#lrnchat recap 3

Tonight we held the third weekly #lrnchat. We had 3 core questions and it seemed like we could have chatted for anther hour with just those.


Q1: What did you learn today? What did you teach?
Q2: How do you keep it real in your work? So far I’ve heard volunteering as a “teaching fix,” teaching electives… You?
Clarification: How do you stay connected to the people you are ultimately serving? Focus on the customer/learner.
Q3: Where do Virtual Worlds play in this conversation?

While the later start time seemed to be a hit because we saw many people joining in right away, we came to the end fast. 90 minutes feels right. Near the end there was also some discussion about adding a voice-element to the chat for people who would like to hear one another, not just type together. Perhaps there can be some self-organizing around the idea. Feel free to update us in the comments if there is a dial-in number for those interested.

A full transcript of tonight’s #lrnchat is now available.

Thanks to everyone who joined us. Please be sure to tell us whos-who and plan to join us again next week.


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