silverchirps: @carolwhit Has anyone realized that there is a huge gap between what you teach and what is being learned? #lrnchat
9:37:34 pm dwilkinsnh: @gminks – is that always bad? some of the best stuff I’ve ever seen has come from geeks who went off the reservation… #lrnchat
9:37:39 pm gminks: @lrnchat bring on the tangent!! #lrnchat
9:37:48 pm roninchef: @lrnchat Light that candle! #lrnchat
9:38:00 pm Mike_Fishman: This geek needs to get some food and other work done – THANK YOU folks – this was fun! – AND I learned a lot from great educators #lrnchat
9:38:01 pm lrnchat: Q3: Where do Virtual Worlds play in this conversation? Or is that too geeky? #lrnchat
9:38:20 pm dtitle: Biggest challenge to teacher is relevance, is different for every learner.. teacher must be fluid & ready to fill any container #Lrnchat
9:38:35 pm carolwhit: @silverchirps Absolutely. #lrnchat
9:38:39 pm marciamarcia: @planetrussell Look forward to you joining us whenever you can. We have plenty to learn from you, with you! #lrnchat
9:39:09 pm lrnchat: @Mike_Fishman Enjoy. Look forward to learning with you again. #lrnchat
9:39:19 pm gminks: @dwilkinsnh only if youre training for a specific task & they can’t tie what they *want* to learn back to what they *have* to learn #lrnchat
9:39:24 pm carolwhit: @silverchirps the trick is making it all come together in the end! #lrnchat
9:39:28 pm dtitle: if there is a gap between what is being taught & learned, then you are not making the bridges from you to your audience #lrnchat
9:39:58 pm gminks: @lrnchat virtual worlds are great if you have unlimited resources #lrnchat
9:40:19 pm moehlert: @lrnchat #lrnchat Been spending all week looking at use of VW’s for training and learning…course, I am geek #lrnchat
9:40:20 pm roninchef: @lrnchat Virt Worlds are a bridge to enhanced reality. Not a long term solution IMHO #lrnchat
9:40:31 pm damonregan: Are there still objectives with SoMe and VW? #lrnchat
9:40:37 pm silverchirps: @dtitle And still feel good about self even if you could not teach all what you intended. #lrnchat
9:40:44 pm tgrevatt: re Q3 I haven’t managed to have a powerful personal virtual world experience yet, still looking for that killer moment #lrnchat
9:40:53 pm moehlert: @gminks #lrnchat What is your guess on what it would cost to get started in a VW? #lrnchat
9:41:17 pm KoreenOlbrish: whoa, i’ve done nothing but investigate VWs for learning for the last year. unlimited potential but no killer app yet. #lrnchat
9:41:25 pm dwilkinsnh: Virtual Worlds? Too geeky for 95% of our client base; for most, blogs & wikis are just becoming accepted – flying penises less so #lrnchat
9:41:31 pm Dave_Ferguson: @gminks #lrnchat “If we had worlds enough, and time…?”
9:41:40 pm moehlert: @damonregan #lrnchat Are there objectives with an LMS? Authoring tool? These are tools and the secret is how we use them.. #lrnchat
9:41:45 pm dtitle: @silverchirps agree that is a must, failure is part of success… we must live with that, embrace that #lrnchat
9:41:53 pm tgrevatt: Don’t VWs need to be melded with some of the gaming principles to be powerful? #lrnchat
9:41:54 pm gminks: @moehlert not sure. I think for what I do for training, it would be hard to maintain virtual objects. #lrnchat
9:42:01 pm marciamarcia: @damonregan If not formal objectives, then there ought to be aims, directions… And purpose. #lrnchat
9:42:06 pm silverchirps: @carolwhit Yes. My favorite approach is to find out what the learner already knows. Then I modify my teaching to close the gap. #lrnchat
9:42:47 pm dwilkinsnh: @gminks well said on the geek thing #lrnchat
9:43:10 pm gminks: @Dave_Ferguson time. #lrnchat
9:43:20 pm row4it: Participated in first SL conference a few weeks ago…different, engaging, and social…while learning all good was Gov folks too! #lrnchat
9:43:21 pm dtitle: virtual worlds can distract from learning experience, like playing with a new laptop during a conference. Must practice first #lrnchat
9:43:26 pm carolwhit: @silverchirps That’s an excellent approach, but much harder to do if you’re dealing with online learning. #lrnchat
9:43:28 pm marciamarcia: @moehlert So help us bridge here. What’s a great use-case for Virtual worlds (coming back around and all…) #lrnchat
9:43:35 pm moehlert: #lrnchat Why Virtual Worlds Can Matter #lrnchat
9:43:36 pm JeffLowe: Immersive Worlds enable “face-2-face” interactions despite geographic dispersion #lrnchat
9:43:38 pm Dave_Ferguson: #lrnchat VW as VW = city as a city. You have to have a reason / goal / purpose. Can be done, but it’s not Hamburger Helper.
9:43:48 pm tgrevatt: @KoreenOlbrish I agree, I’m still waiting for that killer app #lrnchat
9:43:52 pm gminks: @dwilkinsnh well said with the flying …well you know what you said. 🙂 #lrnchat
9:44:36 pm tgrevatt: @JeffLowe but so does Skype with a real person not avatar #lrnchat
9:44:39 pm dtitle: If virtual world has same comfort level as regular world, then you have the chance for killer experience #lrnchat
9:44:42 pm gminks: I think sales training may be a good use case for VW #lrnchat
9:44:47 pm marciamarcia: Immersive Worlds enable “face-2-face” interactions despite geographic dispersion. via @JeffLowe #lrnchat
9:44:55 pm kairyl: i remember messing with some VRML editors back in ~1997. It was cool, but still think it’s too impractical for business #lrnchat
9:44:56 pm roninchef: As a gamer I haven’t seen any VW training that has sold me on the idea. #lrnchat
9:45:25 pm KoreenOlbrish: there’s a big gap in the perception of virtual worlds & the reality. There are only flying penises in SL. There are 100+ vws #lrnchat
9:45:34 pm tgrevatt: @gminks but would you then need trained ‘actors’ to interact. NLG could really help. Otherwise you’re in a sim anyway #lrnchat
9:45:34 pm silverchirps: @carolwhit I do not teach online. How is it different online? #lrnchat
9:45:57 pm JeffLowe: Saw several applications of Immersive Tech to allow learners to experience being “the other” in diversity trainings #lrnchat
9:46:05 pm gminks: the coolest thing I’ve seen in SL: I have a house on Broadway Isle, a producer owns it, he previews music from off-Broadway shows #lrnchat
9:46:09 pm KoreenOlbrish: @roninchef the VW space has been dominated by the tech companies to this point. Need more learning peeps to develop effective lrng #lrnchat
9:46:11 pm moehlert: #lrnchat liked the idea of using VWs to create ‘place bound’ knowledge…VW class gathers wisdom of every class that passes thru… #lrnchat
9:46:13 pm damonregan: @moehlert @marciamarcia good to hear. @moehlert thanks for the jsb link #lrnchat
9:46:30 pm marciamarcia: Part of my issue w/ VW is that I’m just getting excited about seeing real peoples’ faces! #lrnchat
9:46:31 pm gminks: @tgrevatt why not have SME’s or trainers be the actors? IDK, that is the best use case I see #lrnchat
9:46:35 pm dtitle: AS a teacher I see poverty as the new distance between learners in schools, can’t be a “flat world” if some can’t access the door #lrnchat
9:46:49 pm moehlert: #lrnchat for some amazing insight into VW +learning, try #3DTLC #lrnchat
9:47:04 pm dwilkinsnh: 1/2 best cases for virtual worlds? When 3D matters: insurance adjusters for instance – model a car that’s been in an accident #lrnchat
9:47:23 pm tgrevatt: @gminks true for sure, but then you have still got big overhead – with a game you can drop that down #lrnchat
9:47:33 pm Dave_Ferguson: #lrnchat My VW aha: voice-chat French in Second Life w/ native speakers. Took time to find ’em. En forgeant, on devient forgeron. (hashtag)
9:47:32 pm damonregan: I felt lost in SL today #lrnchat
9:47:33 pm carolwhit: @silverchirps Online (synchronous, like webinar), similar to face2face; online (asynchronous) means you have to know audience well #lrnchat
9:47:33 pm gminks: @moehlert how does a VW gather wisdom? #lrnchat
9:47:54 pm KoreenOlbrish: @gminks sales trng is a great topic for VWs–also process improvement, leadership training, comm skills, proj mgmt…2 name a few #lrnchat
9:48:11 pm dwilkinsnh: 2/2 adjusters can “walk around” the car & assess damage: far less costly than wrecking real cars & can do multiple scenarios cheap #lrnchat
9:48:19 pm JeffLowe: @tgrevatt skype experiences lack a spacial sense of presence…engages more portions of the mind thereby increasing engagement #lrnchat
9:48:19 pm marciamarcia: @moehlert So you’re saying we’re at early stage. Each group learning more? Do we need new design models, new approaches to dvlpmnt? #lrnchat
9:48:22 pm KoreenOlbrish: @damonregan IMHO, SL is not a good platform for learning–there are LOTS of others! #lrnchat
9:48:45 pm damonregan: @KoreenOlbrish what are the more learning oriented VWs if SL isn’t it? #lrnchat
9:49:08 pm dwilkinsnh: Ditto for home insurance adjusters; ditto of NSTB investigators, etc… #lrnchat
9:49:15 pm gminks: @marciamarcia I would say if there was an easier way to develop objects, it would be easier to develop learning events #lrnchat
9:49:25 pm kairyl: Good example. But 3D modeling is different that stuff like ‘Second Life’ worlds #lrnchat
9:49:30 pm ThomasStone: Exactly Dave… when 3D matters, then VW can be good solution. And another reason is safety contexts (novice medical learning). #lrnchat
9:49:49 pm KoreenOlbrish: @damonregan some options: OpenSim, Multiverse, Protosphere, Active Worlds–its all about designing the experience tho #lrnchat
9:50:00 pm roninchef: @JeffLowe I must fall into that camp. I have found myself to be more at ease on skype than a VW. #lrnchat
9:50:04 pm moehlert: @marciamarcia #lrnchat oh boy do we! We are like kids w/ lasers. #lrnchat
9:50:15 pm shantarohse: Is anyone familiar with disaster training case in SL, with different weather condition, innocent bystanders? #lrnchat
9:50:26 pm marciamarcia: Hmm. Would someone explain diff between sims (often used well for ed) and VWs? I see them being interchanged here. That OK? #lrnchat
9:50:31 pm dtitle: only way to gather wisdom is 2 apply your knowledge..interactions w/others gives you channels for applications you may not consider #lrnchat
9:50:35 pm CeydaAM: wikipedia says that Edward Castronova called VWs “synthetic worlds” – I agree, VW space is just not natural #lrnchat
9:50:55 pm tgrevatt: @ThomasStone Isn’t the problem that VWs are unstructured, all the apps here are well served by ILS/ILE etc – very blurred overlap #lrnchat
9:51:00 pm Dave_Ferguson: RT @Wendy: awesome feeling…not really knowing what ur doing, feeling like whatever it is …is exactly what u should be doing #lrnchat
9:51:05 pm john__: @dtitle Your thoughts remind me of Aristotle: The educated differ from the uneducated as much as the living from the dead #lrnchat
9:51:09 pm ThomasStone: For many VW learning scenarios, having pre-programmed NPCs would be important I think. #lrnchat
9:51:11 pm KoreenOlbrish: @shantarohse there’s a good flood response sim done in the UK–I’ll look for the link! #lrnchat
9:51:16 pm row4it: @kairyl Share the differences, please #lrnchat
9:51:23 pm moehlert: #lrnchat One of most compelling uses of VWs from this week – diversity training. Actually walking in someone else’s shoes… #lrnchat
9:51:26 pm cammybean: Has anyone experimented with that VW development tool from the UK (Cas* Lrng)? #lrnchat #lrnchat
9:51:31 pm silverchirps: @carolwhit I see. With asynchronous you need to be more structured. Especially, when part of a formal training program. #lrnchat
9:51:51 pm dtitle: sims you control externaly, VW you are immersed #lrnchat
9:52:05 pm tonykarrer: Sorry I was not able to join for #lrnchat this evening – looks like it was an interesting conversation
9:52:05 pm Dave_Ferguson: @shantarohse #lrnchat I saw demo of trauma-room training (initial diagnosis/treatment) in SecondLife; instr/expert ran ‘victim’ avatar
9:52:17 pm gminks: @ThomasStone What is NPC? #lrnchat
9:52:28 pm moehlert: @CeydaAM #lrnchat Is Twitter “natural”? 🙂 #lrnchat
9:52:33 pm dwilkinsnh: I think @gminks hit it on the head; lot of work to build wrecked cars, natural disasters, medical… if it were easy? More use #lrnchat
9:52:49 pm marciamarcia: @dtitle Putting knowledge to use gives you new channels for application and a wider reference set. #lrnchat
9:52:54 pm moehlert: @gminks #lrnchat Non-player character …bot #lrnchat
9:52:55 pm damonregan: @KoreenOlbrish thanks for the options. Is there a design model for VW? #lrnchat
9:53:00 pm row4it: @moehlert Yea, on the diversity, I saw a FutureWork site regarding Diversity that was really good. #lrnchat
9:53:01 pm roninchef: @gminks Non player character. Any other folks play games? #lrnchat
9:53:09 pm ThomasStone: Agree Mark… Diversity training a good use case for VW as platform for learning. #lrnchat
9:53:15 pm lrnchat: Wow, time has flown! #lrnchat
9:53:24 pm gminks: @moehlert twitter is natural to me – but I like to talk. 🙂 #lrnchat
9:53:39 pm tgrevatt: Great discussion on games vs sims here I think VW are places to put games/sims in #lrnchat
9:53:48 pm gminks: @roninchef should have known that — @brianrosenthal will be ashamed of me. LOL #lrnchat
9:53:57 pm carolwhit: @silverchirps You definitely need to know what will keep their interest and make sure your pacing is appropriate for the audience #lrnchat
9:54:28 pm dwilkinsnh: 1/2 Sims have multiple levels – simulating a damaged car by modeling not the same as other kinds of sim, but it can be done in SL #lrnchat
9:54:34 pm KoreenOlbrish: @damonregan there needs to be a design model–very few designers are working in VWs (but I’ve got lots of opinions on this) 🙂 #lrnchat
9:54:43 pm lrnchat: The last thing we do here is give everyone a chance to tell us what they’re working on and a chance to ask for assistance. #lrnchat
9:54:54 pm moehlert: @gminks #lrnchat I hear ya. I like to walk and talk at the same time. 😉 #lrnchat
9:55:06 pm gminks: RT @tgrevatt Great discussion on games vs sims here #lrnchat
9:55:07 pm dwilkinsnh: 2/2 and it provides an opportunity to review model as a class and individually to both learn and reinforce learning #lrnchat
9:55:07 pm tonykarrer: Does anyone have experience creating programmed NPCs in VWs? I want a Plymouth Plantation experience online. #lrnchat
9:55:16 pm KoreenOlbrish: @shantarohse oops, flood scenario wasn’t SL–its a serious game: #lrnchat
9:55:38 pm moehlert: #lrnchat Brilliant chat! #lrnchat
9:55:54 pm KoreenOlbrish: @tonykarrer check out Active Worlds–they have pretty simple bot programming #lrnchat
9:55:57 pm tgrevatt: @KoreenOlbrish hehe, easily done #lrnchat
9:56:04 pm row4it: Would appreciate leads, links etc. on creating SN policies, esp. in local gov. #lrnchat
9:56:10 pm tonykarrer: @gminks – I enjoyed the real-time conversation on #learntrends yesterday. I don’t feel twitter is as good. concall + twitter? #lrnchat
9:56:14 pm shantarohse: @KoreenOlbrish @Dave_Ferguson Thank you for the leads! #lrnchat
9:56:22 pm dtitle: @marciamarcia yes new reference sets make you see how to use knowledge :that is the underlying basis for brainstorming, c’est non? #lrnchat
9:56:27 pm gminks: I am working on finals. I am sure no one wants to help with that. 🙂 #lrnchat
9:56:32 pm lrnchat: No requirement to end now either. If you need to dash, tho, please reintroduce yourself and tell us if there’s a way we can help u. #lrnchat
9:57:01 pm cammybean: @tonykarrer But I think more people are actually ‘talking’ here then on conference call? #lrnchat
9:57:17 pm dwilkinsnh: Great idea from this chat? A Google Earth-based Disaster Sim Engine. That would be cool. #lrnchat
9:57:23 pm tgrevatt: @tonykarrer Conf call is scary to try to get the tech to work correctly, and a bit more intimidating than twitter #lrnchat
9:57:25 pm shantarohse: @row4it I have seen quite a few tweets about this recently. Perhaps a twitter search? #lrnchat
9:57:35 pm gminks: @tonykarrer I enjoyed that too. I am missing the voices, so maybe. Or Centra/Elluminate + Twitter. #lrnchat
9:57:48 pm tonykarrer: @row4it – Corporate Social Media Policies – #lrnchat – not quite local government
9:57:57 pm tgrevatt: @gminks Good luck! #lrnchat
9:57:59 pm marciamarcia: @dtitle It’s one of the many things that makes these chats so enjoyable. Thank you for the wide thinking. #lrnchat
9:58:01 pm damonregan: @cammybean yes, that is my sense too — is that just because it is “new”? #lrnchat
9:58:12 pm gminks: @dwilkinsnh the I-95 diaster agency did that sort of training in SL (I think) #lrnchat
9:58:13 pm moehlert: @tonykarrer #lrnchat @cammybean is much more going on here than conf call – plus I’d need totally diff environ on my end #lrnchat
9:58:28 pm ThomasStone: I agree with CammyBean… far more good chatter on Tweet-Chat than a conf. call. #lrnchat
9:58:31 pm tgrevatt: @dwilkinsnh Bloody good idea – we need to be able to mash-up the stuff already out there #lrnchat
9:58:41 pm cammybean: @damonregan It’s less scary to type something than to speak out loud. #lrnchat
9:59:19 pm Dave_Ferguson: #lrnchat Conf call is sequential one-to-many. Not bad, prone to abuse.
9:59:20 pm tonykarrer: Interesting to see that people feel that there’s more convo when you avoid a voice channel in addition to a text channel? #lrnchat
9:59:29 pm dtitle: just wish I could type w/more than 2 fingers! almost a disability as the tweets fly by here #lrnchat
9:59:42 pm damonregan: can a theme analysis be done on a chat like this to make this useful for others? or is this useful as a raw record? #lrnchat
9:59:43 pm carolwhit: @cammybean plus, tweetchat is different culture (less structure) than conf call #lrnchat
10:00:07 pm roninchef: Wrapping up an New Emp Desktop CBT. Lining up 2 big app introductions and a video of how we move things through our org. #lrnchat
10:00:11 pm silverchirps: Thanks for the interesting conversation. My first tweetchat experience. See you again. #lrnchat
10:00:15 pm ThomasStone: Plus can reflect (quickly) before hitting send button… one reason actual voice chatting is intimidating for some. #lrnchat
10:00:17 pm cammybean: Mash up sounds good. On conf call, noone wants to interrupt the moderator. Here, that’s all we do… #lrnchat
10:00:19 pm tonykarrer: Does anyone else have this deja vu feeling of BBS experience? #lrnchat
10:00:23 pm lrnchat: For those of you who have missed all the chatter going on here, we’ll have a real transcript this week. Even I learn (eventually)! #lrnchat
10:00:23 pm dwilkinsnh: Airforce Social Media policy – no quite SL but in that direction #lrnchat
10:00:43 pm row4it: @tonykarrer thanks will check it out….will need to bridge to local gov. #lrnchat
10:00:43 pm gminks: @carolwhit the culture is true, you could see that in learntrend I think. Diff culture in the chat box/twitter #lrnchat
10:00:55 pm carolwhit: @tonykarrer have been on webinars where chat is used extensively and voice very little, seems to be more comfort there #lrnchat
10:01:01 pm cammybean: TweetChat beats the iPod hands down for trying to follow (and participate) in this thing! #lrnchat
10:01:07 pm gminks: I also did some camtasias, trying to show this to folks who won’t try it #lrnchat
10:01:15 pm tgrevatt: @tonykarrer lol, too young 😉 #lrnchat
10:01:19 pm dtitle: can’t type over someone or shout them down & can scroll back with tweets, but you can talk over or miss things in conf. call #lrnchat
10:01:21 pm Dave_Ferguson: @lrnchat #lrnchat The strongest memory is weaker than the palest ink.
10:01:34 pm cammybean: @tonykarrer BBS? #lrnchat
10:01:53 pm dwilkinsnh: @cammybean Not sure we’re interrupting as having multiple time-shifted conversations (while watching time-shifted TV in my case) #lrnchat
10:02:08 pm damonregan: @tonykarrer wow… exactly! BBS grouped somewhat like minded it seems. Internet made one big public. Are we grouping again? #lrnchat
10:02:23 pm cammybean: #learntrends had more a feeling of listen and learn from the experts. #lrnchat
10:02:32 pm ThomasStone: Advice for introducing colleagues to Twitter/Y*mmer? That is what I’m working on. Execs, then all. #lrnchat
10:02:36 pm kairyl: Http:// is a google-earth disaster modeling tool #lrnchat
10:03:07 pm damonregan: @cammybean bulletin board system (BBS) #lrnchat
10:03:08 pm moehlert: @gminks #lrnchat Cool. Check out ScreenToaster as well. Browser-based screen capture w/ audio #lrnchat
10:03:09 pm carolwhit: @cammybean That’s it exactly. People don’t feel their voice is as important as the presenter #lrnchat
10:03:14 pm marciamarcia: Not wanting to wade deep in learning styles pit here, can’t but think some learn best when vocalizing and hearing. #lrnchat
10:03:34 pm cammybean: @dwilkinsnh Or putting children to bed (in my case) #lrnchat
10:03:40 pm dtitle: Thanks all, great flow with many meanderings ! #lrnchat
10:04:23 pm roninchef: @gminks Did you get the whole chat? Love to hear what the file size is on that. #lrnchat
10:04:44 pm cammybean: @damonregan Ah, yes. BBS. That was before I became a geek. #lrnchat
10:05:03 pm tgrevatt: Good night all, that was fun. Time to watch BBC Top Gear. Good luck on challenges this week. #lrnchat
10:05:23 pm dwilkinsnh: @thomasstone Start with colleagues who would benefit, build around execs, and then win by default (that’s what I did ; ) #lrnchat
10:05:27 pm lrnchat: Our official time tonight has ended. Please join us again next week. Perhaps some can organize a call too. Great learning with you! #lrnchat
10:05:32 pm gminks: @roninchef oh no! I got little snippets – mostly showed the setup #lrnchat
10:05:50 pm damonregan: Thanks all! #lrnchat
10:05:50 pm Dave_Ferguson: @tonykarrer #lrnchat Do an analysis of those conf calls; see how air time is distributed. Compare w/ this.
10:05:53 pm tonykarrer: I’m working on improving eLearning Learning and it’s sibling topic hubs – fun stuff launching in May #lrnchat
10:06:09 pm dwilkinsnh: @kairyl well, so much for my brilliant idea… lol — cool though that somebody already did it #lrnchat
10:06:43 pm gminks: @lrnchat thanks for hosting again! It was great! #lrnchat
10:06:48 pm cammybean: I’m just getting rolling here and now it’s done. Ah well. Thanks #lrnchat
10:07:05 pm lrnchat: Please remember to add yourself to #lrnchat
10:07:09 pm roninchef: @gminks whew! you had me worried there for a sec or really impressed with the rig you must have to record something like this. #lrnchat
10:07:28 pm dwilkinsnh: Great stuff – this is like a live version of @slqotd — very cool. #lrnchat
10:08:13 pm carolwhit: @lrnchat Thanks for a very fast, but great evening chat! #lrnchat


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